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Dragon City - Collect, Evolve & Build your Island 9.13.1
Ready to take on the hottest dragon game and collect and breed tonsof adorable fire-breathing dragons? Train them to your will, growyour collection, build your city, and prove your might to be thetop Dragon Master in the world! Build a Dragon City on floatingislands, fill it with farms, habitats, buildings…and tons ofdragons! Breed cute, baby dragons, treat them well and build farmsto feed and evolve them into stunning monsters to expand yourcollection and battle them in the game's PvP Arenas! Join forceswith other Dragon Masters in the game by joining an Alliance!Interact in the chat, participate in Alliance events, trade Orbs,and unlock special rewards. Combine dragons of Fire, Nature, Pure,Legend, and many other elements, to breed unique hybrids and expandyour Dragon City collection. You can also collect dragons fromevents in the game! FEATURES - Complete the Dragon Book! There areover 1000 awesome dragons to breed and collect to make your DragonCity grow! - New dragons join the game every week through breedingevents and special islands. - Decorate your dragons with coolDragon Skins from special events. - Adventure through the DragonQuests and play against other Dragon Masters in the game's PvPArenas to collect one-of-a-kind dragons, claim Warrior's Chests,and climb the leaderboards! - Summon dragons to your city from amagical world in the Tree Of Life and try their skills. - CollectOrbs and empower your dragons: See their strength in battle grow! -Unlock advanced game features like the Ancient World and build theGuardian Dragon Towers. - A social city! Join Alliances to battlewith other Dragon Masters in Dragon City, chat with them, tradeOrbs in the Trading Hub, share in Alliance Gift Events, and openAlliance Chests. - Log in with Windows to save your game and playon all your devices - Take your city of dragons everywhere! Thereare over 80 million Dragon Masters in Dragon City. What are youwaiting for? Join the game and build your city today! If youalready love our game… Drop us a nice review :) Dragon City is FREEto download and FREE to play. However, you can purchase in-appitems with real money. If you wish to disable this feature of thegame, please turn off the in-app purchases in your phone ortablet's Settings. Follow Dragon City on Twitter: @DragonCityGameLike our game on Facebook: to the game's Youtube channel: Check out other coolgames from the creators of Dragon City: Monster Legends and TastyTown! Do Not Sell My Info:
Monster Legends 9.4.5
Lead your Monster Legends into arena battles in this fighting game.Breed, feed, and train Legendary and Epic monsters, then build yourfighting force and face the ultimate challenge: real-time battlesagainst other Monster Masters! Collect monsters, choose differentsets of skills and boost your strategy in action-packed battles.Start by building a world for your monsters to live, fill it withhabitats and breed new species! If you’re a true Monster Master,you’ll love fighting in Team Wars and Team Battlegrounds, whereyou’ll be able to join other players in the game and winmagnificent rewards. COLLECTION & BREEDING GAME – UNIQUEMONSTERS AWAIT 🔥 Collect over 600 monsters: New monsters are addedto the game every week. 🔥 Breed monsters of different elements andrarities to create cool new species. 🔥 Obtain incredible monstersof all types in the game’s limited-time events. RPG PROGRESSION& STRATEGY 🆙 Level up your monsters for the battles ahead andrank them up in the Monster Lab to break their limits. 🆙 Boost yourmonsters’ powers with Runes and equip them with valuable Relics togain advantages in battle. 🆙 Set your monster teams combiningattackers, tanks and control monsters. MULTIPLAYER REAL-TIME GAMES!⚔️ In Live Duels, you don’t need to own monsters to create yourdream team and duel against another Monster Master. ⚔️ Fight PvPbattles in the Multiplayer Mode each season for trophies, rewards,and a chance to reach the Top Leagues. ⚔️ Join a team, build astrategy in the Team Chat, fight in Team Wars and TeamBattlegrounds, and obtain exclusive monsters from the Team Shop. ⚔️Challenge your teammates and friends in Friendly Live Battles, areal-time battle mode. BUILD A MONSTER PARADISE! 🧰 Build a MonsterParadise with everything you need: A Breeding Mountain, Habitats,Temples, and more! 🧰 Unlock special buildings in the islands, likethe Library, the Ultra Breeding Tree, the Temples of the Guardians,and the Monster Lab. Are you skillful enough to fight for yourchance to become the #1 Monster Master in the world? Join yourfriends and connect with a Monster Community of over 60 millionplayers: Facebook: Youtube: Twitter: Discord: Monster Legends is FREE todownload and FREE to play. However, you can purchase in-game itemswith real money. If you wish to disable this, please turn off thein-app purchases in your phone or tablet’s Settings.
