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Family Locator (Safe Zone) 1.59
Family Locator is safe tracking technology for your Family. A safeway to track the location of your kids and family using a privatefamily map feature. Relax your mind when you are not close to yourloved ones. Small kids who to travel through the city to attendschool and they are away from their parents in many of these cases,they need a mobile app like family locator to stay safe and inconstant contact with their parents. Family Locator features: ->Real-time Location: A reliable Family tracker can help you to knowwhere are your kids in real-time. check the current location forall family members instantly. All the past location history remainavailable in the family map too. -> Family Messenger: keep intouch and chat with your family with no cost. Using Family Locator,all family members can send and receive text messages using theFamily Messenger. -> Over Speed Alerts: get notified if yourkids are in a vehicle the speed limit that you consider safe. Inthis way, you can alert to control if their travel vehicle ismoving over the speed limit. -> Safe Zone Alerts: be alertedwhen your family members arrive at school, at home or even if theyare nearby or far away from a place you have determined in thefamily map. -> Safety Alarm: When you are get in problems justpush the one button and send the notification to your loved ones.With Family Locator you can access your family's information withyour mobile phone, to feel comfortable even if you aren't near yourchildren and family members. The modern world has become verycritical for children and teens. And this is due not only to anincrease in real critical on the streets but the same technologythat is a threat can also help parents to keep the peace using anapp such as Family Locator.
Girl Bikini Photo Suit 1.29
=> Girl bikini photo suit app provides adifferent bikini suit editor.=> If you want to try this bikini suit, easy to use.=> Follow the steps to use:-1. Choose the photo from the camera or gallery.2. Select the bikini suit from different collection of bikinisuits.3. Take your photo and put on to the bikini suit image.4. Adjust your face in the image.5. Save your photo in phone gallery.6. View your photo from gallery and share with your friends andfamily.=> You can totally change in this bikini suit image, its looklike real image.=> Girl bikini photo suit app completely free to download.
Women Saree Photo Suit Editor 👩 1.20
=> Women lady saree photo suit editor app gives you Indian wearsaree photo with different women figure. => You can fun withyour friends using this photo suit app. => Different attractivewomen saree and attractive saree dress looks create in the photo.=> You can set your photo on different women saree suit image.=> Choose your photo from gallery or clicking by the camera andset on image. => Amazing Indian saree and jewelry photo editorphoto created by this saree wala app. => Women saree photo suiteditor app is completely free to download.
Women Salwar Photo Suit Editor 👩 1.43
=> women salwar photo suit editor app provides you, attractivewomen salwar kameez photo image. => You don't need to wearactual salwar suit ladies. Without wearing you look beautiful insalwar suit wala apps. => Provide salwar suit back neck design.=> Choose your photo from gallery or clicking by the camera.=> Set your photo properly on salwar image and get actualwearing salwar photo image. => Salwar suit photo editor forwomen is download both mobile and tablet devices and it iscompletely free.
Photo Background Editor 1.35
=> Photo background changer editor app useful for setting worldbest natural background on your photo background. => Followingsteps for changing the photo background: 1. Select your photo fromcamera or gallery for background change. 2. Cut your photo usingeraser. Eraser size must be big or small as you want. 3. Cursorchanged for cutting the image, it must be nearer or far away fromimage. 4. After cutting the image, choose your background for yourphoto. 5. Different effects of the photo applied on image. 6. Youhave three options for different effects on image, opacity,brightness and contrast for photo background change. 7. Set yourimage properly on different background. 8. At last save your imageand share with your friends. => Photo background changer editorapp completely free to download.
Funniest Photo Cut and Paste 1.29
>> Funniest photo cut and paste app provides custom photoeditor. >> Cut the part of any photo and paste on anotherphoto. It looks like funny photo editing. >> You can swap thephoto faces from one photo to another photo. >> Funniestphoto cut and paste app gives total photo changing facility likeyou can add one or more member on edited photo. >> Followingsteps for swapping the photo: 1. Select your photo from camera orgallery for cut paste photo. 2. Cut your photo using dotted line.3. After cutting the image. You have two option crop and non crop.4. You can get selected portion of crop image using crop option orget non selected portion of crop image using non crop option. 5.After getting the crop image set on another selected funniestphoto. 6. Different effects of the photo applied on image. 7. Youhave three options for different effects on image, opacity,brightness and contrast for edited image. 8. Set your imageproperly on different background. 9. At last save your image andshare with your friends. >> Funniest photo cut and paste appcompletely free to download.
My Photo Police Suit Editor 1.41
>> My photo police suit editor app give the real policeofficer suit picture and get real look in your edited photo.>> You can create your fake photo using this app and fun withyour friends. >> You can follow this feature: 1. Take photofrom camera and put on different police wear image. 2. Or selectphoto from gallery and put on police wear image and it makes realpolice officer look. 3. Photos folder has photos which will make byus using my photo police suit editor app. >> My photo policesuit editor app completely free to download.
Natural Waterfall Photo Frame 1.23
>> Make your photo beautiful using natural waterfall photoframe app. >> You can follow this feature: 1.Take photo fromcamera and put on different waterfall image. 2.Select photo fromsdcard and put on waterfall image and it makes beautiful. 3.Photosfolder has photos which will make by us using waterfall photoframe. >> Natural waterfall photo frame app completely freeto download.
World Yoga Day 1.3
Yoga increases the lubrication of joints,ligaments and tendon of the body.=> During world yoga day, you may try this yoga for your besthealth.=> Practicing Yoga is to create a balance between the body andthe mind and to attain self-enlightenment.=> Yoga is associated with a healthy and lively lifestyle with abalanced approach to life.=> Yoga is the perfect way to ensure overall health and physicalfitness.=> Yoga is the best exercises to increase the capacity of lungscapacity.=> Depending upon the stamina and overall health, you can choosefrom the yoga.=> World yoga day app completely free to download.
Girlfriend Voice Changer 1.9
=> Girlfriend voice changer app providesdifferent sound changer.=> Using different sound, change your own voice and prank withyour friends.=> If you try this, follow this features:1. First, you have to record the sound.2. Start the recording and move to the next step in different listof voice changer.3. Different voice like Helium, Giant, Robot, Cave, Monster,Nervous, Drunk, Squirrel, Child, Death, Reverse, GrandCanyon.4. Choose different voice changer and save the recording withname.5. After that, share the recording with new different voice.6. No one can identify your voice.7. Recording folder has all the recordings.=> Changing sound share with your friends and family and funwith them.=> Girlfriend voice changer app completely free todownload.
Navratri Garba Ramzat 2017 1.9
>> Navratri garba ramzat 2017 appprovides different garba, aarti, stuti, different Aadhya Shaktiphoto gallery.>> Following steps for different option of Navratri garbaramzat 2017:1. Aarti options have ma Aadhya Shakti aarti.2. Stuti options have vishwambhari stuti of ma Aadhya Shakti.3. Garba option have different garba player like Guajaratikhelaiya, old bollywood garba, sanedo, dj dandiya, 3 taali,Guajarati garba remix, bollywood dandiya, new arrival Navaratri ,electric dandiya, khichadi, bolly mix, Navaratri extreme dandiyaras, Guajarati tahuko, mix non stop, khelaiya, raas ramaiya, sanedogarbo, best Guajarati Garba non stop, hip hop dandiya, Guajaratigarba, ras garba, Navratri Dandiya Special etc.4. Using this app directly download the Navratri garba.>> Navratri garba ramzat 2017 app completely free todownload.
Girlfriend Call Recorder 1.11
> Girlfriend call recorder app provides one or more specificvoice call recording facility. > It offers record the call ofyour girlfriend or any special person and record the call for someunknown number who persecute you. It provides auto call recordingfacility also. > Its features are given below: 1. ContactsChoose one or many contacts for recording the call. If you want torecord specific call like your girlfriend or boyfriend call thenchoose it and record it. 2. Call Log You can view any call log likeany incoming and outgoing call. Record the phones if someone isharassing you many times daily. 3. Add Contact You can add anynumber or any unknown recorded call add as you want in your contactlist and any time you can use for recording the call. 4. RecordingList Girlfriend call record app offers the facility that you canview any recorded call at any time. You will see two recorded listsfirst are incoming call recording and the second one is an outgoingcall recording list. > Girlfriend call recorder app completelyfree to download.
Selfie Pip Camera Photo Effect 1.14
> Selfie pip camera photo effect app makesthe photo on different foreground shape with blur background squareimage.> Selfie pip camera photo effect app have many features:1. Photo selection facility:- You can select your photo from camera or gallery.2. New graphic shape:- Most benefit of this app is beautiful and amazing shape used inmaking your photo.- New graphic shape used in creativity of photo like glass,aquarium, bottle, hand camera, bubbles etc.3. Different photo effects:- You can show like your photo get different photo shapingeffects.4. Save photo gallery:- Selfie pip camera photo effect app save photo in photo gallery ofthis app.5. Share photo:- Share your selfie pip camera photo effecting image with yourfriends and family.6. Directly set as wallpaper:- Created photo image directly set on your mobile phone wallpaperusing this selfie pip camera photo effect app.- Selfie pip camera photo effect app is the best selfie photomaker.selfie pip camera photo effect app completely free todownload.
