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Real Pool 9 Ball Master 1.0
Let's Play "Real Pool 9 Ball Master" game in full 3D environmentwith smooth control and physics. Real Pool 9 Ball Master I one ofthe most realistic and playable pool billiard games you have everplayed. This covers the game play with 8 ball pool and 9 ball aswell. So enjoy this billiard pool master game and have fun withyour friends.Game Modes:This unique billiard game offers two gameplay modes:☀ Beat the Clock: You to complete your mission in theallocated time frame to complete the mission and you have to putall the balls in the pot. ☀ Two Players or Multi-Player Mode: Youcan play 9 Ball Pool with your friends with standard 9 Ballrules.Game Play:◆ Set cue ball in D when potted ◆ Swipe screen up& down to adjust your view on table before playing your shot◆Set the ball movement right, left, top & bottom for spinningball accordingly◆ When player 1 completes his shots then player 2turns comes to play◆ Use chalk on stick for playing proper shots◆Play with your friend on same device◆ Standard 9 Balls rulesapplyGame Features:◆ Play live with your friends◆ Full High quality3D environments and realistic game play◆ Full Billiard game physicsapplies◆ 2 Camera modes for Ariel & 3D modeFeel like playingReal Pool 9 Ball Master in a room. immature players can learn &play for fun, but experts can challenge there friends to play gameprofessionally. Game is ads supported. Hope you will cooperate.
Dry Port Cargo Crane Simulator 1.1
“Dry port cargo crane simulator” game in your device for endlesschallenge and fun. Adult and little builders all can enjoy thiscoolest excavating tractor machine. The hottest cargo transportgame is for Android devices! Enjoy playing it on the one go! [Dryport cargo crane simulator] game for everyone, kids and adults. Youcan experience what it feels like to live a machine simulator life.You can drive manual harbor crane and truck cargo of 2017. Once youtry our app, you will be hooked within minutes. It is fun to playwhat you have to do is load the colorful & fun blocks in thiscrane simulator game & complete the given task to become expertin this driving. Dry port cargo crane simulator offers you to driveand operate cranes machinery on dry port. Operate wide range ofheavy harbor cranes with realistic physics in this superb 3Dsimulation game. Play Dry port cargo crane simulator in your smartphones and tablet. Amazingly designed game play with full controlover forklifts, magnet and skyscraper tower crane. Feel likeprofessional cranes operator with heavy containers and other heavygoods to grab and release on proper places. Test your drivingskills of heavy machinery transport and experience manual cranehandling control. In this Dry port cargo crane simulator game,operate different heavy construction cranes to deliver differentitems to destination place. So drive a huge crane machine as amachine operator with this simple crane control. Your goal as aharbor crane operator is to drive through the construction area,pick huge container from one place to another place, using easy andsimple crane controls and prove your abilities. Drive through theCargo Port area, pick huge container from one place to anotherplace, using easy and simple crane controls and prove your drivingabilities.Dry port cargo crane simulator and Operator is aninnovative physics based cargo driver transporting and handlinggame that allows you to drive cargo heavy dump trucks and operateforklifts and tower cranes located inside an amazing realistic 3Dsea port environment with a different concept than all the othercity construction trucks and simulator games, with additional anddifferent vehicles than the common road roller, excavatorsimulators, truck simulators, ordinary driving games and parkingsimulators. Take a seat in the amazing 3D forklift and cargo crane,drive around the port to the pickup location, pick up the cargo,drive back to the cargo ship and drop the cargo delivery at thelocated place. Operate the car cargo crane, pick up heavycontainers and drop them off on the port for transporting to cityand offroad villages.Dry port cargo crane simulator Features:✔Powerful heavy duty cranes to operate on dry port✔ 10 challengingphysics base levels to lift heavy containers and cargo✔ Intuitivecontrols to operate mega construction cranes✔ Real time animationand motions to give you realistic experience✔ Superb location todrive on mobile cranes to lift heavy loads✔ Stunning graphics andsound quality to enhance your gaming experience✔ High-quality 3Dgraphics✔ Smooth steering, brakes, lifting, turning and truck pullcontrols.✔ One of the best real transport games 3D✔ Realistic 3Denvironment exploration with lorry simulator 3D mania.✔ You gotlimited time to clear your missions so be as fast as possible.
Farm Tractor Simulation Game 1.0
Drive the crazy Farm Tractor having Trolley loaded with multiplecargo items on it. It is the best cargo tractor driving simulationgame you have ever played. Drive Cargo Tractor with trolley loadedwith multiple cargo items on it from village to cities and midwayswithin given time and by avoiding obstacles. Cargo items includechairs, tables, wheels and farm animals to be shifted from oneplace to other in a real village farm house environment. If youlike driving and parking simulation games then you will definitelylove this farming Tractor experience. In this farm tractorsimulation game, you will need to drive a tractor, deliverdifferent cargo from start to destination point within given timeperiod.Game features:* 3D Real Tractor Simulation graphics*Real-model of tractors and trailers* Superior sound effects andlive animals* Realistic 3D Farming environment* Multiple CargoItems to deliver safely* Different and addictive levels* Enjoy thebest simulation game for freePlease give us some support by ratingour games. It encourages us to make more interesting games for you.
Modern Robot Combat - Revenge 1.2
Modern Robot Combat - Revenge is third person robotics armyshooting game It's a time of robotic war. The robot enemies arealso powerful and has good intelligence.Find all robots and killthem, your task is to Find and collect different research relatedEquipment. There are health kits in different place on lab toincrease the health. Be aware from robot enemies, safe you self andproper aim on target to shoot.The game control is very simple andeasier, touch on joystick to move and tap the fire button to firewith a sub machine gun.Features:- Different Addictive Missions-Realistic 3D research lab Environment- Good quality sound effectswhich make game play better- Awesome Game controls- UnlimitedAmmoSo download today and have fun with this awesome Modern RobotCombat action game, its totally Free!!
Ultimate City Construction Sim 1.0
City Construction Driver in a truck simulation game, where cargo iscarried on truck and your job is to park it on destinationplace.City Construction Driver is very challenging game due to thelimit of time for simulation game lovers. The main objective is ofthe City Construction Driver game is to reach destination anddeliver without losing any package on the given time period. Driveand load all heavy duty vehicles carefully while playing the CityConstruction Driver.You have time limit in each level. Try to bethe best truck driver and enhance your driving skills.If you arelooking to see different vehicles simulation games in one game thenCity Construction Driver is best for it. It is the extreme game ofconstruction and building city, where you run a construction truck,having construction material for bridges and buildings.Its is arealistic and addictive game for enhancing your driving skills.CityConstruction Driver game brings you different types of challenginggame levels with different types of vehicles like Trailer,excavator, Truck, Forklift etc to finish the level.CityConstruction Driver features:- Many different types of Trucks-Various challenging levels- Smooth lifting, loading and drivingcontrols- Optimized HD quality and awesome graphics- RealphysicsGrab the City Construction Driver now, its Free.
Drive Mountain Cargo Truck 1.2
Drive and enjoy real cargo truck driving simulation on mountainsand hilly areas. The best driving simulation experience is on yourtouch. You are a logistic company employee which is a cargotransport company. You are given the task to transport goods indifferent mountainous areas of work. Hilly areas are verybeautiful. Many animals are enjoying spring grass along the road.But this beautiful area is also deadly dangerous to drive. Yourcarelessness in sudden sharp turns can kill you and damage thegoods on the truck. So drive very carefully on this dangerousroads. Land sliding, foggy weather rain, snow and wind storm arethe big problems you may have to face while driving. Remember itsbetter to late than never as speed can kill you. Deliver the cargosafely on receiving end and show your skills of cargo truck drivingin dangerous mountains. The game has multiple goods to cargo anddeliver. So be the ultimate driver of heavy truck in top hillyareas.How to play:• Accelerator button is on the right bottom sideof the screen.• Brake button is also on the right side of thescreen.• Control the direction of truck using tiltGame Features:•Excellent truck cargo simulator with excellent physics and control•Complete the challenge in the limited time.• 3D Environment &beautiful graphics.• Driving Experience of mountains and hillyareas• Realistic Truck Driver Environment
VR Roller Coaster Simulator : Crazy Amusement Park 1.0
Celebrate this New Year and Christmas with real Christmas vr 3droller coaster new game.Take a break from hectic routine and enjoyyour holidays with virtual reality based unique vr roller coastertycoon game 2017. Enjoy the best coaster rides in popular amusementparks. The 3D roller-coaster game is endless entertainment for boysand girls. Collect gifts in this Christmas game. Enjoy VR amusementdrives and rides with VR New Year rush rollercoaster game 3d. Turnbriefly your upside down in specialized railroad system. ThisChristmas rollercoaster consist of a track that rises in designpatterns and vertical loops. VR Santa Christmas game 2018 shuttlecoaster has multiple cars in which passengers sit and arerestrained. Incorporated loops, corkscrew and many other maneuversin 3d rail-car. Most modern roller coasters hybrids of steel andwood. Swings and twins makes the drives adventurous santa. Railroadlovers of advanced countries become ready to drive the fastestfreaky roller coasters. To enhance the experience of riders itinvolves removing the floor beneath passengers riding above thetrack with floor-less rollercoaster. Best Virtual RealityRollercoaster Santa Christmas Games 2018.Enjoy the real fun ofAmusement park roller coaster with Christmas fun & New Year.Get the twists of lovely coasters in American fairs and pleasuregardens. Celebrate this New Year and VR Christmas with a crazyroller coaster VR Simulator. Take a break from hectic routine andenjoy your holidays with virtual reality based Roller CoasterSimulator. Kit your VR glasses and start celebration. A VirtualReality VR Santa Christmas game in which you can enjoy a completetour of Roller Coaster. Reanimate your VR Games experience with abeautiful simulator with puts you on high fun every time you playit. Realize yourself in a Train that is running on a Rolling track.Sometime you may even scare because you will really feel like aChristmas Roller Coaster Slide, Sharp turns and Slopes.You have tofocus on the device screen while playing this amazing game. As itis a complete attention gaining game of joy and fun, therollercoaster has many people on it, riding right beside you, andwaiting for the ride to run round and round all over the tracks ofsteel coils, they are whirled and curled like the complete coilshaped track of coaster ride path, making it a daring and fantasticpath of rollercoaster ride.Get ready for this adventure ofunlimited unending Virtual Reality world of joy, you are going tomerge into the New Year 2018 & Christmas fun of VRRollercoaster Simulator, as virtual reality is very close to theactual reality, it will automatically make you enter into the gameplay psychologically, if in the game you are going round andcoiling, then in real life you will feel like you are actuallygoing left or right or you are about to fall from your place.GamePlay:• Fasten your VR Glasses and enter the world of VirtualReality and run the Christmas game 2018• You must have Tilt / Gyrosensor in your device• Put your device into VR glasses • Calibrate/ Focus your device into center• Check for blurriness • Userevolving chair or stand in open place• You are free to moveforward/backward and left/right just rotating on your axis• Alsovisualize up/down viewCOOL FEATURES :• A real new year andCharismas celebration pack• VR based crazy 3D Environment•Gyro-meter based 360 degree freedom of rotation• Compatible withvirtual reality glasses • Stunning 3D Graphics• Real Sound effects•Crisp, Cinema like, HD visuals• No time Limit, unlimited play andfunDownload VR Rollercoaster Simulator and enjoy the unlimited ofjoy and fun. Share among your friends and have Christmas fun forthe endless game. Rate this Santa Christmas game if you find itamazing and check other apps and games from this account.Have anamazing day with rollercoaster Christmas New Year pack of 3D crazyVR environment stunning gameplay.
