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Word Cooking 1.1.23
★★★★★ Word Cooking is FUN and challenging! Let's see you find thosewords in this yummy word puzzle! ◉ Word Cooking helps you relievestress ◉ Word Cooking helps you improve your brain ◉ Word Cookingis the relaxing fun you need ◉ Word Cooking is the only game thatsalso a brain workout ◉ Play before you go to sleep and you willimprove your verbal skills for the next day ◉ Its fun and good foryou! Check out more games by us!
Ball Rush - Rolly Challenge 1.0.7
★★★★★ Ball Rush is FUN, simple and 100% RELAXING guaranteed! Getyour BEST arcade game today and train your instincts! ◉ Ball Rushhelps you relieve stress ◉ Ball Rush helps you improve your brain ◉Ball Rush is the relaxing fun you need ◉ Ball Rush is the only gamethats also a brain workout ◉ Play before you go to sleep and youwill improve your brain for the next day ◉ Its fun and good foryou!
One Line: Advanced 1.1.7
If you liked One Line, you're gonna LOVE this. Bend the lines anddivide it into two lines, keep going until you created the shape.It starts easy, but oh, it gets challenging 🤓 Prepare to getaddicted. Try to complete all levels! Easy to play and guaranteedfun for the entire family 👪
Planes 1.0.5
Try out the Planes game, where you fly your own plane, trying toavoid missiles while collecting stars. Fly the plane sideways toavoid the missiles crashing into you!
Snake Clash 1.1.12
Run the ball-snake through the screen with your fingers. Increaseyour snake by collecting more balls. Go through the blocks but makesure your snake is always long enough to go through them! Try tomake the longest snake you can. Play 3 different game modes: 1.Infinite - try to go trough as many blocks as possible. 2. LevelMode - complete challenging levels, try to get to the highest levelpossible. 3. Multiplayer Mode - play against other players aroundthe world!
Logic Blocks - Make Ten 1.1.12
★★★★★ Logic Blocks is endless FUN, simple and 100%RELAXINGguaranteed! Make Ten and Get your BEST puzzle today tobeathigh-scores! ◉ Logic Blocks - Make Ten will entertain you forever!◉ Logic Blocks - Make Ten helps you improve your memory ◉LogicBlocks - Make Ten is the relaxing fun you need ◉ Logic Blocks-Make Ten will keep you smiling in 2018! ◉ Play before you gotosleep and you will wake up relaxed the next day ◉ You willbeentertained for hours
Zen 1.3.53
Addicting and relaxing puzzle game with simple but challengingmechanics. Play and train your brain, challenge your logic skills!Reduce stress and increase your happiness by playing this woodythemed game, by the end of the day you will be so relaxed! Thisjigsaw makes your brain healthy and allows you to take a breakeverytime you feel stressed. Zen Puzzle Features: - Completely freeto play - Beautifully designed - Connect the blocks, start andresume whenever you want - Connect the shapes with a challengingyet relaxing simple to learn gameplay - No time limit, no colorsand match 3, just form lines and pay attention to not fill thewhole grid.
Color Puzzle 1.3.11
★★★★★ Color Puzzle is FUN, simple and 100% RELAXING guaranteed!Getyour BEST puzzle today and train your memory! ◉ Color Puzzlehelpsyou relieve stress ◉ Color Puzzle helps you improve yourmemory ◉Color Puzzle is the relaxing fun you need ◉ Color Puzzle istheonly game thats also a brain workout ◉ Play before you go tosleepand you will improve your memory for the next day ◉ Its funandgood for you!
Raccoon Bubbles 1.2.71
★★★★★ Shooting bubbles has never been more relaxing and fun!Helpmama raccoon to save her babies. Endless levels that will makeyourday challenging. This game will help you relax and reliefyourstress! Train your skills and improve your brain! For eachlevelyou will get a limited amount of bubbles to shoot, use themwisely!Complete levels to continue to the next one. Enjoy yourselfwithRaccoon Bubbles - Best bubble shooter game!
Merge Shooter 1.0.19
HOW TO PLAY • Tap the screen and shoot bricks • Merge blocks in aline with the same number • Get higher number and challenge highscore
Idle Emojis 1.0.30
★★★★★ "Epic Idle Fun!" Idle Emojis is an endless idle clicker gamethat combines the fun of idle build-up with emojis going to warwith their devil enemies! Upgrade Smileys and all your otherfavorite emojis to bounce around the world and beat your enemies!Enjoy this idle favorite with all the funniest emojis for FREE!Start with a Smiley Face and unlock all your other favorite Emojisall completely FREE. Upgrade your emojis and have endless idlearcade fun. • Unlock 25 unique awesome Emojis! • Get even bigger byplaying it while you watch your favorite movies! • Get dailyrewards! • Earn Achievements! There are plenty of opportunities inthe game - you can play for weeks and never get bored! Try thisawesome idle game and create your very own Emoji army!
