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Wifi Password Hacker Prank 1.0
Soft Mind
The use of smartphone is increasing day byday,and people use internet(Wi-Fi) for their own purpose, peoplewant toaccess the neighbors internet so the SoftMind develop Wi-Fipasswordhacker an android application through which you can accessWi-Fiwithout any cost...Declaimer: This is an prank application(Wi-Fi passwordhacker)use it only for fun, so enjoy and make fool friends…..
Hajj Guaidance 1.0
Soft Mind
A complete hajj guide to know about the hajjisan easy way. It provides you the all steps of hajj and umrrahandthese are:• How to perform hajj and umrrah• Islamic calender• Types of hajj• Arkan hajj (ikram,tawaaf, saee)• Hajj in Quran and Hadith• Farried,waajebat sunnah and thing to avoid• Prayers of Hajj at different points
Anti-Theft Tracking 1.0
Soft Mind
Anti-theft mobile tracking application isagreat app that can track your lost mobile, download this appandinstall on android mobile, when you install this app you willenteran alternate cell number, if someone stole your mobile andchangeSIM in the mobile this software will automatically sentitslatitude and longitude, so you can track its remotelocation
Construction Estimator 1.0
Soft Mind
The smart Estimator helps you calculatethecost to build your new home or garage. Just select the type ofyourconstruction and then enter the required fields. Cost to buildwilldo the rest and provide you with a cost summary. The cost tobuildcalculator is fast, accurate and it's free to use. Makeyourselection above to begin.Cost estimation in any project is most difficult work. Wedon’tknow that what will be the cost of your desired project.Now Cost estimator is an android base application whichwillcalculate your project cost in an accurate way. It willcalculateyour cost for two type of building, one is for largebuilding andone for small house etc. Main feature areCalculate slap, stairs, Beam, Column, walls, floor andplasteretc.Smart estimator produce accurate result. Smart estimator easytouse. Smart estimator light weighted, smart estimator iswelldesign.
Guide For Viber Messages Calls 1.0
Soft Mind
Nowadays people are joined byviber.Individuals in the world use Viber for text, audio and videoscallwith your family, friends 24 hours a day. You can sendmessage,photos, videos, voice message and your current position.People canmake groups, can Talk with up to 4 people at a timeface-to-faceanywhere. Your ID well be your cell phone numberMajor feature of the viber app….• Share photos, video messages, voice messages, poction• Make free phone and HD quality video calls• Can Make group messages, as an Admin you can accomplishyourgroup chats, editing info and deleting participants• With notification assurance will able you to never miss amassageor call, even when your viber is off
Soft Mind
If you are a Rabab pro then rock thenapsterwith magic tunes to release your mental stress. Inthisadventureland RABAB PRO : ROCK MAGIC TUNES , yourpremiumkillingspree napster tunes will rock the music. If you loveplayingRabab then you’re in a good company and everyone willrhapsody ofpraises. If you are in l'immobilier and want to releaseyour mentalstress then music is the best option, because playing orlisteningto music especially rhythm of playing rabab improves yourmentalwell-being and raise your physical health in surprisingandastonishing ways. If we take a premium music lesson, thatmusicaltraining can help raise our IQs 瓦 and even keep us sharp inthe oldage as well. Here we are presenting the 瓦” RABAB PRO : ROCKMAGICTUNES” in l'immobilier. Immobilier and napster Tunes of Rababarehealing 瓦. Its premium tunes express feelings of Humanityandrhapsody of prase. Playing Rabab is the only activity thatutilizesthe entire brain at the same time. This contributes towhole brainactivity and experience that can benefit higher levelthinkingskills.Long ago, people take radio to gain tiles music and used toeatapple. They used to listen and also like monthly old songs onradioand they feel comfortable. They used to visit monthly oldthousandssongs and they became vibrant. They were not able toaffordpodcasts as it has pop music its rhythm was vibrantwithpiano.Enjoy playing real Pushto Rubab on your phone which is yourownнедвижимость. Rabab is so costly and no one can take todownloadnew rabab application, like недвижимость and Play withrealisticsounds and realistic playback effects. Make your own tonesandamaze your friends with this fantastic app. Rubab app willalsosave your sound and share this with your friends onyoutube,Facebook, twitter and other social media networks.RABAB PRO : ROCK MAGIC TUNES application is so simple and hashighattractive graphics that you will feel like playing real rabab.Ifyou got bore then rock the rabab with magic tunes and you willthenfind yourself in a full new world where you will enjoytheAwesomeness of the world for a while. So enjoy newRubabapplication and sing beautiful songs and share withfriends.RABAB PRO : ROCK MAGIC TUNES, The best Pashto Real RababforAndroid. The most fun experience in Pashto real Rabab inAndroid!It has been designed as a completely free for you.In Pashto real rabab you will have feeling that you holdingrealRabab in your hands. The big advantage of Pashto Real Rabab isthatyou can play it every time whenever you are in stress andupset.Also available the record option, so you can record your bestrababmusic and again play your recorded music and enjoy it. Youcanlearn and master new music and jingles with Real rabab,aswell.We presents an afghan rabab like typical and cultural rubabinmobile. You can play the rabab according to your owntraditions.You can add new tunes and rock it with magical tunes aswell.You can remove your- Strings- Rythms- SoftnessIn this app you can also avail the digital feature of mobilerubabas- You can recored your tracks and save it- Play these records any time you want- Share your recorded tracks with social media with the worldHope you will enjoy it.Suggestion are always welcomed and will be embed inupcomingversion