Tasty Town - Cooking & Restaurant Game 🍔🍟 1.15.2
The taste of the whole world in just one cooking game? That's right- Tasty Town.🍴 And yet it's so much more than just a cooking game!Your success in Tasty Town starts with 3 Fs: Fresh 🌱 Farm 👨‍🌾 Food🍔! Grow fresh produce on your farm and take it to your restaurant,where international Chefs will cook their magic in the kitchen todeliver delicious dishes for your customers. Whether on the farm orin the restaurant, don't worry if you need a hand from time totime. In this cooking game, helping and being helped is part of theexperience! Up your game by creating or joining a Chefs Club 👩‍🍳with friends to improve your cooking, complete events and gainspecial rewards. Your gourmet customers will get you cooking allsorts of food in this game; from burgers 🍔, pizza 🍕, or sushi 🍣 tocakes 🍰 and muffins 🍪. Keep your farm producing and be ready tocook the perfect dish at all times! Your town is filled with moversand shakers. For those hungry customers on the go, make sure you'recooking and serving them dinner as quickly as possible, in the gamewithin a game; Tasty Dash ⏱. Remember, to become the ultimaterestaurant tycoon, time management is key! Cooking the perfecttaste is one thing, showing off your style is a whole differentball game. Make sure you build a kitchen and restaurant area withdecorations 🖼 that show off your unique taste. They go from elegantto absolutely extravagant, take your pick! 🌍 Collect Chefs fromdifferent countries and cuisines, level them up in the Academy, andcook tasty recipes. 🐔 Grow fresh vegetables and raise happy animalson your Farm to produce your own ingredients. 👫 Join forces withother players in your Chefs Club. You'll make friends and becomethe best in the business! 🚚 Complete orders for your Delivery Truckand use the special items it will bring you to expand yourrestaurant and unlock Chefs. 🍽 Cater for parties in the ChilloutArea to get special rewards. 🏺 Decorate your place with all kindsof decorations. Show off your style! Tasty Town is FREE to downloadand FREE to play. However, you can purchase in-app items for thegame with real money. If you wish to disable this feature, pleaseturn off the in-app purchases in your phone or tablet's Settings.Do Not Sell My Info:
Word Life - Crossword puzzle 2.7.1
Thousands of levels, three different game modes, and regularspecial events to play! Download Word Life for free and starttraining your brain today. Your daily brain training is now calledWord Life! Discover stunning landscapes while you sit back, relax,and play word puzzles. Unveil hidden words by combining letters andlearn new ones with the app's dictionary. Puzzles start easy, butget challenging fast! Do you feel like refreshing your French? InWord Life, you can have different progress paths in severallanguages. If you feel like going for an extra challenge, you cantry out the Multiplayer mode, in which you'll be able to outsmartyour opponent. Keep your brain fit and bask in the beauty of naturewith Word Life. Embark on this beautiful journey and level up yourmental agility while you progress. - Feel calm and inspired by thebeauty of nature. - Exercise your mind with new challenges everyday with the Daily Puzzles. - Test your wits in the excitingMultiplayer mode. - Stay sharp with the three different puzzlemodes. - Have hours of fun with thousands of levels. - Keep yourprogress throughout different languages. - Learn and collect funfacts and stickers about lots of animals in the world. The wordpuzzles in Word Life can be played in English, Spanish, French,German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian. You can switchlanguages and keep your progress in all of them. Sit back, relax,and train your brain with Word Life! Word Life is FREE to downloadand FREE to play. However, you can purchase in-app items with realmoney. If you wish to disable this feature, please turn off thein-app purchases on your phone or tablet settings. Do not sell myinfo: