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Elements 1.03
In this new game you will run through a 3Dmystical world filled with trouble and obstacles.While playing, you'll be jumping over obstacles and attemptingto beat your top score. Watch out, because sometimes things aren'tquite what they seem... When you enter into the blue fields yourcharacter will clone. Sometimes this can help, but it can also be alot to juggle!Features in Elements include:→ Procedurally generated world with heaps of unique challenginglevels.→ Rapid and simple one touch game-play suitable for all ages!How to play:1. Tap the screen to jump over obstacles.2. Double tap to jump higher.
Dots Together - Match 3 1.07
Enjoy matching colors in a multitude ofchallenging dot puzzles and friends!Dots Together is a match three puzzle game designed to keep youthinking everyday.Simply swipe to swap the dot colors and try to line up 3 or morein a row! Connect the dots and challenge your friends!There are various powerups and heaps of levels to keep even thecleverest puzzler entertained for weeks!Can you think and swipe two at a time? Be smart and play twotimes a day.Dots Together is a fantastic way to do two things: increasebrain activity and relax at the same time!DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY MATCHING TODAY!
Farmers Market - Grow & Sell 1.04
Grow, harvest, manufacture, sell! Hireemployees and expand your farm empire!Farmers Market - Grow & Sell will have you running your veryown farm. Grow your own crops, harvest them, create new products tosell in the stores, then hire employees and grow your farmempire!Features:- Heaps of things to grow and sell!- Interesting and crazy characters to interact with!- New missions quests and goals to complete everyday!- Play with friends!INSTALL AND FARM TODAY!
Twilights - Double Avoidance 1.05
Guide two lights hurtling through the galaxyto avoid crashing!In Twilight - Double Avoidance you'll be challenging you sensesand reflexes to your limit. Avoid the obstacles and control eachlight independently. 80 challenging levels to fly through!AVOID THE SPIKES! Scrape along the sides, hover through themiddle, or squeeze by at the last millisecond by splitting intwo!Simple instructions for Twilights - Double Avoidance:- Tap and hold either left or right to move- Tap both to split up!INSTALL AND DODGE TODAY!
Domino Block Fall 1.0
Enjoy the challenge of drag and droppingdominoes blocks to make matches!Domino Block Fall is a fun and challenging mind game that willhave you seeing dots!How to play:- Simply drag your piece to the position you like and release todrop it!- Match any 2 numbered tiles together to clear them.- Match 4 white tiles to clear.We hope you enjoy playing dominoes and making matches in thisfun filled clever smart puzzle brick falling game!DOWNLOAD AND DROP TODAY!
Sweet Connection 1.02
Connect sweet jellies and form loops andsquares to complete challenging puzzles!Sweet Connection will help develop your brain to solve new andinnovative puzzles one loop at a time!Features:• FREE to play!• CONNECT one jelly to another, grab sugar cubes, break ice, createbombs, fight fire, and much more in this fun free addictive puzzlegame• ADVENTURE through hundreds of fun and addicting levels• ADORABLE fun, and thoughtful game design in this beautifulgame• ENJOY sweet and sugary jellies with relaxing game music and funsound fx• PLAY at your own pace to figure out the perfect move withouthaving to worry about the old time clock• CHALLENGE your friends to pass your level on Facebook, beat theirscores, and earn bragging rights• MAKE a square or a loop, to combo every bird of that color!DOWNLOAD AND LINK THEM TODAY!
Exploding Kegs 1.04
Place kegs and blow your enemies tosmithereens! With a bomberman like game play and a smashing rpgfeel, you'll be sure to have a blast!Progress through new worlds and discover the secrets within.Adventurers who like puzzles will love this game!Exploding Kegs tells the story of a warring dwarven tribe,attacked by goblins orcs and other minions of a group of evilwizards.Help your hero to defeat and outwit your enemies with mightyexplosive kegs! Adventure and discover the secrets of the lostmines. Collect gems and other treasures while you fight!Game Features:- 4 worlds and heaps of levels of bomberman inspired fun!- Customizable heroes!- Clever enemies and boss fights!DOWNLOAD AND EXPLODE YOUR KEGS TODAY!