Girlfriend Photo Editor 1.13
> You are looking for the best photo background editor for yourgirlfriend. So, try this new girlfriend photo editor app and getbest photo collection and you can impress your girlfriend. >Girlfriend photo editor app provides background for world's bestnatural photos and famous places. You can try this best editor,best photo background, different emoji faces, beautiful text editorin different bubbles etc. > Following steps for changing thegirlfriend's photo background changer: 1. Select your photo fromthe camera or gallery for background change. You can choosemultiple photo for editing. 2. Cut your photo using eraser. If youwish to be smaller or larger eraser size accordingly. 3. If youwant to take many photos in one photo and erase their backgroundthen you can use it. 4. Cursor changed for cutting the image, itmust be nearer or far away from the image. 5. After cutting theimage, choose your background for your photo. 6. Different effectsof the photo applied on image. 7. You have three options fordifferent effects on image, opacity, brightness and contrast forphoto background change. 8. Set your image properly on differentbackground. 9. Set different emoji upon beautiful photo editor. 10.You can set text with beautiful bubbles also. 11. At last save yourimage and share with your friends and family. > Girlfriend photoeditor app completely free to download.
Insta Selfie Camera - Collage 1.8
> Everyone wants the camera to captureevery single moment that we were. That time we found insta selfiecamera collage app which is so useful for your selfiecollage.> Insta selfie camera collage app provides instant selfiecollage maker, which is beautifully set on your DP or profilepicture.> You can instant click of one or more photos and instant makingof DP with collage.> Set different emoji upon beautiful photo editor.> Different effects of the photo applied on image.> Let's understand their use:• Camera / Gallery:- First, you can choose the photo from the camera or gallery.Before you choose the image, You'll need to pick up as many ascollage option.- After we choose the collage option, the statistics of collagewill be liked by you as many pictures you'd like from camera orgallery.- If you choose camera then you can instant capture on cameratogether all the images from the selected statistics ofcollages.• Setting :1. Camera typeWe have two options for camera front and back. You can chooseanything and make a selfie camera collage.2. Handle CameraWe have two option for capture the picture one is custom and auto.Auto option is automatically capture the picture and custom ismanually click the picture as you want in time duration.3. Capture TimeYou can set timer for clicking the image from camera and set oncollage and make beautiful insta selfie collage.4. Camera SoundYou can turn on or off the sound of the camera during the captureimage.> Insta selfie camera collage app completely free todownload.
New Collage Photo Frame Editor 1.19
>> New collage photo frame editor app makes your photobeautiful with different frame collage. >> You can get bestphoto using this app and best review from your friends. >>You can follow this feature: 1. Select a frame from huge collectionof given frame. 2. Select photo from gallery or camera. 3. Afterselecting photo, you move on photo effect page. 4. Choose opacitybutton, and give the quality of transparency to photo. 5. Choosecontrast button, and give the contrast color of photo. 6. And thengiven the brightness less or more on photo using brightness button.7. Choose effect button and give the different effects on photo. 8.Save the image and move on the frame collage page. 9. Applydifferent background border color on frame border. 10. And thenapply different background border image on frame background. 11.Border seek bar apply on image and make photo background borderthick or thin. 12. And the save the image. Share your photo withfriends and get best review from them. >> New collage photoframe editor app completely free to download.
ExDialer For OS9 Caller Screen 1.11
• We bought new caller screen with smart T9call search, call blocker, and full-screen photo caller ID• ExDialer For OS9 Caller Screen app introduce new caller screenwith many smart features.• It handles all the call related functionality.• We customize the caller screen dialer using ExDialer For OS9Caller Screen. We have many Features:1. Smart T9 contact and recent call search dialer.2. Call Blocker.3. Incoming and outgoing call blocker.4. Hide caller ID.5. Set speed dialer.6. New caller theme.7. Call privacy.8. Set default SMS.9. Full-screen photo ID.10. Add and delete contacts.11. Set your default ringtone. • Incoming Screen and Outgoing Screen:- Incoming caller screen looks like an OS9 phone theme. You canaccept the call and denied the call.- The outgoing screen provides mute the call, speaker call, add acontact, and dial number also. • Recent Call:- Incoming and outgoing call detail display facility. Particularunknown call adds to the contact list or blocks it. Also, add tothe favorite list. We can hide call dialer theme from any incomingand outgoing call in ExDialer For OS9 caller screen. Particularrecent call delete or all clear. • Contact List:- The extremely Smart new look of the OS9 contact list. High-Speedsearch contact. Add new contact, Edit contact and delete, add tofavorite contact, add to call block contact and also setringtone. • Keypad Dialer:It looks like an OS9 key dialer. Also, provide smart T9 search andDual SIM Supported. Add directly contact using call dialer.Continue long press of '#' key to set speed dialer. • Setting:- On or off caller screen of the incoming call and outgoingcall.- Photo ID of the contact list is on or off. If it is on, view inFull HD Screen otherwise views in default screen.- Also, set continue long press of '#' key to set Speed Dialer insetting page.- Set your default SMS first then use when you are busy in anotherplace and you do not get the call at that time. Default SMSautomatically send when you click on the message.
