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SocialDiabetes helps you to control better your diabetes treatmentwith the convenience of carrying your logs directly on yoursmartphone. Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes care requires a lot oftracking. With SocialDiabetes, register all the relevantinformation to your treatment such as blood glucose levels,insulin, carbs, medicaments or physical activity. 🤳🏼FEATURES Viewyour glycemic and insulin on board. Take a look at your diabetesprogress and all the factors that might affect your glycemic.Combine the information, have a better comprehension of yourdiabetes. From New Log register: -Glycemic -Food -Medication-Activity -A1c -Weight -Heart Pressure -Ketones 👉 IMPORTANT: With aminimum of 3 blood glucose logs daily for 3 months, we will be ableto calculate your estimated A1c. ⚙️TOOLS It will help you with yourdaily diabetes calculations: -Bolus calculator: with yourinsulin-to-carb ratio, insulin sensitivity factor, and glycemictargets. receive insulin dose recommendations. -Carb Calculator:from the nutritional database, select each food and calculate thenumber of carbs that you are going to eat, by grams or rations.-Food. Consult the number of carbs from different food and add newones. -Connect with your device. Your glycemic logs will go fromautomatically your Smartphone. Check our compatible devices.-Reports generation. On screen or download them. -Connect with yourhealth care provider (HCP). Your healthcare team can followremotely your diabetes. -Share information with your loved ones.-View from your computer. Access to your account from ourweb-platform. 📲INTEGRATIONS Glucose Meters: GlucoMen Areo 2K (solocon Android), GlucoCard SM. Accu-chek Aviva Connect, Accu-ChekGuide. Contour Next ONE. CareSens Dua AgaMatrix Jazz Wearables:Google Fit Fitbit 🏅AWARDS -Award to most innovator product by 2017 - Recognized as the best health app by UNESCO - WSA -International Mobile Premier Awards winner at the Mobile WorldCongress in Barcelona 👓PERMISSION - SocialDiabetes is a CE sanitaryproduct es un producto sanitario, Directive 93/42/EEC, meet allmaximum requirements for security and quality. - SocialDiabetes Appis licensed by Menarini Diagnostics to use GlucoCard SM andGlucomen Areo 2K glucose measurements. 🙋🏻CONTACT Have any problemsor want to contact us? Email us at support@socialdiabetes.comRemember that to get better results we recommend you to follow upwith your health care team. SocialDiabetes is created by peoplewith diabetes for people with diabetes. It helps you with Type 1and Type 2 diabetes management to have a lifestyle that improvesyour health.
Screening for Type 2 Diabetes 1.6
Should you be screened for type 2 diabetes?Type 2 diabetes is adisease in which your body cannot produce enough insulin orproperly use the insulin it makes.Determine your risk level byusing our App for Risk Calculator
Diabeting 1.0
Diabeting: La app que te ayudará a mantenerte en forma y mantener araya tu diabetes tipo 2.Social Diabetes con el patrocinio de Sanofiha desarrollado un proyecto que consiga motivar a los pacientes condiabetes tipo 2 a realizar ejercicio físico prescrito por elprofesional sanitario. Esta APP permite al paciente llevar unaplanificación y control del ejercicio físico. Puede ser unaherramienta muy útil durante la visita con el profesional sanitariopara el seguimiento del ejercicio necesario para el buen control dela enfermedadCaracterísticas: o Selecciona tus preferencias encuanto a ejercicioso Realiza los ejercicios propuestoso Mira losvideos para realizar correctamente los ejercicioo Desbloquea etapasy consigue finalizar tu Camino de SantiagoDiabeting: The app thatwill help you stay fit and hold off your type 2 diabetes.DiabetesSocial sponsored by Sanofi has developed a project that getsmotivate patients with type 2 diabetes to physical exerciseprescribed by your healthcare professional. This APP allows thepatient to lead a planning and control exercise. It can be a veryuseful tool during the visit with the healthcare professional tomonitor the exercise needed for good diseasecontrolCharacteristics:or Select your preferences for exercisesorPerform the exercisesWatch videos or to perform the exercisecorrectlyor Unlocks end stages and get your Camino de Santiago