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Cargo Transport Truck Driver 1.1
Are you ready to play the new Cargo transport truck driving game in2016, in this game you will have to play the role of theconstruction guy to transport building material on yourconstruction truck and dump it on the construction site. In thisnew grand 18 wheeler truck game has multiple missions in beautifuldesert environment on uphill hill climb track also we have includedmultiple transporter trucks simulations with realistic physics andamazingly smooth controls with lots of challenges. Although drivingin desert environment is a lot hard to drive heavy truck trailer orheavy cargo trucking but in this game you will find it very easyand fun to play. This is the best racing pro simulation game inmobile platform.Become a pro heavy cargo transport truck driver anddeliver construction materials on big trucks to the destination.Travel to different locations such as petrol refinery, containerand shipment yards and construction areas and unlock more newlocations. Drive around the mountains, hilly areas and big off roadtrack and show your transport trucking driving skills in thisultimate challenging game. This game has more and special featuresthen other transportation and trailer driving games. Missions:- -In level one you need to drive to the shipment and container yardto pick up the container and deliver it to the customer but becareful while driving on steeps and twists.- In level two you needto transport a heavy container containing construction materials tothe understructure location.- In level three take a heavy excavatorfrom the construction location, this mission will be a little hardwhile carrying a big machinery and driving on off road.- In levelfour you need to carry big marble stones to the marble factory.- Inlevel five carry oil barrels in your 4wd dumper trucker from oilrefinery to the container yard.Make money by driving big trucks andcargo transportation by completing different tasks and job assignedto you. Complete your tasks but take care of the goods and don’tdamage them. Game Features:-- Amazing vehicles simulation- 3DGraphics and visual effects- Beautiful environment - CargoTransportation- Smooth controls- Five challenging missions (more tocome)- No in app purchasesSo what are you waiting for download nowfor free and be the ultimate crazy off road driver in this parkingand simulation grand trucking game. Note: This game is free no inapp purchase, you can play this game without internet.
Deer Hunting Sniper Shooter 1.1
Hunting season is ON, Gamebox Studios presents the ultimate deerhunting shooting season of 2017. Grab your gear, fill up your ammoand let’s go to amazing action packed game and to an ultimateadventure season of shooting in the most realistic environment withmountains, tress, grass and outdoor etc. First person snipershooter lovers will love this game where you just need to keepyourself calm hide behind the trees or big stones aim at yourtarget and let the bullet hit your deer but don’t let the wild deerescape. The best hunting game in real jungle and wild environment.Grab your sniper an test your skills and show your friends how goodyou can do this. The gameplay of Deer Hunting 2017: Sniper Shootergives you an awesome experience with real 3D graphics, sound andthe environment. Be careful while you hunt the deer might beunaware but there are a lot of more wild animals out there so makeyour first shot the best shot of the great huntsman of the huntingclub. The game is filled with action, hunting and shooting. Thestory of this game is all about a hunter who loves hunting and aborn hunter. He is living on the wild area of country side and hefound a lot of wild deer and stags in his country yard anddestroying his property thus he is on the mission to hunt down wilddeer for survival. Nothing can show you best other than surviving.Its summer and hunting in rain forest and slippery land is moredifficult but the most beautiful landscapes, wild animalsmountains, birds and more excitement awaits you. The no1 DeerHunting game of 2017 is totally free and contains No In apppurchases. Download it now for free.Feature:-- First PersonShooting experience.- Amazing gun controls.- 3D Graphics and soundeffects.- Real time forest and jungle environment.- 10 gameplaymission with different objectives.- Awesome background music.Easyto Play:-- Just touch and drag your finger on your smartphonescreen and aim at the enemy.- On the right side there is shootbutton and on left side there is zoom button.- One by one missionselection to save your gameplay.
City Cargo Truck Driver Sim 3D 1.1
Do you love Truck driving, cargo delivery or truck simulator games?Than here we have an amazing game of City Cargo Truck Driver 3D ina very beautiful environment of San Francisco City and jungle.Drive big trucks in big environment deliver cargo from jungle tothe city where a building is under construction. Cargo Truck Driveris an ultimate and only game which has two environments city andjungle in which you have to drive big trucks, trailers and 18wheelers on offroad and asphalt roads. You are the only pro truckdriver who is delivering cargo continuously to the customers. Allthe customers and constructors are waiting for you to deliverconstruction materials to destinations points to various places inthe city. City Cargo Truck Driver 3D is an offroad and asphalt roadcargo delivery duty & professional driving job in which youhave to drive and control long and heavy trucks with trailersattach to it. You have a very responsible job of delivering cargofrom jungle to the city and maintain it by delivering cargo on timeand complete your task. Let’s play the cargo truck driver game thathas a real truck driving skills to control heavy duty trailer withrealistic and smooth car physics applied. The main objective ofthis game is driving, parking and transporting safely expensiveconstruction materials to different construction sites. Drive yourcargo trucks on dangerous hilly roads and treacherous terrains,rugged terrains are not easy to drive on so bring out the real hillclimb drive inside you and show your skills as the best heavy dutycargo truck driver in this fun and ultimate challenging game.Offroad tracks are difficult to drive on you have to be verycareful when you drive heavy transporter truck. This game is notonly about delivering cargo we have introduced parking feature inthis game so you will also enjoy truck parking with pro skills.Whendriving on offroad you need to handle the steering very carefullyand while turning your truck on twist and steeps you have to loweryour acceleration and press brakes on slippery and muddypaths.Become a pro truck driver in this exciting new trucksimulation game. This is an objective based transport truck gamewhere you handle your big truck with loaded trailer. It’s all abouthandling a heavy duty truck trailer loaded with tree logs, concreteblocks, oil drums specially tar drums for construction of roads,construction bricks and cement sacks. Travel across the countryside and the city to explore more exciting feature of this truckdriver game.Features of this game:-- Multiple camera angles.- Twodifferent environments.- Realistic Car Physics.- Smooth controls.-Awesome graphics and amazing sound effects.- 8 exciting gameplaymissions.- Thrill of driving on hills between mountains.- Steeringcontrols.- Hand painted texture of trailer.- Day and night modedriving.- Easy to learn and drive.- Heavy truck drivingsimulation.- Amazing engine sounds.How to play:-Truck DriverSimulator game has come with very easy controls to play, you justhave to press the race and brake pedal where needed follow thesigns and steer your steering wheel to move left and right.So whatare waiting for download now this amazing and exciting truckdriving and parking game for free!
Newyork Police Car Parking Sim 1.1
About this gameAre you bored of car parking games or parkingsimulators here is new Newyork Police Car Parking simulator game.This is an ultimate challenging police car parking game with lotsof fun and exciting features. Becoming Police Car Parking driver isnot an easy job to do but while playing this amazing policesmashing and parking game you will learn a lot of parkingprofessional skills in pro mode. In this interesting game you willplay as a police driver after the long and tiring day chasing mostwanted criminals on the city streets, highway and saving civilianslike every police officer you also have to drive your car and parkit in the newyork police car garage. Your driving skill will bemodel for other police officers and general public. This game isdesigned in 3d city environment with extremely high qualitygraphics.About Parking LevelsThere are various obstacles along yourway to the parking destination so be sure to use your driving andparking skill in order to complete each parking challenge. Thisseems very tough job to do but you have the chance to prove yourcolleagues police officers that you are not a rookie cop when itcomes to 3d parking. Be careful and avoid the obstacles don’t hitother civilians and police vehicles and park your car in a properway, hitting obstacles and other cars will failed the level. Thisis an awesome free parking frenzy simulator where you have to showthat you are one of the best 3d parking king!In this free parkingsimulator game you have to play 20 exciting and thrilling levels asyou complete each level it will progressively become morechallenging that’s why a pro skilled driver will have a realparking challenge while trying to finish this amazing 3D parkingsimulator game. In some difficult levels will get your driving andparking skills to the most advanced levels. In some levels you haveto park your police vehicle in reverse mode no forward gear will beavailable which will give you more thrill but drive slow when youdrive reverse and make sure to park on the right place otherwiselevel will not get clear.Driving your police car in pro mode willimprove you real life crazy driving and parking skills, in all 20levels you will learn a lot of techniques of how to drive your carand park car in different parking situations. For making thisunique game more exciting various obstacles like traffic cones,road blockers and street signs are placed for your direction andkeen driving. The most amazing feature of this game is that we putsteering wheel for car controlling and realistic car physics sothat you get full enjoyment from it and the real feel of drivingand for easily parking we have put different camera angles for yourview to view your car from every side and clear the mission easily.If you have a parking mania about parking games then try this newand unique Newyork Police Parking Game.Feature of this game:--Amazing fiber Police car 3D model.- Play as a Police Parking dutydriver.- 20 exciting missions.- Realistic car driving and parkingexperience.- 3D beautiful city environment.- Steering wheel for carcontrols.- Every week new parking levels and amazing featuresupdated in this game.- Amazing car hit sound effect.- DamageeffectsTake a shot in this Newyork Police Parking game with manydifferent parking situations.Note: This game is free to downloadand no in app purchases included.
Animals Transport Truck Driver 1.1
Being a truck drive is very tough job to do and when it is on hillclimb and on offroad track it become more hard and challenging. Inthis Animals Transport Truck Driver game you are a pro truck driverwhose duty is to transport animals from jungle and domestic farmanimals and deliver them to different farms in different locationsalthough it seems very easy job but it’s not when you are carryingwild and angry animals in your big heavy cargo truck and transportthem to their destinations on dirt and offroad track. This is anamazing game in which you need to drive heavy transport cargotrailer truck and 18 wheeler trucks for transportation. In this newgrand 18 wheeler truck game has multiple missions in beautifuldesert environment on uphill hill climb track also we have includedmultiple transporter trucks simulations with realistic physics andamazingly smooth controls with lots of challenges. This is the bestracing pro simulation game in mobile platform. Drive around themountains, hilly areas and big off road track and show yourtransport trucking driving skills in this ultimate challenginggame. This game has more and special features then othertransportation and trailer driving games.Living in country side ismore interesting and simple than city and urban areas, life of afarmer is more simple and easier than those living in cities,cultivate corn, maize, wheat and pumpkins in your farm, keep yourown animals feed them and take milk from them, this sounds veryexciting this game is similar to a farming simulator game.If youare bored of cargo transportation games then here it is a wild andultimate challenging game for you, this game will give you keendriving experience in very beautiful and breath taking landscape 3Denvironment. Grab the steering wheel of the transporter truck andtransport animals like gorillas, cows, sheeps, goats, bull, zebra,wild boar, elephant and grizzly bear. While playing this gamemissions will be easier if you have car parking skills. Beingdriver of the transporter truck in this challenging truck simulatorgame park the truck carefully so that the farm animals can beloaded and unloaded easily. While moving animals you must transportthem in a way that won’t cause them injuries or damage. Become adelivery man and earn more cash on every delivery and energize yourzoo transport truck games fun in a fascinating animal transporttruck driver simulator that requires master skills.TransportationMissions:-- In level one you need to transport wild and angrygorilla from the jungle to the zoo.- In level two transport cows inyour heavy cargo truck to the farmer living in the mountains.- Inlevel three carry some goats and deliver them to the butcher housefor slaughtering.- In level four load zebra from the wild forestand deliver it to the zoo authorities.- In level five you should bevery careful while transporting big and angry elephant make sureyour truck cage is locked after loading the elephant into thetrailer.- In level six transport sheep to the small farm far fromthe countryside in the mountain.- Like level five this time youneed to carry grizzly bear to the zoo.- In level eight transportwild boars to the jungle.- Game Features:-- Amazing vehiclessimulation- 3D Graphics and visual effects- Beautiful environment -Cargo Transportation- Smooth controls- Five challenging missions(more to come)- No in app purchases- Mega landscape environment toexplore- Pro driving and parking skillsHeavy euro trucks arewaiting for you to drive them and transport animals, so what areyou waiting for download now for free and be the ultimate crazy offroad truck driver in this parking and simulation grand truckinggame. Note: This game is free no in app purchase, you can play thisgame without internet.
Trial Racing: Extreme Stunts 1.0
Are you ready for xtreme trial bike rider stunts? An epic trialracing game is waiting for you to download for free. Trial Racing:Extreme Stunts is an unseen bike racing game packed with hundredsof obstacles for you to overcome. Riding your bmx trial bike youwill be challenged with some of the most unique and challengingobstacles in multiple 30 levels full of stunts and bike riding. Dosome ramp jumps on your extreme trial climber, breath taking motobike racing and riding on thrilling and exciting spirals, ramps anddangerous fire drums. We put check points in every level so if youever get stuck you won’t have to start it from the beginning. Ifyou aren’t a bike rider that’s not a big deal you will learnextreme bike trials by playing this challenging game. Becomeextreme racer collect coins to earn more score and unlock morebikes avoid obstacle and clear the thrilling levels. Set out indesolate highway zone with full of extreme stunts for your trialbike game. Enjoy playing this exciting trial game with amazing 3Denvironment that will keep you engaged in some extreme trial bikeriding simulation. The first levels are easy to clear if you wantto get help click on the question ? mark symbol on the top right ofyour mobile screen the more you clear the levels the morecomplicated and challenging obstacles will become. Audienceapplauding like a stadium of your bizarre stunts jumps on crazyramps. Drive your extreme moto bike make front and back flips clearthe spiral stunts and become extreme wheeler. Your trial moto bikehas realistic trial physics with accurate suspensions and abilityto jump smoothly on rough paths.Do more back and front flips toearn more cash and make new record in this bike racing game.Features of Trial Racing: Extreme Stunts:-- 30 multiple levels.-Amazing realistic physics.- Smooth easy and addictive gameplay.-High quality graphics and sound effects.- Action packed fullthrilling game.- Bike rider simulation.How to play:- Tap on thequestion mark symbol on your screen it will open up the help screenand how to play guide.Note: This game is totally free and you canplay it without internet. No in app purchases included.