Falling Mind 1.02
*** Endless challenge of a falling dot! ***Solid Rock Apps in collaboration with Zen Cap Games brings you awhole new twitch arcade title that will have your mindspinning!Avoid the red colors, pick up dots and beat your friendsscore!Develop lighting reflexes and unlock new levels of your mind withjust one finger!How far will your mind go? Are you out yet?Game Features & Hints:- Falling ball that will break like a brick if it hits a red blockor red arrow.- Tap left or right to move the dot as it falls.- Don't break up on a brick. Zig zag around them left orright.- Check your colors and when they swirl pay attention to yourtiming!- Each stage is very challenging but it isn't impossible!- You'll bounce off green bricks and there are varied power-ups andcoins to pick up.Have you met your match? Give it a go TODAY!
Make Them Survive - Stickman 1.0
WARNING: "HIGHLY ADDICTING!"Run, jump, fight and survive! Can you pass the ultimate 80levelchallenge?Just one tap - challenging arcade runner game play!Test your reflexes in the ultimate stickman game onthestore.Make Them Survive - Stickman has 80 levels for you toenjoyFREE!DOWNLOAD AND SURVIVE TODAY!
ColorFall Day 1.2
*** Enjoy your day matching colors! ***Simple fluid and fast addictive game play that will haveyoucompeting for that high score!Challenge your friends, improve your reflexes and enjoyaColorFall Day!The falling balls form circle swirls in your mind. Droppingfast,you'll need to stretch your reflexes to match these colors!Jump toit and get into the flow.How To Play:- Just tap left or right to shift the balls- Match up two of the same colorsTRY IT TODAY!
ATV Stunt Riders 1.03
Ride on the coolest all terrain racingquadbikes with wicked air jumps and spectacular crashes!The opponents are deadly, the air time is death defying, areyouready for the challenge?Experience off-road racing like you've never felt before!Jump like a car or taxi just can't, ride like a bus or limojustwont! Drive like there's no tomorrow.DOWNLOAD AND RIDE TODAY!
Army Helicopter Parking 1.03
Fly your chopper through importanttrainingthen real missions!The world's most powerful combat helicopters are atyourfingertips.Become a helicopter pilot and engage in vital missions acrosstheworld.Select from a variety of rotary and fixed-wing VTOL aircrafttocomplete your missions.Game Features- Controls optimized for 3D flight.- Select from a wide range of helicopters, each withuniquecharacteristics.- Complete important missions in and out of conflicts.DOWNLOAD AND FLY TODAY!
Crystal Planet Puzzle 1.06
Explore a world where time has ended andsolvethe board puzzles by picking up crystals!Ada moves in an "L" shape pattern much like a knight movesinchess. You must help her complete each puzzle by picking up asmanycrystals as possible before you run out of valid moves.Crystal Planet Puzzle is a simple chess like gamegetsincreasingly difficult as you progress and is a fantasticthinkingpersons game! Think ahead, plan your moves and enjoycollectingcrystals!Good for all ages, strong visuals, smooth and smart,brainy,clever game play... a must for young and old alike!- Heaps of levels to keep the brain busy! (With more ontheway)- Simple tap to move puzzle play with clever board designs.- Enjoy solving the puzzles and progressing through the gamewithAda!DOWNLOAD AND SOLVE IT TODAY!
Solstice - Line Up 1.05
Solstice is a fun and fast paced 1 tappuzzleplatformer.Move quickly through a maze of crazy rotating lines and JUMPyourway to a High Score!Try to collect the magical Blue Orbs to boost your score.How long can you survive on the line?FEATURES for Solstice - Line Up:• Sleek Minimalist Style + Amazing Soundtrack• 80+ Challenging and Unique Puzzles to Solve• Simple yet Addicting!INSTALL AND JUMP TODAY!