VR Commando Action 1.1
The Modern Era of Games is just to begin with this amazing VR basedCommando Action game. Just wear the 3D Glasses and enter the worldof Virtual Reality by sniper based action thrilled game and availthe taste of oculus rift. Invade the enemy camp and eliminate themall. The story of game begins with a commando dropped at night in abad weather at a secret enemy army camp near the dense Jungleborder.You are a soldier in a realistic game, the VR CommandoAction is an addictive game which gives you an interactive andthrilling experience.Mission is assigned to all commandos directlyfrom the Head Quarter and You have to enter enemy camp area, byusing maps and clear the enemies in the Unit. With the VR Glassesfeel a great clash at each post, so show your strength to yourenemy. Your Mission includes to destroy all important enemy assetslike Fuel and Ammunition dumps, target armor and military vehiclesso as to break them. You have limited ammunition so don’t wastebullets.Kill one enemy with one shot. Be careful, be aware, beconcision. Think well before any move.Look well your surroundingbefore advance. My commando! Be aware of hidden enemies in bunkers,buildings, posts and in bushes. Military base camp by your snipercommando skills and destroy the enemies before they destroy you.Your mission is to stop enemies and keep them behind border line.You will really enjoy the real war action game in all levels,protecting your bases and military assets from air attacks andenemy commandos actions.Game Play: ☆ Switch the game play and slideyour Smartphone into VR glasses.☆ Set your aim on enemies by 360ºrotation for auto fire to kill them one by one.☆ You can playeasily by standing or using revolving chair.☆ Auto Select anyweapon during action.☆ For enemy at far distance, use auto selectedTelescope for sniper view.☆ The weapons will be reloadedautomatically.Main Features:☆ 3D FPS (Action Packed game)☆ CompleteBattle field real looking 3D environment☆ Amazing Movie Quality,best sound effects and sound track☆ Easy GUI and controls☆Efficient weapon control and selection☆ Ground to Air attack onflying Helli☆ Designed for Players: Teenagers, adults & Family☆Adventure, Action and Thrill
Birds Hunting Sniper Season 3.0
World's Favorite Hunting Game! Now available free for Android! ThisBird Hunting Sniper Season game is very thrilling and easy tounderstand the features of games. Birds can be anywhere around you,youy got to check for their presence , hunt pigeon, duck, Seagulland other birds.Grab your shooting gun and shoot the birds withthis cool and addictive bird shooting gameenhance your speed andcheck how fast you can go as the birds fly faster with each levelyou master. Compare you bird shooting skills with your friends inGAME CENTER and see if you can be an ace shooter with the highestscore. start playing Birds Hunting Sniper Season and goodLuck.Features:- Real 3D game play- Hunt the birds in time limit-Apply scope to zoom- Tap to Shoot - Attractive graphics- Good soundeffectsHow to play1. Select the birds to target from Eagle,Seagull, Duck, Crow, Owl, Dove, Quail, Partridges and Cranes2.Choose the level to play, hunt all to unlock next3. Take, zoom andshoot at target with Sniper gun4. Navigate in forest on swiping onleft of your phone
Relief Cargo Helicopter 1.1
World is changing in microseconds now and technology has greatadvancements in it. So to use technology for earthquake and floodhit areas is of great importance. So become a Nobel PILOT of arelief cargo plane cum Heli to serve the humanity with true zealand spirit. Enjoy the best of relief cargo helicopter game to makeyou forget the other helicopter cargo games. Yes! It is the bestcargo transport helicopter game among the several relief cargohelicopter games you see on the market. RELIEF CARGO HELICOPTER isthere to provide assistance in the hour of the need, the ultimateconcept of relief activities.This cargo Relief helicopter 3D is anobjective based cargo relief helicopter game where you need totransport food and other relief goods using cargo helicopters Inthis very addictive flight simulation transporter game you will begiven with a fork lifter to load the boxes in cargo army chopper.After loading it you have to take off the heli and land on thedestination and unload the items using Fork lifter as well. In nextcoming levels you have to load the cargo trucks using crane anddeliver the items to desired destinations. Drive and load the truckequipped with foodstuffs, military bags and boxes and maneuver iton helicopter perfectly at the highlighted spot. The armyhelicopter games never brought such sensation in the flightsimulator games. Forget flying with your other relief cargohelicopter games and try this army transport helicopter. Take atwist in takeoff and landing and try the newest of transport reliefcargo helicopter games So take charge of your own relief transporthelicopter simulator in the disaster struck areas, and provide thecargo relief material through rescue helicopter. Emergency has beendeclared and people are waiting for your cargo planes for survival,so put your cargo helicopter transport skills to test and steer thebest army cargo plane and rescue helicopter available.Helicoptercargo transporterKEY FEATURES :✔ Real Flight Simulation Cargo Planeexperience✔ Best Physics and game controls with Remarkable 3Dgraphics✔ Real models transporter helicopter simulator✔ A completepackage of cargo transporter game✔ Amazing game play ✔ Multiplechallenging levels with real life simulation✔Real Experience ofDriving Multiple Vehicles✔Explore the City and Airport on yourAircraft Flight✔ Transport Cargo on Forklift, Cargo Truck, CargoCrane and Cargo Plane✔ Smooth Handling, Lifting and DrivingControls✔ Thrill of flying Plane high in the Skies✔ The greatest 3Dcargo airplane flight simulator.✔ Amazing transporter planes withsmooth controls.✔ Cool graphics and well-crafted animations.✔Realistic city airport ambiance.✔ Challenging cargo jet flyingmissions.✔ A grand car transport plane simulator giving you thefeeling of real cargo plane pilot duty.
Farm Tractor Transporter 1.0
Its your Time to operate the business of farming transportertractor and play as farm transport truck driver. Be a villagefarmer living their lives with harvesting, plow & sow. Thechallenge is waiting for you. Carry hay to the animals, carry woodto the farm, complete tasks.Now it’s time to start the transport onyour tractor and truck trailer. You have a huge farm with variouscrops cultivation, vegetables, hay and farm animals. Get behind thesteering and show your driving skills in this transport simulator3d. Ever wanted to have a farm of your own? Do you like to playreal farmer with your own farm tractor and personal tractorparking? Then the best of farming games -Farm TractorTransporterDrive heavy farming machinery and transport farm animalsto the market. Farming tractor simulator will let you explore thecomplete village environment will multiple vehicle driving as youplay the role transporter trucker completing multiple gameplaytasks. Become a farm animal transport and take the farming animalson your trailer truck.This season transportation has been the maintask as the trucker. Once you get into this business let’s expandyour village land with more cultivation and transportation. Oncethe harvesting is completed, crops are ready to be transported anddelivered where required. Cattle, sheep, horses, cow and many otherfarm animals are ready to taken in your farm tractor. Top GameFeatures:Smooth steering, brakes, lifting, turning and tractorpull controls. Astonishing 3D graphics and environment in thistractor transportation. Real-time simulation, driving and tractorparking. 10 levels with hardcore challenges  Realistic cargotransporter 18 wheeler Awesome 3D driving off-road physics Amazing detailed 3d graphics of farm crops, tractor and excavatorRealistic jungle habitats for the zoo animals Realistic HDTractors Models Farm animals (horses, cows, chickens ...)Realistic Sound Real tractor driving system
Real Forklift Operator 1.1
Real forklift operator is a forklift operator simulation game.Carefully without damaging cargo loading and off-loading usinglevers up down movements of forklift at limited time.The objectiveof Real forklift operator game is to fun and enhance fork-liftingskills.So just download Real forklift operator 3D simulation gamein your device for simulation challenge and fun. There is no agelimit to play this game, Adult and little all can enjoy Realforklift operator awesome lifting cargo game.Start your forklifttruck and drive forklift truck vehicle on the warehouse. Movetowards cargo; lift your cargo and drop it into the destinationspot.Real forklift operator Game Features:- heavy duty forkliftsimulation- Rotate camera view to control lever while liftingcargo- Smooth lifting, Brakes and Rotation Controls- Multiple Gameplay levels- Challenging driving skills - 3D graphics
Mountain Truck Drive Simulator 1.0
Enjoy the Mountain Truck Drive Simulator, deliver the goods ontime. Hurry!!!.Mountain Truck Drive Simulator is a new cargodelivery game which requires perfect driving skill. You are an exarmy truck driver and you have given a task to deliver the goodsover the mountains in time and safely. This truck simulator allowsyou to drive different kinds of heavy trucks on rocky roads.Act asa Truck Driver, pick up the goods and drive through the dangerousand challenging hill roads and drop the goods safely at thedestination. Watch out while driving as these mountains have sharpand narrow hair pin bends and if missed you will be rolled down to2240 meters steep!!! Its an absolute hill driving simulator thatwill entertain you to the core. It's a level based hill simulation& transport game with progressive difficulties at each level.Drive carefully without hitting any obstacles else the goods mightbe dropped from the vehicle. The superb gameplay gives you a chanceto drive multiple heavy vehicles. Dump the stones into the truckfor transportation. Drive the mountain truck carrying animals andother goods.Features: ♦ A New Concept for Heavy Truck DrivingLovers♦ Explore the Off-Road Environment & Hills♦ Transportdifferent goods from multiple locations♦ Amazing Gameplay with HDGraphics♦ Play as the Expert Trucker♦ Amazing controls and timechallenging Gameplay♦ Awesome driving controls of truck♦ Real truckdriver simulation experience in mountains and hills♦ Extreme truckdriving challenge to safely transport the goods♦ Multiple Gameplaylevels for user fun in complete off road environment♦ Complete offroad map of the paths for user guide♦ 3 different real transportertrucks♦ Different camera views including dashboard
Moto Stunts Adventure - Shoot 1.0
Moto Stunts Adventure is a fast paced bike racing and stunts gamewhich is the best bike racing game, you being daring and passingcars closely, and making stunts with your motorcycle by increasingspeed for getting scores. Be careful with your maneuvering though,crashing into cars will hurt in this Moto Stunts Adventure - ShootGame! Traffic Rider 2016 of Moto Stunts Adventure - Shoot are thechoice of million users worldwide. t is the best bike games new2016.Top features such as Kick, Punches & fire... kick &punch opponent bikers... open fire to upcoming traffic cars &trucks... also shoot opponent bikers to get cash.Dodge riskyobstacles amid dangerous hills through an amazing, realisticlandscape. Fly through the obstacles with nitro boost. The thrillis addicting! Bike Race or bike games are all about Moto StuntsAdventure - Shoot.The best traffic racing game Moto StuntsAdventure - Shoot on the store! Speed junkies, slap on your helmetand experience some high-octane racing! Zoom down the open highwaysand try to pass closely without crashing. Be stupidly irresponsibleby breaking all your bones.How to Play Bike Racing Game: - Selectyour ride from Super bikes or Choppers- Tilt to Steer yourMotorcycle- Drive close to Cars and tap stunt button to makestunts- The more closer stunt will be when passing car will resultcash- Click kick & punch button to kick & punch opponentbikers- Open fire to up-coming cars & trucks to get cash whileracing- Boost speed by press & hold turbo boost button at rightbottom- Spend your cash for unlocking new bikes- Pick upcomingAmmunition to fill your ammunition- Pick NOS to fill your NOScylinder- Challenge your friends for the Ultimate bike raceexperienceTop Bike Racing Game Features: ❖ A collection of 10awesome Super Bikes & Choppers❖ Smooth controls❖ Use turboboosts to go very fast❖ Excellent sounds & graphics❖ Beautifuldesert highway❖ An exciting bike race & stunts experience❖ BestTraffic Rider experience
Traffic Sniper Attack 1.0
AIM, SHOOT AND KILL – Traffic Sniper Attack 3D is all about preciseshooting, an urban centered thrilling shooting game. Enjoy shootingvans, cars and other vehicles in huge highway traffic! Target yoursniper gun on militant cars moving down the roads, but don't forgetto avoid hitting civilian cars. Destroy as much traffic cars aspossible! Get bonuses, upgrade your sniper gun and unlock newtraffic vehicles!War on Terror is not over yet. Eliminate terrorismin every aspect. The users have been given a chance to accept thechallenge and target only the cars they have asked to destroy.Players will be challenged to use their sniper shooting skills tohit different colors, models and vehicle types to get morechallenging tasks.Challenge yourself as a traffic hunter sniper.Your journey is going to be excited in Sniper: Road Traffic Hunter.Hold on your belts and be a real sniper traffic hunter.Top GameFeatures: ❖ Wide range of sniper rifles❖ Engaging graphics❖ Cityhighway environment❖ Multiple targets ❖ Challenging missions❖Variety of traffic cars to destroy❖ Powerful guns❖ New target eachlevel❖ Original soundtrackMr. Sniper you are required toassassinate the culprits by shooting at their cars with your sniperrifles in required time. Hunt them down to hell
City Cargo Simulator : Trucker 1.1
City Cargo Simulator 3D - truck delivery cargo simulator isaddictive, challenging and a new addition in real truck transportgames for you. Play as a truck driver and drive freight vehicles.Pick up cargo items and transport priceless valuable goods from onedestination to another warehouse within time given limits. CityCargo Simulator is a true Cargo Truck Game. Drive, park andtransport to complete missions! Travel in America as truck driver -a trucker who delivers important cargo across and between cities!Load valuable goods from one spot and unload on the final locationbefore timer goes off. Use your cargo transporter driver skills toavoid any accident to your ride. The only way to reach the armyposts on the hills is Army transportation truck. You are the driverof that truck in this cargo games.So if you think you got a hugeamount of driving skills and precision parking then Heavy truck 3Dcargo delivery is the driving simulator for you to play for free.The tracks have several deliveries after regular intervals ofdistance. This is challenging racing game due to the limit of time.Goal of the game is to reach destination and deliver in timewithout losing any package. City Cargo Simulator driving is theultimate driving duty task to transport cargo through the ruggedterrains, mountains and hills. Hill climb driving with cargotransport is an awesome concept for everyone to play in 2016. Yourtransport truck might be carrying relief cargo so drive carefully.Paths are difficult to drive on, but not only planes are used forcargo transport, you can handle this job with your cargo transporttruck too. An objective based transport truck game where you handleyour big truck with trailer. Attach the trailer with your heavytruck and drive through hills. You also need to drive cars,off-road jeep and other vehicles to the car transporter trailertruck and load it with cars. Further you will drive the heavytransport truck in extreme hill climb driving conditions to yourdestination. Work as an American trucker and find some goods todeliver to the customer! Choose transporting mission you like andstart ultimate road adventure with this truck driving simulator!Race fast and try to deliver cargo on time! Avoid road accidentsdriving across smooth American highways - your truck may also bedamaged! Earn money upgrade your powerful turbo truck or to buy anew one! Drive, park and transport exploring American roads as atruck driver, find new ways to deliver your cargo to the customer,race fast and enjoy American landscapes! Try this truck drivingsimulator - smooth roads and highways, powerful turbo trucks andeven more for your fun! Get your driving skills to work playingCity Cargo Simulator : Trucker! It’s high time to deliver goods!Driving Tips - cargo truck games ★Tilt your phone to drive off-roadtruck in right direction ★ Keep the truck on proper lane ★ Controlthe speed of the truck using the brakes at turns ★ Always keep inmind that time is short so be fast and careful while driving ★Beware of traffic in this American Cargo Truck Simulator typegameCity Cargo Simulator Features ★ Realistic truck physics of CityCargo Simulator : Trucker★ Tilting, buttons and steering wheelcontrols★ Multiple Camera View in this cargo truck games★ ExcellentHD graphics of cargo truck games★ Explore the various environmentsin the truck simulator 3D mania.★ Complete all exciting levels ofbig transporter driving.★ Smooth steering, brakes, lifting, turningand truck pull controls.★ Astonishing 3D graphics and environmentin this jungle wood transportation.★ Real-time simulation, drivingand truck parking of cargo gamesDownload and enjoy City CargoSimulator : Trucker simulation game. Do not miss the chance tobecome a truck driver in this exciting new truck simulation game.Get in your truck and deliver cargo to your destination.