Pk Eid Animal Transport Truck 1.5
Eid ul Adha is ahead an Islamic festival all over the world in thisHoly festival muslim people buy cows, buffalos, goats, sheep andcamels for slaughtering on Eid ul Adha, it is a grand festivalcelebrated all over the world by muslims, in Pakistan people buytheir qurbani animals from villages, cattle market and such otherparticular places and transport them in heavy trucks, trailers,cargo lorries and other grand trucks to their home or places wherethey perform slaughtering/ qurbani. In Pakistan people buy animalsfrom Azad Jammu Kashmir AJK, various places of Punjab likeGujranwala, Lahore, Gujrat, Faisalabad, Karachi, Nowshera feroz andother country side places. Owners of these cattles, buffalos, cows,goats, sheeps and animals transport them by trucks and trailers tocattle market in different cities for selling. An ultimatechallenging game of domestic and farm animals transportingsimulator, this game will give you extreme fun and simulation oftruck parking and cargo transporting and truck driver simulation.Drive 4x4 heavy vehicles, 4x4 trucks, grand trailers and 18 wheelertrucks on Pakistani offroads from AJK to Punjab. Drive through themountains and hills with high speed. Get the real feel ofnature with realistic off road drive on hills and mountain tops.Pak trucks and trailers games are very famous now days on Googleplay store, Drive your mega cargo truck on extreme hill climb roadsbetween beautiful mountains, steeps and paths and become anexperience hill climb driver in this simulation game. This game isinspired by those events and especially Pakistani truck art butbecareful on dangerous twists and turns and deliver cargo safely.Driving big trucks is not an easy job loaded with animals, it needsprecise pro driving skills on dirt and hill climb roads. Enhanceyour skills and drive your carrier to the desired destinations.Pakistani mountain drivers are world’s famous drivers driving megatrucks and trailers on dangerous off roads and providing servicesto their clients. Transportation Mission:- 1. In level one you needto transport qurbani animals like goats and sheeps to the localfarm owner. 2. In level two carry two cows in your 4x4 truck anddrive them to the owner who owns it. 3. In level three deliver 4goats to the slaughter house. 4. In level four transport onebuffalo and one goat to the cattle market for selling. 5. In levelfive deliver gazelle to the local cattle market to sell them, be ontime and drive carefully 6. In level six sheep should betransported in Pakistani truck. 7. In level seven drive buffalos tothe farmer lives in the mountain. 8. In level 8 transport bigcamels to the cattle market. Pak Qurbani Animal Cargo Truckfeatures:- - Smooth and easy driving controls - Realistic mountainsand off road environment - Trailer and truck Parking - Cargotransport challenges - Crash effects while colliding - Adventurousand thrilling transporter driving simulation - Extreme off roaddriving with dangerous turns - A complete hill resort farm stationenvironment to explore - Realistic animals animations - Varioustrucks for driving How to Play:- - Use Steering Wheel or buttons todrive your cargo truck - Use Brake, Reverse and Accelerate Buttonsto Drive.  NOTE: This game is totally free and no in apppurchases. You can play this game for FREE and also WITHOUTINTERNET!
Pk Car Driving License Test 1.1
Are you bored of Pk truck driving simulators? Here is new Pak CarDriving License Test driving school simulator for you, thisultimate game is for those who love driving Truck, cars, bus,bikes, vans, chingchi, tuk tuk simulators or real pk truck drivingsimulators. If you have applied for Pakistan HTV/ LTV drivinglicense and are waiting for your driving test then you have to playthis driving license test training game and prepare yourself foryour driving license test. We have added multiple levels and eachlevel contains more difficult situations for you to train yourselfand clear your 1st driving license test. As we all know drivingwithout license is Pakistan cause you big trouble, you will getfine everywhere y Pakistani traffic police or traffic wardens, sonow getting a driving license is not a big deal but you all have todo is pass the driving test. In this extreme car driving game youwill get to drive 1986 model Pakistani Toyota corolla and realisticcar physics applied to it. Drive your Pakistani model 1986 ToyotaCorolla in your training area and be an experienced car driver. Ifyou are fond of driving games and keen to drive sedan and Pakistaniold cars in a large Parking and driving test area than this is theright choice to sooth your urge of feeling driving sedan vehicle.In this new and unique game has lots of exciting features andamazing gameplay. In real driving license test you will just haveone try and if you failed you have to apply again and wait for morethan six months but in this Pk Car Driving License Test game youhave many tries until you get tired with a very interestinggameplay you will play this game for a long time. Pk Car DrivingLicense Test simulator gives you the real feel of driving in thedriving school in which you will learn how to drive throughdifficult paths and how you will keep yourself away from hittingtraffic cones and other obstacles. If you hit traffic cones youwill need to start the same level again until you clear it withouthitting. Real damage effect has been added to the Pakistani model1986 Toyota corolla car. An ultimate Pakistan car Dr. drivingschool 3D game allows you to play 20 levels in a big Parkinglot.Feature of this driving game:-- Beautiful and massive 3Denvironment.- Pakistan Toyota Corolla 1986 3D model.- Easy userexperience.- Realistic car physics.- Steering wheel for driving.-Driving car 2016 game.- Learning car driving.- Rewind Feature
PK-India Real Tank War 2016 1.1
Are you ready to save your country and fight for the pride of yourbeloved motherland, this is a fiction game of PK- India Real Tankwar of 2016, border forces are strongly alerted for the security ofborders to be more strong and can condemn any strike by enemy. Youare the ruthless commando of Pakistan army and as ordered by yourseniors to take the tank and destroy all enemy tanks which crossedthe border. You have to save your borders and destroy enemybattalions and also destroy their base camp. You have to beunstoppable and clear the land before enemies kill you. Forclearing the mission you have to eliminate every last tank. Petroltanks are placed in the field you need to find them in case of fuelemergency.This game is for everyone who belongs to Pakistan orIndia or any other country and want to fight as a tank warrior.Become an army special agent and do different tasks. Its as awesomefast paced shooting game for fun. You need to show strategicmovements and blast enemy tanks with bombs. Protect your tanks fromother enemy tanks. Air your targets carefully, combat and destroyall enemy tanks and win the war. Kill all you enemies with deadlytank strikes and with the breath taking action packed Pk-India RealTank war.Features of Pk-India Real Tank war 2016:- Amazing tank 3Dmodels- Stunning 3D graphics- Realistic sound effects- Lots ofenemy tanks- Easy and smooth controls- Massive desert environment-Tank simulationSo what are you waiting for be the army tank driverand fight for your country.
Dubai Desert Safari Drift Race 1.6
---Hundred thousand daily players and increasing---About GameAreyou ready for an exciting and full of adventure, thrilling game,Dubai Desert Safari Drift Racing is not just about drifting indesert, jeep racing and sahara speed drifting its all about thetourism of Dubai and Arabs entertainment, Dubai is full ofentertainment activities, lots of tourists from USA, France,Germany, Pakistan, Australia, United Kingdom, Russia and otherGulf, Europe or from Asian countries visit Dubai for its richculture and tourism activities, especially when it comes to Dubaiand desert only drifting and desert safari comes in mind. AlthoughDubai is famous for its fast police cars as well but Dubai desertsafari 4x4 jeep crazy racing is most popular game all over theworld. Driving your own Lexus Land cruiser or GMC heavy 4x4 truck,Dubai Range rover for desert drifting fast driving and 4x4 jeep forcrazy racing gives you the perfect feel of Dubai desert safari anddesert racing.About GameplayDubai Desert Safari Drift Racing is allabout drifting and racing in desert, making drift counts, donutdrifts etc and become off road legends, this is full of thrill andadventure jeep racing off road driving game, drive your own Pradoor land cruiser with very powerful engine and reverse wheel driveRWD to do perfect drifts and explore the vast desert of Dubai. Weoffer three modes desert day mode, desert night mode and Dubaiairport terminal 3 modes in this perfect challenging drift andracing game, you can select modes which suit you the best and getthe most out of it. Desert in day time is beautiful when you drivea heavy engine off road car and listening to Arabic music andexploring the vast and massive desert of Dubai watching camelsrunning but desert in the night is most beautiful place to driveunder open sky with blinking stars and fast driving. Drive yourultimate drift simulation car in Dubai airport terminal three andexperience the most dangerous and thrilling stunts and driftdriving situations. Drifting is not so easy in real life and notallowed on streets out there that’s why we bring the most realstreet drift zone in Dubai airport. Now drift and race by drivingspecial Nissan skyline drifting car. Drive and drift your car indifferent situations and be a pro drifter. Enhance your drivingskills in this game, challenge your friends and family and tellthem to beat your drift score.Feature of Dubai Desert Safari DriftRace:-- Smooth and realistic drift physics.- Tilt, buttons andsteering controls.- Three different cars for drifting.- Threegameplay modes.- Different Arabic songs.- Real desert simulator.-HD graphics of offroading race.- Real camels models.- Carsimulation controls- Real experience of drifting with 4x4 offroadjeep.- Massive Dubai desert and airport environment.- Car Nitro,lights and indicators.- Real drift car racing.So put your crazydriving skills into a shoe of real crazy jeep racer and simulateyour driving skills and be the part of ultimate challenging DubaiDrifting and racing game. So what are you waiting for download nowfor free.
Dubai Desert Safari Drift R2 1.2
After success of Dubai Desert Safari Drift Race now we bring youanother exciting and full of adventure thrilling game in warm Dubaidesert, big football stadium and Dubai airport terminal 3. DubaiDesert Safari Drift R2 is not just about drifting in desert, jeepracing and sahara speed drifting, its all about learn to drive bestmobile game. Although Dubai is famous for its fast police cars aswell but Dubai desert safari 4x4 jeep crazy racing is most populargame all over the world. Driving your own Lexus Land cruiser or GMCheavy 4x4 truck and offroad Prado, Dubai Range rover for desertdrifting fast driving and 4x4 jeep for crazy racing gives you theperfect feel of Dubai desert safari and desert racing king.AboutGameplayDo you ever drift on asphalt road or offroad streets? DubaiDesert Safari Drift R2 is all about drifting and racing in desert,Dubai Airport, Football Stadium making drift counts, donut driftsetc and become off road legends, this is full of thrill andadventure jeep racing off road driving and endless racing mobilegame, drive your own Prado, BMW and Lexus land cruiser with verypowerful engine and reverse wheel drive RWD to do perfect driftsand explore the vast desert of Dubai. We offer three modes desertday mode, desert night mode and Dubai airport terminal 3 modes inthis perfect challenging drift and racing game, you can selectmodes which suit you the best and get the most out of it. Desert inday time is beautiful when you drive a heavy engine off road carand listening to Arabic music and exploring the vast and massivedesert of Dubai camels running but desert in the night is mostbeautiful place to drive under open sky with blinking stars andfast driving. Select among 6 amazing drift cars, drive from cockpitview and do some crazy drift and become Dubai drift king in thisgame. Get Luxury driving drift cars with special and realisticfeatures and physics of drifting for endless racers. Drive your GMCtruck as a truck racer and make donuts drift to earn double score.We give you the feel of real car drift experience which no othergames have. Play this Dubai drift game and learn to drive and driftbig diesel racer cars in this Dubai racing game.We have added a bigfootball stadium to double the thrill and excitement when you playthe game. In football stadium collect the cones as much you can andincrease the time to get the most fun out of it and share yourscreenshots. Drive your ultimate drift simulation carx in Dubaiairport terminal three and experience the most dangerous andthrilling stunts and drift driving situations. Drifting is not soeasy in real life and not allowed on streets out there that’s whywe bring the most real street drift zone in Dubai airport and madeit very easy drift. Now drift and race by driving special Nissanskyline drifting xcar. Drive and drift your car in differentsituations and be a pro drifter. Enhance your driving skills inthis game, challenge your friends and family and tell them to beatyour drift score.Feature of Dubai Desert Safari Drift R2:-- Smoothand realistic drift physics.- Tilt, buttons and steering controls.-Three different cars for drifting.- Three gameplay modes.-Different Arabic songs.- Real desert simulator.- HD graphics ofoffroading race.- Real camel model.- Car simulation controls- Realexperience of drifting with 4x4 offroad jeep.- Massive Dubai desertand airport environment.- Car Nitro, lights and indicators.- Realdrift car racing.- GMC Truck Racer mode added.So put your crazydriving skills into a shoe of real crazy jeep racer and simulateyour driving skills and be the part of ultimate challenging DubaiDrifting and racing game. So what are you waiting for download nowfor free.
Dubai Limo Taxi Driver Sim 3D 1.1
Dubai Taxi is famous all over the world, Dubai Limo Taxi Driver Sim3D is all about picking customers from the airport and droppingthem to hotels and shopping malls and earning money by drivinglimousine. Try to become a taxi driver in one of the best 2017 taxisimulator 3D game. Most amazing car physics introduced in ultimateand challenging pro skills taxi game. Drive your car throughdifferent places and pick up the customers/ passengers and drivethem safely to their destinations. In your limo cab you can driveyour car faster than any other simulation. Dubai city is verycrowded by people and traffic and its law is very strict, everytime when you drive you must fasten your seatbelt, Life in the cityis crazy, watch out for the people and the traffic.Become fastestcab pro driver and show your skills. Amazing and beautifulenvironment of Dubai city and suburbs, construction sites, parksand beaches. Passengers are always in hurry they will pay youdouble for the job so just grab your steering wheel, give some raceand become a city traffic racer. Enjoy easy controls and smoothgame play while cruise through the city. Drive on highway atmaximum speed, get ready for the most incredible taxi drivingexperience. Don’t be tardy, race around the city and completemissions. Find the best route possible and save precious time ofyour passengers. This is a ride worth taking! Buckle up, make somemoney and show off your awesome cabby skills.  Find the bestroute possible and save precious time!Show various places of to thetourists and be craziest driver of ultimate driving adventure.Master your driving skills in one of the best 2017 taxigames!Features of this game:- - Big 3D city environment- Engagingtaxi driver missions- Smooth and easy controls- Amusing Visual andSounds Effects- Choosing among 4 different cars- Two different cityenvironments- Intelligent traffic system- Extremely precise drivingsimulator- Amazing limousine physics- Different car controls foryour easeRealistic Animated Passengers
Police Stunts Driving School 1.0
Get ready for the extreme sports racing and challenging stuntsdriver game. Police Stunts driving school is all about Dubai policesports cars driving school game. Dubai police is famous for theirmost fast and furious sports cars all over the world. In this gameyou don’t have to go to school all you have to do is just driveyour Dubai police sports car in driving school and learn the mostadvanced level stunts for catching and smashing most wanted levelcriminals, gangsters and thugs. Become a good driver in thisadventurer city parking game in amazing 3D city. Criminals andgangster thinks that you are a rookie police officer when comes tocatching and busting them but they don’t know about your crazy andrisky stunts and driving skills in most fast and furious sportscars in real moto city. You will get to learn the most advancedtechniques of Dubai police chasing, how to arrest criminals,impossible racing with most wanted outlaws criminals, stunt drivingin massive area, how to chase and bust criminals in traffic racing.In this game you will play multiple levels and in every level youwill learn amazing and extreme driving skills. Grab your steeringwheel, hold your hand brake, race your pedal and lets begin theultimate challenging and thrilling adventurer game of 2k16. Drive,boost, drift, roll, jump, and crash your Dubai police car in ourall new extreme police drivers game. Learn real car drift racing inthis game and become the most prestige city drifter. Realistic cardrift racing physics applied to real police sports cars for maximumretro racing and parking mania. This is something you never seenbefore in any chasing, police smashing car game on mobile before.Show your crazy driver skills in different police cars in a greatand massive police driving school. You will get to experiencerealistic car damage by hitting into traffic cones and obstaclesand crashing cars to see full body damage. Racing 2016 has alreadybegun so what are you waiting for download now Police StuntsDriving School 2k16 now and be a sports car police racer. Featuresof Police Stunts Driving School:- - Extreme drifting.- Realisticcar drift racing.- 3D city environment.- Amazing sound effects andbackground music.- Multiple levels to play.- 3D model of policecar.- Hours of core gameplay.- Extreme car driving skills.
PK Transport Truck Driver 2017 1.3
The ultimate cargo Transport Trucking simulation is now uploaded.Drive your mega cargo truck on extreme hill climb roads betweenbeautiful mountains, steeps and paths and become an experience hillclimb driver in this simulation game. Enhance your skills and driveyour carrier to the desired destinations. Pakistani mountaindrivers are world’s famous drivers driving mega trucks and trailerson dangerous off roads and providing services to their clients.This game is inspired by those events and especially Pakistanitruck art but be careful on dangerous twists and turns and delivercargo safely. An objective based transport truck game where youhandle your big truck with trailer. Attach the trailer with yourheavy trucker and drive through hills. A new game which will giveyou extreme fun and simulation of truck parking and cargotransporting. If you don’t have HTV license no problem you candrive heavy vehicles like 18 wheeler trucks and 8 wheeler truckerfor free. A lot of level with adventurous and exciting missions.Enjoy hours of non-stop simulation with multiple game play missionswith the best grand lorry freight simulator. Be on time to satisfyyour clients because being late will result in the failure of yourconsignment. It’s an easy to play hard to master game. Drivethrough the mountains and hills with high speed. Get the realfeel of nature with realistic off road drive on hills and mountaintops.. If you are tired of car parking game in city or country sideso download and play this cargo trailer transporter truck game andenjoy driving on off road dirt roads in hilly mountain and breathtaking beautiful landscapes.Features of this game:- - Smooth andEasy driving Controls- Realistic Mountain and off road Environment-Trailer and Truck parking - Cargo Transport Challenges- Crasheffects while colliding- Adventurous & Thrilling TransporterDriving Simulation.• Extreme Off-road Driving with DangerousTurns • A Complete Hill Resort Station Environment toExploreHow to Play:-- Use Steering Wheel or buttons to drive yourcargo truck- Use Brake, Reverse and Accelerate Buttons toDrive. NOTE: This game is totally free and no in apppurchases. You can play this game for FREE and also WITHOUTINTERNET!
Duck Hunting Shooting Season 1.1
Hunting is the most famous and adventures event all the time, inthis hunting season we brought some new games for you. If you likehunting you should play duck hunting shooting season, the game isfilled with action, hunting and shooting. The gameplay gives you anawesome experience with real 3D graphics, sound and theenvironment. Make your first shot the best shot of the greathuntsman of the hunting club. Duck Hunting shooting Season is allabout precision, aiming and timing. Don’t forget to pull thetrigger otherwise you’ll never hunt the ducks. Complete the wave ofhunting ducks and get a lot of other lush environments with numberof guns. Its summer and hunting bird is more difficult but the mostbeautiful landscapes, wild animal’s mountains, birds and moreexcitement awaits you. So what are you waiting for grab your gear,fill up your ammo and let’s go to amazing action packed game and toan ultimate adventure season of shooting in the most realisticenvironment with mountains, trees, grass and outdoor etc. If youare a good shooter and can accept the challenge, then here is theperfect situation for you. Use decoy to call ducks, make yourstrategy and shoot the ducks with your ultimate shotgun. You canbuy more guns using money.The no1 Duck Hunting game of 2017 istotally free and contains No In app purchases. Download it now forfree.Feature:-- First Person Shooting experience.- Amazing gunscontrols.- 3D Graphics and sound effects.- Real time 3Denvironment.- 6 gameplay mission with different objectives.-Awesome background music.Easy to Play:-- Just touch and drag yourfinger on your smartphone screen and aim at the enemy.- One by onemission selection to save your gameplay.
Army Truck Driver Simulator 3D 1.1
Are you ready to drive 4x4 offroad truck in the warm desert andperform the army transportation duty? This is an ultimatechallenging free game of army truck driving simulator in which youhave to transport weapons crates, food, oil and other militarystuff to military base in desert. Though army job is extreme toughto do but we have made this free game very interesting and excitingfor you in a very beautiful and exotic desert environment. This isfar better than car parking or truck parking and other grand trucktransportation and simulation games. Realistic truck controls madethis game extremely interesting on dangerous roads surrounded bymountains and hills. Drive your army cargo truck over hills,mountains and on dangerous offroad steeps track. Your army 4x4trucks is fully loaded now it is your responsibility to transportarmy convoy to the military base safely and deliver it, Yes youwill be simulating a real truck big enough to transport heavycargo. In this game you will find very smooth driving and handlingcontrols which will make you play this game for hours. Show yourskills as the best heavy duty 4x4 army truck driver, you will drivethrough extreme dirt road situation but drive carefully and delivercargo on time. In army truck driver simulator you will feel like areal pro truck driver! Experience the exhilarating action!Accelerate your truck pedal and let the fun begin in this trucksimulation game. Relive the army driver duty and complete alltransportation tasks on time. Transport army weaponry, relief, 4x4jeeps and other cargo stuff to base camps located in vast desertenvironment. Become army trucker and show us your extreme drivingand parking skills. Feel like a real driver in ultimate andchallenging game. Experience the feel of a real pro trucktransporter, Download and Play for free no In Apppurchases.Complete multiple missions you can carry out in thisinteresting game, different jobs are assigned to you in differentmissions, clear first missions to unlock the rest and enjoy thebest out of this game. Amazing Features:-- Smooth and Easy drivingControls- Realistic City Environment- Trailer and Trucker parkingsimulator- Drive in big landscape 3D environment- Beautiful 3DMilitary truck model- Cool background music and sound effects-Realistic driving simulation- Single game mode- High qualitygraphics- Easy to learn and drive- Eight multiple challengingmissionsHow to play this game:-Army Truck Driver is a fast paced,challenging game to play. Press left right buttons for left rightmovement and touch or press the gas button to accelerate and thebrake button to slow down. Army Truck Driver is an exciting truckarmy driving game that will get your adrenaline pumping!
Offroad Bus Driving Simulator 1.2
About gameDo you want to be a real bus driver to pick and droppassengers and become public transport tycoon, then download thisoffroad bus driving simulator 2016 winter game. You are beignassigned the task to bring passenger safely from their bus stop totheir destination. Being a bus drive the job is the same, butdriving in thrill in the hilly offroad curvy roads and speeddriving makes it very unique bus simulator out of all the bussimulator games 2016. Christmas 2016 season is here and we all knowChristmas brings snow and winter, drive your tourist bus on offroadsnow track, drive carefully to survive and take tourist to theirdestinations. Driving your bus in city is easy job instead ofdriving heavy bus in extreme snow and slippery offroad track, checkroad conditions when speeding your tourist you might slip and fallfrom the mountains. Hurry up guys this is New Year party bussimulator download it for free.About gameplayOffroad Bus Drivingsimulator is resort simulation tourist and public transportationgame, drive your mini bus carefully and pick passengers fromdifferent bus stops take them to the spectacular scenic views ofoffroad hilly tourist station. Don’t waste time as many touristshave to be picked in this winter season and earn more money. This3D offroad track truly feels alive, this is something you can feelfrom the driver’s seat of your big bus and can drive from thecockpit. Like party bus simulator and coach bus simulator allpassenger have to buy bus tickets and wait on the bus stop to bepicked by the bus driver, all passengers life are precious so wehave worked day and night to bring you such realistic controls andhydraulic brakes in your bus in case of any emergency brakes onslippery and dangerous tracks. Become hill climb racing driver inthis simulation 3d game. Park your bus on hill bus stops and waitfor the passengers to sit in the bus.Test your driving skills bydriving this New Year party bus simulator and become a pro driver.It’s wonderful to be in transportation business to earn more moneyby playing all missions. Check your travel route on bus radio gethelp from other drivers about weather conditions and go free busdriving on Snow Mountains and hilly picnic area. Perform your dutypolitely behave good with hill tourist and passengers and become apro driver of public transport. In this offroad bus drivingsimulator games we have added three bus driving controls which willhelp you drive around in this great snow environment without anyhassle and will also help you control the bus efficiently in allthese sharp turns and twist. Time is money keep an eye on yourwatch get a strong hold on your steering, race and brake pedal,race your bus where need and use brakes when turning on curvyroads. Features of this game- In case you dropped from snowy hillor make fatal mistakes we have added rewind time feature by whichyou can rewind your gameplay and play it again without restartingyour mission.- We have added the most modern bus physics to everybus included in this game to give you realistic feel of real busdriving.- The most realistic and dangerous snow track is added formore excitement and thrill.- Ten multiple missions to select fromthe more you ranks up the more difficult situation you will face inthis 3D bus driving game.- Dangerous land sliding effect added.-Hill climb racing situations to make it more difficult buy excitingand fun.- Three different 3D bus models added with differenttexture and colors.So what are you waiting for, its time todownload this amazing extreme snow bus driving game and start yourjob as a offroad bus driver. Note:- This game is free and no in apppurchases included. You can play this game without internet forfree. Your feedback is very important for us please take your timeto leave a comment for improving this game.
US Army Transport Bus Driver 1.0
About Bus driving game!Download the craziest US army free game ofNew Year. US Army Transport Bus Driver is army bus transportationgame to the training school for army training. Transport soldiers,army and Special Forces to training school for their army trainingactivities and drills. Drive your army training bus on roughterrain, hill climb offroad track, the track is too dangerous todrive and and extreme snow and winter weather make it moredifficult to drive your army loaded bus on slippery and curvyroads. Your dury in this US Army Transport Bus Driver game is aprofessional bus driver to pick and drop army men commandos andSpecial Forces to army training school on hill top mountains. Wehave designed a real 3D offroad winter offroad and hill climb trackwhich gives you real driving experience as in Snow Tourist BusSimulator 2017. This offroad winter track truly feels alive and theextreme snow weather makes it more interesting yet difficult fordriving your big bus. In this bus driver simulator game we haveapplied realistic bus physics to make handling more easy for youwhen taking sharp turns and dangerous steeps. Being an army manit’s a very rigorous job daily training, drills, shooting and otherarmy rigorous training activities are taken place every day, youneed to transport new army cadets to training school where they doall soldier activities and at the end of the day you have to dropthem back to their camps. So soldier it is a tough job to do butshow us your driving skills by completing all missions of US ArmyTransport Bus Driver. About Gameplay!In this extreme bus drivinggame you get to drive US army bus to transport cadets to trainingschool for their military training in extreme snow weather. Drivecarefully on slippery offroad track and reach your destination oftime before mission is failed. This game is none other like touristsnow bus simulator but instead of tourist you have soldiers whoselives are as important as civilians. Dynamic physics of army buslet you drive and handle the bus more easily let you reach safe tothe army training school. Experience the most thrilling gameplayever.Features of this 2017 Bus game:-- In case you dropped fromsnowy hill or make fatal mistakes we have added rewind time featureby which you can rewind your gameplay and play it again withoutrestarting your mission.- The most realistic and dangerous snowtrack is added for more excitement and thrill.- Ten multiplemissions to select from the more you ranks up the more difficultsituation you will face in this 3D bus driving game.- Dangerousland sliding effect added.- Hill climb racing situations to make itmore difficult buy exciting and fun.- Three different 3D bus modelsadded with different texture and colors.So what are you waitingfor, its time to download this amazing extreme snow bus drivinggame and start your job as an army bus driver. Note:- This game isfree and no in app purchases included. You can play this gamewithout internet for free. Your feedback is very important for usplease take your time to leave a comment for improving this game.
