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Dungeon and Demons - Offline RPG Dungeon Crawler 2.1.0
You are the last of the monster slayers, and the quest rests on youto end the greatest threat the world has ever known, and preventthis from turning into a darkness world of demons and dungeons. -Dungeon crawler, hack and slash, action RPG gameplay - Unlockweapons, iron and golden armors, knight items and powerful specialabilities - RPG : Improve your hero stats, upgrade your warriorweapons, skills and items - Be a hunter of orcs, skeletons,goblins, ogres, wizards, summoners, dragons in the dark dungeons -Hack your way crawling through chaos darkness dungeons - Stunning3d graphics A dragon had not been seen in a Thousand years, and theold order of Dragon Slayers had all but disbanded, people livedsafely in the knowledge that the greatest threats to their kingdomsand cities destiny was gone forever. That changed the night the skyrained fire. Flaming rock rained all through the world, openingancient passages to the underworld and from there reborn a newlegion of dragons and their servants. Orcs, goblins, skeletons,ogres, devils, monsters and summoners sprung up everywhere, eagerto serve new dragon lords and cover the world in ashes. You are thelast dragon hunter champion, and the quest rests on you to end thegreatest threat the world has ever known, and prevent this fromturning into the chaos of darkness and dungeons for the eternity.
Legendary Heroes MOBA Offline 3.0.66
Every War has its Heroes … Some Heroes become mobile legends. Thegreatest battle of all time has begun. Heroes from all universesare invited to show their power and prove which is the best team.YouTube channel: MOBA ,ACTION REAL-TIME STRATEGY For the first time on Android, experiencean Action Real-Time Strategy(Action RTS) game. If you enjoy MOBAgames, you will love Legendary Heroes and the squad of mobilelegends! INTENSE ACTION AND TOUCH CONTROLS Quick and intensematches with touch controls tailored for Android MOBA experience.HEROES WITH UNIQUE SPECIAL POWERS 4 unique special abilities percharacter. KEEP PROGRESS ACROSS MATCHES Keep the leveling theprogress of each Hero across matches and develop as many of them asyou want. HOURS OF GAME PLAY IN CAMPAIGN MODE 40 maps providingunique MOBA challenges for all players - beginners or mobilelegends. PLAY FOR FREE! ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Access our site fordetailed heroes information, getting started guide, etc: ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ FOLLOW USWebsite: Facebook: Twitter: For support, please
8 Ball Clash - Offline Pool Billiards 1.0.1
Get ready to play challenging 8 ball matches! 🎱 Play Classic 8 ballrules: Pot all stripped or solid balls, in any order. Then pot theblack ball as the last one to win the match. 🎱 Career mode: Testyour pool skills with increasing difficult level, including turnsand time limits. Offline mode, no internet required! Features: 🎱 8different snooker tables with increasing difficult, stakes andrewards 🎱 40+ awesome billiards cues, some including specialeffects like the Lion and Wizard cues 🎱 Offline career mode: keepplaying great 8 ball matches when not connected 🎱 Google PlayAchievements and Leaderboards 🎱 Realistic 3D graphics 🎱 Hours andhours of offline 8 ball pool fun 🎱 Level system: get Pool Cashevery time you level up!
Tap Pixel Art : Color Number Game & Coloring Book 1.0.2
New Halloween images! 🎃🎃🎃 Tap Pixel Art is one of the BEST relaxinggames for you to release stresses on your mobile devices. You canfreely draw fun pixel art based on numbers. So it can help yourelease stress and feel relaxed by number coloring. HOW TO PAINT:🎃🦄 - Choose different numbers to locate the unfinished coloringcells. - Use 2 fingers to zoom-in or zoom-out through the coloringimage. - Use 1 finger to drag the coloring image from one place toanother. - Your artwork’s progress will be auto-saved when youleave or close it. Want to release your stress? Want to start anamazing color by number game journey on your mobile devices? Don’thesitate to download it for FREE and enjoy a color therapy tosteady your emotion and improve your concentration NOW! As one ofthe anti-stress painting games, Tap Pixel Art - Color by number isbenefitting for all players where you can develop yourconcentration, color matching skills and get an outlet for yourunexpressed stress through this color game. There are difficultylevels for painting by number, like nature, animals, fashion,plants, places, food, patterns, mosaic, graffiti, landscapes, andeven bonuses. It’s the best way to kill the boredom and alwaysexcites you to see the finished outcome of your works. You canreview your painting process by watching short Time Lapse videos atthe end. Do you like drawing games? Download it now! Everyone willenjoy this colouring game! Happy Color & Color Fun!
Star Squadron - Galaxy alien shooter - Offline
Commander! - Our galaxy is under alien shooter attack! We needyourhelp! - The space aliens invaders destroyed all squadsofgalactica! The Star Squadron team is waiting for yourcommand!Please command the ship to protect the galaxy planetsandasteroids. - It's our duty! Hurry up! If you are a big fanofarcade shooting game like galaxia, galaxian and galactica, youwillenjoy Star Squadron - Galaxy shooter - Galaxy attack. FEATURES-Perfect Shoot ‘em up: Choose your fighter ship, starship tobuildyour own space team! Remember to survival! - Challengingcampaign:+80 offline levels full of alien invaders and 3 difficultlevels!It should be your infinity shooting missions! - Epic andhugebosses: Show-off your skills. Enjoy arcade galaxy shootergamespace combat - Stunning graphics, amazing lighting andspecialeffects. - Offline campaign HOW TO PLAY - Slide to controlyourspaceship dodge enemy's bullets. - Use coins to upgrade orevolveyour spaceship to fight with giant enemies and alieninvaders. -Use appropriate spaceships and strategies for each leveland boss.- Remember to use the boosters. The Galaxy's future is nowin yourhands. Get your ship ready for space attack in this arcadegalaxyshooter game.