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Oakalai Fairies 1.1.2
Behind the Oak Tree is a little magical world, where we found alost little fairy crying by herself. "Mei" - the wind whispers hername. She is still small and without wings, she can't leave thisOak Tree. Infected by Mei's magical power, the Oak Treesurprisingly grows out so many star fruits. Let's help little Meigain the fairy dust from every star fruit grown and find hersisters who came a long way to visit.Fairies do love sweet, sodon't forget to give her treats sometimes and make herhappy.***FEATURE***★ 25 different kinds of fairy to find, more infuture★ There are two game modes to choose★ Collected fairies arerecorded in the Diary, an album with chibi style for the player toenjoy.★ Learning the mystery stories behind fairy lives★ Updatingfairies level to see them transform★ Raising adorable little fairy,without sweet, she will surely sulk ★ Shopping for many differenttypes of food and drink★ No In-app purchases!* While the game canbe played offline, internet connectivity required to get bonus ingame. Data charges may apply.