Extreme Off road Jeep Driving 1.2
This extreme offroading game is for all who love to play offroadjeep driving games, do you have the guts to drive 4x4 jeeps onextreme offroad mountains and hill climbs? Are you able to steerthese big jeeps and exotic cars on offroad tracks and show theworld your extreme car racing driving skills. This is the mostrealistic off road game on mobile devices. Hill speed driving hasnever been this much fun. In this offroad hill jeep driver you getthe adventure of hill climb racing in exotic and massive jungleenvironment. Real Drift Rally Racing Simulator on mud roads ExtremeOff road Jeep driving 3D game is not just driving on offroads, wehave added three modes in this extreme racing game by which you canplay what you love the most. You can play this game as a rallyracer on extreme roads situations, check points also time trials.Reach the check point in given time otherwise you will lose therally. Once you get the steering wheel of your heavy 4x4 cruiser or4x4 trucks you have to complete the level by reaching towards yourdestination driving through hill climb by checking the mini map onyour in game screen and by following the offroad mud track roadsigns. Be careful for finishing the every level you need to driveprecisely and control your hill speed driving and try not to fallfrom the mountain. There is no rewind feature in this offroadsafari game like bus simulators to rewind your fatal mistakes. Sodon’t rush and prove that you are a daredevil. In this hill climbjeep driver you get to drive through different paths, explorewaterfall and hilly mountains. You have a limited time to collectall checkpoints and reach to destination. Heavy Vehicles andrealistic car physics added In this jeep driving game we have addedRussian cars as well as Americans 4x4 vehicles. We have worked dayand night to improve and apply the most realistic physics and soundeffects to every car and truck we have used in this game forprecise driving on dangerous offroads. Select your vehicle amongfive different luxury cars. Become furious heavy vehicle driver inthis 4x4 offroad rally game. Can you cross every jump perfectly,drift accurately and complete the tasks within time limits withoutdamaging your SUV Jeep & Monster Truck? Smart use of handbrakewill give you the perfect control over the crucial pointcompetitions. Extreme Off road Jeep Driving is not some ordinarytrucker or parking game for transporting goods or packages. Speedup with no limitation into stunning visuals, realistic off roadphysics and adventurous hill racing thrill. Features of Extreme Offroad Jeep Driving:- - High quality 3D graphics.- 4x4 Luxuryvehicles added.- Realistic controls applied.- Cool background musicand sound effects.- Three different modes of gameplay.- Manualshift added.- Powerful offroad jeeps with 4x4 engines.- RealisticDriving Pleasure.- Massive 3D offroad jungle environment.Note:-This game is free to download and no in app purchases included. Youcan download this game without internet.
Offroad Cargo Truck Game 2017 1.2
About GameAre you in love with cargo transport sim 3D games andgrand truck simulator games, here is the newest Offroad Cargo Truckgame 2017 of this new year. Playing Truck transportation game wasnever easy, transporting cargo on offroad curvy roads, shippingfreight and goods, driving on uphill hill climb roads but when itcomes to this extreme hill climb truck driving challenge 2017 wemade it easier and smoother even on rough and bumpy roads. 3D hillclimb truck simulator game has very interesting gameplay with verybeautiful and realistic environment, which makes this game moreexciting and fun to play. Cargo truck drive 2017 is the newestchallenging cargo delivery game, in this grand truck simulator gamewe have made the terrain more realistic and bumpy so that you getreal feel of cargo truck driving simulation, suspension and jumpsof the cargo truck has been made more realistic for you to drive itfor hours and perform your truck duty. Driving a heavy 6x6 wheelertruck is so easy on smooth and steady path but driving the sameheavy 6x6 wheeler truck on offroad paths loaded with crates andwood logs is not so easy to drive and deliver it on time. In thisbrand new cargo transporter truck game we have added fuel tankinstead of time for completing the level. You have given the cargotruck with 100 liter fuel tank and your job is to deliver the cargoin given amount of fuel. You can get more fuel by doing in gamestunts like jumping on ramps with loaded truck and get extra cashplus fuel. Let the game be defining your experience of heavy dutytruck driving, drive and stay away from obstacles. Upgrading yourHeavy Cargo TruckSelect your cargo truck from garage, customize itby changing its color, upgrade your truck engine by spending someextra money, upgrade your truck engine for increasing it speed andtorque, you can also upgrade your fuel tank for extra mileage, ifyou are out of cash and cannot buy any upgrade no worries just playthe game complete every level and earn extra cash in this OffroadCargo Truck Game 2017. Three different types of controls. AboutLevelsIn Offroad Cargo Truck Game 2017 game has 5 multiple levelswith different difficulty levels and loaded with different goods todeliver. We have also added night mode which you can select fromgame menu and perform your truck driver duty in night mode withbeautiful lights as well. In this 2017 cargo truck drivingsimulation you have to drive offroad truck to finish your maingoal, drive your payload kind sized truck on rough terrain anduneven environment. Your central goal is get different goods anddeliver it to different merchandise from one spot and drive throughExquisite Mountain, beautiful trees, thrilling ways and hazardousturns and conveys this load logs to craving goals.Key Features ofthis extreme truck driving game:-- Truck driving in day and nightmodes.- Bumpy and realistic offroads.- Beautiful 3D environment.-Realistic Truck physics.- Three different types of truck controls.-Amazing and cool background sound effects.- Hill climbs offroadracing mode.- Multiple camera views.- Addictive and smoothgameplay.- High quality graphics.- 6x6 wheeler trucks.- Increase/reduce quality.- Runs perfectly on all android mobiles.
Commando Shooter Base Attack 1.2
About GameCommando shooter 2017 season is back with full action,revenge and thrilling missions. You play as an ultimate 3rd personshooter, shoot to kill enemies in their army bases. You are trainedin army training school for all threats and odds, you wererigorously trained to eliminate all threats, clear all elitecommando missions on borderline and perform your duty of commandoin any circumstances. One of the best frontline border commandoshooter games with heavy machine guns to play and kill. This gameis all about saving your country from terrorist attacks anddestroying their military bases just like operation zarb e azab.Dive in to exhilaration action gameplay with army commando shooter.Complete various military missions, destroy enemy’s soldiers, drivetanks and other military machines or even become assassin sneakinginto the enemy camp to kill every soldier there. Enemy is attackingon borderline again and trying to mess up the peace of yourcountry, innocents civilians were killed in surgical strike andeverything was destroyed beyond borderline, you are amilitary-trained soldier and specially trained for battlefieldmissions and extreme level terrorist attacks with tactical andsnipping skills like mountain sniper shooting and lone snipermission. You are up against a convoy of troops, alone on theforefront of the battlefield but your mind is placid knowing thestakes, you have two choices either to eliminate all enemy troopsand become renowned for your heroic acts or hinder the enemiesuntil reinforcements arrive.Commando Shooter Base Attack is thenewest target shooting game with special missions and amazinggraphics so that you get real feel of commando action game, withbeautiful 3d mountain and objective based environment and 3rdperson shooting experience. Prove yourself as a patriot soldier ofyour country and let your nation proud on you. While playing thischallenging Commando Shooter Base Attack game you have to becareful of mountain sniper shooters they could snip you out in oneshot. Play as a stealth player commando adventure. It is thrillingdead war against terrorism so go with no mercy, no rules in thisrealistic game. Download now for free. This game has no in apppurchase and you can play it without internet.Features of CommandoShooter Base Attack:-- Wide weapons arsenal guns, rifles, launchersand more.- Amazing 3D graphics.- Action shooter game.- Multiplemilitary missions.- Realistic and smooth TPS controls.- Strategicgameplay.- Thrilling sound effects.- Efficient weapon control.
Grand Cpec Truck Simulator 17 1.0
About gameDo you love grand truck simulator games or euro truckparking, we have developed a newest 3D truck simulator game for youto drive on offroad desert environment and perform your trucksimulator duty. Drive your grand truck simulator across the Cpecroute from China to Gawadar port and deliver big cargo containersand other cargo goods. Grand Cpec Truck simulator 17 is the bestgame on 2017 with modified truck physics which gives you real feelof grand truck driving. About GameplayIn this truck simulator gameyou have deliver a lot of things like gasoline, cars, fuel, gravel,food and many more. Drive across the big environment and explorethe route of Cpec from China to Gilgit and then to GawadarBaluchistan. Grand Cpec Truck Simulator 17 give you chance to drivelong vehicles like big trucks and heavy trailers with also semitrucks. You can choose your vehicle from garage to drive anddeliver cargo to destinations. This truck simulator game hasmultiple missions but driving grand truck is a very difficult joband you need to have precise driving skills to complete allmissions and deliver goods safe without any damage. You surelydriven cars and big trucks in city truck simulators but we bringsomething different from them. In this 3D truck simulator you haveto drive on offroad hill climb roads, while driving your grandtruck you will face many hurdles like road twists, sharp turns,steeps and mud roads but you must handle your truck and reach safeto destination points to get cash and clear your mission. In thisgame we have added automatic transmission so that you can get fullenjoyment from truck driving simulator. For more easy and safedriving follow road signs and bridges to deliver your cargo safelywithout any damage or loss. Precautions while driving your bigtruckAvoid collisions with road sides, boards and other things, donot race your grand truck always speed your truck when you seeclear roads and are able to control it under any difficultsituation. Feature of Grand Cpec Truck Simulator 17:-- Modifiedtruck driving physics.- Beautiful 3D offroad environment.- 3D semitrucks and long trucks models.- Cool background music and soundeffects.- Three different trucks for cargo delivery.- Automaticgear transmission- 4x4 wheel truck physics with real suspension andjumping.
Offroad Jeep Mountain Drive 3D 1.2
Howdy offroaders, let’s play 2017 best offroading games based onMurchison offroad park Australia. This offroad simulator 4x4 gameshas every driving and offroading feature which a real offroad trackshould have. Murchison offroad park Australia is famous for itsrough tracks, mud rally racing and dead roads, so offroaders startyour 4x4 jeep engine, accelerate your car and complete all offroadtracks by passing it very precisely with your extreme offroadingjeep driving skills. Do you like taking on the hardest games everto constantly push your skills to the edge? Do you like addictiveoffroad hill games that will let you play for hours non stop? Ifyour answer is yes, then Offroad Jeep Mountain Drive 3D is just theperfect game for you right now!Have you ever thought about drivingon offroads in Australia and breathe taking landscapes but thirstyand dead road with canyons and sharp cliffs, offroad rally jeepracing and driving on extreme 4x4 offroad is a dream for everypassionate and challenging driver here we make it true for you.Getthe coolest and greatest mountain jeep drive game on your androidsmartphone or tablet for FREE real jeeps, monster cars, extremetracks and multiple driving levels with 5 interesting gameplaymodes and 9 marvelous 4x4 suvs, surf, jeeps offroad trucks and moreto come. Offroad Jeep Mountain Drive 3D is the latest and coolestaustralia murchison park game on Play Store. There many challengesinside this addictive game that you will like. And the best thingis that you can enjoy drifting with your ford truck withinmountains or drive wherever you want without challenges. In this4x4 offroad jeep driving 3D game you will not only drive on offroadbumpy tracks but also you will learn the most dangerous andexciting offroad driving skills which make you a pro 4x4 jeepdriver. Take the hold of your monster truck steering wheel and letthe offroad track begins with high octane and diesel engine formore power and strength. Offroad mudding is the most interestingmode on this game when your 4x4 vehicle stuck in mud and cannotmove for which you will need pro driving skills to complete themission.Why you need to donwload and install this real challenginggame on your android smartphone or tablet for Free instead of otheraussie offroaders games?✓ We created some Cool, awesome and smoothhigh quality graphics to give you the best experience while playingthe greatest racing game ever! You will enjoy it!✓ Offroad JeepMountain Drive 3D is FREE and it will stay Free for life, so thereis No hidden fees, no special memberships and no annualsubscription fees.✓ Fantastic theme graphics and immersive soundeffects. We took design seriously and we want our users to enjoythis game immensely.✓ You will enjoy playing within an awesomemountain hill environment! This environment was created exclusivelyfor this game and you will not be able to find it elsewhere!✓ Wedesigned a wide selection of cars that you will love. All cars arein a very high quality and you can unlock more using the collectedcash.✓ You can play within 3 modes: Free Roaming, Challenge andDrifting. Enjoy them!✓ Earn free cash by watching promotionalvideos.What are you waiting for? Download now this 4x4 mountaindrifter game on your android smartphone or tablet Now and startplaying the best free use australia murchison park and aussieoffroaders game ever!We are always striving to provide the bestuser experience for our players. We are also looking for yourfeedback, suggestion or recommendation
American Classic Car Simulator 1.1
If you love riding Cadillac muscle cars in open world map withoutany boundaries and time limits then you are at the right place todownload this beautiful and awesome driving game of American fastcars. Select and drive your muscle car with V8 engine sound in openworld map in beautiful desert landscape. This is not enough we haveadded three different driving modes you can change your wheel driveto 4x4, forward wheel drive FWD and rear wheel drive RWD. If youstill are not convince here is another feature we have added foryou, you can change your car driving to drift and to racing whileplaying the game, along with drifting and racing on asphalt roadand sand we have also added different type of extreme andchallenging stunts for your gaming appetite. This is the coolestgame of 2017 with old sports cars including thunder muscle car,Zegato, Stranger and diesel sporty muscle car. Ride on the greatcars of the past years in the city and enjoy good graphics andrealistic driving physics in this Classic American Muscle Car game.Drift as much as you can and check your drift counter for makingthis muscle car simulation game more interesting we have added airtime while performing breathtaking stunts air time will be counted.Test your real drift and burnout skills.Muscle car torque burnoutsimulator is the best and coolest game not only in racing anddrifting category but also in simulation because we have addedthree different controls for you so those who like steering wheelcan play it and also with tilt and buttons control.Grip the wheelor select your controls which suits you best, put your foot to thefloor and drive like a maniac, completing donuts and drifts like achampion. Evolve your ride and push it to its limits, rally thecrown into a frenzy and then push it some more to reign supreme asthe muscle car driving king! This game has realistic burnoutsimulation with gorgeous smoke, bursting tires and flaming engines.Beautiful muscle cars added with unique handling and customizationand every car has thundering engine sounds that will send chillsdown your spine.Features of American Classic Car Simulator:-Realistic muscle car physics with V8 engine sound.- 4 Muscle carsincluded and 4 more to come in next update.- Real wind for perfectfeeling of desert environment.- 3D beautiful desert landscapeenvironment with asphalt road..- Open world game with no boundariesand limits.- Tires smoke effect and burnout.- 4x4, Front wheeldrive and rear wheel driving controls.- Drifting and racingsimulations for perfect driving- Three different user controls fordriving and simulation.- Beautiful graphics- Two differentlanguages added.- Tablet support and full hd support.- Dynamicshadows.- So what are you waiting for download now the coolest gameAmerican Classic Car Simulator and feel the real drifting andracing on muscle cars.
