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Video To Audio Converter, UltraFast Mp3 Converter 2.4
A very effective video to audio converter application that allowsyou to convert your video to audio and video to mp3. Converting mp3is very fast using this mp3 converter.So, This video to mp3 oraudio extractor will be your daily life useful video to mp3 songconverter. Video to mp3 converter will list out all of your videosong from your device. You just select the video that you want toconvert to audio song or audio music or mp3 music or song. You canplay a video file before converting it. When you are done withselecting your video file just press convert button. This VIdeo toaudio converter app will then start converting video to audio orvideo to mp3 as you use. You will get your converted audio file inmy audio section.*** When you install this video to audio converterapplication for the first time it will download necessary supportedlibrary from the internet. So, keep patience that time
Mp3 Cutter & Ringtone Maker 1.3
Mp3 Cutter & Ringtone Maker allows you to select any mp3 song/audio song from your device and make Ringtone easily. It alsoallows you to set individual contact ringtone for your devicecontact list. You can make and set : » Alarm ringtone »Notification ringtone » Contact ringtone » short music using thisawesome Mp3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker as well. It has a super userfriendly editing panel to cut and make your ringtone and many more.Launch the editor panel by selecting your desired song. Then set arange of duration of your song by dragging two start and end dragbutton. Now cut and save it. enjoy If you like this Mp3 cutter andringtone maker don't forget to rate it and share with your friends.
Color Splash Effect Photo Edit 1.0.1
Color Splash effect photo editor is a great app to use whenbringing out a specific part to focus on. Color Splash effect photoeditor lets you selectively color your photo that is already turnedinto gray or black and white (B&W) image. Color Splash EffectConverts your photo into gorgeous black and white (B&W) imageand makes your photos more artistic and vibrant. As a result yoursimple art of pics turn into stunning pieces of pics art. The ColorSplash technique allows you to create unique dramatic photos withselective colors. This effect draws the viewers' attention to thecolored areas, creating striking images. Color splash effect is funto use. It has unique shape splash feature. Using shape splashfeature highlight color with desired shape and get stunning colorpop effect. Color Splash effect is very popular among all agespeople who love to retouch photo. Color Splash effect is frequentlyused by photographers and photo lovers. Keeping all this things inmind we have created very user friendly and easy to use colorsplash effect photo editor. Features: - Select image from galleryor capture image with camera - Initially image is converted tograyscale photo or black and white (B&W) image - Zoom imagewith two finger - Pan button to pan or move image on view - undofunctionality - resize and fit image to screen - Reset image toinitial state - Change brush size and brush opacity - realtimepaint preview - save image to device storage - share photo toinstagram,facebook, messenger and many other sharing platform -post photo directly to social network Enjoy color splash effectphoto editor and give your photo a glamorous look.
Jelly Blast 2 : Match 3 Candy 1.0
Jelly Blast is a new style match 3 gamewithattractive and sweet game play. Crush at least 3 same typecandy tohave a blast. You can achieve free booster by matching morethan 3sweet candy. Booster helps you do massive damages of candiesandclear all candy fast.It has different types of difficulty levels such as jellyrescue,drop the fruit, collect jelly or candy, crush chocolate,crush icejelly, timed level etc. Every level is unique andexciting. Youwill never feel bored. So, Play like a hero and farmyour sweetcandy base. be careful while playing drop fruit, jellyrescue ,crush ice jelly and smash choco level.Jelly Blast is your ultimate relaxing game partner. Jelly blasthasattractive graphics and game music.Jelly Blast is social match 3 game where you can compete withyourFacebook friends. Just login with Facebook inside thegame.Enjoy, Jelly Blast match 3 crush game and have fun.
DSLR Camera Blur Background , Bokeh Effects Photo 2.5
DSLR Camera Blur Backround Photo editor app is your ultimate Blureffect app. Now, you don't need a DSLR camera or you don't need bea professional photographer to make a DSLR Style Blur Backgroundeffect on your Photo. DSLR Camera Blur Background app has lots ofphoto blurring,bokeh tools. Using them you can easily make your ownDSLR Bokeh Effect. It has manual and shape blur features. Use yourfinger and touch on unwanted part of your photo that you want toblur and keep your special part focused on. This Blur pic editorhas auto blur image background and manual point blur filter effectsoptions. Choose picture from gallery or take picture from camera.To get auto blur background image go to shape blur section. Adjustblur level with the blurriness seekbar. You can also adjust brushsize. Get cool bokeh effects photo and share social network.
Auto Collage Photo Grid Maker , Pics Frame Editor 1.4
AutoCollage Photo Collage Maker is the latest style auto piccollage maker. A huge collection of creative photo layout isavailable in this modern photo collage maker. There are lots ofunique grid and shapes are added. AutoCollage Photo Collage appAutomatically creates collage from your selected pics. So, it isvery easy and quick way of creating nice photo collage. AutoCollagePhoto Collage maker is not just a picture collage maker. It hasalso mirror image , Insta photo square, scrapbook, free stylecollage features. So, AutoCollage Photo collage maker is an all inone photo grid app. You have no boundaries of your imagination.Features: - Change Collage Background - Add Stickers on photo - Addtext on photo - 3D Shape for single image - Mirror Image -Scrapbook - Insta photo square image - Apply effects, filters,overlays, textures on your photo - Add Frames - Change Grid space,border radious and grid size - Flip, rotate, zoom, and adjust photoposition and many more. The absolute Auto Collage Maker app. Enjoyusing this pic grid maker app and make awesome collage and share onsocial network directly.
Photo Background Changer, Cut Paste Image 2018 1.4
Most Advanced Photo Background app in 2018 with lots of newfeatures. Give your ordinary photo an extraordinary look byreplacing background with beautiful background scenery. Just cutyour photo and paste it on new photo background. You can alsoremove the background if you want or replace it with new one.Choose background image from you device or from the photobackground changer app. It has so many sample HD backgroundpictures of popular places in different countries. For ExampleNature photo, beach photo, sunset photo, Car photo and so manyforeign scenery. Changing photo background was never been so easy.It is very easy to remove or replace your photo background usingthis awesome photo background eraser app. Enjoy using this app andmake your cool photo again and share with your friends.
Gym Exercise - Fitness & Bodybuilding Workout 1.2
Gym Exercise - Fitness & BodyBuilding Workout is yourultimateworkout trainer. It has all the Bodybuilding Exercises thatyouneed to transform your body as the way you want. Foryourconvenience we have divided all the bodybuilding workoutsintodifferent categories. All the exercise has both image andvideodemonstration. You can see in every exercise there is redmarkedmuscle area in the body to show you the effective muscle foreachexercise. So you have now detail knowledges about musclebasedexercise with will help you build your muscle properly andgainyour desired body shape. Gym Exercise - Fitness &BodyBuildingapp has 10 categories of exercise- 1. Back Workout 2.Chest Workout3. Abs Workout 4. Shoulders Workout 5. Biceps Workout6. TricepsWorkout 7. Forearms Workout 8. Thigh Workout 9. CalfWorkout 10.Hips Workout We will be adding more fitness exerciseover time.Enjoy Bodybuilding Workouts.