Hexagon Match 1.1.27
★★★★★ Hexagon Match is FUN and challenging! Let's see you find theright combination of hexa blocks! ◉ Hexagon Match helps you relievestress ◉ Hexagon Match helps you improve your brain ◉ Hexagon Matchis the relaxing fun you need ◉ Hexagon Match is the only game thatsalso a brain workout ◉ Play before you go to sleep and you willimprove your verbal skills for the next day ◉ Its fun and good foryou!
Cookie Jelly Match 1.6.78
Take a moment to relax and play the world's most delicious puzzlegame. Cookie Jelly Match is the amazing break you need from theday. Everybody falls in love instantly with this fun challengingpuzzle game. Complete fun levels to go through the yummy quest. Newsurprises in each level. Play alone. Play with friends. Play athome. Play on the train. Play on a break from work. You won't beable to stop playing. Just one more level, and one more level, andone more.
Ball Hit 1.2.20
Ball Hit is an endless puzzle arcade game that combines therelaxingfun of the balls and the blocks with a new and excitinggraphic!Shoot the balls and destroy as many blocks as possible!Competeagainst your friend and find who's the best one! Start bydraggingyour finger and shooting your first ball against thebricks! All theballs will boomerang back to you in a matter ofseconds There areplenty of opportunities in the game - you canplay for weeks andnever get bored! Ball Hit will be the perfectcompanion for yourbrain Ball Hit is a brainteaser that will helpyou relaxing and havefun You will fall in love with these bouncyballs ! Try the game nowand be prepared to spend a lot of time onit!
Dunk 1.0.18
Score as much as you can in this fun, simple butchallengingbasketball game! Score as much as you can and set theball on fire!
Pop Slice 1.1.13
Choose one of the outer circles to place the slices into. Oncethecircle is completed - it's popped! Make sure to always haveenoughspace in the circles for the next slices! Hurry up and popslice!
♠ Solitaire ♣ 1.0.32
Solitaire is Classic Solitaire Patience. Play OriginalKlondikeSolitaire for Free. This Solitaire is the world's mostfamous cardgame. Classic SOLITAIRE (Klondike Patience) Features: ♠Playoriginal Klondike solitaire for free ♠ Draw 1 or 3 Cards♠Trainyour brain with the Classic Solitaire game of KlondikePatience! ♠Play Offline Free. ♠ Objective of Classic Solitaire isto exposeall cards and move them into the foundation piles ♠ Playthe #1FREE SOLITAIRE card game on Android NOW! ♣ ClassicSolitairescoring modes Solitaire card game free - also known asgame ofpatience or Klondike Patience, is the card game played themostaround the world. It's been used for brain training forhundreds ofyears. Klondike is now the most famous form ofsolitaire. It'sconsidered the Classic Solitaire. Play OriginalSolitaire Free withthis version of classic patience. Play ClassicSolitaire withunlimited random and winnable solitaire decks.
Roll that Ball 1.0.27
Ready to solve challenging puzzles? ★★★★★ Roll that Ball is FUNandchallenging! Let's see you find how to get the ball rollthroughthe board. ◉ Roll that Ball helps you relieve stress ◉ RollthatBall helps you improve your brain ◉ Roll that Ball is therelaxingfun you need ◉ Roll that Ball is the only game thats also abrainworkout ◉ Play before you go to sleep and you will improveyourverbal skills for the next day ◉ Its fun and good for you!
Trivia Million 1.28
Guess all questions right and play your way to the million!
Six Stack 1.5
The goal is to keep the six hexagon figure on the tower ofblocksand not let it fall off for as long as possible. Don't rush,thesix block can easily dwindle in any direction, gain momentumandroll down into the abyss. Although, it might look simple atfirst,don't get yourself fooled and hexagon flip. Score higher,nevergive up and become the King of Six!
Sudoku Master 1.1.12
Never ending Sudoku levels to master! Relax your brain and win alevel of sudoku at any time. Take a quick break from what ever youare doing - and RELAX! Master of Soduku is here to help you relaxand train your brain at the same time. 4 different difficultylevels and a never ending amount of levels for each one. Downloadthis now and be be 10% smarter already on the first day 😇🤓🧠
Balloon Keeper 1.0.10
★★★★★ Balloon Keeper is FUN, simple and 100% RELAXING guaranteed!Get your BEST game today and train your brain and fingers! ◉Balloon Keeper helps you relieve stress ◉ Balloon Keeper helps youimprove your brain ◉ Balloon Keeper is the relaxing fun you need ◉Balloon Keeper is the only game thats also a brain workout ◉ Playbefore you go to sleep and you will improve your instincts for thenext day ◉ Its fun and good for you!
Helix Rush 1.0.15
Helix Rush is an exciting game that tests your reflexes andhelpsyou concentrate. Smash through the platforms and avoid thecolouredspots. Its a super exciting adventure through manychallenginglevels. Tap, swipe and hold your bouncing ball to win.