Bridge Path Construction 1.0
Bridge Path Construction is a fun filled Kids game to complete thetrain track within limited time so that train can smoothly pass anddeliver the cargo and passengers to the station.The Bridge Pathconstruction game is helping you to build and construct the bridgesand paths easily, this may help you in future for staying in thisfield of construction. Bridge Path Construction help you and yourfamily to escalate in this idea of construction if you want toadopt a new dimension according to your interest.You have toconstruct the road with given blocks and manage it in such a waythat train and passenger should not get damaged. Each levelcontains different track and blocks to repair. Enjoy this beautifulgame for FREE.Construct the road for train using blocks to completethe track for smooth pave and let the vehicles cross them.How ToPlay:* Repair the track smoothly for train* Complete task in giventimeGame Features:* Real train Physics based puzzle strategy game*Smooth User Interface and Control* Beautiful track and environment*Amazing Music and sound effect* Multiple Challenging levelsMoreLevels Coming Soon !
Commando Missions Army Duty 1.0
This is the story of time when rampage has taken a turn into yourdirection to brace yourself into a trained Sniper shooter committedto Strike in the battlefield!Lead as SWAT Force Commander and enterthe hostile battle locations like dark forest, bullet Zombiestation and Army bases. Commando Sniper Duty is thrilling actiongame to deal with crazy and deadly global terrorist groups. You area master sniper and tactical shooter so go crazy as a pro gunmanand save the valuable military assets. In this crisis situationyour battlefield training will lead you to success in green forestand hidden enemies stations. Target enemies mercenary and exmilitary forces, take aim and pull trigger to kill them all insuperb FPS gameplay. Enjoy most thrilling anti terrorist shootinggame in smart devices market for tablet and smart phones. Enter inwarfare battle against hard core criminal like thief, robbers, andreal gangsters. Your weapon is a real gun from steel, a sniperrifle, a tank, a crossbow and an arsenal of ammo.This 3D shootergame created for those who love best action games, shooting games3D, 2D shooter games, RPG, and arcade! Feel like a real army sniperkiller.Do not enter into of sniper with the enemy, simple destroythem us army powerful counter strike by elite dangerous army.Destroy your target military soldiers and their assets withassassin sniper 3D. You, as an elite assassin sniper and revenge ofCommando Sniper Duty, a real the steel sniper killer are the lastline of defense of tower city of crime against the terrorists.GetCommando Sniper Duty FREE on the Store Now! If you like killingtime play sniper games, shooting game, battle and crime insimulator. The national forces are sending in their elite marinecommando sniper on a secret spy mission duty. His elite duty is toinfiltrate and obtain viable information on the series of terroristattacks duty the past year, without garnering much attention. Holdyour American Sniper and start the thrill.GAME FEATURES:★ Multiplelevels of extensive shooter mission series★ Aim based shooting -Spot and kill designated targets★ Continuing story line with thegame play★ Scenic war battlefield arena★ Top quality battleambience sounds and effects★ Realistic visual effects and theworld's best battle music.★ Great graphics and environment★Realistic long range shooting system★ Multiple enemy charactersranging from marines to snipers.★ Well built storyline★ Multiplemissions with increasing difficulty★ Enemy characters with uniqueattack, defense characteristics and AI★ Efficient weapon controls& movement
Heli Mountains Operation : Anti Terrorist Shootout 1.0
In Heli Mountains Operation you are on a combat mission as FightingHelicopter Pilot to clear the mountains base which is under deadlyoccupation of Terrorists. You are supposed to successfully getclear occupied area from enemies by exercising your excellent HeliFlying & shooting skills to ensure world a safer and betterplace for mankind. The world's most powerful combat helicopters areat your fingertips Heli Mountains Operation. Have you ever wantedto be the pilot of an army aviation department well this is yourlucky day. If you enjoy FPS, shooting, or racing games, this is theperfect game for you. helicopter classic. It is a helicoptershooting game.It’s time to play your decisive role, your land needsyour selfless services. So be ready to play your real role, roarthe region with the hover of your hawkish helies. In this gunshipgame you should aim high in raiding the area occupied by terroristsas you are specially trained member of your Army Gunship SWAT unitforce. Enjoy the mountain sniper shooting through your heli combatcopters in an action packed thrilling game. Game Features: ♦ Apacheflying mission with modern arms and weapons♦ Smooth touch and dragcontrols for best flight simulator♦ High definition graphics withamazing sounds and weather effects♦ Realistic FPS (First PersonShooting) controller!♦ Unique scenes with aerial combat from a heligunship on the battlefront!♦ Action packed enemy characters!♦Efficient weapon controls & movement!♦ Deadliest 3D Choppershooting!♦ Target the Whirling Powerful Sky Copters!♦ helicopterclassic, helicopter pilot hd
Duck Jungle Hunting 1.0
If You love to play hunting shooting games and tired by playingwild deer hunting or other bird hunting games? Then this DuckJungle Hunting is best & awesome game for you to play ashunter. Hungry Ducks are searching for food & water and you arealso trying to hunt ducks for food. Complete your mission to huntmaximum ducks within the allotted time & complete the levelsother-wise game will be timed out and you need to restart again. Wehave 10 levels in this initial advance 3D Duck Hunting Game. DuckJungle Hunting has a great gameplay and will give you the feelingthat you are a real hunter. So grab your shot gun put on yourHunting Outfit and go into the field and shoot some ducks. Thisgame is all about precision, aiming and timing. Don’t forget topull the trigger otherwise you’ll will never shoot the ducks. ThisDuck bird hunting game has two shooting modes, one is normal sniperand other is Archer mode to train you as an Archery Master.In thejungle season the you have to hunt certain amount of ducks beforethe time runs out in order to pass to the next season by reachinghigh target.Duck Hunting Game Features:★ Realistic and beautifullakes jungle environment.★ Hunt duck using beautiful sniper gun.★Awesome HD graphics with beautiful sounds and duck flyinganimations.★ Efficient weapon control★ Real 3D game play★ Firstperson shooting game★ 3D graphics and sound effects★ Real time Duckhunting with animations★ Multiple wavesGame Play: • Swipe yourfinger two control the sniper rifle and focus on flying duck.•Select your shooting mode: Sniper or Archer• Easy touch and draggame play to rotate axis.• Zoom Camera to get accurate shots.• 100%shooting accuracy this will enhance your shooting skills.• Finishit in a given time
Robot Modern Clash 1.0
Robot Modern Clash is a free third person Sci-Fi shooting game.It’s an epic robot combat and fighting game, where gigantic robotsattack with their modern and future firepower. Equipped with modernweapons of mass destruction, Your mission is to locate and pickdifferent Valuable Equipment related to research like Laptops,Nukes, Dark Box etc. In last Mission your Task is to find and killthe EVIL Robot. You are the one of special force commando and mustuse your specialized skills to complete your tasks.Step into theaction as the latest installment in the best TPS series raises thebar for shooter games once more! Take the clash of robots into yoursmart devices and enjoy a Free game.Game Play: ☀ Use Joystick tomove around ☀ Swipe to adjust aim and Focus☀ Tap ‘Fire’ button toshoot and kill the enemy☀ Collect health kits to increase yourhealth☀ Aim proper at opponents then shoot☀ Look out for safedistance to shoot the enemiesTop Robo Shooting Game Features:-Different challenging Missions- Realistic 3D research SCI FIEnvironment- Good quality sound effects- Awesome Game controls-Fast and intense killing action- Unlimited Ammo to kill
Tanks Counter Strike 1.0
Counter Strike with Power Tanks and Limited Ammo .Thrilling Actionpacked Game.Aggressive Clash of the Super Powers with Army Tanks inthe Legendary Battle of heavy weapons, Blasts and Bombardments! Youare the only Hope of the Nation. It’s time to counter attack theEnemy and eliminate the enemy from the intense war zone.Equip yourtank with machine guns, plasma howitzers, sonic cannons, and more.Use the all new interactive environments to strategically take downyour enemies. Fight for your honor in epic, explosive Tank War andModern Tank Battle. Jump into your panzer tank and go straight intobattlefield. An awesome tank war and battlefield awaits you withits massive monster tanks. The tank war involves driving the heavypanzer tank through the Great War zone and battlefields, dodginghurdles destroying enemies and army barracks. Don’t forget tanksare extremely difficult to maneuver due to their sheer weight andsize. Be the brave tank battalion commander and war soldier who canperform that duty to his nation diligently and accomplish tankbattle missions.So, “Tanks Counter Strike” is a very realistic andeasy ­to ­use tank simulator on your mobile. Choose your combatvehicle, its modification and camouflage, set the radar, reinforceyour arsenal of weapons and go for it! The more victories, fragsand flags you get, the more silver will appear on your balance!Fill your life with adrenaline, start your battleRight now!Thestrengths of our Tanks Counter Strike Simulation:-- Stunning 3DEnvironment!-- Unlimited Ammunition!-- Super War Tanks!-- BattleUpgrades!-- Supersonic Sound effects! We are always eager to hearwhat you think. If you want to send us your comments or suggestionsabout our products, we really will listen to what you have to say.We want to make sure our products have the kinds of features andfunctionality that will be useful to you and allow us to give youthe best value that we possibly can. Based on your feedback, youcan help us decide what are the most important things to work onwith the next version. Help us to help you, and you could see yoursuggestions included in the next release!Submerge into FuriousBattle Zone Now !
Deadly Commando Action 1.0
Deadly Commando Action - A story of National Hero.As a sniper, youneed great courage to face the stern enemy. You must attack enemybase in the dense mountain area. Destroy the given number ofenemies and should remain in the cover to save your health.Commandoshooting might well be the only hope to take revenge from enemyforces and enemies in battlefield and kill all of them in thiscombat mission, so survive and fight until the last drop of bloodin your body. They will attack you from all direction, once theyare aware of your presence; I hope your training in modern commandoarmy games in warfare situation will come handy. So help the antiterrorism squad by wiping these crooks out in one spectaculardisplay of commando shooting.Survival is must at every cost! ThisFPS action game is filled with RPG experience with an assaultmission to attain. Fend off all your instincts to make this missionaccomplished at the cost of your life. This survival quest is anopen challenge to face off with brutal beasts, stormy weather andthick forests to bypass. Not enough, artificial enemy intelligencesand air striker jet fighter planes are there to make it the hardestmission of your life. So get it on your smart devices to go Crazyagainst deadly Warriors.Top Action Game Features* Ultra Realisticmissions.* Realistic game play.* Sniper rifles with extremeaccuracy and extra efficiency.* Top sniper shoot war environment.*Best sniper war game play.* Top shooting guns with gunshot warscenarios.* Unique firing game experience.* A FPS action commandoshooting game. * Deadly weapons* Addictive game play* Thrillingmissions Story with various challenges.* HD graphics, music andvoice performances perfectly adapted for a shooter game.* Highlycustomize able controls so you can play the game just the way youwant.* Supports all smart phone devices.
