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Space Force: Alien Shooter War 1.5.8
Sonat Studio
In the distant future, as people increasingly expand the boundariesof the Universe, they have to learn a lot of new things and face upwith countless troubles. One day, a mighty alien force with theirmonster and space invaders appear. They control the alien spaceshipand threaten the life of the Earth. Then a space war broke out. Asa member of the Space Force, you will join with other space shooteragainst the space invaders and protect the Earth. Start your galaxyattack in many different ways right away: Start with Sparrowspaceship, become stronger at every level to defeat space invadersto bring peace to Earth.. It’s an arcade shooting games, easy toplay, just concentrate and destroy everything that stands in yourway! HOW TO PLAY - In this shooting games, hold and slide tocontrol your spaceship to attack alien spaceship and avoid enemiespower - Collect coins and gems to upgrade your spaceship and yourspace force - In each battle there will be items dropped from spaceinvaders when they are eliminated, remember to use them in the mostuseful way - Equip and upgrade your support drones to help yourspace force defeat Boss - Use your main skills and other skills tocollect more coins, gems and destroy enemies GAME FEATURES -Attractive mission system - Many modes to play: Campaign, Endless,Event. - Great graphics, amazing sound and effects - Many levelswith different challenges and difficulties. - Various spaceinvaders: Mini boss, Big boss, Monster - Many kinds of spaceshipsand drones to select with diverse weapons and skills - Easy toupgrade and promote spaceships and drones - Attractive dailymissions, achievements and events every month The future of theEarth is in your hand. Let’s join the battle with another spaceshooter player in the world to protect the your family with SpaceForce: Alien Shooter War right now!
Space Invasion: Alien Shooter War 2.0.9
Sonat Studio
With ambition to dominate the galaxy, the lord of darkness–Khanthos sent his army to invade the planets and collect alltheprecious resources. Now the army of darkness is moving towardourplant. Are you ready to join the Alien Shooter Squad to protecttheGalaxy? Gather your brothers, be the captain of the AlienShooterand lead your squad to protect this galaxy from spaceinvaders.SPACE INVASION: ALIEN SHOOTER WAR FEATURE - Over 40 levelswith 3mode for you challenge yourself in this space shooter game. -4unique spaceships - fully upgradable and customizable:SkyGlider,Feline Dart, NightBurst and Royal Thunder. - 7 specialsupporterswill help you in intense space wars. - Constant updateswith tonsof new updates to your spaceships and supporters in thisalienshooter game. - Super user-friendly game control so that anyplayercan master the control of their spaceship within minutes -Stunninggraphics and effects will not let you down. - Challengingdailymissions and interesting daily gifts will always keep you backformore. - Tons of strong enemies and huge bosses in thisalienshooter game are waiting for you to decimate. - This spaceshootergame is free. You will not have to pay any when downloadthis spaceshooter game. - No need connection in this galaxy shootergame. Youcan play anytime and anywhere you want. HOW TO PLAY SPACEINVASION:ALIEN SHOOTER WAR - Shoot down all space invaders andcollect cointo upgrade your spaceship and supporters. - Collect asmany coinsas you can, you will need more and more coin to upgradeyourweapons when confront with huge bosses. - Don’t forget tocollectthe booster on the way you fight in this alien shooter game.-Upgrade your spaceships and supporters as much as you can.Defendour galaxy against the galaxy invaders with your ownspaceship andsquad. Play against gigantic bosses and save our life.The choiceis yours! KEEP IN TOUCH WITH US
Seven Idle Dwarfs 6.1.6
Sonat Studio
You might not be a tycoon in the real world but here - in theworldof Seven Idle Dwarfs Idle game, you can become one! Hardworkingdwarfs are mining day and night to help you accumulatewealth. Youdon’t have to be present all the time, Fairy Godmothers,PrincessWhite and managers will supervise these little miners foryou. Evenif you are offline, the money keeps flow into your pocket.SEVENIDLE DWARFS FEATURES - Stunning fairy tale-like graphics -Amazingeffects and sounds - Variety of mines for you explore.Threecontinents with 15 different kind of minerals: coal, gold,ruby,emerald, etc. - 2400 levels of elevator and warehouse toupgrade. -800 mine shafts over the world to exploit. - No needconnect to theinternet - offline game - It’s totally FREE! Playwith friends! HOWTO PLAY SEVEN IDLE DWARFS - You need to usedifferent strategies toget money from different continents. -Explore new mine continentsto pile your idle money. - Use theboosters every time you get toboost your profit. - Upgrade yourshafts, elevator and warehouse inevery mine to increase idle cash.- Don’t forget to upgrade yourskill tree to generate more income. -Collect as many dwarf cardsas you can to own the collection ofdwarfs. Start your own mineadventure and explore the world of theseven dwarfs now! Tap! Tap!Tap! And become the richest idle tycoonever! Please give us 5 starif you like this idle world! Thank youso much and enjoy the idlegame! KEEP IN TOUCH WITH US -Fanpage:
Idle Fairy Farm: Frenzy Farming Game
Sonat Studio
Do you want to become an owner of a beautiful farm? Escape fromcityand come to the Fairy Land. The Fairy Tales will help youraiseanimals, crops and build your own farm. IDLE FAIRY FARM:FRENZYFARMING GAME FEATURE - Stunning fairy tale-like and farmvillagegraphics - Amazing effects and sounds - Variety of cropsand animalsin township for you to plant and raise. - This idlefarming game istotally FREE - Play this farming game you don’tneed internetconnection because it’s offline. HOW TO PLAY IDLEFAIRY FARM: FRENZYFARMING GAME - Earn money by planting crops andraising animals. Themore crops you plant the more money you willget in this fairyvillage. - Don’t forget to use the help of FairyTales to get moreprofits. - Harvest, go to market and return withmagic seed willhelp you earn more money in the next season. - Buybooster also helpyou earn more profits. - Open boxes and collectmore plant andanimals. There are many kinds of beautiful crops andanimals arewaiting for you to collect. - Everyday you will receivea specialgifts therefore don’t forget to comeback game and claimit. Fairyfarm will help you relax after a long working day. Startyour ownadventure and explore the world of Fairy Tales now. Clickand click!You will become the richest farmer ever! Please give 5star for ourIdle Fairy Farm if you like it. Thank you so much andenjoy the IdleFairy Farm: Frenzy Farming Game.