VR Dubai Desert Safari Drift 1.1
About GameThe new version of Dubai Desert Safari Drift Race is herein VR, so are you ready for an exciting and full of adventure,thrilling game, VR Dubai Desert Safari Drift is not just aboutdrifting in desert, jeep racing and sahara speed drifting its allabout the tourism of Dubai and Arabs entertainment, VR Dubai isfull of entertainment activities, lots of tourists from USA,France, Germany, Pakistan, Australia, United Kingdom, Russia andother Gulf, Europe or from Asian countries visit Dubai for its richculture and tourism activities, especially when it comes to VRDubai and desert only drifting and VR desert safari comes in mind.Although Dubai is famous for its fast police cars as well but VRDubai desert safari 4x4 jeep crazy racing is most popular game allover the world. Driving your own Lexus Land cruiser or GMC heavy4x4 truck, Dubai Range rover for desert drifting fast driving and4x4 jeep for crazy racing gives you the perfect feel of VR Dubaidesert safari and desert.About GameplayVR Dubai Desert Safari Driftis all about drifting and racing in desert, making VR drift counts,donut drifts etc and become VR off road legends, this is full ofthrill and adventure jeep racing off road driving game, drive yourown Prado or land cruiser with very powerful engine and reversewheel drive RWD to do perfect drifts and explore the vast desert ofDubai. This is the best hajoola game ever. We offer 6 modes desertday mode, desert night mode and Dubai airport terminal 3 modes inthis perfect challenging drift and racing game, you can selectmodes which suit you the best and get the most out of it. VR Desertin day time is beautiful when you drive a heavy engine off road carand listening to Arabic music and exploring the vast and massivedesert of Dubai watching camels running but VR desert in the nightis most beautiful place to drive under open sky with blinking starsand fast driving. Drive your ultimate drift simulation car in VRDubai airport terminal three and experience the most dangerous andthrilling stunts and VR drift driving situations. Drifting is notso easy in real life and not allowed on streets out there that’swhy we bring the most real street drift zone in Dubai airport. Nowdrift and race by driving special Nissan skyline drifting car.Drive and drift your car in different situations and be a prodrifter. Enhance your driving skills in this game, challenge yourfriends and family and tell them to beat your drift score.Featureof Dubai Desert Safari Drift Race:-- Smooth and realistic driftphysics.- Tilt, buttons and steering controls.- Three differentcars for drifting.- Three gameplay modes.- Different Arabic songs.-Real desert simulator.- HD graphics of offroading race.- Realcamels models.- Car simulation controls- Real experience ofdrifting with 4x4 offroad jeep.- Massive Dubai desert and airportenvironment.- Car Nitro, lights and indicators.- Real drift carracing.So put your crazy driving skills into a shoe of real crazyjeep racer and simulate your driving skills and be the part ofultimate challenging Dubai Drifting and racing game. So what areyou waiting for download now for free.
Drift Racing Retro Cars 2017 1.0
Are you bored of cars, bus or truck simulations and cargo deliverytype games? Do you want to take your gaming appetite to next leveland play some really challenging, fun and just drift games? Hereyou are to get the most mad drift and burnout drifting game forfree, download the best Car Drift Racing and hajwalah game of 2017.In this Drift Racing Retro Cars 2017 you get to drive the mostexotic and beautiful retro and classic cars from past eras in newfreestyle drifting, drive your retro cars in different environmentto become pro drifter and enhance your skills and be called driftlegends. You are not to knockout by someone in this drifting game,in this game you are free to buy any car by earning dollars as muchyou drift. Over 15 different retro, muscle and classic Americancars of its own time, now we have modified its chassis, engine,suspension and torque for most extreme drifting. 6 different racingtracks gives you the ultimate sports car driver to burn rubber anddrift for earning more dollars in the best android racing game.This is a real drift car racing game with most realistic 3D driftracing simulation on mobile devices and yet easy to control and funto play and free for life game. Have you ever thought to buy aretro or classic car and modify it for drifting on streets outthere and take part in underground drift competitions, isn’t it acool idea drifting in cool old muscle cars with heavy weight bodyand chassis, modifying its tires for perfect drifting. This amazingcar drift racing game has also perfect for those who live in SaudiArab, Dubai or Middle East and are bored of sports cars driftingand racing in deserts. If you want to play real drifting gamedownload now Drift Racing Retro Cars 2017 game for free. If youwant some serious drifting techniques of oldie cars and with openplayground with no time limits and without any rules you are at theright place. Let’s take a drive in Muscle car and with modifiedengine for extreme drift. Features of this Extreme Drift RacingRetro Cars 2017 game:- Modified old muscle, retro and classiccars.- Drift physics with realistic smooth controls.- 6 bigdrifting playgrounds for perfect driving.- Sound effects and extraadded features to cars.- RWD and FWD manually selected feature.-Drift counter for earning more money.- Optimized 3D environmentsfor smooth gameplay.- Arabic background music.
Scuba Deep Sea Swim Simulator 1.2
Good day mate! Get ready this summer for the coolest game, let’sswim in the oceans and beaches and reduce our thirst. This scubadiving and swimming simulator game is especially developed forthose who love to go to beaches and like surfing, water boarding,fishing and swim under water in deep sea. Everyone have dream to doscuba diving somewhere in the middle of the ocean and go deep inthe sea and see what beneath the water, but now you can in thiswater scuba diving game you can Explore the beautiful beach, boatsfishes and underwater world in this scuba diving water game. Youcan walk on the beach to explore its different parts and also canrun to the sea and swim, to make this swimming game moreinteresting we have added treasure in the deep sea and you have tofind it by diving in the water, swim by the arrow and complete thewater game levels to open next. Scuba Deep Sea Swim Simulator isthe summer 2017 water game for your enjoyment and fun, whileplaying this beach and water game you will get the real feel ofswimming and diving in real water, we have applied real physics towater to make it look like real ocean water. Now you don’t need togo to any beach or swimming pool. You have the real sea divingsimulator in your hands, open it and jump into the water and enjoythe real water surfing simulator. In Scuba Deep Sea Swim Simulatorthere are no time limits for swimming or deep water diving you canplay it anytime anywhere and at any place, even if you feelfrustrated by office work just download and play scuba water divinggame and share it with your friends. Don’t worry there are notsharks or hungry fishes that will eat you, you just have to diveand if you don’t know swimming or scuba diving this game will teachyou without fear how to swim or do scuba diving and also underwaterstunts, swim freely in this water swimming game. Download now forfree. Features of Scuba Deep Sea Swim Simulator: - Awesome 3Dgraphics with beautiful beach and water environment. - Smoothcontrol with 3D model of male scuba with gear. - Cool Backgroundmusic and sound effect for more amusement. - Multiple levels toplay and explore treasures in water. - Easy to play and swim, gointo deep sea. - No time limits, swim anytime without limits. -Frist Underwater swim simulator. - Explore the beautiful water andocean world. - Cool weather effect for summer thirst.
Coach Bus Simulator 2017 1.1
Let’s get started your Bus Driving Career pick and drop passengersfrom one place to another, refill your gas tank on off-road hillgas stations and become real bus driver. Its summer and touristsfrom many warm countries are travelling to different hill stationsto spend their vacations pick and drop them in your luxury bus.It’s time to earn money through bus transportation champ! Manyroutes to explore, realistic next-gen environment with breathtakinglandscapes, detailed bus vehicles, and realistic bus interior willmake you feel like driving real bus. This brand new Coach BusSimulator 2017 will take you to the real bus driving experience byletting you drive luxury bus and transporting passenger. This isthe best transport game ever! In this bus simulator 17 game you getto drive the most exotic and luxury bus and become real bus driver.About Exotic 3D Off-road EnvironmentWe have worked hard on bussimulator games environment to make it more realistic and enjoyablefor you so that when you drive your luxury bus you get the realfeel of landscapes, mountains, trenches, steeps and slopes. WaterRiver down the mountains makes this bus transportation game morefun to play and addicting. You will get your bus reflection inwater stream going through the off road track. Realistic Off roadtrack gives you the dirt effect and make your bus more slipperywhile driving your grand bus on it. Be careful while driving yourluxury bus you might face land sliding in some areas on yourenvironment make sure you have the perfect driving skills tosurvive land sliding. Driving on long routes will give you more funand exploring the big open world off road environment in this CoachBus Simulator 2017.About Bus Simulator ControlWhen it comes togameplay controls are most important thing to give you therealistic and real bus driving controls so that you get feel andexperience realistic bus control simulation. We have optimized buscontrols even if you don’t have driving skills you can easilycontrol and drive your luxury bus in this bus coach simulator 2017game. This bus driving game has three different controls withperfect handling, gas and brake system. Passenger’s lives areprecious so drive carefully when taking sharp turns, driving ontwists and steeps. Off road track becomes narrow at some places butwith our bus driving controls you will easily handle any dangeroussituations. You can also learn real bus driving with steeringcontrols and perfect axis. So get onboard now and drive this CoachBus simulator 2017 now! Park your luxury bus on parking spots sothat passengers can get their easily and become bus parkingchamp.GAME FEATURES- Realistic bus driving- Amazing and challengingmissions- 2 Perfect 3D buses- Big open world off road environment-Realistic weather (Rainy, Snowy, Sunny, Foggy weathers)- Amazing 3Dgraphics- Realistic bus sound effectsLets get to the transportationbusiness and earn money in this summer with lots of fun. Completelyrealistic bus driving. Download Bus Simulator 2017 game right nowfor free. No in app purchase included, You can play this gamewithoutwifi.
Fidget Spinner Stress Reducer 1.0
Lets download the coolest and relaxing Fidget Spinner game 2017. Ifyou are bored or stressed in office or while travelling justdownload this best finger spinner game and play it with yourfingers by swapping the fidget spinner. Spin the fidget one to fivetime increase the speed and earn coins by how many times the wheelrotate. This is handy game for your mobile device. Spin as manytimes and earn coins to upgrade your fidget spinner or unlock newstylish and colorful fidgets of new shape. You must have tried manystressed reducer fidgets try this brand new fidget spinner forfree, with beautiful and relaxing sound effects and scoremultiplier and amazing spinning effect. This new game will satisfyyou while the wheel spin around. This is easy to play hard tomaster fidget spinner game 2017. So are you ready to become bestfinger spinner by playing this free finger spinner game. AmazingFeatures of Fidget spinner Stress Reducer:- Offline coins earning.-Upgrading your wheel rotation by applying grease.- Unlock new andstylish fidgets spinner for more fun.- Improve your swapping speedand timer.- Score multiplier.- Share your highest score with yourfriends.So what are you waiting for, download for free the bestFidget Spinner Stress Reducer game. Disclaimer: This game is cloneof original Fidget Spinner available in market. Some features willbe difference then the real spinner.
Hill Climb Limo Taxi Driver 1.0
About GameOffroad taxi and car driving lovers we are back withnewest big vehicle limousine car taxi game of 2017. In this taxidriving simulator we have added big limousine cars in offroad hillclimb environment to drive your passenger across the beautiful 3Dhill stations and drop them to hotel and various picnic spots.Don’t rush while driving it may cause you big trouble and crashyour limousine taxi. Drive through Russian mountains to droppassengers on their favorite picnic spots and resorts. AboutGameplayTaxi driving is always fun in city or offroads, picking upyour passengers and dropping them earning more cash by driving yourtaxi day and night. Keeping all these features in mind we have madethis hill climb limo taxi driver game more interesting and fun toplay. In this unique driving game you will experience yourself likea real taxi driver but you won’t be driving small taxi cars, youget to drive big limousine taxi cars and earn big amount of cash.It’s time to pick up passengers and take them to their desireddestination in this simulation and challenging game. This hillclimb limo taxi driver game is tremendous cab driving simulationgame with multiple tasks and a chance to growth up your drivingskills. Experience the challenging missions that are just waitingfor you. Offroading on Russian tracks are not easy in winter but insummer you will get it easy drive as a real cab driver speciallylimousine.It’s time to fasten your seat belt and get ready for thesuper crazy offroad drive with extreme limo cab driving. In offroadtaxi game, taxi driving is not an easy task there are blocky paths,curve roads, steeps, sharp curves so be careful when you drive andspecially reduce speed while taking sharp turns. Time is mostimportant thing drop your passengers within time to clear themissions.This taxi driver game will give you real feel of drivingcareem and uber taxi but on offroad tracks. Drive at high speed anddon’t let curvy paths and treacherous turns slow you down unlessyou have precise car racing and driving skills. So what are youwaiting hurry up cabby and unlock more missions by completingprevious levels. If you real like to play as a cab driver you musttry this challenging taxi simulator, with realistic limousine carphysics for offroad tracks and smooth controls. Hill climb limotaxi driver is the most fun game to play with unique idea andamazing environment. Feature of limo taxi game 2017:-- AmazingRussian offroad tracks.- 3D graphics and models.- Three differentlimousine cars.- Pick and drop passengers.- Smooth controls.-Realistic car physics.- Beautiful 3D environment.- Amazing soundeffects and background music.How to play:-Touch gas button toaccelerate, tilt to steer and brake button to slow down.Note:- Thisgame is free to download and no in app purchases included. You canplay this game without internet.
