Southern Metropolitan Regional Council Apps

Recycle Right 5.0.5
The Recycle Right app assists residents in the Perth metropolitanregion and Avon Valley to understand which bin to put rubbish in,as well as providing drop-off locations for items that don’t belongin the kerbside bins. *Which Bin – find out at a glance, what goesin which bin along with what doesn’t belong there and the correctmethods of disposal. * Materials A–Z – this searchable, extensiveA–Z provides advice on which bin to put items in as well as greattips to re-use or recycle. The A–Z list allows users to choose therelevant list for their area, whether that’s 3-bin FOGO, 3-bin GOor 2 bin system. * Find My Nearest – find your nearest drop off orrecycling facility in Perth for items such as batteries, car parts,building/demolition waste, hazardous household waste and more. *BinDay Reminders – set reminders so that you never forget which bingoes out on what day for your area – no need to check which binsthe neighbours have put out! Note: Currently, this feature isautomatic for SMRC Member Councils (City of Fremantle, City ofKwinana, City of Melville and the Town of East Fremantle) andmanual for other council in the Perth Metro area.