Man Suit Photo Editor 1.63
Do you want to click your photo in men fashion suit editor with theprofessional background? Do you want to fulfill the above thingswithout purchase the man traditional photo suit? Then try this Mansuit photo editor app. It makes your photo with a professionallook. You can use this man jacket photo suit in the professionalphoto suit, passport size photo, interviews, and marriageproposals. If you try this photo editor, follow this step: 1.Select your old photo from the gallery or click a new photo fromthe camera 2. Select the man dress suit from different varieties.3. Cut your face and put on it and adjust with your fingers. 4.Choose a professional or casual background from the list. 5. Adjustyour photo with their related backgrounds. 6. Add text and emoji onyour photo. 7. Save your photo in folders and share with yourfriends. Features: => Variety of different styles of man fashionphoto suit. => Change background from a list of professionalbackgrounds. => Add photo effects to your photo suit. =>Write text and emoji on your photos. Man suit photo editor app isdownload both mobile and tablet devices and it is completely free.
Man Bike Rider Photo Editor 1.86
=> Do you want to ride on a stylish racing bike without buyingit? Are you taking the picture in beautiful and designer clotheswithout wear it? Do you interested in a stylish pose with theslandered bike? You are at the right place for all the thingsfulfill. => Using man bike rider photo editor, you can fulfillall the dreams without any efforts and cost. => Just edit yourphoto using this app and get the idea about how you look like inall these things. Feature of man bike rider photo editor: ->Bike suit photo frame app is coming up with casual wear andordinary bike suit. -> Take photo from the camera or gallery forediting. -> Adjust and crop the face from the image. ->Choose a bike photo banane wala app suit from different suitimages. -> Set image on the bike rider suit which you want this.-> You can put emoji and text on the picture also. -> Inbullet bike suit no extra efforts needed. -> All pictures aredirectly shown in folder. -> Man motorbike suit edited the phototo share with your friends. Get your best look using man bike riderphoto editor app and you can show your smartness. Man bike riderphoto suit editor app is completely free to download.
Man Casual Suit Photo Editor 1.39
=> Man casual suit photo editor app gives you best casual wearwith more new features. => You can try best different suit wearto dress up with yourself. => If you wish to makeover for partytype photo, try this casual suit. => You can try best casual andcostly suit wear without buying all of them. Steps of use: 1. Takea photo from the gallery or camera. 2. Choose suit image fromdifferent suit images. 3. Adjust your face on suit image. 4. Eraseunwanted background using the eraser. 5. Set proper opacity withcontrast. 6. Choose different background from your SD card ordefault background of this app. 7. Set different type of emoji andtext. 8. Save your updated image in new folder 9. Share your imagewith your friends and family. New Features: => Huge number ofcasual suit photo frame. => Different beautiful background.=> Erase for removing background. => Different beautifulsticker with emoji. => Different style of text on image. Mancasual suit photo editor app is completely free to download.
Man T-Shirt Suit Photo Editor 1.41
Man t-shirt suit photo editor app provides you a new style oft-shirt with branded jeans. => Different kind of stylish t-shirtmakes your look glamour. => First, you have to choose your photofrom camera or gallery. => Cut your face from the original imageand put on the t-shirt suit frame. => Remove your unwantedbackground from an image. => Select beautiful background fromthe collection of default background of the app. => You can setyour own background which is you want it. => Share your glamourimage with your friends. Man T-shirt Suit photo editor app iscompletely free to download.
Blend me photo editor 1.7
=> Blend me photo editor app is providing new features of thephoto editor. It represents of new bokeh effects and differentshades. => It provides the mixture of original image to blurimage in HD backgrounds. => Blend me photo editor app isenhancing the beauty of original photo and will make the beautifulbokeh mixture photo. => It contains lots of beautifulbackgrounds for creating new images. Features: => Bokeh effectsand overlay => Blend the image into background. => Lots ofbeautiful backgrounds. => Write any text on image. => SetSticker on image. Steps of use: 1. First is, choose image from thecamera or gallery. 2. Crop the image properly. 3. Then, Choosebackground and set your photo into them. 4. Overlay the image asper your choice. 5. Adjust opacity of image to blend it properly.6. Save the image. Saved image view in folder. 7. Share the imagewith friends and family. Download this Blend me photo editor appand show your creativity, it is completely free to download.