Raft Survival Death Escape 3D 1.0
Captain Andrew and his crew crashed into the ocean and nothing leftbut the broken ship pieces, holding a raft type wood captain Andrewhas stranded into the wild island, where one can hear the scaryvoices of wild animals, as the big ship got wrecked in the middledeep sea survival suits, food, medicine packs, life guardseverything just has gone with it. The island you landed is anextreme lonely island where you are going to fight for yoursurvival by crafting a raft and tools for travelling. Are you readyto explore the mysterious island and battle against all odds anddangers like a real survival hero of 2017. This will be the bestadventure escape mission in a dangerous wild island with nosurvival guide and knowledge of crafting. Try to survive in vastWild Island where every animal is hunter in this Raft SurvivalDeath Escape 3D. This will be the best raft survival escape storyof your life, Survival on a dead island where no one comes and evenyou don’t know when will help arrive is too much risky, but forsurvival you don’t need to plan anything you need a knowledge ofcrafting and making tools, this is the only way you will survive onisland and will be able to craft a raft. Ocean is not your friendbut you can hunt fishes and other animals in water, hunt deer,boar, ducks and other animals for eating and craft its skin formaking other useful instruments. Challenging escape missions lieahead complete it and become island survivor hero, will you be ableto fight and survive successfully? By crafting and completingeveryday missions you will be able to survive on the island andescape from the sea successfully in Raft Survival Death Escape 3D.Try to build a raft for the ultimate survival and mark the bestraft sea escape story of 2017. Survival on island is a toughchallenge in wilderness where you need to gather tools, craftweapons for your own safety, crafting big weapons for cutting bigtrees, hunting wild animals, making shelters and tents, making firein the woods from stone, making rope for holding the raft, allthese items would be needed for you to survive and escape theisland via raft. Experience the full day night cycle and face thedangers of darkness and cold island survival. First you will needto make fire and shelter and then you need to find water and food.Wild animals are roaming freely in the island and are in hunt ofprey be cautious and defend you from wilderness and other dangers.An extreme island adventures is waiting for you while fishing youneed to be very careful hungry sharks are waiting for you. Featuresof Raft Survival Death Escape 3D:- Tools, Raft Building.- 3D VastIsland Environment with ocean.- Wild animals in island with fishesand sharks. - Hunt rabbit, shark, deer and wild fox, boars.-Swimming in sea and raft driving.- Smart and smooth controls.- Treecutting with axe and making raft for survival.- Stunning & highquality 3D graphics.- Upgrade your inventory for extreme survivalmission.- Interesting gameplay.- Thrilling and challengingmissions.- Gather stones, metals, wood, rope, food and many more.-Free to play.
Real Car Parking 2018 Underground Parking Academy 1.3
The wait is over we have brought you the best and high quality RealCar Parking game of 2018 with HD and 3D beautiful sports and luxurycars and over 100 levels of multiple car parking challengesincluding parallel parking, reverse, hard parking and chance tolearn valet parking for the first time in this Car parking academy.Sooth your urge to play this real car parking with most realisticcar physics among car parking games 2018. You probably have playedcar parking games on your mobile phone then why download Real CarParking 2018 Underground Parking Academy.- This underground hardcar parking game has High quality graphics which make you feelplaying a real car parking game.- Beautiful 3D and high definitionunderground parking garage is designed with real parking signs,blocks, traffic cones and other 3D parked cars which let youexperience real car driving and simulation.- Realistic physicsapplied to your cool and HD beautiful luxury cars for easilydriving and handling even in hard parking situations.- Challengingauto parking levels with easy, medium and hard difficulties so thatyou get full package in one game.- Reverse lights and front lightsof cars added for indicating reverse gear and easy parking in darkareas of the 3D parking garage.- Parking sensors applied to everycar so that you can park your expensive sports car without hittingany obstacle or traffic cone. - 11 Beautiful and high definitionand detailed sports and luxury cars added under different pricetags so that you can buy your favorite car with different carupgrades.- Hard car parking levels need different camera angles sowe have added 5 camera angles to park and drive car in verycomfortable way especially in hard and difficult levels. - Beforedriving your car fasten your seatbelt to avoid any accidents incase of fast driving.- This game is not only a car parking game butin this game you can learn about how to park your car in differentsituations such as reverse parking, parallel and hard parking,download this parking academy game and be a pro car driver. - Themost challenging game of its kind, Play at your own risk.- Learncar driving skills of steering, acceleration, brake and obstacleavoidance to get your vehicle parked in parking places.Download nowand become a real car parker in this 3D game. Real Car Parking 2018Underground parking academy will teach you how to park and driveyour car. Now no need to pay money for car driving instructors whenyou can learn how to drive real cars by playing this car parkingand driving school game. Unlike other car parking games of 2017this game has superior quality graphics with easy and hardunderground parking ticket system. Learn valet parking whileenjoying the game and master yourself by practicing. Real CarParking 2018 Underground parking academy has no in app purchasesand you can play it for free any time without Wi-Fi, we upgradethis game every week, your suggestions are very important for us toimprove quality of car parking games.
Ninja Warrior Hero Fight Kung Fu Ninja Game 1.0
Are you ready to become ninja warrior and assassin enemies of evilcastle and rescue you’re girlfriend who was captivated by yourenemies, this is a royal revenge legendary warrior game. You knowmartial arts skills and your enemies are afraid of your fightingand survival skills and can be threat to your girlfriend. You needto be ninja assassin and fight with evil gangs in this shadow ninjaaction game. Ninja tactics and samurai sword skills must be need todefeat the castle army and rescue prisoners. Fight with boss at theend and teach them lesson.Ninja Warrior Hero Fight Kung Fu NinjaGame is fast paced action game, defeat the castle evils in royalrevenge 3D action games. In first level you need to pass throughall the hurdles of castle, kill the ninja warriors and enemieswaiting for you and kill them to clear next level. This is the bestninja fighting action game you ever played. You are a ninjaassassin in this extreme fighting game be that warrior super heroninja escape and take an epic revenge from evil castle enemies withyou powerful shurikens, classic samurai sword, bow and arrows andwith your super martial art warrior fighting survival skills. Showno mercy who kidnapped your girlfriend they are armed with guns andexplosives climb on walls and use stealth strategy to defeat allstrange shadow enemy fighters and win ninja warrior throne battlewith your amazing assassin skills. Your girlfriend is in a prisonguarded by deadly fighters, captain guards and armed soldiers. Killall of enemies using your bow and shurikens like ninja warrior inthis 3D action games. You need to make your way to the prison whereyour girl has been kept , kill soldiers and collect prison cellkeys to rescue her. After you rescue your girl find the bosskidnapper who is guarded by mafia to secure him but just like asuper ninja you are not afraid of death and revenge must be taken.If you like sword fighting games you must download and play thisgame.You are trained by shinobi sensei become a hitman ninja inthis sword fighting game. Sneak up enemy ninja with stealthtechniques, avoid making noise. The best way for you to survive isattack from behind.Once you find the boss in dungeons you must killhim before his brother arrive to kill you, there is a time limit tothis fight and you have to win it for the sake of your girlfriendin this 3D action game. The ultimate ninja warrior throne battleshould be won by the one who is the real super hero. Ready to playthis martial arts game and show your kicking and punching skills.You are trained American ninja perfect target skills with shurikensand bows to kill enemy in one shot. Play like shadow ninja warriorand don’t get caught by enemies. In level 5 you need to be low anddon’t let castle guards ring the alarm otherwise you would be in abig trouble. Use your ninja knife to kill them silently this willmake you silent ninja assassin. Save yourself from the bullets,jump, climb to reach the enemy or throw shuriken from a distance.Fight like a brave ninja in this Ninja Warrior Hero Fight Kung FuNinja Game. Experience ninja warrior and bring death to all yourenemies in this 3D action game. This super ninja hero game is freeto download and no in app purchases included.Best features of NinjaWarrior Hero Fight Kung Fu Ninja Game:- Amazing ninja attackparticle effects.- Realistic martial arts fighting animation.-Sword fighting and bow weapons to kill.- A big 3D environment toexplore.- Quality graphics with amazing sound effects.- NinjaWarrior super hero escape challenging missions.- Epic Fight forthrone battle with castle enemies.- Rescuing girl from enemiesprison.
Modern City Muscle Car Driving Game Auto Challenge 1.1
About Modern City Muscle Car Driving Game: Auto ChallengeDo youwant to know what it takes to be a good driver in big city withdifferent challenging levels and realistic car simulation withdashboard? Lets play the newest driving style street auto withluxurious car driving game. In this car driving game you wont onlyplay luxury and modern cars but you also get to clear manychallenging levels including taxi simulation and parking challengesand racing, this car parking and driving game has everything whatit takes to be a good racing car driver in city, following trafficrules and waiting for pedestrian’s to pass, avoid crashing withtraffic cars and learn how to drive in city with massive traffic inModern City Muscle Car Driving Game: Auto ChallengeParkingchallenge in this car driving and racing game has most amazingfeature to park your modern and luxurious sports cars in a reservedparking area. But be careful while parking your modern car you needgood parking skills. Enjoy the best car simulation with realisticcar driving and parking controls with driving indicators in thismodern city car driver game. One of the best games which give youreal feel of driving and racing in city. If you have passed ourtest and got driving license from driving school then let’s playthe most expensive sports car game ever which includes 4x4 sportscar engines with American muscle car and German Volkswagen motorsport. The best feature of this real city car driver game is thatif you don’t want to play missions and roam free in city just don’tswitch to missions and drive in free zone of big city. Drive intraffic and keep in your lane, follow the traffic rules and don’tget fined by traffic police wardens. Just go ahead and downloadthis traffic racer game select your car and drive in the big cityand stay out of bore zoned in Modern City Muscle Car Driving Game:Auto ChallengeFeatures of Modern City Car Driver Game:- 3D Big citywith traffic and pedestrians. - Realistic and smooth car controls(tilt, buttons, steering)- Most expensive world class sports andluxury cars added.- Different driving challenges with free roamingin city game.- Car simulation with cockpit view.- Drive liketraffic racer.- Taxi simulation levels (pick and drop)- Awesomeuser Interface- Can be playable without wifi.- Free to download andno in app purchases.
Blue Whale Simulator Mind Game 1.0
You have played many underwater games butthisis very different from all other whale simulation games. Inthisgame you have to face many challenges while playing, passthosechallenges and earn points to change your whale. This is themostaddictive game of Blue whale simulation you will never stopplayingit. Are you ready to play and pass every challenge. Thendownloadthis Blue Whale simulator Mind game for free.In this Whale game you need to tap on the screen to move yourwhaleto different directions and keep it safe from ongoingobstacles.You need to take wise steps and do not collide blue whalewithobstacles which will result game over. You can play this bluewhalegame as a survival simulator. Earn Points for successfullydonemissions and unlock different, unique and fastest whales.BlueWhale Simulator Mind Game is very tricky game, and you needtofocus on the whale to clear the missions. At early stages youwillface easy levels but when the game gets faster it’s hard topassthese levels. Its more like blue mini whale racing game whichisfun to play. The whale is finding its home and you need to showhimthe way to reach his home safe. We have added very amusingmusicwhich makes the blue whale game play more interesting. Withone tapgame you can play it any where any time. Lets download thebest andfree Blue Whale Simulator Mind Game in your mobile phoneforfree.Features of Blue Whale Game:-- Interesting Gameplay.- Beautiful Whales in different colors.- Amazing background music.- One tap game.- Free to play.
Battleground Counter Attack Army: Gunner 2018 1.0.3
Get ready for hardcore classic FPS game of Counter Strikers, thereal swat team is going to fight real war in deadly battlefield.This time you have to face the most modern commandos in full actionwith modern weapons to ambush your territory. But you are the realcounter strike force not trained to be defeated easily. Destroy theenemy troops and commandos with modern weapons and AK47. Gets thereal feel of combat fighting in realistic 3D environment. Get holdof your grenades and refill your M5 ammo to pull the burst on yourenemies.Play with two different teams Swat Counter Strike force andterrorists. Use melee attacks and throw hand grenades, for thefirst time in First person action game we have added pump action toblow the enemy crazy. Follow the guidelines directed by theoperator and run the mission cleanup in occupied army base. Theultimate war is ahead Sargent are you ready to fight for thevictory? We got intel from higher authorities to destroy the mostprecious data stolen from our base which can be very fatal to ournational security stored in a laptop, you need to find it anddestroy it, use your special training skills and plan a strategy toambush in enemies area, make sure you get yourself to safe pointafter your mission is completed. You are responsible for thesecurity of civilians a very well knows political personality iskidnapped and authorities are informed to safely rescue him,remember soldier we do not trade with our rivals, go out with youralliances and rescue the political personality without any trade,you must secure him at any cost, you need to be very careful wehave got intel that there must be mines field everywhere in enemybase make sure you don’t hit any of them and we don’t want anycasualties.Playing this Army commando Action game will make youfeel like a real team of counter terrorism and counter sniper teamwith one to one combat against enemies. This is not a modernshooting combat assault games, you are a team leader of counterstrike force so play like an action shooter battle with realsnipers, AK47, M5 and shot guns which you are trained for. Only astrategically planned battle can be won in war games. Only aim andshoot to kill, Fire with your guns and kill the every enemy makesure no one is left and get back to the extraction point. Let’splay the world’s greatest military attack game on your smartphones. Commando your counter strike force in combat and battlefields to win every war. Once your pistol is out of ammo instead ofreloading it change your weapon to kill the enemy in your front,reloading your weapon takes time then swapping it. Let know yourpresence to your enemy, shot the gun fire and kill to shoot in thisaction game 2018. Play at your own risk and beat all of yourfriends in multiplayer mode, Play as a special force team leader tocounter strike the brutal armed terrorists commandos who areengaged in blackout and warfare against your team fortress. Theenemy commando strike will never let you take a breath so thatshooting until every one of them is down in this free action game2018.Battleground Counter Attack Army: Gunner 2018 real feel ofshooting and warfare playing in battlefields. Start downloadingthis counter strike now for free.Features of Battleground CounterAttack Army: Gunner 2018: • Free to play. • Multiple characters tochoose from. • Lethal and modern weapons to kill and shoot. •Realistic enemy AI. • First person shooting experience. • Next Gen3D graphics. • Realistic controls with joystick. • Player rewards.• Beautiful game environment.
Gangster of Vegas: Bank Robbery Crime Simulator 1.1
Welcome to Grand Gangster Sin City, where it all began. Roll up ona dangerous new trip through the city in San Andreas Fault in GrandGangsters game today! Gangster of Vegas puts the dark, intriguingand ruthless world of the city’s street crimes on your phones. Takethe advantage of dark streets rob the bank with your group ofgangsters tackle different types of vehicle theft mission to takeover the city and outrun the police after robbing San Andreas statebank. Stealing auto cars, robbing banks and atm machines, fightwith gangstars, evading cops, racing through streets and shootingdown mafia gangs. This cool Real gangster crime has multiple profittasks with cool rewards. Casinos and poker clubs are waiting foryou to get robbed by you gang. Are you ready to play the outrageousrole of grand gangster town to make some easy money by stealing androbbing? But be careful streets are full of special force soldiersand fierce bandits, dirty cops and raging gangs. Get yourself readyfor the street fights and survive to get rich. This is city full ofdanger and easy money. Complete fraction tasks to get reputationand earn more money, steal real cars and deliver it for money. Inthis ultimate Gangster of Vegas bank robbery crime simulator gameyou will become a dangerous thug and do whatever you want in grandgame about gangsters. Angry gangster fighter is ready for streetrumble. Dive deep in this world of lawlessness and anarchy, theftcars and illegal weaponry, grand crimes and street fights. The epicbattle of angry gangster vs thugs has begun, its finally yourchance to become a grand gangster town in this exciting gangsterRPG, defy cops compete with other mobsters and thugs and shake downall opponents that stand in your way. Ride through the city withstyle on your gangster motorcycle in your beefy muscle car. ThisSan Andreas crime simulator game has exciting gameplay. You arewaiting for the most hotspots of criminality in vegas. Criminalgangs seized south San Andreas in the early 90s. Crime rate in thecity reached the highest level. Beside Crime simulator game this isthe best city driving game whire you can grab and drive but thereis slight twist in this game, you have a lot of enemies who wantsto beat you. In this Gangster of Vegas Bank Robbery Crime SimulatorYou will get lot of mission in this game and the most important isyou have to rob bank by your own and steal all the money and escapefrom police. Do you have enough guts to rise to the top of thecriminal piles? Whats best in Gangster of Vegas Bank Robbery CrimeSimulator? • You can steal cars and drive them. • Become a realtransporter. • Rob atm machines and banks. • Realistic physics bothTPS and car driving simulation. • Third person controls. • Nightscene in a brand new city. • Fighting with the civilians. • Easymoney making game. • Cool classic cars. • Best cars to drive. •Open world environment.
Watermelon Shooter 3D Game: FPS Shooting Challenge 1.2
Do you love 3D shooting games with gun in hand? If yes then thiswatermelon shooter game is specially developed for fruit shootinggamers. Watermelon shooter in 3D exclusive for shooting gamelovers. Load your pistol to shoot the watermelon in this watermelonshooting game. Smash the watermelons with limited bullets of yourgun. To be the real shooter expert you need to shoot the targetwith gun by avoiding obstacles. Aim and shoot in this watermelonshooter 3D app with modern weapons and shotguns. Avoid missing thechance by using your sharp shootout skills while playing thiswatermelon shooting games for free.Watermelon and gun games forfree improve your focus and shooting skills. Take accurate shots tosmash all the watermelons with handgun and pistols. Water melonshooting is an amazing and fun fruit shooting game which is perfectmixture of arcade and simulation games. Watermelon shooter 3D isthe best fruit smashing game ever develop for your smartphones.This watermelon fruit shooting game will test your gun shootingskills and train your like as the world’s no.1 gun shooter. Getready to aim and shoot to crush all the watermelons like as fruitsmasher which playing the world’s best shooting arena than thiswatermelon shootout adventure is perfect for you to become anarcade shooter in this Watermelon Shooter 3D Game: FPS ShootingChallengeHave fun shooting the watermelons at all the levels. Byplaying one of the best watermelon shooting and fruit smashinggames 3d. Crush and shoot all the moving watermelons and becomebest shooter in the world with strong pistol grip. It is time toget one of the top fruit games free and shooting new games.Watermelon shooting fruit game is designed with an interestinggameplay so it can help you in a better way to improve yourshooting skill. Game contains various levels and mission. Everymission has its own difficulty and interest level. The mostinteresting thing is that you will never run out of bullets if youare shooting watermelons but bullets will be wasted if you willshoot somewhere wrong. You are provided with ample time to set youaims so don’t worry about time. Just focus your target and shootaccurately. Guns are featured where you can choose and set accuracylevel of every gun in Watermelon Shooter 3D Game: FPS ShootingChallenge.Hold gun in your hand and be a real shooter. Focus andaim at target. Shoot it accurately and try to crush maximumwatermelons in single shot. May be you have played many fruitshooting games like apple shooting but this watermelon shootingfruit game can feel you like a real shooting experience. Becomereal shooter learn the art of shooting sniper gun. Play the crazywatermelon shooting simulator the best modern weapon shooting simswith moving targets. Use modern weapons and shotguns in amazingwatermelon shooting simulator. Improve focus and show precision onshooting range as skilled marksman and hunter. Hold breath yourpull trigger in this epic sniper shooting game. Watermelon shooting3D game has realistic environment and stunning HD graphics for youto get real fun and adventure. Watermelon fruit shootout adventurehas real time physics simulation based explosive guns and more thanone challenging mission to hit the target and clear the mission.Its time to check your gun shooting skills with unlimited resourcesthrough this arrow and bow game. Get ready for the real shootermissions, choose your favorite guns to go to the watermelonshootout mission. Download this world’s best watermelon shootergame and feel realistic excitement. Features of Watermelon Shooter3D Game: FPS Shooting Challenge: • Realistic environment and 3Dgraphics. • Support for HD phones devices and taplets. • Multiplemodern guns in the watermelon shooting game. • Good quality soundeffects. • User friendly interface. • Efficient weapon controls andmovements.
PK India Real Tank War: Modern tank Wars 2018 1.0.1
Get yourself ready for Real Tank war fought between India &Pakistan in 1965, we bring you the most thrilling war games of 2018with modern tank killer game and tank action game. Select yourproud country and start tank battle with your enemy war machines.Simulate your tank in the war land destroy enemy check posts andshoot their tanks with heavy metal you are carrying in your wartanks. Become a real hero of this top action Real Tank War game inwhich most of the players are from India & Pakistan.History ofPakistan India Tank War called as Battle of ChawindaGeneral Dunn,the commando of I Corps Indian Army was given assortment of Units.The Pakistani force expected to oppose the Indian thrust consistedof 15 Divisions. The aim to attack was to seize the key G.T roadand capture Jassoran to cut off supply of the Pakistani line.Indian infantry seized the border area on 7 September this wasfollowed by a short engagement at Jassoran in which Pakistan lost10 tanks and ansured complete Indian domination of Sialkot Pasrurrailway. Realising the threat the Pakistani rusted two regiments oftheir 6th armored division from chhamd to the Sialkot sector tosupport the Pakistani 7th infantry division there. 135 tankscontaining Sherman took place in this tank battle. The indianresumed their attacks on 10 September with multiple corps sizedassaults and succeeded in pushing the Pakistani forces back totheir base at chawinda, where thye were stopped. This battle hasbeen described as one of the largest tank battles since World WarII. The war was finally ended by United Nations. The war was notover in real means download the most action containing war game of2018, Like India game play this one tank killer game, Real tank waris a true story behind two great nations India and Pakistan, Tankattacks are made very realistic in this tank shooter game. Moderntank wars 2018 has a very realistic Indo Pak border environment togive you the real feel of playing against your enemy with moderntanks. This tank war desert battle needs your attention to detailsof making war strategy and play as a tank simulator in real.Beautiful tank 3d models are added for both countries, select yourcountry flag Pakistan or India and fight against your enemy in thisPK India Real Tank War: Modern tank Wars 2018. When this real tankshooter game begins you will play as a rookie but when you completebattles if become hard to survive and to destroy enemy check postsand bases. The main objective of this game is to save your bordersand destroy enemy battalions. You have to be unstoppable and clearthe land before enemy tanks destroy yours. For clearing the battleyou have to eliminate every last tank. Petrol tanks are places inthe field you need to find them in case of fuel emergency. Thisreal tank war machines game belongs to every Pakistani and Indianwho wants to fight war as a tank warrior. You need to be very sharpand blast enemy tanks with bombs and heavy metal. Check yourtargets on the radar combat and destroy all enemy tanks and win thewar. Kill all your enemies with deadly tank strikes with the breathtaking action packed PK India real Tank war. Features of PK IndiaReal Tank War: Modern tank Wars 2018 • Best tank 3d Models added. •Real battle sound effects. • Best Tank shooter game. • One of thebest tank top games. • Play your only tank simulator. • Realistic3D environment of tank battle. • Amazing graphics. • Hindi &English languages. • Stunning 3D graphics. • Free to play tanksimulation.
Extreme Car Driving Simulator- Free Driving Games 1.1
Extreme Car Driving Simulator is specially designed for those wholove driving, drifting and racing on asphalt road in busy trafficcity. We developed this game using real physics engine for cardriving, perfect suspension and drifting in car makes this gamemore challenging. Have you ever tried to drive sports cars orelectric cars simulator. Now you can do Car racing in this freegame. Become a crazy car racer drive your own SUV, no need tobrakes because of traffic or racing other rivals vehicles. Enjoymultiple missions in this driving games.Enjoy the Ride in SportsCars & SUV’sWe have added a free ride in big city with racingcars as traffic and you will get to drive bolide car to drive androam around the city. There are missions check points placed in thecity you need to drive your car and reach to the check point forplaying the mission. If you ever wanted to perform multiple jobs incar driving games then let’s ride! We have added Taxi driversimulator in this driving games for free. You need to pick and droppassengers from multiple destinations and earn money being a TaxiDriver. Along with Taxi Driver simulator you can enjoy pizzadelivery levels in this Extreme Car Driving Simulator Free drivingGames 2k18. Deliver pizza to the customers at the drop points andearn money to buy new sports cars and SUV. Drift fast and performburnoutsWe all love drifting! For performing drifts and burnouts wehave added special drift performing cars in this car drivingextreme racing game. Burn the asphalt of this open world city andperform illegal stunts actions and run full speed without thepolice chasing you. By downloading this ultimate car drivingsimulator you will get endless fun, addictive gameplay, huge openworld and most realistic driving physics. The huge open world mapis designed in a creative way to test your extreme car drivingskills and provide the best gameplay experience. This Extreme CarDriving Simulator Free Driving game 2k18 comes with a largest openworld map with detailed environment. Steal SUV and other sportscars from showrooms and drive it. Drag race against your rivals inthis car driving simulator game. The Best Graphics you will getalong with real sports cars and SUV’s with interesting car drivingand racing game, with a lot of levels including truck delivery in2k18. Play this Car Driving Simulator for free withoutinternet.Features of Extreme Car Driving Simulator Free DrivingGames 2k18 • Huge open world environment. • Sports, electric andSUV cars. • Multiple missions gameplay. • Car Driving Simulator. •Racing in city. • Drift, Taxi driver and pizza delivery gamelevels. • Free game to download. • Real Car drive. • Best graphics.
