Solomon Roberson Apps

Xcom Operation System & Webtop 2.0
New mobile operating system. Comes with tons of apps, flash games,and more. Fast, lightweight, and coded in JavaScript. Our operatingsystem is powered by, and is a fully functionalonline OS. Only uses 832kb in storage!Links to your favorite socialnetworking sites. Includes powerful widgets, TV, Radio,calculators, converters, calendar, clocks, word processors, searchengines, web browsers, web development apps, ebooks, 2 webtops, andmore!New Features* OS Studio - Lets your remaster the OS and linkit to your site.Requirements* Wi-fi or data (2G or Higher)*Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse (Required for some flash games)*Most programs require "Adobe Flash" to operate.Adobe FlashLink
Search 3000 Webtop 4.6
Turn you smart phone or device into a powerful desktop operatingsystem! Search 3000 is a Mobile Operating System and Webtop. Fastand lightweight, coded with Java, JavaScript, HTML5, Ajax &PHP. Includes powerful widgets such as tv, radio, calculators,converters, clocks, word processors, internet search engine,terminal 2 webtops and more! Save memos, notes or documents withNotepad, Wordpad, Writer, Memo & Sticky Apps! Small, butpowerful! Awesome personalized features. Easy to use interface andbookmarks to your favorite social networking sites. Our system ispowered by, and is a fully functional online OS.So take your smart phone to the next level! Shortcuts: Swipe Left -to add your favorite bookmarks/links. Can add up to 6. Swipe Right- To switch editions. These contain new background skins. SaveButton: Save - To save any changes made to your theme. DefaultTheme - Will delete custom theme and switch back to Default theme.Hard Reset - Will delete custom theme, bookmarks, Notepad, Wordpad,Writer, Memo & Sticky data. Resets all. Troubleshooting: Ifflashlight does not turn off, open camera and light will shutoff.New Features * New Dock Bar! * HTML5 Games! * Messenger/PhoneShortcuts. * View Contacts, Network & Battery Info. *Flashlight - Turn your phone into a Flashlight. Requirements *Wi-fi or data (2G or Higher) * Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse(Required for some flash games) * Some programs require "AdobeFlash" to operate. Adobe Flash Link
TurboMan 3
At the North Pole a scientist of generic research name James Adamsdiscovered a mysterious crystal.After touching the crystal, Adamrealized he had super charged powers that enables him to move atthe speed of light. Adam uses his new powers to fightcrime.However, Adam now faces a new problem. The Mid Evil DarkNinja Clan is trying to invade the nation. Adam must stop this evilclan at all cost. And restore peace to our nation. Brought to youby: