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Space shooter : Squadron 1945
Our beautiful galaxy is under attack ofinvaders. They destroyed all of squadron.You are last hero of Earth, take control of a lone spaceship, getthe force from air and strike swarms of galaxy invaders.Space shooter: Galaxy attack is a game of shoot 'em up video gamefrom 1945.In this space shooter game, you will be faced an increasingly largenumber of enemies and deal with many epic bosses in spacewar.As the processes, your spaceship can upgrade lethal capacity orunlock mini sky force to support your spaceship and show them whois the master of galaxy.FEATURE- Simple controls that don't need a tutorial.- More than 50 levels with various difficulty levels for everyoneto enjoy from beginners to veteran.- Conquer mini-bosses and epic bosses with dominating skills.- Thrilling fun maximizing the space shooter game feeling.- Unlock very useful mini-ship that follow you and shoot thesegalaxy invaders.- Amazing graphic design for this game.CONTROL- Screen slide to move spaceship. The spaceship auto shoot.- Bomb button touch: Fire a supper bomb to destroy all enemies andtheir cartridge.- Collect sky force items to upgrade or change your weapons.
Galaxy Shooter - Space Attack 3.1
Galaxy shooter: Space attack is a game of shoot 'em up video gamefrom 1945. One day, our beautiful galaxy is under attack of alieninvaders. They from space have been sent to destroy our galaxy. Youare last hero of galaxy and will be faced an space attack. You mustplan your battle strategy well and upgrade your fighter ship todefeat the increasingly advanced aliens.If you are a fan of spaceshooting games and like to simulate sky shooting, so Galaxy attack:Space attack game is the one you should be shooter playing.