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OSRS Loot Simulator 1.6.1
This app features Old School Runescape's loot simulations.Thesesimulations are not in any way part of the real OldSchoolRunescape game. This app merely simulates various rewardloottables while displaying real item icons and latest pricesgottenfrom the official Old School Runescape public API. Casketssuch asraids are built in a way that out of all team members,you've beengiven the unique loot chance. For all caskets, this appwill*always* give you the chance of receiving uniques depending onthecustom points you've set for certain caskets. The custom pointsyouset will influence the chance of receiving unique loot as pertheofficial drop rates. All drop rates are as close to theoriginalgame as possible. Drop rates have been implemented based ontheinformation gotten from the official OSRS wiki andpublicinformation shared by JMods. If you notice anydiscrepanciesregarding drop rates, please do let me know and I'llfix it. Thisapp also features loot simulations for various monstersand bossessuch as Zulrah, Vorkath, The Nightmare, GWD, Wildernessbosses andmany others. There are more than 200+ differentmonsters/caskets tosimulate in the app. This app requires internetconnection to fetchitem info and latest prices. Since this app isstill underdevelopment, bugs will come up. Please do let me know ofany bugs,errors or issues you notice in the app. You can send mefeedback tomy email. Thanks! You can also check the OSRS officialwiki withinthe app to get a better context of your loot. Featuredcaskets: -Beginner treasure trails - Easy treasure trails - Mediumtreasuretrails - Hard treasure trails - Elite treasure trails -Mastertreasure trails - Barrows chest - Chambers of Xeric - TheatreofBlood Featured monsters - Lots of bosses (e.g Zulrah, Vorkath,TheNightmare, Wilderness, GWD) - Lots of slayer monsters The appalsofeatures a collection log where you can keep track of theuniqueloot you've gotten from the simulations. Pick amonster/casket andtry out your luck!