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League of Berserk 2.307
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League of Berserk: An RPG with a classic touch [ Game Introduction] League of Berserk is a classic RPG style mobile game in which youcan enjoy real- time PVP, just like in good old 2D MMORPG games. [Key Features ] - Real-time 1: 1 PVP - Character leveling andRanking - Get weapons / equipments for your character - Build yourown strategy by choosing different weapon/equipments - Build yourown strategy through your own choice of Potions [ Strategy Elements] - Pick your choice of weapons from a variety of weapon types -Buy powerful weapons and armors from the Shop - Strengthen yourweapons to make them stronger - Choose how much of which potionyou’ll take with you into the battles - Use potions wisely at theright time to win the battle - You can get Golds from winning intrainings, and Upgrade Stones from winning in duels (and even theopponent's weapon at a low probability) [ Weapon Types ] - Dagger:Attack speed / Accuracy are very high but Damage / Criticalprobability are very low. - Sword: Attack speed / Accuracy arepretty high but Damage / Critical probability are pretty low. -Axe: Damage / Critical probability are pretty high but the AttackSpeed / Accuracy are pretty lower. - Mace: Attack / Criticalprobability are very high but the Attack Speed / Accuracy are verylow. * All weapons are meant to be held either by 1 hand / 2 hands* You can wear a shield along with a 1-hand sword but your statswill be somewhat lower than when you equip a sword for 2-hands. [Developer page ] Facebook Link: [ Required AuthorizationRequests ] 1. Access to Address Book (GET_ACCOUNTS) - Used for thepurpose of blocking abusive players through their Google accountinformation. 2. Access to device photo, media, and files(WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE /READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE): - Used totemporarily store various options (ex: sound, optimization, etc.)to your device for better gameplay experience. [ Sound Credit ] -Presence of Music - Bayaba - [e-mail]