Gunship Heli Attack -3D Battle 1.0
Gunship Heli Attack is world’s most powerful Gunship Helicoptercombat mission game where you will be engage in Deadly Heli Clashesacross the border line. You will be Piloting your modernHelicopters in different environments like urban city, desert andin dense jungle. Your job is to shoot the enemy and destroy itsassets in the battlefield. Watch out for your enemy as they willuse excessive force against you in their armored Jeeps, war tanks,Gunship helicopters, F-16, battle ships and many more deadly warweapons. Look out the enemy troops in battle of glory in a directencounter & destroy your enemies before your enemy strikes yourgunship helicopter in this gunship Heli warfare, shooting game.Have a critical strike at your enemies & keep your allies inthe battleship safe from the enemy attack. It’s an action packedplay store game, easy to play but very challenging. It’s a game ofwar, Live strong & die hard.Nobody ever defended anythingsuccessfully, there is only attack and attack and attack somemore.”Survive as long as possible and make the best of your Heliskills.Gunship Heli Attack is a kind of Strategy war game. You gotmultiple top fighter Choppers plane parked at garage. Choose wiselyaccording to the mission. Don’t collapse with buildings and escapeyourself from enemy counter strike as your Gunship might get crashin this deadliest battle and you will lose the deadly mission. Yougot only one Aim that is shoot to kill rather being killed andfight for survival to get the reign of your occupied territory byenemy troops in airstrikes.Enjoy one of the best counter strikegames gunship heli attack. The art of counter strike is the ballgame of counter attack commando who needs to destroy helicoptergunship in a brand new concept in helicopter war games. So become acounter strike global gunship commando and daring assassin shooterin one of the modern helicopter games of counter attack inhelicopter war games world.Gunship Battle Game Features:-> 3DOptimized Control for Flight Simulation and Heli-> Its optimizedfor both phones and tablet devices.-> Fantastic views and robustanimations.-> Efficient weapon controls & movement.-> Tryto shoot and kill enemy soldiers on first spot-> You can enjoythe best views in both tablets and Phones.-> Very engaging andchallenging game play.-> Best Gunship Counter air attack->Stunning HD graphics and addictive game play-> Fully free toplay.-> Good quality sound effects.-> Excellent Seaenvironment.-> Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence)Gunship HeliAttack is a great game with real time physics based controls.Download and enjoy.
Catch Color Ball Challenge 1.0
Spin the ball carefully through each obstacle and your ball willswitch color with some power ups. You must follow the color patternto catch and match maximum number of color balls! A simple andaddictive game to entertain in those moments of boredom and everywhere. All you need to do is spin the buttons at the bottom of thescreen to switch the colors of the different lanes. Match the ballcolors with the approaching balls' colors to score points.The gamehas two game play modes: one is Easy and the other is Hard. In Easymode, there are tons of levels to beat. The objective is the same,get through the color balls and match them. In the Hard mode, youneed to do the same thing, but in the fastest time possible so thatyou beat the other balls.If you love switch color game, than youare going to enjoy it. the best puzzle addictive fun game is here.
Jungle Birds Sniper Hunting 3D 1.0
Take your sniper to hunt down your favorite prey in an eleganthunter style. Archer Mode is there to become archery master injungle safari environment. It is a perfect day to hunt birds like,sparrow and black crow. Grab your sniper rifle, do camouflage andtake position in trees. Keep looking in sky for flying birds andaim to shoot at first sightShoot fast and wisely to unlock nextlevel of your success and efficiency will also allow you to unlocknew birds for shoot. You have to perform in a front line at thestart of the Missions. Birds Sniper Hunting provides a chance toprove you as one of the best modern sniper shooter. Just beconsistent and never give up at any level. Every level of the gameis full or thrill and shooting excitement for action adapters.Infact its not only a game but a bold war between prey and predator.Be the predator like a real world Hunter and make your prey offlying birds. Enter a beautiful jungle 3D environment, aimprecisely and shoot flying birds to get the real bird huntingexperience. Birds Sniper Hunting, the newest sniper hunt game toshoot ducks, pigeons, Doves and many more flying birds.Bird HuntingGame Features:★ Multiple exciting and challenging bird huntingmissions★ Best hunter experience by shooting pigeon, duck, Doveetc★ Amazing sniper rifle with scope to zoom in and zoom out★Archer Hunt Mode included★ Breathtaking African safari jungleenvironment near hills★ Realistic controls for best shootingexperience★ Stunning birds and high quality 3D graphicsGame Play1.Select the birds to target2. Choose the level to play, hunt all tounlock next3. Take, zoom and shoot at target with Sniper gun4.Navigate in forest on swiping on left of your phone
Real Bowling Crazy King 3D 1.0
Are you interested in targeting pins through bowls? Are you a crazyfan of bowling and want to compete with your friends? Then surelyit is a best game for crazy gamers like you. This is the mostrealistic game of bowling available for all android devices. Youhave to make strikes, turkeys and spares. Try to knock out all thepins in one roll to be a bowling champion and be famous as astriker in your friend’s community. You can make all kind of shotsby just a single gesture of your finger. There is a leaderboard bywhich you can compete with other bowling players and have lots offun by taking part in fantastic tournaments and championships. Beaware of gutter ball or you will stand last among your friends. Ifyou are a daring personality then try to beat the highest score inthis game and be a bowling king.The stunning 3D graphics andmind-blowing flat wooden surface used for bowling will give you arealistic experience of bowling like you never experienced before.Different types of bowling can be done in this game includesnine-pin, ten pin duckpin and five-pin bowling. Your aim is to getthe ball as close to a mark as possible and strike maximum pins,flick your ball to win this bowling craze 3d game.Game Features:-Stunning 3D graphics- State-of-the-art 3D physics engine for realpin action- Multiple outrageous bowling scenes- Variety of bowlingballs in each scene- Multi Player Mode Coming Soon-Download thisfor free.Game Play:I. Drag the ball to the left or right toposition the ball for your throwII. Flick the ball with your fingerto bowlIII. Score Maximum strikes to win itDownload this mostaddictive game and you will feel the difference in bowling craze 3dand other bowling games in the market. We are working hard toimprove our games and need your suggestions and support to makethem better. Kindly rate and share this awesome 3d bowling crazegame.
Real Crane Simulator 1.0
Real Crane Simulator is a combination of driving skills and craneoperating simulation. You need to complete a broad variety ofchallenges. To complete these different assignments you need tomove cargo from the ground and start loading trucks. Load hugecontainers and carry this heavy cargo carefully on top of thesevehicles. This crane simulator extended game is all about havingskills in driving a crane truck and parking it correctly so you canload the cargo on other trucks. You can use the crane arm to pickup the cargo and carefully drop them in the appropriate positions.Doing so fastest and most efficiently is rewarded with a higheramount of points.Addictive game play and missions will lead you toall the corners of the levels, working on a dry port and operatinga heavy duty cargo crane is really a hard job. You need to be incontrol of the machines, use the steam roller to compact the roadlaid down by the paver, a machine that lays asphalt on roads,bridges and parking lots. Test your control steadiness by roundingup the works perfectly, Real Crane Simulator 3D offer you real workfun. Operate vehicles with your fingers and see them do the hardwork for you, simulate around in the newest and the most beautifulconstruction cranes and vehicles, enjoy the realistic 3D-graphicsboth in the environment and the realistic controls.Real CraneSimulator Game Features :★ Different exciting driving levels★ Realcrane physics ★ Huge 3D, sea port environment★ User friendlyand interesting graphics★ Unique experience of driving a heavycrane★ Genuine and smooth driving controls★ Various heavy vehiclesto drive – construction trucks, bulldozers, cranes, forklifts andeven more★ Driving, parking, transporting and dry port missions★Amazing 3D graphics
Heli Cargo AirPlane Simulator 1.1
Cargo Plane Simulator is an objective based cargo plane game whereyou need to load and unload the high value Goods and Items in thecargo chamber of transporter plane. In this extremely addictiveflying simulator cargo plane transporter truck game you will begiven with some wonderful fork lifter to load the goods and park incargo compartment of cargo plane. Drive and load all the goodscarefully and maneuver them on the plane so they fit in perfectlywithin the indicated spot. After loading all the given items youneed to pilot your cargo aircraft safely to the ground and take offinto the air. You need to handle, takeoff, guide and steer yourplane through all of the square checkpoints to ensure you head tothe correct endpoint. Go through all of the way points and land atyour destination airport within the given time. While takeoff andlanding your plane, be very careful to avoid the smash with otherplanes and obstacles on the airport.The safety and security of thecars is upon you now. Carrying cargo in your aircraft flight mightbe an easy task, but loading, unloading and carrying cars in yourcity airport plane while you fly is a different task. Don’t let thevehicles get damaged in your cargo truck. The objective of the gameis transportation of cars which starts with car driving, loadinginto the airplane and ultimate flight carrying cars to thedestination. Those who love playing real airplane flight simulatorswill love the challenge of car transport on your cargo plane.Handling an airplane is not easy but let’s take off and fly high.Some of tourist have given the contract of transporting carsinternationally so fulfill your job and get yourself accomplish asthe real airplane pilot. This game consists of real-life airplaneflying scenarios and pilot duty to transport goods in youraircraft. Successfully complete the flight simulator challenges andbe the professional airplane pilot.GAME FEATURES: • Real feel ofCargo Airplane in this Flight Simulator Game• Multiple Vehicleslike Cargo Truck & Forklift in a complete simulation game•Real-time Plane Controls and Operation• Explore the City andAirport, Dry Port on your Aircraft Flight• Transport Differentgoods and Vehicles on your Cargo Plane• Smooth Flight Handling andFlying Controls• Challenging cargo jet flying missions.•Challenging and outstanding environment.• Great dynamic game play.
Archer 3D Bow Arrow Adventure 1.0
Welcome to the land of mad king, wise lords and fearless warriorsin Archer 3D Bow Arrow Adventure, Fight for glory of great RomanEmpire in epic battle simulator game. Re write history of darkmedieval era, enter the ultimate fight simulator for realdomination. Conquer mad king castle and claim throne of epicwarrior simulator. Archer 3D Bow Arrow Adventure is an adventuregame in archer game you find archer with a man who entry the enemycamp kill the other archer army commandos. Clash of Archery warchampion game made for archer lover who like bow hunting and arrowgame. Game play is very different from other archery championgames. It’s a best mobile gameplay; once you hit one solider othercamp commandos get alert and they aim you to kill down. You have ahealth bar four to five hits of enemy arrow you will be dead. So becarefully to hide in trees and hit clear shot an arrow to theenemy. Take down archers guarding great castle walls. Get yourswordsman army to raise battle and fight under one flag against madarcher king. Get ready to become villager’s archer superhero inClash of Archery war champion simulation game. Invade mad kingcastle and fight massive army. Help local villager to escape fromdark castle dungeon. Become archery bow master in 3d realisticancient world. In Archer 3D Bow Arrow Adventure you are archeryking and need to kill invaded enemies. Also you have to saveyourself from arrows of enemies. This game is all about judgmentand accuracy. It is a game to help developing good aiming skills asyou try to be a bow master in the noble tradition of archery.Archer3D Bow Arrow Adventure is realistic archery shooting bow and arrowgame that features awesome graphics, amazing environments andanimations with simple using of controls. Legend of Archery ShooterHunt is here to test and challenge your shooting skills with arrowin air where the direction of arrow can be change and you may missthe target. Aim for the target and hit the target eye with thex-bow weapon. The physics based game come with exciting game modes,different worlds and stunning real life graphics. You have to findthe archer and knock down all the targets positioned enemies and recapture your world.Enjoy this entertaining shooting game. You candevelop your archery skills and become the king of archery. Justaim your target from distance, be careful about the mid air as itswing your arrow that is shoot from bow and miss the target and youcan be hit by enemy archers and mission failed. So try not to giveany chance to your traitors. Fluent game play, incredible 3Dgraphics and awesome sound, Archer 3D Bow Arrow Adventure gives youan unique arrow shooting experience just like in the ancient wars.Pull your bow down. Aim the arrow at the target by moving your handon the screen. Confirm the target distance and wind. Watch out themoving target. Take off your finger to shoot the arrow. In Archer3D Bow Arrow Adventure you need to be even sharper when you get tothe mission with the moving aiming targets. Feel the excitement ofachieving the highest score after the arrow is released. Killtarget enemies and get points in this thrilling archer bow andarrow shooting game.Archer 3D Bow Arrow Adventure Features: * Easyand very practical controls.* Full free enemy hunter game* Horseriding, running and arrow shooting with bow.* Head shoot system.*Dynamic time of day system. * Multiple different easy to hardlevels and missions* Realistic physic. Cool shooting gameexperience.* Unique and original discrete control. Gamer friendlyhunting. No boring joystick.* Seamless incense particle system forarrows. To show the arrow route, such as a laser pointer.* Handyarchery experience, extra practice. super easy playability. Youjust see the fun.How To Play:- Touch anywhere on the left of thetouchscreen to move- Point the crosshair aim on your opponent toaim- Tap the crossbow button to shoot arrows
Asian Tuk Tuk Rickshaw Driver 1.1
