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BT Controller Editor 1.0.5
Soft Igloo
This app is an add on for BT Controller. Itallows you to download new controllers as well as edit and createyour own controllers.Now with material design.EULA:
Hologram Live Wallpaper 2.0.3
Soft Igloo
Hologram Live Wallpaper uses your device'ssensors to create a realistic holographic world.- The background and center object are customizable using presettextures, colors, and gallery images.- There are a range of objects to download and choose from- Double tap the screen when in preview mode to activate the quickoptions- Customize the size, depth, height, and rotationPrivacy policy:
Words With Cheats 1.0
Soft Igloo
If you ever get stuck, simply take ascreenshot and have Words With Cheats give you the best wordspossible• Solve any New WWF board in seconds• Easy to use• Widget to turn screenshot detection on or off• Word helper to show exact word positionInstructions:1. Make sure Words With Cheats screenshot detection is ON (it willbe ON by default)2. Open a New Words With Friends board that you want to find wordsfor3. Take a screenshot (depending on your device, this is normallydone by pressing the power and volume up buttons at the same timeand holding them for at least 2 - 3 seconds)If your screenshots aren't detected, you can open them manuallythrough the app.If your screenshots can be solved, please email us your device nameand an example screenshot and we will try to add support for yourdevice.
Floating Photo Live Wallpaper 1.1.1
Soft Igloo
Floating photo uses your device sensors tokeepthe photo in an upright position.EULA:
3D Aquarium LWP 2.0.1
Soft Igloo
3D Aquarium Live Wallpaper usesorientationsensors to create a realistic 3D depth to your aquarium.* Water level changes with your device's batterypercentage* Comes with 5 fish and 1 tank* 3 unlock-able fish packs (each consisting of 5 fish)* 4 unlock-able tanksThis app contains in app purchases and adsEULA: