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Sophos Mobile Control 9.6.3685
Sophos Mobile is a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution thatallows companies to easily manage, control and secure Android, iOS,macOS, Windows 10 and Chrome devices (like Chromebooks) from asingle web console. The Sophos Mobile Control app allows you toenroll your device with Sophos Mobile. Your organization can thenconfigure device policies, distribute apps and further secure yourdevice. IMPORTANT: This app will not function without theappropriate Sophos management console in place. Only install theapp if advised by your organization. This app uses the DeviceAdministrator permission. Key features • Report the devicecompliance status. • Trigger device synchronization with the SophosMobile management console. • Install apps from an Enterprise AppStore. • Display all compliance violations. • Receive messages fromthe Sophos Mobile management console. • Display privacy and supportinformation. Sophos Mobile supports the extended MDM managementfeatures of devices with Samsung Knox, LG GATE or SONY EnterpriseAPI. For more information, visit
Sophos Intercept X for Mobile 9.6.3366
Sophos Intercept X for Mobile delivers industry leading protectionagainst malware and other mobile threats. The app has consistentlyachieved a 100% protection score in AV-TEST’s comparison of the topAndroid security and antivirus apps. Full features, no advertising,all free Sophos is an IT security leader for companies andgovernments worldwide. This app comprehensively protects yourAndroid device and your privacy without impacting performance orbattery life. Malware protection • Scan apps and storage media formalicious or inappropriate content. Web Filtering • Block web pageswith malicious, undesirable or illegal content. Link Checker •Check links you tap in non-browser apps for malicious orinappropriate content. App Protection • Protect apps with apassword. Wi-Fi Security • Check your connection forman-in-the-middle attacks. Privacy Advisor • List apps that accessyour personal data or that could create costs. Security Advisor •Get advice on how to improve device security. Secure QR CodeScanner • Perform security checks when scanning QR codes thatinclude URLs, contacts, or Wi-Fi connection data. Password Safe •Store all your account data in a KeePass-compatible passworddatabase. Authenticator • Generate time-based (TOTP, RFC 6238) andcounter-based (HOTP, RFC 4226) one-time passwords for multi-factorauthentication. Managed mode • Connect the app to Sophos Mobile toenable your organization to manage your device. Intune MobileThreat Defense (MTD) • Connect the app to your organization’sMicrosoft Intune account to restrict access to corporate data basedon the device’s compliance status. This requires Sophos Central.Permissions • Permissions are required to monitor incoming data,and to detect and stop threats. More info: • This app uses the DeviceAdministrator permission when you turn on the App Protectionfeature. • This app uses Accessibility services. Battery and datausage • Malware definitions update once a day to keep youprotected. This uses a small amount of data. • The initial fullscan of every installed app causes a one-time increase in batteryusage. Support information • Knowledge base: • Support forum:• Use our SDK for premium antivirus in your app:
Sophos Secure Workspace 9.6.3020
Sophos Secure Workspace is the place where you can access yourcompany’s documents or corporate websites. All data is stored withAES-256 encryption, matching military grade requirements. SophosSecure Workspace is designed to prevent data loss if your devicegets stolen or lost. Sophos Secure Workspace can be managed bySophos Mobile, an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution.Sophos Secure Workspace runs inside the Sophos container and theSophos Mobile administrator can enforce corporate securitysettings. Sophos Secure Workspace is fully compatible with SophosSafeGuard Enterprise (SGN). Sophos Mobile integration ensures thatusers can access SGN encrypted files and access full disk recoverykeys from their mobile devices. Feature set MANAGE FILES IN CLOUDOR ENTERPRISE STORAGE • Manage all your files from various cloudstorage providers. • Seamlessly access encrypted files using thekeys from your SGN synchronized keyring. • Apply common fileoperations, like move or delete. • Add and encrypt documents, ordecrypt them. • Take and encrypt photos that are not available toother apps. • Edit PDF or text files. • Use files offline. DATAPROTECTION • Store files with AES-256 encryption. • Create localencryption keys or use the keys that are included in the accesseddocuments. • Protect app access with a passcode or yourfingerprint. WEB FILTERING/ANTI-PHISHING • Web links in documentsare checked for malicious, undesirable or illegal content. MANAGEDMODE Additional features if Sophos Secure Workspace is managed bySophos Mobile: • Enforce an app password. • Auto-lock the app afterbeing offline for a certain time. • Remotely lock the app if asecurity breach occurs. • Restrict app access based on geo, timeand Wi-Fi fencing. • Define allowed storage providers. • Publishcorporate documents on a WebDAV server or distribute them throughSophos Mobile. • Restrict file sharing, offline use or clipboarduse. • Corporate Browser: Enable your users to securely accesscorporate websites. All browsing data is stored in encrypted form.• Corporate keyring: Enable your users to access their SGN keys forseamless encrypted file access. • Provide recovery keys for SGNmanaged BitLocker and FileVault disk encryption. • Edit Officeformat files using the integrated Polaris Office Library. • Secureexternal sharing with password protected files, wrapped in an HTML5format. NOTE: If you have any problems with Sophos SecureWorkspace, please check our monitored support forum for help beforeleaving a 1-star review:
Sophos Samsung Plugin 1.4.1
IMPORTANT INFORMATION:This app is intended to be used together withthe Sophos Mobile Control app. It is a plugin, which is required onselected Samsung devices to support the additional MDMfunctionality provided by Samsung Knox.Please do not install thisapp yourself. Sophos Mobile Control will prompt you to install theapp if the phone matches the specifications.For more information onSophos Mobile, please visit uses the Device Administrator permission.