This is the right time to change your vehicle. Are you sick ofdriving those old and heavy engine fast racing cars with othersimilar automobiles? Try to drive the perfect riding game in thisAsian Tuk Tuk Rickshaw Driver. There are a number of fast runningand speedy vehicles on road. There is no rule, you are free to rideand give a competition to your accompanying racers on this curvyand straight road. Look for any twist, turns around. Avoid accidentand hitting obstacles. Taxi compare your rushing speed because youare leaving every taxi and cab behind. Passengers are loving toride in your vehicle, they have been so amazed. Why not entertainthem more by playing so cool rocking music. You can change thetrack from rubab playing and have some of your own choice at thebackground in your mobile. Next bus is arriving at the bus stop,get your auto tuk tuk parked there before the bus comes so that youhave a big rush and passengers coming your way for this extremecity racer tuktuk rickshaw.Want to get into the extreme fun andentertainment of a Tuk Tuk riding game? Bring the true rider out.Malay drama of riding on the curvy roads has started. Turn and rushto drift in this tiny simulation rickshaw with your driving gametrainings and test how perfect is this to ride in a rickshaw. Largehummers, jeeps and 4x4 cars are never going to please the same wayas this super cool light and fast running auto tuk tuk can. Neverenjoyed any ride in tuk tuk? then you have missed the real fun inplaying a true awesome game.Bored with routine games? Want somechange? looking for a game with real life experience? Here is thebest Tuk Tuk rickshaw game you are looking for. Tuk tuk rickshawdriving is very popular around the globe specially in Asiaincluding India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, China etc. Your rulein this game is of tuk tuk auto rickshaw driver with traditionalmusic in the background Asian Tuk Tuk Rickshaw Driver is the bestRickshaw driving games where you need to do your pick and drop jobjust like a crazy taxi driver. Have you ever traveled with a TukTuk rickshaw when you went on vacations? No then this is bestchance to drive a Tuk Tuk rickshaw driving games. The rickshaw tuktuk you will drive will be a taxi rickshaw. The game is about to goout and taxi the people to their destination. So park on the rightspot and make the people happy.its surely the best pakistani gameof all time.In this cool rickshaw parking game - Asian TukTukRickshaw Driver you will get the feeling like you are on vacationsand will be able to drive this superb tuk tuk rickshaw. You have alimited fuel in each level. So you have to do your pick & dropduty with in the given time and accuracy. This game will test yourskills of acceleration, steering, driving and parking. If you canall handle what it takes then you will become a good tuk tuk taxidriver. Your pk tuk tuk is here. It's real simulator enjoy theexperience of real rickshaw driver in our brand new city rickshawdriving simulation game.Asian Tuk Tuk Rickshaw Driver Features: ♥Traditional Asian Games Tuk Tuk Games♥ Challenging levels forultimate fun and enjoyment♥ Amazingly realistic handling in thisrickshaw games♥ Be a tuk tuk driver and park in the city parkingspot♥ Best 3D tuk tuk rickshaw taxi game♥ Excellent Rubab music atthe background. ♥ Astonishing rickshaw driving experience in thistuk tuk Simulator♥ Smooth steering control with breaks andacceleration paddle♥ HD 3D graphics to enjoy amazing drivingexperience♥ Advanced vehicle physics & breathtaking challenges♥Brand new environment in this latest rickshaw parking simulatorgame♥ Different camera view driver view , rear view etc♥ Best 3Dtuk tuk rickshaw taxi game♥ Superb rickshaw drive and the bestparking game♥ Become the best racer in this rickshaw racing game♥Astonishing rickshaw driving experience in this tuk tuk simulator♥Best rickshaw traffic racer game for the auto drivers
City Bus Service Bus Simulator 1.2
Live the dream and become a real bus driver in City Bus Service.Start from the bottom and work your way up by completing differentkind of missions because as a bus driver, you need to transportpassengers from One stop to other. Everyone on BUS? Then let thisbus ride begin! City Bus Service is the latest and most creativesimulation game that lets you pick up and drop off passengers asthe ideal bus driver. Transport, park, and cruise through town on ahuge bus with realistic and stunning environments. Encounterastounding vehicle and passenger animations. Don’t let traffic stopyou! Get ready for a speedy jumbo adventure! The passengers arewaiting to get to their destination.City Bus Service is Best driverand parking simulation game for youngster, teens and mature peoplewho love to play time race games in their smart phone devices. Yourduty is to transport passengers between the bus stops around thecity. Your major task is to pick and drop passengers to there rightdestination in a given time.City Bus Service is the latestsimulation game that will offer you the chance to become a real BusDriver! Realistic maps, incredible vehicles, wonderful interiorswill make you feel like driving a real bus! It's time to get onboard and drive the bus to complete all the routes! Next-gengraphics including people animations, articulated, double andschool buses will make this bus game the best on the market! GetCity Bus Service now!Features of City Bus Service:- Three jumbosized city buses to control- Engine, brakes, paint and wheelupgrades- Traffic with REAL physics- Extreme precision driving-Awesome 3D graphics- The most intense and realistic city busdriving experience on the Google Play Store- Different kind of busdriving missions for you to play! - Create a whole new empire withbuses, employees and yourself!
Multiplayer Car Racing Game: Racing Mania 2018 1.0
Drive the fastest sports cars of the world at extreme speed andfeel the asphalt of the track burning wheels with Multiplayer CarRacing Game Racing Mania 2018! Drive like a real professional racerto leave your furious rivals behind! Feel the racing competitionand speed boost your car to the finish line and become an ultimateracer! Enjoy the driver of the fastest cars on the racing streetshave very exciting and both dangerous to weave through the trafficand a collection of game modes like classic race, countdown,knockdown, and drift.Multiplayer Car Racing is the best mobileracing game you have been looking for. You drive your car incockpit view through the endless traffic and realistic environment.Tilt your device to drag your car wherever you want, overtaketraffic, earn coins and buy new cars.Prove yourself the fastestdriver in the world, burn the asphalt at extreme speeds and feelthe need of racing with this amazing multiplayer game. Racingonline had never been so fun! multiplayer games are incompletewithout Multiplayer Car Racing Game Racing Mania 2018. Asphaltracing nitro on asphalt racing tracks in furious fast pace racinggame. Fast racing with turbo racer in turbo car racing game.Multiplayer Car Racing Game 2018 is sports games free 2018.Race,mod and tune dozens of real licensed cars. Start a team, inviteyour friends, win a tournament. Trade parts with other drag racersonline and build a custom car. Multiplayer Car Racing is the mostextreme real time multiplayer car driving simulator on the Store.Drive turbo sports cars, crash them, drift them as fast as you canand burn the asphalt of the road with more people!! No police andno traffic. Just you and your friends. Enjoy roaming or drag raceyour GT cars. Bring fast driving experience to a whole new level!Incredible slim size, and support LAN Multi-Player racing mode!Race the traffic! Be the king of street racing! Multiplayer CarRacing Game 17 is the best race car games. It is your race cargames free. A racer game like racing fever. Are you looking forracing games free? or racing games 3d? racing games free for girls?its is best racing games free all ages.Challenge your friends inMultiplayer Racing and show that you are the best car racer amongthe lot. Multiplayer Racing introduces some of the best controlsfor a Multiplayer Racing game. Have fun with drifty and realistictuned physics with detailed graphics, cars and racing tracks. Be aDrift racer.Multiplayer Car Racing Game 18 Features - FuriousRacing:● Phenomenal and real 3D graphics of Furious Racing●Exciting sounds of engine and excellent background music● Easy tocontrol with one finger in Furious Racing● All kinds of luxury carsin this multiplayer racing games● Customize the paint and upgradesin multiplayer racing games● Landscapes around the world andvarious real racing tracks in online multiplayer racing gamesGAMECONTROLS● Slip right/left to change lanes in online multiplayerracing games● Slip up/down to use the NOs in Drag Racing● Tilt yourdevice to drive car slantwise of Drag RacingDownload and enjoy thebest racing game Multiplayer Car Racing Game Racing Mania 2018 forfree.
VR Bird Sniper Safari Hunting 1.0
This game is for Google Cardboard and other 3D mobile virtualreality headsets.Enter a beautiful jungle 3D environment, aimprecisely and shoot flying birds to get the real bird huntingexperience. Play Bird Hunting Season 2016, the newest sniper huntgame to shoot ducks, pigeons, seagulls and many more flying birds.Weather keeps changing and birds fly from snowy mountains toAfrican jungles. This time around the year is bird hunting season.It is a perfect day to hunt birds like vulture, sparrow and blackcrow. Grab your sniper rifle, do camouflage and take position intrees. Keep looking in sky for flying birds and aim to shoot atfirst sight. Test your sharpshooter skills with ultimate birdhunting game. When sky is clear you will see lots of eagles,vultures and pigeons. Take a trip to realistic birds valley toenjoy brilliant shooting missions.This Jungle Sniper Birds Hunting3D game is very thrilling and easy to understand the features ofgames. You love to hunt and enter in this dangerous forest withyour best sniper shooting gun. You can recommend this game toanyone because it’s best hunting game. This game builds yourhunting skills like stamina and concentrations. You must haveplayed other hunting games, forest games, sniper shooting games,but this game is unique in the sense that it provided you all inone. After playing this game you will desire to play this gameagain and again. Endless joy is here for you.Make sure you don’tmiss any target and shoot every flying bird that flies your way.Become an ultimate hunter and prove your sharp shooter skills. Huntand enjoy the stunning jungle environment in African forest nearmountain and lake with VR Bird Sniper Safari Hunting. If you haveanimal hunting and bird shooting passion then this sniper shootergame is for you. Fulfill your royal hobby as a hunter in the wild,ideal game for skeet shooting lovers.Get ready to shoot and huntducks and geese in 3D virtual reality, as a duck, geese, and birdFPS hunter on a boat. Experience the real sensation of hunting andshooting ducks and other birds such as geese in the wild with yourmobile virtual reality headset. This game boasts a 360 VR FPS fieldof view, addicting and endless gameplay. Press the CardboardTrigger or any button on your game pad to start the game, and shootas many birds as you can withing 3 minutes. Try to get a personalhigh score or complete against friends, to see who is the bestvirtual reality FPS duck hunter!Works with any mobile stereoscopicheadset with a built in accelerometer.Some Compatible VR ( VirtualReality ) Headsets Include:Google CardboardStooksyDurovisDiveRefugio 3DVRTX OneANTVRVR SmartviewColorCrossVRTRIANibiruHaveyou ever wanted to fly like birds? In this bird simulator you takecontrol over a mighty birds - eagle that flies over mountainslooking for prey.Survive against the other birds in this highaction eagle, crow and Duck game. The game revolves around survivalhunt.A variety of birds is present in desert which you can hunt.Hunt the desired birds of each level to unlock more levels, in thelimited time otherwise game will be over. Radar will show the birdsposition so you can kill the birds very easily. One thing isnecessary for bird hunting be cool and relax to take accurate aimof the birds. You can improve your aim skills and build yourstamina. VR Bird Sniper Safari Hunting download and enjoy
VR Comanndo Game : Modern FPS 1.0
Wear 3D VR Glasses and start your mission as a silent assassin, aghost who is never seen by the public or its target. You move fromshadow to shadow until you strike with deadly force. You haveentered a world in which spies operate under the radar, moving tolocations around the world to complete secret missions. As newmember to the agency your missions will start simple, but make nomistake you will soon need to kill or be killed. Call of Delta 2 VRis special game for action games lovers, Virtual Reality Gameslovers, Secret Missions game Lovers, Front line Commando gamelovers and shooting walking dead lovers.Any cover you can find isvital in the secret game of stealth operations. Move behind walls,obstacles, metal barrels, or anything you can find to remain out ofsight of your enemies. You need a solid composure as you sneak pasta guards and prepare to take them down. Sneak behind them like asnake in the night and then snap their neck in one smooth movement.Missions as a operative can vary from kills where you are thehitman, recon missions, or go to infiltrate enemy territory toplant a network hack. Show your valuable anti-criminal skills inthis Gangster Game to become the Boss Almighty of the Nation. Justbecome an unkilled hero to crush the well organized under worldgangs.So get your gear together an be prepared for your firsttraining mission to proof your skills. As you gain experience yourwill be promoted put on the operational blacklist to complete morecomplex missions. The world is full of terror cells waiting to makea move and terrorist splinter groups seeking to build completenations. You operate at a moments notice and can be deployedanywhere around the world to serve your country. The regiment inthe agency you are part of is spying and assassinations. As asilent hit-man you are never to be detected! Getting caught meansyou are dishonored from the agency without any acknowledgement ofyour existence. Remember that the stakes are very high, but as asecret agent you are well prepared as money is no issue for theagency .As a thief in the night your missions are completed withoutthe world knowing. Your missions need to be completed on absolutesilence. You are frontline commando, nation and chief general ofyour elite commando have full confidence in you to recover whatthey have lost due to negligence of some coward soldiers. You aregiven armor and trained hitman for escapade bloodshed of guerillaenemy shootout from any circumstance and any area clearance. So youare alone prestige idol ranger and hero of nation in this miserablecondition and now it is up to you how you can fulfill your gorillaoperation against opponent executioner. You are a top sniper furyagent and have merciless skill to engrave out the foe bombing raid,be ready and set hand on trigger to aim and kill the counterfrontier supreme forces.Encounter the swat commando war zonemissions in this free first person shooter game. You have just beendropped in a very hostile enemy territory with a large force toattack for your last survival attempt. Gather up your first weaponsand ammunition for this battle and become a swat shooter. You willsoon be greeted by a group of assault shooter rangers and yourmission is to kill all of them. Get ready to experience modern armyman job, testing your skills as the last commandostanding.Features: ★ Smooth and intuitive FPS controls!★ UniqueAction Combat camera sequences!★ Complete missions divided inregions, and play special Most Wanted missions!★ 20 Missions fullof explosive combat action★ Select from a wide range of lethalsniper weapon guns, each with unique characteristics.★ Enjoyrealistic gun simulation and animation!★ Challenge yourself andrace against time to get rewards on strategic kills★ Full addictivecontrol of latest shooting riflesDownload Call of Delta 2 - VR Gameand Enjoy this great action Virtual Reality game for free.
Zombies Killer Dance Simulator 1.0
A new and unique dance in an ultimate zombie shooting arena is allset to land on. Bring your sniper on and take the dance live fromzombies dance party. A unique and different idea to kill thezombies by firing on them and the dunked zombies will startdancing. If you ever wanted to learn to belly dance and otherdances of Arab, you've come to the right place. Start dancing witha super beautiful music and great graphics and many other things.The dancing and shooting is combined with a thrilling scope.Zombies are having party and are fully drunk. Once they are donewith the party they will move in the town and will spread thevirus. So keep them dancing with the fire of your sniper. Enjoyunlimited fun.
Harvesting Farming Simulator 1.0
Harvesting Farming Simulator is the latest farming simulator thatwill allow you to become a real farmer! Start your agriculturalcareer by cultivating crops in your lands! You can plow, sow andharvest using lots of different machinery! Sell your harvest formoney to take control of new tractors and combines! Enjoy the newfarming simulator playing in an open-world career mode! Have funusing farming vehicles and become a professional farmer! Downloadnow Harvesting Farming Simulator 2016!Your Harvesting 3D FarmerSimulator is now here, download this Forage harvester beauty andenjoy several hours of farming simulator and reaping machinedriving fun. So sit in your harvesting farm simulator machine andget ready for reaping harvest the farm lands in this amazingharvester game.Harvesting Farming Simulator is the best farmingsimulator game. If You love Farm games like farm ville, then youwill love this Harvesting Farming Simulator 2016 Free game.Be a protractor farm driver and take charge of your combine harvestersimulator, manage your farm lands and start growing crops and takegood care of them. Start from a being a rookie farmer and progressthrough each harvesting farm simulator and reaping levels to becomethe pro in farming simulator. Harvesting Farming Simulator 2016allows you to manage your own realistic farm in extraordinarydetail. Plant, grow, harvest, and sell five different crops, raisecows and sheep, and sell timber at your own pace. Buy new fields toexpand your farm land. Take direct control of harvesters andtractors, or hire AI helps and manage your growing farm from thefull screen management map.This is the newest in the series offarming Simulator games, this game has the best of agriculturesimulation. If you get bored from semi truck games then try tobuild your own farm and use this real farm simulator . You can growthe international agriculture industry by using advance farmingtechniques. Download this Harvesting Farming Simulator and becomenumber one farmer in the world of agriculture simulator games. InHarvesting Farming Simulator you have to do everything a farmerneeds to do for his harvest so use the cultivator, plant seeds,water the plant, harvest your crops, Spray on the plants and sellit. When you have sold your harvest you unlock some new ground whatneeds your real tractor farming skillsEvery stage of farming is amission in this tractor farm simulator, so you can do a lot of realfarm trartor simulator stages. Game Features: • New highly detailed3D graphics and a slick user interface take your game playexperience to the next level• Plant wheat, canola or corn and sellit in a dynamic market• Astonishing 3D graphics show even moredetail on your machinery!• Transport your crops in a dynamicmarket• Load with excavator• Many farm tractor and other farmingmachinery is waiting for you• Smooth and easy heavy farmingequipment controls• Furrow or plough with tractor• Use realistictractors and trucks from some of the biggest agriculture machinemakers• Feed your cows and sheep to produce milk and wool• Forestryhas gone mobile! Harvest wood with dedicated machinery and sell thetimber• Manage your farm with good skills for better results•Steering Wheel, Buttons or Tilting controlsDownload and enjoy thiscomplete farming simulator 2016 Harvesting Farming Simulator forfree.
Jet Fighters Modern Clash 1.0
Be the pilot of an F-18 fighter jet, come and play theextraordinary flight simulation 3d game. Be the part of one of theworld's top military air force by playing as a Jet Pilot and engageenemies of all varieties in deadly dogfights by jet fighterbombing. Pilot any of the Force's top aircraft through dozens ofenvironments, taking on a whopping multiple combative chase andescape missions in all. A groundbreaking terrain engine deliversoptimal graphics, and the opponent stunning AI will put your skillsto the test. Use this 3D fighter Jet simulator, and fly around theisland, hunt down all the enemies with wide range of ammunitionavailable to you. Make good use of the radar and maps provided toassist you.The most advanced Russian, American and French FighterJets in Aviation History are on your fingertips. You willdrive your aircraft to fight against enemy squadron. Come on toshow your strength as an ace pilot in worldwide battlefield. Jumpinto the cockpit of your war plane, feel yourself as militaryaviator as well as wingman, and keep your finger on the firingbutton until the skies are clear of enemy air fighters. You havehuge collection of ballistic missiles, guided missiles andanti-aircraft guns. Dominate the sky and improve your modern airbattle plane as well as jet fighter war.Top Features:- Amazing F-18Fighter Jet / Fighter plane 3d models- Amazing Tanks 3D Models-Realistic tank war environment.- Realistic Flight Simulator 3DGame- Every jet is loaded with Laser Guided Missile, Anti-AircraftGuns, Ballistic missiles- Ultra-Realistic explosion and fightagainst jet fighter.- Simple, easy and intuitive control- Highlydetailed modern jet fighter war plane having supersonic speed andmaneuverability.- Experience the ultimate action jetfighter bombingwith console quality graphics and sounds- Complete Offline Access.No internet connection requiredHow to Play:- Select ammunition fromammunition button on right - Ammunition includes: Bullets,Missiles, Guided Missiles- Click fire button to fire selectedammunition- Target Enemy vehicles on ground- Target Enemy in air-Use radar to detect the nearby enemies- Select camera view from topright camera button- Camera View includes: Cockpit view &External View
Pak Cargo Truck Driver Duty JK 1.1
Pak Cargo Truck Driver to JK lets you become a real Pakistani truckdriver of mobile truck games. Pak Cargo Truck Driver to JK is mostawaited Independence day special truck driving simulator game withhit patriotic songs and real Pakistani flag Trucks. Pak Cargo TruckDriver to JK is the best Truck Driver 3D Extreme Roads. FeaturingPakistani trucks with realistic mountain drive hill climbingexperience which you will feel like real truck driver. In this gameyour task is to show your driving simulation skills by movingvarious kind of cargo items from one place to another successfully.Off road Truck Driving, Mountain adventure, hilly areas, snowdrifting, rig truck driving and off road driving simulation is allabout PK To JK Cargo Truck Driver 3D. Become a cargo transporter into cargo various items in this beautiful cargo truck game. CargoDriver Job is not an easy job. It requires real passion of truckdriving like a hungry driver. Become a real Pakistani truck driver& make Pak Cargo Truck a flying car or flying Truck on hillyareas. Crazy Trucks are waiting for you.It is best touristadventure game in northern areas of Pakistan and Kashmir. TravelAcross Pakistan while playing PAK Cargo Truck Driver 3D. You canenjoy it like real truck driver. Its the best 3d truck simulator2016. So try this truck simulator off road. Its PAK American truckGame. Game Features best Asian Trucks in it. A Pakistani game. GameFeatures Pashto Songs, Urdu Songs and Punjab folk Songs.You willalso enjoy excellent background music while driving the truck.Truck driving simulator game is based on real life’s of Pakistanitruck Drivers, who drive their trucks in different long routes ofPakistan like Karachi to Khyber, Gilgit Baltistan to Islamabad,Gawadar to Khunjerab, G.T Road to Highways and Motorways. If youare looking for Truck games,Truck Driving Games, Desi TruckSimulation, Truck Parking, Pak Truck Driver, Cargo Truck Games, andwant to play as cargo truck driver with amazing simulation gamefree then PK Cargo Truck Driver is the genuine search for you.Travel in Jammu Kashmir as truck driver, a trucker who deliversimportant cargo across between countries and cities! If you areTired of parking trucks, Then you have to play Pak truck Driver! PKCargo Truck Driver is all set in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan ontop charts. Try to be the best Truck Driver in the month ofIndependence Day, become the King of 14th August. Decorate yourtruck in Green and White fort he Big day of Pakistan. Avoidcollisions and speeding tickets,Push your endurance, skills andspeed to the limit and become the best trucker - the king of thehilly roads. Trucks used in the game portray the beautiful cultureof Truck painting that is a popular form of indigenous art andfeaturing floral patterns and poetic calligraphy and we are surethat you will love to drive such decorative trucks and would acceptthe challenge. Its best truck simulator game so all those who lovesimulation games having passion to drive long truck & trailersmust try this one. PK Cargo Truck Driving Game Features:•Artistically designed pure Pakistani Trucks• Best pk cargotransport games• Tilting, buttons and steering wheel controls•Drive across hilly roads and highways• Easy controls (tilt, buttonsor touch steering wheel)• Beautiful environment with mountains andtreeHow To Play:1. Accelerator and brake buttons are on the rightbottom side of the screen.2. Horn Button is on the left side. Handbrake is also on the right side3. Select the control of the gamefrom setting button. Steering, Tilt and ButtonsPAK Cargo TruckDriver is the ultimate driving duty task to transport cargo throughthe rugged terrains, mountains and hills. Hill climb driving withcargo transport is an awesome concept for everyone to play. Race InCar and other traffic on heavy mountains. Your artisticallydesigned transporter truck might be carrying relief cargo so drivecarefully.
PK Metro Bus Simulator 2017 1.1
You might have traveled through metro Bus in your life once ormore. But Now it has got something special, you have the chance totravel the places in Metro Bus and see how efficiently people havedecorated the roads and their houses for upcoming special event,from a higher point. As the Metro Bus is a bit higher from theground level, and you can give a sight to the roads and housesbelow Metro Bus. So, Enjoy the view of decorated buildings, homes,shops, restaurants and malls on this occasional moment. Get set foranother round of an exciting pk bus driving simulation game, thistime with more fun and action packed game play. This fast-pacedgame times your precision of driving and parking skills. Thepassengers are waiting to get to their destination. So fasten theseat belt and start your journey with PK Metro Bus Simulator2017.while traveling through Metro Bus, you can also listen to thepatriotic songs like, Jeeway jeeway Pakistan, Hum Zinda qoum hain,Sab say pehlay Pakistan and many other beautiful songs.Enjoy thebest Bus Driver Job in PAK Metro Bus Service. Have the PK flagemojis in your mobile, and e-communicate with all your friends andfamily members. Bring the dear ones together. Steer the big vehicleMetro Bus and start your city drive for transporting passengers inRawalpindi Islamabad Lahore Karachi Multan Peshawar Quetta. Playthe role of a city metro bus driver and pick & drop passengersto their destinations. Drive awesome 3D Metro Bus and enjoyrealistic city traffic and Metro tracks. To be precise on time,head to the terminal with speeding race. Extreme driving andparking bus game will refresh your driving skills and dream ofdriving a real metro bus. Like parking games you have to stop citymetro bus to pick passengers and to drop them on time. Task ischallenging so be on time. Being a metro bus driver your duty is toarrive on time. Time to ride a metro bus in city traffic atextreme speed. Show your extreme driving skills and simulate yourdrive with 3D metro bus.Loads of passengers, multiple stations andthrilling tracks. Let's Start engine, drive metro bus and pickpassengers from station and drop them to other station. Simulateyour drive by accepting this challenging ,drive on a zigzag roadsof high traffic city. Follow curly tracks and help passengers toreach their destination.If you are a lover of simulation basedgames you will must like this PK Metro Bus Simulator 2017 gamewhich has all in one.The strengths of our PK Metro Bus Simulator2017:* Cool jumbo city metro buses* Realistic metro tracks andstations* Three touch steering and button control options with thebuilt-in accelerate meter* Different camera angles that give youmore control* Amazing 3D graphics* Extreme precision driving andsound simulations* Challenging and outstanding 3D outdoorenvironment with stunning graphics* Optimized game performance.*Realistic vehicle physics, high quality graphics and unlimitedmissions.* Great Game Play and controls. * Refreshingbackground music & sound effects. * Realistic busfeatures.* Easy and exciting game play.* Huge 3D virtual city toexplore.PK Metro Bus Simulator 2017 is best driver and parkingsimulation game for youngster, teens and mature people who love toplay time race games in their smart phone devices. As a Real MetroBus Driver your duty is to transport passengers between the busstops around the city more you transport passenger more you canearn. . If you want to send us your comments or suggestions aboutour products, we really will listen to what you have to say, youcan help us decide what are the most important things to work onwith the next version? Help us to help you, and you could see yoursuggestions included in the next release!Have Fun !