Modi Jacket Suit Photo Editor 1.23
-> Modi jacket suit photo editor app provides you bestfashionable and casual suit wear. You can change your backgroundalso. You look stunning in modi suit with a suitable background.Background is like political event, functions, marriage event etc.-> Modi jacket suit photo editor is a collection of politicalsuits, modi type suits, casual suits, fashionable suits, marriagetype suit etc. Features: 1. Collection of different modi type suit.2. Collection of different events related background. 3. Easily putand paste your face. 4. Erase unwanted background. 5. Cut your faceas you like. 6. Set emoji and text on image. Use: 1. Select theimage from the camera or gallery. 2. Cut your face from your photo.3. Select modi suit from the collection of suits. 4. Put the faceon modi suit and set properly. 5. Change your background fromcollection of backgrounds. 6. If you like, set emoji and text. 7.Share with your friends and family. -> Modi jacket suit photoeditor app is completely free to download.
Beard Photo Editor 1.7
=> Beard photo editor app is man mustache beard changer app.=> If you use this app, you have any kind of beard you want inyour face to impress with any people. => Easily paste beard andmustache on your face using beard photo editor studio. => Youcan paste beard and mustache on girl face and prank (fun) with yourgirlfriends. => Choose photo from the camera and gallery. =>Pick a beard or mustache and paste on your photo. => Beard andmustache properly move and resize it. => Share your beard photowith your friends and family. => Beard photo editor app iscompletely free to download.
Pixel Effect Photo Editor 1.14
=> The pixel effect photo editor allows for variety of bleedingpixel effect on your image. It looks like magic effects on youroriginal image. => Pixel effect photo editor makes broken piecesof your original image. => pixel effect photo editor app has hdlight glare effect for a photo. Photo makes casual also by pixeleffect. How to apply pixel effect: - Choose photo from camera orgallery for pixel effect. - Crop your photo for pixel effect. - Youcan apply huge number of pixel effect on photo. it looks bleedingeffect. - Your original photo is having zoom in and zoom outeffect. - You can change your opacity and contrast of images. - Youcan reset your image also. - Pixel effect photo editor has text andemoji effect. - Beautiful pixel photo share with your friends andfamily. Features: - Huge number of pixel effect. - Light glareeffect. - Hd effects on photo. - Original photo zoom in zoom out -Different stickers and text. - Lots of effects. - Reset photo.Pixel effect photo editor app is completely free to download.
Princess Fashion Dress Montage 1.28
=> Princess fashion dress montage provides best free dress up.And when you wear it, dressing becomes an art. Forget about yourold boring photos and try to something new with virtual makeoverusing this princess dress up app. You don't need to spend money,just use this app and make your photo beautiful using differentprincess suits. => Princess fashion dress montage app providesyou best fashionable and princess dress photo editor for girls. Youcan change your background also. You look gorgeous in princessdress photo editor with a suitable background. The background islike party's background, fashion show background, festival’sbackground etc. => Princess fashion dress is a collection ofprincess flower ball gowns, princess Pageant gowns, princesswedding dress, princess medieval dress, formal evening gown,princess prom dress gown, spectacular gown etc. Features: 1. 20+beautiful princess fashion dress suits. 2. Collection of differentclassic backgrounds. 3. Easily put and paste your face. 4. Eraseunwanted background. 5. Cut your face as you like. 6. Set emoji andtext on image. 7. Share photo at all the social networks. Use: 1.Select the image from the camera or gallery. 2. Cut your face fromyour photo. 3. Select princess dress suit from the collection ofprincess dress suits. 4. Put the face on princess dress and setproperly. 5. Choose your background from collection of backgrounds.6. If you like, set emoji and text. 7. Share with your friends andfamily. Princess fashion dress montage app is completely free todownload.
Short Dress Girl Photo Suit Editor 1.11
=> Try this short dress girl suit editor to become an elegantlady of the fashion world. Don’t away from your perfect look. Thisapp provides you party look, summer look, glamour look and latestfashion craze look. Be ready to display of your awesome look anddiscover your fashion style using this short dress suit app. Thisapp is the combination of perfect glamour dress, few effects, andbackground changer gives your looks perfect! => Short Dress GirlPhoto Suit app provides you best fashionable and casual short dressphoto editor for girls. You can change your background also. Youlook stunning in short dress photo editor with a suitablebackground. The background is like foreign country’s famous places,garden, painted wall, classical places etc. => Short dress girlphoto is a collection of strapless short dress, strapless slimshort dress, swing short dress, prom short dress, casual shortdress, beaded short dress, short formal dress etc. Features: 1. 20+beautiful short dress girl suits. 2. Collection of differentclassic backgrounds. 3. Easily put and paste your face. 4. Eraseunwanted background. 5. Cut your face as you like. 6. Set emoji andtext on image. 7. Share photo at all the social networks. Use: 1.Select the image from the camera or gallery. 2. Cut your face fromyour photo. 3. Select short dress suit from the collection of shortdress suits. 4. Put the face on short dress and set properly. 5.Choose your background from collection of backgrounds. 6. If youlike, set emoji and text. 7. Share with your friends and family.=> Short Dress Girl Photo Suit editor app is completely free todownload.