City Taxi Driver Pick Up the Passenger in Highway 1.0
Welcome to the Crazy Taxi Cab Simulator to play the freeTaxiDriving Games and Taxi Racing Game. So City Taxi Driver Pick UpthePassenger in Highway is the latest City Taxi Sim new game 2018toperform duty driver in Taxi Games. Taxi Driving Games 2018 newyouwill appreciate the genuine sentiments of Taxicab Driver. It isagreat Taxi Games with smooth controls and HD graphics inthissmooth Crazy taxi games. Taxi Driving Games to pick uppassenger ,in the first mode you have to pick and drop all thegivenmessengers from one place to another and if you do that withintime you'll earn money this money will open the new mode. Therealtest of your driving in Taxi Driver 3D mode where the drivercouldearn as much as he can in Airport Taxi Games. Some of theTaxiDriver 3D hill Station feel like a Taxi Parking Games but thisCityTaxicab Simulator is different from other Taxi Parking Gamesandgive a real feeling of Taxi Driver 3D. Taxi Games to Pick andDropthe Passengers in which you drive around in is greatlybrimmingwith rash movement, and activity lights and bestopportunity foryou to become real highway driver of Taxi Games toPick and Dropthe Passengers . So the missions can't be the same intaxi driverpick up the passenger in highway, the immense extremedynamic cityis extremely brimming for best drive with assorteddeterrents inLondon taxi which will troublesome your level in thisfree LondonTaxi Games. Taxi Cab Driver is the full American TaxiCab Simulatorand Taxi Cab Driver condition will give you all thatcould possiblybe needed or in mass difficulties or missions toachieve in TaxiCab Games. Race to the right goal in Taxi Cab Games,to pick anddrop your exquisite travelers in best taxi games in theworld andsimply make certain that they have the ride brimming withfun andjoy to recall the voyage in lifetime in this City Cabdriving 3DSimulator! Taxi Traffic Games in amazing taxi feel like aHill CarDriving in modern taxi for personal driver in taxi driving3Dgames. Additionally private driver set a clock so you canmovequickly to achieve the goal in this best taxi games 2018. CabTaxiGames short so hustle in girl riding just a bit and pickthetravelers and drop them to their goal and gathers the cashfromthem as a cutting edge cab driver for Cab TaxiGames. Let’splay City Taxi Driver Pick Up the Passenger inHighway Sim 2018Game to become the best transporter and crazydriver in this bestsuper taxi driver game, which is a cab simulatorof Modern TaxiDriving in highway traffic. Proceeds the cab ride inTaxi Games toPick and Drop the passengers and provide taxi serviceto thewaiting passengers. As stated there are more than one taxicabs fortaxi games to pick and drop the passengers, so try all ofthese forreal fun. If you like taxi car games, this crazy cab taxigame isthe new taxi game as you like. We hope you would love toplay thisModern Taxi Driving Simulator 3D which is the top list oftaxi cargames, taxi parking games & jeep driving games 2018.However,you can download free with realistic HD graphics &unique 3Denvironment for both night and day mode which you crazyfor thisnew fantastic feature of City Taxi Driver Pick Up thePassenger inHighway Game. Features of City Taxi Driver Pick Up thePassenger inHighway • Pick and drop the travelers  • Smoothcontrols andHD illustrations • Allowed to download free • Varioustaxicabs todrive  • Gain Money as a taxicab driver  •Varioustesting levels  • Day and night condition  • Dogive usyour input!Download this now and enjoy the new Cab TaxiGames 2018.
Water Rescue Team Lifeguard Swimmer Simulator 1.0
Are you ready to be a part of Beach Rescue Game of 2018? Becomeamember of Coast Guard squad and save the people from drowningandboat accidents. Rescue Duty game is very interesting game inwhichyou have to play the role of a beach rescue lifeguardcarryingrescue equipment and rescuing people surfing in the sea.Swimtowards the drowning people and save them, give them first aidandcall ambulance for serious trouble is a Rescue duty. Giveswimminglessons to visitors and help them swim safely near thebeach. WaterRescue Team Lifeguard Swimmer Simulator is free game todownloadand play.Being a Coast Lifeguard is a very tough job to do,youneed to keep your eyes on beach visitors for swimming andsurfingboats and driving jet skis and be available for their helpin caseof any trouble. Rescue duty game has very interestinggameplaywhich gives you feel of real beach rescue lifeguard and letyouswim in the sea and help other swimmers. On beaches there aremanyemergency situations and accidents are happening and peopleneedlifeguard on beach to ensure their safety on time and rescuethemfrom any unfortunate problems. Being a lifeguard isveryinteresting job swimmers are waiting for their rescue hero tosavethem so what are you waiting for start you rescue duty now andsavepeople in this Water rescue Team Lifeguard Swimmer Simulatorforfree. About Gameplay of Rescue Lifeguard SimulatorBeautiful3Dbeach and sea environment with multiple interestinglevels,amazingly designed every level with beach props, boatssurfing andpeople swimming, unlimited time and beautiful animationsin everylevel with very realistic and interesting story in eachlevel.While saving people in the deep sea you must wear carry yourrescueequipment and save one person at one time. In some levelsboataccidents occurs and you need to save the people before theboatdrown. Use your jet ski and reach at the incident point toperformyour lifeguard job. In this coast guard beach simulator youneed totake casualties from sea to beach and call 911 to helpthecasualties and take them to hospital in Coast guardambulancesimulator. You might inform swimmers about the sea and thedeadlysea animals like shark and other cautions. Help swimmers gotcaughtin shark traps and take them out from there. Enjoy your coastguardduty in Florida rescue games. Download and enjoy the firstbeachrescue emergency hospital game ever. Use Jet Ski and speedboat todo lifesaving emergency rescue missions and save peoplefromdrowning. Once you do boat rescue in lifeguard games and dobeachrescue you play role as in virtual doctor games. Treatemergencyroom patients suffering from dehydration and sun burn.Lifeguardbeach rescue emergency hospital games is novel beach gamesidea foryou, if you fancy hospital simulation, beach rescue andemergencygames. In your lifeguard games people are stranded at sea.Thebeach lifeguard rescue squad is quickly dispatched toaccidentlocation on Jet Ski and speed Boat for boat rescue inlifeguardsimulator.Features of Water Rescue Team LifeguardSwimmerSimulator:-- 3D beach and sea environment.- Multiple rescuedutymissions to play.- Multiple emergency, lifeguard andrescuesimulator game.- Beautiful Sound effects and backgroundmusic.-Smooth and realistic controls.- Free to download and play.-Firstever virtual doctor simulator game.- The only Rescue dutygame.-Enjoy boat accidents and carry rescue equipment.- Teachadultswimming lessons- Enjoy swimming in sea.
Car Race Crime Police 2018 1.1
Before download this game watch this games video! Are you boredofplaying car simulation games with steering wheels and pedals,doyou want to enjoy a real car race game, then downloadtheinteresting Car Race Crime Police game on this year. Police willbechasing you with full speed and you need to escape in yourcarwhile collecting cash, dodge police cars and let them crash,stayaway from obstacles it will decrease your health. You needtocollect cash to unlock new fastest cars to escape betterfrompolice chase. Car Race Crime Police game is a fun and one tapgame.We have introduced fast gameplay so that you don’t get boredandenjoy the most of car racing and police chase. You will be givenasedan car in which you have to escape police cars and swat teambydodging them and making clever moves to destroy them withotherpolice cars. Just tap left and right to play this amazing cargame.Car racing always include racing with other cars andcontrolling,giving proper speed at turns but now you don’t have toworry aboutit, you can drive in freestyle to avoid obstacle and outchasepolice from catching you, collect cash on the run and buyfastestcars. Do not hit any police car it will destroy yours too.If yourcar needs maintenance we have added free health in thisgameplaycollect it with care and your health will increased forcontinuousgameplay. Share your score with your friends on facebookandtwitter. We will be adding facebook login in next update soon.Forthose who don’t know how to play must watch the video of CarRaceCrime Police 2018.Features of Car Race Crime Police 2018 •Amusingbackground music. • Sound effects. • Lots of cars to unlock.•Police crashing makes it funnier. • One tap game. • Bestgraphics.• Smoothest controls. • Very low in size. • First everfastestpolice chase.
Angry Shark Attack - Hungry Shark Adventure 2018 1.0
Shark Week is live now, get ready to be ferocious hungrysharkeating what comes in its way. Become the biggest predatoralive inthe world. Hungry shark is most played and loved game onstore,play as a hungry shark simulator. Take the control of franticoceanrampage as being as the real world shark in this jaws game.Eateverything in your way and keep the killing spree going. Get intheEndless mode and become ferocious hungry shark to killruthlesslyand endlessly. About Angry Shark Attack Hungry SharkAdventure2018Your hungry shark is ready to eat big fishes, humansandanything else in its path. You must dive down in the ocean togetsome deliciously scuba divers, killer whales and sweetdolphinslike a dessert. In this hungry shark world you will getswimmer onthe surface of ocean they don’t what is coming in theirway, tastethem like a starter to survive in this hungry sharkworld. Your oneshark bite is enough to eat a lady swimming in theocean, you mustbe careful from scuba divers they might try to hurtyou but eatthem before they know. The hungry shark is on rampage itwillattack and destroy whatever comes in its way. Let your hungrysharkeat everything and show no mercy. Jump to the surface on theoceanand scare the day lights out of innocent sunbathers, jetskiers,boaters and swimmers, in these warm water and chase yourpray, grabthem in your might jaws to kill and eat instantly. Whensharkbecomes hungry it becomes angry don’t let your hungry sharkstriveor you will lose the game.Jump into level modes and play tonsofultimate and challenging hungry shark levels withdifferentdifficulties and hurdles on your path. Angry shark AttackHungryShark Adventure 2018 is game for all ages you can play itwithoutwifi and any place to kill your boring time. Hungry sharkattackhas smooth and easy controls allow you to control your hungrybeasteffortlessly and kill easily. Keep killing and eating withyourhungry shark attack game. Features of Angry Shark AttackHungryShark Adventure 2018:-- Beautiful 3D environment.- Smoothcontrolsto control your Hungry shark.- Best graphics quality.-Amazing userexperience.- Works on low mobile devices.- 3Dgameplay.- Levels andfree mode.- Free to download and play.
Real Car Parking 2018 Underground Parking Academy 1.0
SoftLinks Games
The wait is over we have brought you the best and high qualityRealCar Parking game of 2018 with HD and 3D beautiful sports andluxurycars and over 100 levels of multiple car parkingchallengesincluding parallel parking, reverse, hard parking andchance tolearn valet parking for the first time in this Car parkingacademy.Sooth your urge to play this real car parking with mostrealisticcar physics among car parking games 2018. You probablyhave playedcar parking games on your mobile phone then why downloadReal CarParking 2018 Underground Parking Academy. - Thisunderground hardcar parking game has High quality graphics whichmake you feelplaying a real car parking game. - Beautiful 3D andhigh definitionunderground parking garage is designed with realparking signs,blocks, traffic cones and other 3D parked cars whichlet youexperience real car driving and simulation. - Realisticphysicsapplied to your cool and HD beautiful luxury cars foreasilydriving and handling even in hard parking situations. -Challengingauto parking levels with easy, medium and harddifficulties so thatyou get full package in one game. - Reverselights and front lightsof cars added for indicating reverse gearand easy parking in darkareas of the 3D parking garage. - Parkingsensors applied to everycar so that you can park your expensivesports car without hittingany obstacle or traffic cone. - 11Beautiful and high definitionand detailed sports and luxury carsadded under different pricetags so that you can buy your favoritecar with different carupgrades. - Hard car parking levels needdifferent camera angles sowe have added 5 camera angles to park anddrive car in verycomfortable way especially in hard and difficultlevels. - Beforedriving your car fasten your seatbelt to avoid anyaccidents incase of fast driving. - This game is not only a carparking gamebut in this game you can learn about how to park yourcar indifferent situations such as reverse parking, parallel andhardparking, download this parking academy game and be a procardriver. - The most challenging game of its kind, Play at yourownrisk. - Learn car driving skills of steering, acceleration,brakeand obstacle avoidance to get your vehicle parked inparkingplaces. Download now and become a real car parker in this 3Dgame.Real Car Parking 2018 Underground parking academy will teachyouhow to park and drive your car. Now no need to pay money forcardriving instructors when you can learn how to drive real carsbyplaying this car parking and driving school game. Unlike othercarparking games of 2017 this game has superior quality graphicswitheasy and hard underground parking ticket system. Learnvaletparking while enjoying the game and master yourself bypracticing.Real Car Parking 2018 Underground parking academy has noin apppurchases and you can play it for free any time withoutWi-Fi, weupgrade this game every week, your suggestions are veryimportantfor us to improve quality of car parking games.
Driving School 2019 Car Driving School Simulator 1.1
Want to complete your driving classes and get your driving license.Here in Driving school 2019 you will get a chance to improve yourdriving skills and perform best at your real driving test, drivingschool 2019 is designed to help you learn real car driving,indicate traffic signals, follow traffic rules, driving your car ona busy highway and the basics of a real car driving. In this schooldriving game you must pass all levels to get your driving testcompleted. Manual car driving is the best feature of this parkinggames 2018, along with car driving skills you will also learn carparking in different situations like parallel car parking, reverseparking. What’s new in Driving School 2019 Car Driving SchoolSimulator? You might be curious to know what is good in thisdriving school 2019. We have added best driving features along withrealistic driving controls, if you are left handed you can switchcontrols that suits your best, this car simulator has best next gen3D graphics with every device support. Day car driving classes withnight driving mode to give you real feel of driving your car. Tokeep you more entertained we have added free driving mode so youcan enjoy driving car simulator in free driving mode and explorethe beautiful city. Drift mode in this school driving 3D is anaddition which makes this game more interesting but we prefer youcomplete your driving test first to get into drift mode. This cardriving school includes more than 15 different cars with differentengines and power. Complete your driving license test and driveyour own car. Car driving school is best place to improve yourdriving skills before coming on the road. Real car driving 3D willgive you score after you pass your every test, if you failed topass the test with passing score you need to restart your cardriving test again. For car driving you need to be very focused andconcentrated one mistake can cause you big trouble. Learn carparking skills with this real car parking 2019 and become best carparker. Driving School 2019 car driving school simulator is free todownload and you can play it without wifi. This manual car drivinghas no in- app purchases included. Get your favorite car by passingyour driving tests and earn score. We will be adding more cars likebuses, trucks and heavy vehicles so keep updated. Best transmissioncontrols in this car games 2019. Important tips for driving. 1.Wear your seatbelt first. 2. Adjust your car side mirrors. 3. Checkyour indicators. 4. Before getting started you must check there isno car coming from behind or front side. 5. Use low gear intraffic. 6. Keep your speed limit below 40 in city and busy trafficroads. 7. Follow traffic signals and traffic sign boards to avoidaccident. 8. Keep your car documents and driving license. 9. Do notuse cell phone while driving. 10. Keep distance between your carand traffic car. Features of Driving School 2019 Car Driving SchoolSimulator - Learn and improve your driving skills with trafficsigns and traffic rules. - Best Car driving school to performdriving activities. - Close to real driving tests included. -Chance to get in city driving. - Real car driving 3D simulator. -Learn best car parking 2018 skills.