VR SWAT CITY SNIPER COMBAT 3D as a one of the best virtual realitybased snipers game. You will play as a sniper, strike terrorists.Sniper Shoot War is a first-person 3D shooter game. You will playas a sniper, strike terrorists. Your task is to fight againstterrorists bases and destroy X City terrorist remnants, toeffectively combat terrorist activities.Simple operation of thegame: Wear google Cardboard glasses and slide to the left right, updown to adjust the target. You can use the sniper rifle zoom lens,adjust the amplification factor by the right side of the slider.Youare a modern city sniper ready to play your part in dangerousattacks and silent assassin missions. Eliminate a mob of enemies atstreet level or take out the single high-profile target. Withaccess to an inventory of sniper rifles and assault rifles, youwill rely on your marksman skills to finish the work. Go for theHEADSHOT now!The game has many weapons to choose: Deagle, M4A1,AWP, AW50, AS50, Bomb, Medical Kit. Deagle, M4A1, AWP, AW50, AS50,Bomb, Medical Kit. Kill the enemy can get gold awards, gold can beused to buy weapons and ammunition. Let you experience the feelingof different weapons. This is a real sniper war! Realistic gamingsound effects, so you have a more perfect more realistic sniperexperience. You will be a true sniper!If you would to become asniper, Trigger Shoot Free is the only shooter game you want toplay! Your mission is to rescue all the hostages who werekidnapped, you must be careful because there are many shooters andyou can not shoot the hostages. Racked down by a sniper glare andkill ! While he did not get to you or your comrades ! That wouldkill the sniper you just need to find him and shot with a riflewill follow after the touch of a finger!Features:A huge array ofweapons and equipment to use on the battlefield.An advanced weaponupgrade system that lets you maximize your firepower.Realisticweather effects add new challenges to your missions.Upgrade yourskills in the Lab to increase your combat effectiveness. If youwant to become a SWAT SNIPER terrorism, SWAT SNIPER FPS is the onlyone you need to play shooting game! SAVE terrorist hostage-takingas an elite SWAT team, ready for a real crime police simulator gametasks, such as from the underground metro station rescue thehostages. Your mission is to rescue all the hostages who werekidnapped, because there are a lot of shooters, you can not shootthe hostages, you must be careful. Glare sniper hunt and kill!Although he did not get you or your comrades! This will kill youjust need to find him, and will follow shot sniper rifle aftertouching a finger!
Farm Rooster Simulator 1.0
Disclaimer: We are against animal Cruelty and games is forentertainment purposes only.Farm Rooster Simulator is a cockfighttwo roosters (cocks), or more accurately gamecocks, held in a ringcalled a cockpit. The history of raising fowl for fighting goesback 6,000 years. The first documented use of the word gamecock,denoting use of the cock as to a “game”, a sport, pastime orentertainment, was recorded in 1646. In this game You need to fightagainst enemy cock to kill him with the trained rooster simulator.Rooster cock fighting games were never too exciting. So, run madlyin the farm where there is a match of cocks which are the bestfighter with enemies in Farm rooster fight. you should beat theenemies gallo in this cock fighter game. there is a tournament ofrooster fighting in town. You have best rooster to fight with theother roaster. The hero rooster is fully animated & have jumpand attack animation to beat the other roosters. Many people arethere to see the performance of your cocorico. There are lot ofhuhn cluck sonidos to excitement of fight.The combatants, referredto as gamecocks, are specially bred birds, conditioned forincreased stamina and strength. The comb and wattle are cut off inorder to meet show standards of the American Gamefowl Society andthe Old English Game Club and to prevent freezing in colderclimates (the standard emerged from the older practice of severingthe comb, wattles, and earlobes of the bird in order to removeanatomical vulnerabilities, similar to the practice of docking adog's tail and ears).Cocks possess congenital aggression toward allmales of the same species. Cocks are given the best of care untilnear the age of two years. They are conditioned, much likeprofessional athletes prior to events or shows. Wagers are oftenmade on the outcome of the match.
Gun War Strike - Action Game 1.2
Play the role of a super shooter, who has heavy guns in his hands,and the purpose of his being there is to protect his citizens fromunwanted and dangerous people, that can harm them. So you are thebrave opne among them who will kill the enemies to protect others.Gun War Strike is a very interesting, elegant first person shootinggame. It has beautiful frames,and is simple to control. As acommando, you need a great courage in the face of the fierce enemy.You must destroy the enemies , complete the tasks. The game istotally free.You can get the gold coins by shooting the enemies, soyou can buy other more advanced guns. The more advanced gun makeyou more powerful. Gun War Strike is best commando game in cityattack mode with modern weapons and ambush crackdown. It is a veryinteresting game with high quality graphics and sound effects. Ifyou love to hear gun shots and gun sounds, then you will be amazedto hear the sounds in this game. Simple operation of the game:Slide the left of the screen to control character movement, slideto the right of the screen you can adjust the target. You can usethe sniper rifle zoom lens, adjust the amplification factor by theright side of the slider. the game offers a variety of weapons andequipment for players to use, including: Bomb, MP7A1, Elite, AW50,AS50, AWP, Bazooka, M134, M4A1. You can click on the "switchweapons button" to switch your weapons. The game is simple yetinteresting, you will fight for the enemies to get dead, make sureno enemy survives, as long as you are there. Your enemies arewandering in the streets of city; they too have heavy guns and canattack you from anywhere, so be prepared to attack and kill themfirst. That would surely add points to your game. The game is aboutcollecting points and going to the next level. There are total of 3levels, first two are simple and they can be crossed even when youdon't have any coins collected, but the third part / landscape islocked, you need to collect enough points through shooting andkilling, so that you can go to the next level. Of course, it is avery addictive game and after exploring first and secondlandscapes, you would surely want to unlock the third allother shooting games like Sniper killer, War shoot strike, Gunshoot, Gun war battle; our game Gun War Strike added a variety ofgorgeous sniper weapons, battle maps enrich a variety of differentscenarios, in the start for beginners it is very easy to play andunderstand this game. Gun War Strike has successive increments,trill, it gives you a more stimulate pleasure of a good game. Donot continue to wait to try this game now, it will bring you asurprise!Gun War Strike has the following exciting features:* Gamemodes available to players are several. Time limited Mode which youhave a limited time to destroy the enemy. Anyway you have to pickup guns and launched a desperate struggle with the enemy.• The gameis one time shot game, that means the person dies when you shoothim once. It is simpler though, because you don't need to strikethe person again and again.• The game offers 3 combat maps, all ofthe different cities and among tall buildings. That makes the gamemore interesting for you. because you never know from where thenext enemy is coming.• Multiple heavy and deadly guns, you canchange your gun anytime in the game. Each gun has its ownspecifications.• The operation of the game is very cool, the gameruns smooth, realistic sound effects, exquisite effects definitelygive you a straightforward shooting experience. Head shot, Blood,Sound, Effects, Game Play, all things are perfect. What you have todo is load the bullet and pierce it into body of your ruthlessenemy.Gun War Strike has a ranking function; you and your friendscan compare who is the real master sniper. Invite your friends toplay this game with you. It will be a great fun.
Peshawari Bus Simulator Lahore 1.0
Amazing Pakistani Buses are waiting for passionate drivers inPeshawari Bus Simulator PK BUS android game on the special day ofPakistan's celebrations,When Pakistan came on the world map as anIndependent country. Take the Country Flag and put it on your car,Vehicles and specially Buses, to depict your patriotism. Roamaround the city streets and show the world that you are anindependent and happy citizen of this Holy land. This is astartling smartphone bus simulation game which contains excitingand engaging features including Pakistani Folk music like Rubab,Pashto songs, Punjabi Music etc. The game comprises 8 levels withengaging game play like providing safe transportation to passengersfrom Peshawar to Lahore. PK Bus Simulator Peshawar to Lahore is thebest bus driving game with off-road bus driving experience onPakistani roads from Bab e Khyber to Minar e Pakistan Lahore; thecenter of Pakistan Movement. You will feel like a real PakistaniPathan Bus driver driving Pakistanis buses in Pehsawar LahoreMultan Faisalabad Karachi Quetta and across Pakistan.Drive thisPakistani Bus and show your Loyalty and Love for your motherland.Peshawari Bus Simulator PK BUS game is based on real life’s ofPakistani bus Drivers, who drive their trucks in different longroutes of Pakistan like Karachi to khyber, Gilgit Baltistan, Gwadarto Khunjerab, G.T Road, and Motor Ways, etc.Peshawari Bus Simulatorto Lahore is a popular game in India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, SriLanka and Kashmir. So become an indian auto driver, indian busdriver with indian music like in real driving the buses in Amritsarto Chandi Garh, Mumbai to DELHI etc. Afghan Truck Driver also lovethe this PK Bus Simulator game to driver it from Kabul to Kandaharand Torkham to Chaman.If you lover bus simulator 2016, bus drivinggames, off-road tourist bus driving than Peshawari Bus SimulatorLahore is the best choice for you.Peshawari Bus Simulator LahorePak Bus Driver smartphone game is designed with latest 3Dtechnology providing the real road sensations while playing game.There are two buses available for playing designed in purelyPakistani cultural style. If you are fond of driving games and keento drive heavy bedford and hino buses on bumpy roads withastounding folk music than Pak Truck Driver is the right choice tosooth your urge of feeling driving a heavy traffic vehicle.Featuresof Peshawari Bus Simulator Lahore:- Whole game is designed in 3Dformat representing original locations of highways.- Bus drivingsimulation game with cargo servicing hurdles- Multiple cameraangles providing more fascinating driving experience - Animatedpeople entering/exiting the bus- Custom weather conditions in FreeRide mode- Locations of any kind: city, countryside, mountain,desert and snow- Realistic visual damage- Steering Wheel, Buttonsor Tilting controls- Detailed Interiors- Intelligent TrafficSystem- Challenge your friends with online rankings- It’sabsolutely FREE on Google Play!- Experience the feel of 3DEnvironment & HD Graphics.- Optimized game performance.- GreatGame Play and controls. - Refreshing background music & soundeffects. - Realistic bus features.Independence Day special gamePeshawari Bus Simulator waits for you.
VR Mountain Wolf Hunting Game 1.0
Mountain Wolf Hunting VR Game is an amazing action pack shootinggame in the most realistic environment. Be the Virtual Wolf Hunterusing Virtual Reality based 3D glasses. Grab your gun,aim, testyour sniper skills, and don't let the wolves escape. The wolvesmight be unaware of your presence so take your best shot and becomethe expert shooter. Time to excite your nerves. Hunting a wolf ismuch difficult than any other beast like bear, boar or any otherwild animal as the wolf is a clever, sharp and breakneck animal.Hunting a wolf needs your reflexes sharpen and a quick response toavoid being a prey instead of killing it.As the place you live inis a top of mountains; the sanctuary of wild animals like bear lionand wolf and many other beasts. These beasts are always ready toattack and kill innocent animals. Here we select as an attackingbeast; the wolf.There are many wolves waiting for their prey toattack. When you hear the howl of the wolves you just get ready tosave your pet animals. You hold your precise sniper gun and selecta higher place to snipe attacking wolf. The wolf is rushing towardsyour animals moving at a fairly fast pace. To snipe a fast movingpredator needs special army sniper shooting skills. This game is areal test of your sniper shooting skills. You have to be veryprecise.Make yourself stable as sudden appearance of the wolf maycause vertigo. Aim at the running wolf, kill them all as you havevery short time. This game will improve your aiming and shootingskills as shooting a running wolf is more difficult. Take this gameas a challenge and try to clear all levels.-- HOW TO PLAY --1.Rotate your gun around.2. Use target at bottom left for zoomingin.3. Use Scope to aim the wolves.3. Tap Fire button at bottomright for shooting.-- GAME FEATURES --- First Person Shooting(FPS)- Easy & Effective Touch Control.- Efficient WeaponControl & Zoom.- Realistic 3D Graphic & Sound Effects.-Real-time Hunting with Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence).-Unlimited Bullets.- Unique and Epic Gam eplay Missions.MountainWolf Hunting VR Game is best virtual reality based animal huntinggame.Step into the action of oblivion animal hunting in an insomniawhere you are the only shooter and survivor of the beautiful land.Dont get afraid from the roar of these weird animals just aim andshoot to kill them on the spot. They are like deadly monsters anddangerous like aliens who are thirsty for human’s blood thereforesurvival is important for the completion of mission.Mountain WolfHunting VR Game is the most fascinating and wild animal huntingshooter simulator on the store….!! Hunt of predator started in awinter when deadly animals went wild in Eastern States. Immerseyourself as a predator or dexterous shooter in a dead island filledwith wild animals like wolf and bear. You need to show your snipershooting skills for your survivor otherwise the wild wolf and bearsturned you into the blood and that day will be the day of dead foryou. The land presents an awful scene of deadliest animals withtheir horrific roar which turns you in an insomnia condition. Shootthe aliens and clear the area is your first objective for thesurvivor of yourself and the land as well.The challenging huntingmission starts here hold your sniper gun, aim and shoot toassassinate each and every exotic animal and save the area fromdeath. Strategy, Speed, Action and shooting skills are all what isrequired to be a Pro Hunter and sniper shooter. So be ready tothrive the wolf shooting with sniper guns and become the leadingwolf hunter of the hunting time. Mountain Wolf Hunting VR Game isbest virtual reality based animal hunting game.
Pindi Boys - Bike Stunts Rider 1.0
Pindi Boys is your ultimate side scrolling motorbike/motorcycleracing game. Your objective is to score high points in this gamewith as many possible tricks you can perform. 14August Special.Pakistan Day Special. Jashne Azadi Mubarak Race. Pak IndependenceSpecial Race. You are going to drive the bike on rushy areas, sosafety should be your ultimate goal. For that, strap your helmet,grab and wear your safety guards and get ready for the extreme funof this racing and drifting game. This game will teach you to ridein traffic, when you are around crowded roads and the only way toget out of it is escalate your speed, go viral like a rocketescapes in the sky, give a race to your opponents, strike the garehard and let your bike leap over roofs. You have got heavy bike,chopper and simple motorcycle, it's up to you, what you want toride. Heavy bike is the dream of Pindi boys, so in our game, youcan fulfill your dream to ride a realistic Heavy bike. If you havenever been in Rawalpindi, then you have a golden chance to roamaround the streets of Rawalpindi, and the best thing is that youare having your own personal racing bike. Ride and show the publicwhat you have got. The city is very much crowded, especially themurree road, committee chowk, Peshawar road, sadar market,commercial market area, and if you dare to test your drivingskills, do enter the 6th road in the evening time. All these roadsare very much crowded and there are so many bikes and cars, that isa true dare for you to test your driving skills. As a boy you wouldsurely love to hang around with your friends on bikes, andespecially when its night time just go to the Mall Road and itsnearby roads, the roads are very calm and sound at night, you caneasily have a racing and drifting competition with your friends.Bikes are really cool to ride and the sounds used are very muchrealistic, you will love playing this game, and within no time youwill get addicted to it. accelerate your bike, do stunts anddrifts. Discover new areas in the city. In this game, the city isyour racing track, you are free of restrictions, you can goanywhere you like. just grab your stuff, buckle up your shoes andwear your racing suit. Be the best rider of Pindi. Pindi boys gamehas the best controls, you will be pleased to play this game. Gamecontrols are smooth and game is intuitive. Perform daring stunts toscore higher in this game. The more stunts and drifts you performthe higher you are going to get the points. Game exciting features* Test your Motorbike riding Skills * Improve Stunts and driftingAbility * Stunning HD Graphics * Realistic and dynamic motorcyclephysics * Crazy drifting and racing sounds * Easy and Free to use *Beautiful 3D environment with city area * Offline Play DownloadPindi boys and ride the bike like a king. Its totally FREE and muchexciting than you have thought.
PK Truck Driver Swat to Gilgit 1.0
You are very lucky to drive the most amazing PK Truck on the bigday of Pakistan Independence day. This is the month of freedom.Take your Truck and travel to beautiful places of Pakistan, thatyou adore. Pakistan Independence day special game is in your playstore now, install your game and show some respect to yourmotherland. PK Truck Driver Gilgit Swat is a realistic Asian gamedesigned in the most amazing environment to give you the very realand actual sensation of game. Let's drive PK traditional truck andenjoy a real simulation of PK truck driver on your smart devices.PK truck is a free driving game specially designed to give respectand pay tribute to Pakistani truck drivers who love to drive therepk traditional truck on a dangerous road and transport cargo fromcity to city on time.You have got a chance to e-celebrate this daywith your loved ones. You might have traveled in your Truck oftenbut this time its not the same as before; you have the chance totravel the places and see how elegantly people have decorated theroads and their houses , from a higher point. PK Truck Driver Swatto Gilgit is new and free game, is one of the best games ever madeon trucks cultural history and tradition.Its a right choice to playand share with other truck drive lovers who have passion and crazefor truck driving and staring on bumpy roads with huge luggage fromwarehouses & sensational landscapes & engaging environment.its about storytelling, passion, rage, competition and pride. ThisPk Cargo Truck Game is developed to pay respect and homage toPakistani Truck Drivers who spent nights outside of the home todeliver PK Cargo not only in Punjab, Kashmir, Northern Area/Gilgit,Sindh, Khyber Pakhtoon khawa (KPK) and Baluchistan but also inIndia and Afghanistan in their artistically and calligraphydecorated trucks with famous paintings of the nation. In this youwill see beautiful carving and patterns that is what bring colorsto the life of the Drivers in Asia, as we believe that these movingcanvasses brings smiles on the faces of every human being. Imagineyou are driving your Truck in a lush green surface with a fine bluesky on your head. This pleasing environment is available, in Swatand Gilgit Baltistan. You can now enjoy this without going to theplace physically. Your truck is parked in the main truck parkingarea. So like a professional truck driver, start your truck andload the luggage to carry, because it is your challenge to carryout luggage from its base to the destination. PK Games, Pak Truckfree.Swat is a very beautiful city, it is surrounded by Chitral,Upper Dir, Lower Dir and Gilgit-Baltistan. Load the woods, to carrythem from Gilgit/Swat to the other areas. You would surely haveseen other games of driving heavy trucks like 22 wheeler truckdrive, Modern heavy truck driving, Extreme truck Driving game, HillTruck driving, Cargo truck extreme driving. But PK Truck DriverGilgit Swat is one of its kinds. It is better than the rest. Don’tcrash into anything! Try to aim for the fastest time without anydamage! Once you damage your truck you need to start over becausecrashing your truck means game over! You can select the truck youwant to drive, select one of the four trucks to hit the asphaltwith.COOL GAME FEATURES★ Driving simulator game specially designedfor your smartphones.★ Three steering options 1) Tilt Steering 2)Steering wheel 3) Left right touch buttons★ Very realistic woodloaded truck with real life controls.★ Large size and slipresistance Tyre of the truck.★ Powerful and efficient Engine of thetruck to win the heights of mountains.★ Realistic cargo items i.ewoods.★ Truck parking, boundary wall with gate.★ Whole game isdesigned in 3D format representing original locations of highways.★Truck driving simulation game with cargo servicing hurdlesDownloadPK Truck Driver Gilgit Swat, and play the wonderful game ,competewith your friends.
Real Peshawari Coach Bus Drive 1.0
Peshawar has already been a well known area of Pakistan and inrecent years it has got more fame by the name of its cricket team "Peshawar Zalmi". many games like Peshawri Truck, Peshawar truckgames, Peshawar bus, Peshawar bus simulator, Peshawar Bus songs,Peshawar Truck art are going live in your play store. You mighthave got bored by playing such games. Here is a new and fabulousgame, one of its kind the Real Peshawri Coach Bus Driver. This gameis designed with real 3D simulation, it provides the real sensationwhile playing this game. Amazing Real Peshawri Coach Buses arewaiting for the passionate and energetic bus drivers, you are ayoung driver, it's an awesome activity for you to refresh yourmood. When you feel low and don't have any other activity to do,just grab your smart phone download Real Peshawri Coach Bus Driverand start playing the game, it will lead you through beautifulplaces in Peshawar, the one you would have never seen. curiosity isthe best part of this game, what comes next you will watch whileplaying. Peshawri bus games are famous all over the world, likeKashmir, Afghanistan, India and other countries. If you are anAfghan driver, you can surely relate to the roads and environmentaround you with Real Peshawari Coach Bus Driver game. Take the keysof your bus, ride, settle down, go to the stop, wait for passengersto sit on their place, don't rush, drive smooth, using game's bestcontrols. You are going to drive a Van Hool-bodied Volvo, it is abewildering bus. You will surely get perplexed driving it. you aregoing to stop at different places, Pick people from the stops,people not only carry some luggage bags with them, but there willbe other things to carry too, like boxes, some goats, lambs andother necessary things. If you love driving 3D bus simulator gamesthen Real peshawri Coach Bus Driver is a best party bus simulationcrazy off-road bus driving game. After playing this game, you willbecome fond of driving heavy buses, trucks, cars and heavy dutyvehicles. Game features contains; This game is absolutely FREERealistic game graphics 3D game scenarios Real and amazing bussounds and background music Steering wheel, tilting controls andbuttons Realistic interior Excellent game controls Download RealPeshawri Coach Bus Driver now. play it with your friends, competefor the high scores and check who is going to transport thepassengers and luggage fast.
PK Horse Carriage Simulator 1.0
When Pakistan got its identity on the World Map as an Independentcountry, there were mostly horses and horse carriages. Most of thepeople used to travel long distances on them. there were rarelybuses or heavy transport vehicles. Rural people used to stuggle fortheir living and used horses and horse carriages as a means oftheir everyday life matters. In early days, there used to be horsesin the Independence day Parade and Defence Day parades. Ride ashorse carriage master to control the angry horse with its cart andcargo passengers from stop to their destination with beautiful folkand local music in the background. Enjoy the adventures ride inbeautiful city environment with PK Horse Carriage SimulatorGame.Horse carriage is a very old transport media, even used byBritians when they came here in the continent to rule. ThisIndependence Day, you need to hang Pakistani Flag on the carrier ofyour carriage. Show some spirit to boost your energy for this greatday. 14th August means alot to all of us. It is the day whendisputes, conflicts where diminished and we landed in a peacefulterritory. We Pakistani got our identity.In this game you have tocontrol your horse and transport passengers, so come ride yourhorse along with its carriage. Your target is to drive the carriagewith horses, pick the passengers and tourists and drop them tothere respective destination. City horse with a carriage should runstraight to the picking point for people and tourists.The carriageis used to load passengers and luggage and to drop them to theirdestination. A horse is attached to the carriage that is handled bya cart driver which runs it.The horses are strong, galloping intothe busy roads of the city and the horse carriage is ready totransport the passengers directly to their destination, by movingalong different paths of roads. Cart driver, drive carriage toexcavate through and transport the people and luggage in time. Ifyou are looking horse games, horse simulator, horse racing, horsejumping, derby horse jumping horse games free than PK HorseCarriage Simulator is the real choice for you.The Horse carriage isempty at the start of game, when no passenger is loaded tocarriage. Game becomes trilling when passengers come and carriagestarts to fill up. passengers talk and listen to the loud noise oftraffic on road, or sometimes music coming from any car or shopduring their ride.All the carriages are setup to stand in thebadami baagh area ready to transport. A number of carriages arealready there when you park yours, so being an efficient cartdriver, its your duty to gather as many passengers as possible, sothat your cart is full early and you start your journey. The routeof carriage depends on the places passengers want to go. There maybe multiple routes for each day. The simulator game of PK HorseCarriage is a real fun and simulator game, riding carriages anddriving the loaded carriage on busy and crowded roads of Lahore.Morning shift mostly include children going to schools and eveningshift include labors returning to their houses.PK Horse Carriagesimulator is most addictive endless horse cart ride game. Takecontrol of the wild horses attached to a cart and ride it bydodging the obstacles.It’s time to showcase your driving skills bydriving a hosre Carriage. This PK Horse carriage simulator has onlyone goal and that's giving you a nice time on the truck.Hold thewheels tight, buckle up ready to rumble on the roads, get ready fora crazy ride, do not crash, follow all the traffic rules and dodgethe traffic cars carefully to reach your destination.Horse CartSimulator Features:* Free Horse Simulation Game* Realistic HDGraphics * Ride Super Horse Carts* 3D and Realistic Environments *Unlock and Upgrade various carts* Endless Horse Ride* Realisticgame play and cool sound* Challenge & Share with your friends*Beautiful 3D Animated Horses* Become a strong horse carriage driver
Monkey Temple Surfer 1.0
The most exciting and novel pre-School game of all times, thathelps your kid enhance his knowledge of things in a veryinteractive way. Attraction to kids is the basic concept behindMonkey Temple Surfer.. Ready to run and jump in the forest to boostup your energy with delicious and mouth-watering food stuff ofdifferent shapes to captivate kids attention.Get rid of the subwayrail and come conquer the jungle and be the best monkey runningsurfers jump in saga history. Help the starving monkey eat hisfood, by jumping into the Monkey Temple Surfer.This 2D smoothtapping platform provides you with an interesting gameplay anddynamic physics. The starving monkey will run jump and collectcoins through picturesque levels, each with its own unique design.Moreover, he'll get a chance to buy extra lives and stay longer inthe game. So, don't be late. rush to install.These featuredlandscapes provide you and your kid a height of interest level,jump, run, do jungle adventure to make your monkey feel better.These actions attract people from all ages. Plenty of food itemscome when you progress to the new level. Monkey Temple Surfer comeswith 9 levels each with a beatiful landscape and mouthwatering foodand fruits.FEATURES:1.Simple tap controls2.Delicious fruits andvegetables:banana, peach, pear, eggPlant, Pumpkin,green apple,mushroom, red pepper.3.Tasty sweets and food: chocolate icecream,cookies, dounout, sushi, vanilla icecream4.Crazy enemies:Mutantmice,Giant beetles5.Run,jump and collect coins6.Adventurous leveldesign7.Each level with new and enhanced food stuff.8.Soothingbackground music and colorful graphics.9.Fast-paced rhythm andmovement.How to play:1.Jump and avoid obstacles2.Jump on theun-even ways to go to food3.Collect fruits on each level.4.Upgradeyour level by having enough coins.5.Moving to next level needsenough fruit intake.