Body Builder Photo Suit 1.51
Body builder photo suit app with man suit. Try on Body builder app,Man body editor, Man body shape editor, and Man body style.Bodybuilder photo suit app is very easy to use. Put Photo: - Take anew photo from camera or select a photo from the gallery. - Photoeditor crop an image, we flip an image horizontally and verticallyalso. - You can rotate the image on a different 360-degree angle.Set Photo: -In Body builder photo suit app, zoom in and zoom outthe image using two fingers. Use Auto: - In man suit, Auto erasethe selected area automatically. - The photo editor can alsorestore the image and undo-redo the erased image. - Body shapeeditor can zoom-in and zoom-out the erased image. - If you are notcomfortable to erase the image, Change the erased background.Erase: - Remaining forgot area of erasing image erased by thisfeature. Suit: - Take a look at man bodybuilder suits like a blackbody, white body, and Asian man body-color, etc. - Muscular bodybuilder suit also includes Six-packs body, Eight packs body, Highmuscles body, Fewer muscles body, etc. Background: - Bodybuilderphoto suit app has different related backgrounds like Wrestlingbackground, Sports background, Gym background, Workout sectionbackground, etc. - You can choose "no image" and put a plainbackground - You can choose own background from the gallery also.Opacity and Contrast: - In man suit opacity and contrast used inmatch color of your face with bodybuilder bodysuit.Undo-Redo-Reset: - End of the edited image, any mistaken found, Youcan undo or redo the image. - You can reset the erase image inbodybuilder photo suit app. Sticker and Emoji: - Take a look at manbodybuilder sticker like sunglasses emoji, cap emoji, beard emoji,mustache emoji, different hairstyle emoji, tattoos emoji, etc. -Man body suit has different beautiful emoji. Text: -Bodybuilderphoto suit app has different text with beautiful text colors.Filters: - In muscular man body photo suit, take the beautifulfilter and make your photo attractive. - A filter like Struckfilter, Clarendon filter, Old man filter, Mars filter, Aprilfilter, Amazon filter, Starlit filter, Whisper filter, Lime filter,Haan filter, Blueness filter, Adele filter, Cruz filter, Metropolisfilter, Audrey filter, etc. Focus: - In Man suit, You can highlightand blur the particular area of the image. - The focus has a coversquare and round-shaped area of the image. Magic Brush: - It canput a magic effect on your photo. It has so many magic effects likeBubble effect, Star effect, Round effect, Flower effect, Differentcolored bubble effect, etc. Texture: - Man body suit has adifferent new effect layer which makes your photo more beautiful.Toon Effect: - Oil paint effect makes your photo more effective. -Different beautiful are effect and oil layers give you attractivelook on your photo. Upload Image: - After saving the image, Viewyour image in the folder. - you can share, upload and delete yourbeautiful image. - Upload your image an social media, you have tologin compulsory via social media then upload the image. Share YourCreativity: - Upload the edited image on share your creativityarea. - Bodybuilder suit in Share your creativity area, Manbodybuilder photo suit app has viewed the image on my post area. -In all area tab, view all the image which is post by all users. Youcan like and share the image also. - If misuse your image byanyone, You can report the admin. - Enjoy your new beautiful image.
Women Police Photo Suit Editor 👩 1.47
=> Women police photo suit editor app provides you moreconfident and powerful police suit editor. You can be a moreresponsible officer without wearing it. Just try this suit on yourphoto and make your photo look like a real woman police officer.=> Women police dress photo suit has virtual police dress suitswith police duty related stud backgrounds. First, take a photo fromyour mobile camera or gallery then try some police suit on it. Nowerase your unwanted photo background and put powerful policerelated backgrounds. Features: 1. Try a different woman policephoto frame. 2. Collection of different powerful police suit forgirls event backgrounds. 3. Easily put and paste your face. 4.Erase the unwanted background. 5. Cut your face as you like. 6. Setemoji and text on the image. 7. Share police suit and army suitphoto at all the social networks. > Women police photo suiteditor app is download both mobile and tablet devices and it iscompletely free.
Photo Collage Editor Pro 1.28
=> Photo collage app is full bunch of different beautifulcollage grids, stickers, emoji, backgrounds, texts, frames, shades,fonts and many more. => If you have been bored from the oldframes and editors, then try something new in this photo collageeditor pro app. => Photo collage editor is the best collageeditor and photo editor that helps you combine multiple photos withvarious frame patterns and photo grids. => Photo collage editorpro gives you everything you could, and Collage your photos to beamazing. Key Features: - Combine multiple photos with various photocollage Editor. - Create professional photo collage. - Differentlayouts of huge frames. - Easy to change the border color andpatterns of frames. - Apply different type of space between twophotos in photo collage. - Choose different backgrounds. - Usedifferent type of crops. - Apply cascade image look. - Choosedifferent love frames. - Apply different shades. - Stickers (hand,smiley, snap, comic, beard, eyes, love, cap, glasses). - Setdifferent text, color, background color, alignment. - Photo CollageEditor pro is an a great collage maker and photo editor. - Shareyour collage photos with friends at anywhere.