Security & Antivirus Guard
This app is an add-on to Sophos Intercept X for Mobile and toSophos Mobile Control, to ensure that these apps run at all times.It checks the running processes on your device and restarts themonitored apps if they are terminated. Note: Sophos Security &Antivirus Guard works only in combination with Sophos Intercept Xfor Mobile or Sophos Mobile Control. You can install these appsfrom Google Play Store. Notes on required permissions • Device& app history, retrieve running apps: This permission isrequired to determine if Sophos Intercept X for Mobile and SophosMobile Control are still running.
Sophos Secure Email v7.2.1
Sophos Secure Email is a containerized and secure email app thatlets you fully separate enterprise and private data on your device.It handles the corporate emails, contacts and calendar from thecompany’s Exchange server. Corporate data is protected with AES-256encryption and the export of data is controlled by the company’sData Loss Prevention (DLP) rules. Sophos Secure Email allows theimplementation of BYOD programs and fulfills advanced dataprotection needs in selected industries like finance, government orhealthcare. IMPORTANT NOTE: The Sophos Secure Email app works onlyin combination with the Sophos Mobile Control Enterprise MobilityManagement (EMM) software. Please check with your IT departmentwhether your company uses Sophos Mobile Control. If it does not,please do not install this app as it will not operate without thecorresponding EMM server. *** Feature set *** EMAIL - Sync emailwith Microsoft Exchange or any other ActiveSync compatible emailservice. - Use these email options: Create, Reply, Reply All,Forward, Delete. - Search through your inbox. - Organize youremails in folders. CONTACTS - Access, modify or create contacts. -Search for contacts. - View contact details, including picture.CALENDAR - View events in a calendar or in a list. - Create newevents. - Accept invitations. ENROLLMENT STEPS Usually, the app ispushed to your device during the enrollment with Sophos MobileControl: 1. After installation and configuration through the EMMserver, open the app. 2. If requested, enter the containerpasscode. 3. The app starts to sync data with your email account.NOTE: If you have any issues with Sophos Secure Email, please checkour monitored support forum for help before leaving a 1-starreview:
Sophos LG Plugin
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This app is intended to be used togetherwith the Sophos Mobile Control app. It is a plugin, which isrequired to support the additional functionality provided throughthe LG GATE MDM API on selected LG devices. Please do not installthis app yourself. The system will prompt you to install the app,if the phone matches the specifications. For more information aboutSophos Mobile, please visit app uses the Device Administrator permission.
Sophos NFC Provisioning 1.1.1147
Sophos NFC Provisioning helps administrators to mass enrollcorporate-owned Android devices with Sophos Mobile. The devices areset up using the Android device owner provisioning mode, so thatthey are managed and kept secure by Sophos Mobile. You install thisapp on a master device and then provision end user devices via NFC.End user devices must be new or reset to factory settings and musthave NFC. The following configuration steps are applied to newdevices: • Set time zone and language. • Configure a corporateWi-Fi connection. • Install the Sophos Mobile Control app. • Launchthe device encryption process (optional). • Skip vendor-specificconfiguration steps, to simplify the user's setup experience(optional).