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【Miku AR Camera】Mikuture 3.0.15
The Mikuture, is a live-action AR app synthesis of Hatsune Mikutake. ◆DisclaimerIt is assumed that if you want to use theinformation or this service, and have agreed to the followingdisclaimer,Suppose that you want to use is the responsibility ofthe individual.・Because of your use of this application, regard anyloss or damage, such as trouble makers we assume that it does notmatter any responsibility.・The Intel CPU is the outside targetedfor support.◆LicenseThis work is drawn character of Crypton FutureMedia Ltd. "Hatsune Miku" on the basis of the PIA Pro-characterlicense.
ゆかり Jump a Live 1.1.1
この声届け、月までも弐 特別アプリ!azumaさん作詞作曲の「夢魅鳥」のARライブと縦スクロールミニゲームを収録!ゲームをクリアすると、特別な壁紙が手に入るよ!声月の終盤にはスペシャルコンテンツの追加も……!?声月当日をお楽しみに!!!本アプリで使用するARマーカーに関しては、下記サイトからダウンロードして頂くことが可能です。(2/28以降公開予定)「結月ゆかり」はVOCALOMAKETS(株式会社バンピーファクトリー)の登録商標です。This voice delivered,evento the moon Vol.2 special app!Recorded AR live and vertical scrolling mini-game of"Yumemitori"of azuma's songwriting!If you clear the game, special wallpaper can get!Additional special content to the end of the Koetsukialso......! ?Koetsuki day of the fun! ! !For the AR marker to be used in the present application, itispossible for you to download from the following site. (2/28 willbereleased later)"Yuitsuki Yukari" is a registered trademark of VOCALOMAKETS(Ltd.bumpy factory).
ポケットクエリちゃんAR 1.1.0