Women Bike Photo Suit Editor 1.12
Women bike photo suit editor app is bunch of beautiful bike suitwith related background editor. If you have always wanted to have abike, but you can’t ride it yet, now you can make the best imagesfrom women bike photo editor app and have a feeling like you ownone for real. You can make your photo with different sport bikesuit and motorcycle suit with beautiful backgrounds like race orpeaceful ride in Mountain View with fresh air and rainy season.Features: - Different styles of women bike suit. - Collection ofrelated beautiful backgrounds. - Set text and emoji on image. -Take photo from camera or gallery. - Adjust and crop the image. -Edit your photo in any way. - All edited pictures save in folder. -Share and upload your photo in any social media. Women bike photosuit editor app is completely free to download.
Man Shirt Photo Suit Montage 👨 1.28
Man shirt photo editor app gives you best man casual shirt suitwith suitable beautiful backgrounds. Man shirt photo suit montageis the new stylist that will help you look like a hero. Man shirtphoto suit montage is the perfect alternative without spendingmoney on expensive shirt shopping and dresses up you easily. Mancasual shirt photo suit contains fashionable, latest shirt suit, itcontains a wide variety of different style and color of the shirtsuit. Men simple shirt suit app provides best-related backgroundslike stunning car backgrounds, painted walls, marriage functions,and professional office. Steps: 1. Select your old photo from thegallery or click a new photo from the camera 2. Select the shirtphoto editor for boys from different varieties. 3. Cut your faceand put on it and adjust with your fingers. 4. Choose a casualbackground from the list. 5. Adjust your photo with their relatedbackgrounds. 6. Add text and emoji on your photo. 7. Save yourphoto in folders and share with your friends. Features: =>Variety of different styles of professional boys jeans shirt photoeditor. => Change background from a list of differentbackgrounds. => Add photo effects to your photo suit. =>Write text and emoji on your photo. Man shirt photo suit montageapp is completely free to download.
Men Sherwani Photo Suit Editor 1.13
Do you want to wear a stylish sherwani without buy it? Are youtaking the picture in beautiful and designer clothes without wearit? Do you interested in a stylish pose with beautiful clothes? Youare at the right place for all the things fulfill. Using mensherwani photo suit editor, you can fulfill all the dreams withoutany efforts and cost. Just edit your photo using this app and getthe idea about how you look like in all this things. Feature of MenSherwani Photo Suit Editor: => Men sherwani photo suit editorapp is coming up with stunning sherwani wear with their relatedbackgrounds. => Take photo from the camera or gallery forediting. => Adjust and crop the face from the image. =>Choose a men sherwani suit from different suit images. => Setimage on the men sherwani suit which you want this. => You canput emoji and text on the picture also. => No extra effortsneeded. => All pictures are directly shown in folder. =>Edited photo share with your friends. Get your best look using mensherwani photo suit editor app and you can show your smartness. Mensherwani photo suit editor app is completely free to download.
Couple Traditional Photo Suit 1.7
=> Cut your face and make a new look with traditional photosuit, top photo maker, couple photo suit. Couple Traditional photosuit Styles is a couple photo makeup app Couple dress up that giveClassic Couple Traditional Dresses application.  =>Traditional Couple Maker Photo Suit is photo mixer and editor indifferent Backgrounds and a perfect background Changer. Trytraditional Indian dress photo frames, traditional sari photoeditor from our photo suit expert. => Couple Traditional PhotoSuit has both women and men traditional dress photo suits, addextra makeup to it with stickers from our photo suit. => CoupleTraditional Photo Suit is where you can get charming photo suitsfor the beautiful pictures that you want to frame with yourpartner. This Latest Couple Wedding Suit app has a bestcollection of traditional suits for free, so you will get easilyyour loved one suit. How to use this app? • Take a photo from yourcamera or select the photo from the gallery and start editing. •Cut face of the image and edit it. • Select couple suit fromdifferent traditional couple suit. • Then set men and women face ontraditional couple suit. • Select suitable backgrounds and setbehind it. • You can put emoji and text on the picture also. • Alledited pictures are shown in folder. • Share your photo withfriends and family via social networks. => Couple TraditionalPhoto Suit app is completely free to download.
Couple Western Photo Suit 1.28
=> Couple photo suit fulfills your dream couple photo withoutany efforts. Every person wondered how you look in a suit with yourpartner. => Just one step, click your photo with partner and seton couple suit image and make your photo beautiful. => Couplewestern photo suit app provides best western outfit with theirrelated backgrounds. => Couple photo suit app provides suit withromantic style. Couple suit is like different men’s suit anddifferent casual wear for women. => Women casual wear is like anindo western gown, skater dress, western style sleeveless dress,off the shoulder neckline dress, maxi dress etc. Couple westernphoto suit features: - Take man and women photo from camera orgallery. - Cut the image as you want and put on the couple suitimage. - Select frames from different western couple suit. - Thenset women or man crop image. - Select background from beautifulbackgrounds. - You can put emoji and text on the picture also. -All pictures are directly shown in folder. - Edited photo sharewith your friends. - Share your creations via any other socialnetworks.
Twin Couple Photo Suit 1.41
=> Twin couple photo suit gives a virtual wardrobe thatcomplements your individual style. Couple Photo Suit is like adifferent suit in costume style and here you can get a customsuit.Y ou cannot purchase any suit given by us it’s free to use andapplies in your face. => Twin couple Photo suit is where you canget charming photo suits for the beautiful pictures that you wantto frame with your partner. This Couple Photo Suit is made for bothmen and ladies. No compelling reason to buy the clothing everythingis prepared in this application for you. => Couple photo suitprovides different suits along with the awesome background. Couplephoto suit Styles is a couple of photo makeup app that will makeyour memorable moments even romantic and adds to your style. Features: - Pick two images from the gallery or take a photo fromthe camera. - Select more than 15+ different our high-qualitycollection of Twin Couple Photo Suit. - Photo banane wala app givesawesome effects to make your photo more beautiful and realistic. -Adjust your photo, drag, rotate, pinch zoom in, and zoom out. - Youcan add text on frames with different styles and colors. - Use alovely collection of smiley and stickers to make your Picwonderful. - You can directly set as wall paper from theapplication. - Save your new edited Twin Couple Photo Suit. - Shareyour photo with social media. Twin Couple Photo Suit app iscompletely free to download.
Men Winter Jacket Suit 1.15
Are you curious about how you will look with a Men Winter JacketSuit on? Do you want to see yourself in Winter Men Photo Suit? Nowyou have a chance to fulfill your desires. You don’t need tocompromise your dreams. Men winter jacket suit application providesdifferent amazing dresses for you. Winter wear suits are must andneed for every men. Jackets are most famous fashion wear inwinters. Men are very choosy in matter of dresses selection. Offcourse what we are is always reflected in our dress sense. Men winter jacket suit app provides the different beautifulbackgrounds like snow fall, snow fall foreign street and snow fallmountains background. These beautiful backgrounds make your photomore beautiful. How it works? • Capture your photo or pick one fromgallery and adjust image so as to make the face fit in the selectedsuit • Select the snow fall street background • You can drag,rotate, zoom-in and zoom-out image • Enter text, with differentfont color and style • Save and view image in view folder • Set themen winter photo suit as wallpaper or share with your friendsFeatures: • Choose the collection from HD men winter suits •Collection of related HD backgrounds • Easy to use and understand •Save photo suit in android device or SD card • Multimedia Sharingoption • Include functions to zoom-in, zoom-out, rotate and drag. •Add text with different font style and color. Men Winter jacketsuit app is completely free to download.
Women Winter Jacket Suit 👩 1.14
=> Many more girls and women all around the world adopt adifferent fashion style in the winter season. Women winter jacketsuit is to provide the best bright and colorful winter suit. =>Girl Jackets are one type of fashion that is needed for all peopleall wearing jackets. Yes, the jacket body will feel warm when theweather is cold. Especially for countries which have cool weather,a jacket or coat is an absolute necessity must exist in order notcold either at night or when in winter.  => Women winterjacket suit present the best application for you as a referencesource jackets and coats look for the latest models for women. Inwomen winter jacket suit app, you will get the best collection ofjackets. => Winter jacket women photo editor coats as ladiescoats, pea coats for women, black coats, spring jackets, longjackets for women, red coat outerwear, spring coat, double-breastedcoat, hooded coat, quilted coat, ladies trench, coat winter, warmcoats, dress coats, winter coat, ladies coats and jackets, leatherjackets, women waterproof coats, winter jacket, fall jackets forwomen and many other collections certainly the best for you.Features: =• Choose an image from camera or gallery =• Crop theface from your image =• Erase unwanted parts of crop image =•Select suit from different women winter suit =• Then set women cropimage =• Select background from beautiful backgrounds =• You canput emoji and text on the picture also =• All pictures are directlyshown in folder. =• Edited photo share with your friends. Womenwinter jacket suit app is completely free to download.