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Galaxy Shooter - Space Shooter 1.1
This space shooter is an exciting addictive epic galaxy war gamewith 120+ missions, 100+ invaders and a lot of spaceshipupgrades.The player must also have strategy skills to equip properupgrades and use the appropriate skills during specific spacemissions over 16 star systems to guard the galaxies.Start yourspaceship engines and join to this ultimate galactic wargame.Galaxy shooter 2 invaders HD is a fast-paced top-downperspective shoot space war game.Required skills are more than fastreactions and memory enemy invader attack patterns.Features:Highquality images optimize for tablets and large screensGalaxy shooterInvaders HD is a sequence to space invadersDifferent alien races,guardians, hundreds of invaders to fight againstAbility to useactive skills during the space battlesFully customizable spaceshipswith hundreds of upgradesExciting boss fights100+ missions inunlock-able galaxies with multiple difficulty levelsGameplayTips:If you ran out of LY, you can finish accomplished missionsagain to get more. Rerunning a mission on Hard difficulty increasesthe LY gain. Equipped special modules can be used as active skillsonce within their cool down interval. Equipped upgrades arepassively modify your ship properties. If you find a mission toohard, finish another mission first! You may also change difficultysetting to Easy for that specific mission.Different enemies mayrequire different strategies. Although a weapon with great amountof damage can be efficient against large and strong enemies,weapons with smaller damage but fast rate of fire could be betteragainst smaller foes.