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Lets Convo - Free Chat & News 4.0.17
Convo delivers chat/messaging, voice and video callingfunctionality to its users as well as news content from leadingglobal publishers (Celebrities, News Broadcasters, Influencers).You can follow only what your interested to get your daily contentfix. Convo works just as well on 2G networks as it does on thelatest 4G or WiFi networks. Giving the ability for all to consume,even if they are in a low/poor connectivity areas whilst alsoconsuming far less data so you can make the most of your phone’sdata package. KEY FEATURES • Make unlimited voice calls app to app.• Make unlimited video calls app to app.​ • Share photos, videos,sounds, documents and locations through the chat function. Creategroups with your friends or message them privately. • Follow someof the worlds best publishers (news organisations, celebrities,social influencers & brands) and create your very own bitesizedfeed to get your daily content fix.