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Two Color Dots 1.0.1
Meet Two Color Dots - redefining themechanicsof the game Minesweeper, but there is no need to wanderbetween thebombs and the need to fill the field with colored dotsin a certainway.At the points indicated number of blue - blue is the numberofother points which should be around them (bottom, top,left,right). Red dots close review of the blue, they need to pointtothe number of blue seen superfluous. Thus the need to filltheentire field of colored dots.Features:- Minimalistic colorful design- Multiple game modes (5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8)- Free tips- No need to rush to winSets Free Two Color Dots for free, and a variety of gamemodesallow you to play anywhere, depending on the free time
Bicolor: sudoku puzzle 1.0.1
The new version of the famous puzzlegameSudoku, but instead of numbers are in color. The principle ofthegame is similar, you need to put color in in this order tothehorizontal and vertical one color takes half cell. For example:Ifthe line is 4 red cells should take 2 of 4 cells, and theremaining2 Blue cells. There are 4 game modes 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 10x10,designedto complicate and diversify the gameplay.Features:- Minimalist, colorful style- A new way to play the well-known puzzle Sudoku- Ability to change colors- Multiple game modesSets Sudoku with colors Free, hit records, Pimp your brain.