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The Metronome by Soundbrenner 1.17.4
The metronome app you have been waiting for. — We didn’t likeexisting metronome apps very much. So we made a better one. TheMetronome by Soundbrenner is designed to be a professional tool tohelp all musicians to play with perfect precision. A powerfulmetronome app for everyone, from beginner to professional,regardless of instrument choice The Metronome by Soundbrenner worksgreat for daily practice, live performances or in the recordingstudio. The Metronome by Soundbrenner is fully packed with profeatures, all free of use. One of our pro features is the abilityto tap your own tempo. You can utilize it by hitting our tapbutton, keep the beat and your bpm will set, ready to startplaying. Tip tap top! Tapping out? Count in! We added a countfeature to give you the option to get familiar with the set bpm.Enable it in the settings, select your tempo and start playing.Your count in will work automatically and your bpm will be tighterthan ever. Practice makes perfect. That is why we have added thesetlists feature in for you to repeat certain songs multiple timesuntil you get the right bpm and rhythm. Create a setlist, pick yoursongs and load the set! Not practicing? No problem. Our setlistscan be used in every situation; playing live, recording in a studioor just jamming out with other musicians. Practicing with yourband? Or multiple musicians? That's no problem with our advancedpro sync feature: Multiplayer Synchronisation. Sync up to fivemusicians to play seamlessly to the perfect bpm. With MultiplayerSynchronisation practicing is made easy, everyone can focus onplaying music and keeping the right rhythm. Sync up! Become abetter musician by practicing around with subdivisions, timesignatures or accents. Pick a time signature, set differentsubdivisions and choose your accents to customize the way you playmusic. Get a perfect sound each time you practice and become thebest. Behind all of these pro features is a sleek and beautifulinterface, aimed to be easy to use for every musician. You cancompletely customize it, with different themes and sounds. Pick asound for the right beat, and select theme to set the right mood.Highlights and features: - Precise metronome packed into anintuitive, beautiful interface. - Change your time signature,choose a subdivision and set accents. - Powerful customization.Choose from different click sounds and enable Camera LED/Screenflash. - World class setlist management. Save your own rhythms andload them in the Metronome. - Sync up to five Metronomes with ourMultiplayer Synchronisation feature. - Dark and light themedesigned to be functional. You have the power of choice. TheMetronome by Soundbrenner is free without ads, for the bestexperience possible. At Soundbrenner we believe every musician,from beginner to professional, should practice their music andrhythm in the best way possible. That's why we decided to make ourapp free to download. Set the bpm, sync up, press play and startmaking music! What other musicians are saying about The Metronome:“This is such a beautiful instrument, that it will help youmaintain your humbleness and put you on a path of correctness.” -John “JR” Robinson (The most recorded drummer ever) “As aprogressive musician, I find this very useful while practicingcomplex time signatures and improvising on the go.“ - Jordan Rudess(Keyboardist from Dream Theater) About Soundbrenner: We're buildingthe future of rhythm. We're also the makers of the world's firstsmart wearable for musicians, the Soundbrenner Pulse. Learn more Soundbrenner was previously featured onTechcrunch, Gizmodo, Guitar Player,, MusicRadar, CNET,Yahoo, VentureBeat, ZDNet and SlashGear. Follow us: