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Soccer Manager 2015 2.7
Play Soccer Manager 2015 now - become a legendary football managerand lead your team to championship glory in the android app forthis free football management game.Lead living legends to victory in this fast-paced, action-packedsingle-player game. Play anywhere, everywhere with our cloud-basedgameplay.Key Features- Play anywhere, everywhere with our Cloud-based gameplay. Yourgame is accessible via the cloud and playable either via app orbrowser – all you need to do is log in.- Manage over 750 clubs in 48 of the world’s top leagues – takeyour team to the top of world football.- Buy and sell players to improve your club from our cloud-basedWiki of over 70,000 players – the only game in the world that has aplayer database that’s always up to date.- Set the tactics that dictate how your team play - how will youmatch up against the world’s great clubs?- Build your club on and off the pitch – hire staff to scout ortrain your players, improve your facilities or build your stadiumto bring in more revenue.- We localise our game, so you can play it in your native language.Soccer Manager 2015 is currently translated into 39 languagesincluding български, Bosanski, dansk, čeština, Deutsch, English,ελληνικά, Español (España), Español (Latinoamérica), Filipino,Français, Hrvatski, Indonesian, Italiano, magyar, Malay,Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Português, Português (Brasil), русский,Română, Shqip, slovenčina, slovenščina, српски, suomi, Svenska,Türkçe, украї́нська, العربية, עברית, ภาษาไทย, Tiếng Việt, 中文 (简体),中文 (繁體), 日本語, 한국어.If you love football as much as we do, you live and breathe it.Join over 9 million other managers at - the placewhere all that passion comes into play. - home ofthe world’s best Soccer Managers.
Soccer Manager 2017 2.01
Soccer Manager 2017 - Play for Free, Competefor Real.The most diverse FREE 2 PLAY football management simulator inthe world. Take on a top flight club and test your managementskills against the best or help a struggling, lower division teamfight for glory.Soccer Manager 2017 FeaturesReactive 2D Live Match EnvironmentMonitor your team's performance during live games. React withdifferent tactics and strategies and watch your team adapt to yourdecisions in real time.Play Anywhere, EverywhereOur cloud-based technology allows you to save your game on anydevice and continue to play on another. No need to set up adifferent account for different devices, take your team with youanywhere and play anytime.Soccer Manager 2017 contains the following new improvements andfeatures:Updated leagues and teams for 2016/17 season.Updated domestic and continental competitions.New user interface.New facilities upgrade.Player Spotlight.Player, manager and team awards.So dust off your tracksuit and get ready to start your newmanagerial career on Soccer Manager 2017.Terms of use - Policy -
Soccer Manager Worlds 1.91
Manage your favourite football club to glory against yourfriends.What do you need to know about Soccer Manager?*Hugefootball manager multiplayer game. Your team competes against realfootball managers, managing other teams* Player transfers are a keypart of the game; buy and sell players with other footballmanagers* The player ratings go up and down based on communityvotes* Negotiate transfer deals, set your tactics & wait foryour results to come in* It is a turn based game with at least twofixtures a week- Free to Play (no hidden costs)- Play in over 40languages- Over 70,000 football players- Over 3,000 football clubs-Realistic and sophisticated transfer market- Detailed matchreports- Masses of formations, playing styles, tactical optionsIt’seasy to play and you don’t need to play constantly to succeed. Sowhat are you waiting for? Download the Soccer Manager app now andtake your favourite football club to glory!
Football Clash: All Stars 2.0.15s
Collect and upgrade over 100 cards starring your favourite playersand compete head-to-head in real-time football matches located iniconic, city based Arenas across the world. Show off your finishingskills by curling one in the top corner, or smashing it past thegoalkeeper from distance. Be the last line of defence by takingcontrol of your keeper, tip one over the bar, or make an acrobaticsave for the cameras. Win trophies to unlock new levels, gainingaccess to different Arenas and more elite players with uniquespecial abilities. Compete in tournaments to win prizes, challengeto be the last team standing and prove you are the true FootballClash champion. Form a League with friends or others from acrossthe globe, share XP and help improve each other's players whilstleading your team to victory! KEY FEATURES: * Collect 5 types ofplayer cards - Good, Superb, Elite, Legacy and Legendary. * Eachplayer card has its own set of attributes and one special ability.* Select your ultimate All Star team to defeat your rivals. *Create your strategy by selecting one of the 6 differentformations. * Immerse yourself in the action with a 3D dynamicshooting and goalkeeping experience. * Outscore your opponent andtake your team to glory. * Win card packs to unlock rewards, buildand upgrade your squad with your favourite players. * Tour theworld in iconic city Arenas on your path to be No.1 * Form a Leagueto donate cards and build your own football community. * Challengeyour League members to friendly matches to determine who is best. *Compete in knockout tournaments to determine the ultimate FootballClash champion. Play Football Clash: All Stars now, the ultimate5-a-side football game!
Soccer Manager 2018 1.5.8
The most diverse FREE 2 PLAY football management simulator in theworld. Take on a top flight club and test your management skillsagainst the best or help a struggling, lower division team fightfor glory. Lead your team to victory, featuring over 800 clubs fromthe world's top divisions from 35 countries around the globe.FEATURES *NEW! International management: Can you succeed whereothers have failed and lead your country to world glory? Now isyour chance as international management is now available in SoccerManager 2018. * Reactive Match Environment: Monitor your team'sperformance during live games. React with different tactics andstrategies and watch your team adapt to your decisions in realtime. * Build your team on and off the pitch: Scout new starplayers, coach your players to become the best and nurture thetalent of the future with the new and improved facilities. *In-Depth Training System: You can now take control of your team'straining, selecting attributes you want your players to improve andenhance their overall performance on the pitch. * Construct theultimate Stadium: Build a world class platform for your stars toshine and for the fans to roar your team to glory! * Play yoursaved games across all your devices. WHAT’S NEW * Updated leaguesand teams for 2017/18 season. * Updated domestic and continentalcompetitions. * New user interface. * Job Offers. * New improvedstadium building. * New facility tech trees. * New active andrealistic transfer system. * New player personality and teamchemistry. * New improved training. * New matchday experience. *International Management * International Tournaments So get readyto start your new managerial career on Soccer Manager 2018.Website: Like Us: Us:
Soccer Manager 2019 - Top Football Management Game 1.3.0
Have you got what it takes to become a top football manager? Thentake control of your favourite football team in Soccer Manager2019, one of the best football management games! Take on a topflight football team to test your management skills against thebest or help a struggling, lower league team fight for glory!Experience the excitement of being a top football manager andchoose from over 800 clubs from 33 countries around the world,including the major European and South American leagues. So you’llhave the chance to manage one of the biggest football clubs in theworld. As the football manager you control all aspects of your clubfrom planning training sessions, developing your club’s facilities,transfers, squad selection and deciding team tactics. This level ofcontrol makes it one of the most immersive football managementgames! Enjoy some of Soccer Manager 2019 main features: ★Choosefrom over 800 clubs from 33 of the best leagues for 2018/19 season.★ Decide who to sell and who to buy, using the sophisticatedtransfer market. ★ Use the scout feature to search for top talentsor proven stars. ★ Build and develop your stadium and surroundingfacilities. ★ Nurture the talent of the future with the clubfacility features. ★ Take control of your team's training and getthe best out of your players. ★ Create your ideal formation andline-up for each game. ★ Watch the games live in a realistic 3Dsimulation. ★ React to your opponent during the game by making livetactical changes. ★ Analyse your team's performance during andafter games with in-depth statistics. ★ Success will be rewardedwith job offers to further your managerial career. ★ Your decisionsas a manager affect the attitude of the board, players and even thefans. Begin your journey as a football manager today and downloadSM19! Soccer Manager 2019 is translated into 8 different languages:English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish andTurkish. There are many soccer managers in our community who haveplayed all of our football games from Soccer Manager 2015 throughto Soccer Manager 2018. Join our community of online soccermanagers on our forum and talk about the football game: any issues regarding this football game, simply contact us at: PrivacyPolicy: Terms of Service:
Soccer Manager 2020 - Football Management Game 1.1.7
Be a top football manager in Soccer Manager 2020 - free FootballManagement Game! Take a football team to the top and test yourmanagement skills against the best, or help a struggling team fightfor glory! Choose from over 800 clubs from 33 countries around theworld, so you’ll have the chance to manage and build your topeleven. As the football manager, you control all aspects of yourclub. Football coach duties include planning training sessions,developing your club’s facilities, transfers, squad selection,assigning squad numbers and deciding team tactics. Soccer Manager2020’s level of control for your football team makes it one of themost immersive football management games! Matchday has never lookedmore lifelike than in Soccer Manager 2020! The football gamesfeature realistic 3D graphics, intense competitions and an in-depthgame economy. The football manager experience in Soccer Manager2020 is as close to the real thing as a game can get. Play SoccerManager 2020 and lead your team to victory! Soccer Manager 2020features: Football Manager Game ★ Choose from over 800 clubs from33 countries. ★ Build football stadiums and surrounding facilitiesin stunning 3D animations. ★ Football coach games where you nurturethe talent with the club facility. ★ Football manager success isrewarded with job offers to further your managerial career.Football Team Builder ★ Football superstar trading: decide who tosell and buy using the sophisticated transfer market. ★ Findfootball league talents or proven stars. ★ Coach and take controlof your team's training and get the best out of your players. ★Create your dream league, formation and line-up for each game.Football Games in 3D ★ Watch football games live in a realistic 3Dsimulation. ★ Football coaching: react to your opponent during thegame by making live tactical changes. ★ Analyse your footballteam's performance during and after games with in-depth statistics.Fantasy Football Manager ★ Your football manager decisions affectthe attitude of the board, players and even the fans. ★ Fantasyfootball games with a realistic game economy ★ Football teams andplayers are generated from our extensive community database. Be achamp manager today and download Soccer Manager 2020! SoccerManager 2020 is translated into 12 different languages: Dutch,English, French, German, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean,Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. There are many soccermanagers in our community who have played all of our football gamesfrom Soccer Manager 2015 through to Soccer Manager 2019. Join ourcommunity of online soccer managers on our forum and talk about thefootball game: any issues regarding this football game, simply contact us Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:
F2 Target Tekkers 4.08
Go on a world tour with YouTube’s most famous football freestylers,the F2. Take control of Billy or Jez, testing your soccer skills asyou work your way through epic challenges and puzzles in thisultimate target tekkers game. Play like the F2 as you knuckleball,ping, zip and swaz a variety of balls around 145+ levels around theworld and exciting minigames. Enjoy some of Target Tekkers mainfeatures: *Become the F2 - Play as Billy or Jez, the ultimatefootball freestylers! *World Tour - Use your tekkers to navigateobstacles around the globe as you visit fairgrounds, movie sets,ancient temples and more! *Unlock Special Content - Customise yourfavourite F2 character with crazy costumes! *Minigames - Swerve itaround the wall or smash it in top bins in epic minigames!*Leaderboards - Prove you have the ultimate tekkers against yourfriends and family all over the world! Love peace and tekkers - theF2.