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Spare Rides - Carpooling App 4.1.3
Spare Rides connects you with people in MetroVancouver for an amazing, shared commuting experience.- How does Spare work?I'm glad you asked! Just set up your commuting schedule as a rideror driver (or both) and let Spare take care of the rest.- How can I ride with Spare?Riding with Spare is very easy. Just set up a ride trip with thetap of a button, and get picked up by a nearby community driverthat will take you to your destination.- How can I drive with Spare?Everyone can be a community driver, even if you are just commuting!Community drivers use Spare to help cover the cost of owning a car.No fixed schedule is required, making the service very differentfrom traditional carpooling services. You will get matches withriders on your route, making sharing frictionless.--------​What people are saying about Spare Rides:​"It’s one of several innovative solutions that could change how weuse our cars, and make them carry more people and be moreefficient."- CTV​"The app that commuters never new they wanted, but now that it isthere they are going crazy for it"- QMFM Radio​"Spare is a real time ridesharing platform, providing people with ahighly sustainable, community-driven transportation platform forthe connected society."- Vancouver Is Awesome
67pluss 2.22.38
AtB 67pluss tilbyr aldersvennlig transport i deler av Trondheim forpersoner 67+. Bestill turer enkelt gjennom appen. Du kan bli hentethjemme og kjørt til et av våre servicepunkter, eller bli hentet vedet servicepunkt og kjørt hjem. Du kan komme til å dele kjøretøyetmed andre som skal i samme retning. Reisende må ha gyldig billett.Ordinære takster for honnørreisende gjelder. 67 pluss er entjeneste fra AtB.
SW Prime 2.27.44
SW Prime is an on-demand micro transit service for Eden Prairie,Chaska, Chanhassen, Carver, and Victoria operated by SouthWestTransit. Use the SW Prime App to book your now with just a fewclicks!
DRT On Demand 2.27.44
Durham Region Transit On Demand is a demand responsive transitservice available in Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Courtice,Bowmanville, Clarington, Uxbridge, Scugog and Brock. Travel withina zone, or connect with DRT bus routes or GO Transit train and busservices. Get around in Durham Region with DRT On Demand!
Spare Driver 2.33.21
With Spare Platform you can plan, launch, and operate a smarttransportation network, all from one place. With Spare Driver youcan drive for any Spare Platform service types. Spare Driver V2 isbringing massive improvements across the board to the drivingexperience on Spare. V2 is complete with fully integratedturn-by-turn navigation, a next-generation user interface, and abeautiful new way to interact with your itinerary, and is availableon all screen sizes. We’ll walk through these key features below.Fully integrated turn-by-turn navigation: - No matter where you arein the world, Spare now has built in turn-by-turn navigation to getyou to your next stop. - Turn-by-turn navigation is now integratedinto the heart of Spare Driver. As long as you need to be goingsomewhere, turn-by-turn will be there to help. - Navigation isdesigned to help you get to where you’re going while providing realtime feedback on progress towards your next task. Next generationuser interface - We removed all the steps between you and your job.Now just press start driving and you’re good to go. - We simplifiedour settings to bring you only what is necessary. - Never beconfused about what your next task is. If you make a mistake, don’tworry, Spare Driver will now remind you and help you takecorrective action. Beautiful new way to interact with youritinerary - Now, Spare Driver will focus on driving when you’redriving, and will show you the itinerary when you’re at your stop —automatically. - While driving is front and centre, you can alwaysdrag up your itinerary view while you’re in your trip, or view whois currently in the vehicle and drop of early if necessary.Available in all screen sizes - Spare Driver is now available to uson any iOS device, regardless of the size. - With larger screensizes, Spare Driver can be shown with larger text, furtherimproving driver readability
STARNow: Same day, Low-Cost, Ride Share 2.27.44
STAR Transit is a public transportation agency that has beenproviding service for over 40 years. STARNow is the newest transitoption added to our portfolio. This same day service is a safe,reliable, and low cost. How It Works - Schedule your pick up anddrop off - Software dispatches the vehicle closest to you - Pay foryour trip in the app or on the vehicle - Ride - Review ServiceDetails: Pick up and drop off points must be inside the Mesquite,Terrell, Kaufman and Balch Springs travel zones. For service hoursand fares, visit for more information. ServiceHolidays: - New Year’s Day - President’s Day - Martin Luther KingJr. Day - Good Friday - Memorial Day - Independence Day - Labor Day- Thanksgiving Day - The day after Thanksgiving - Christmas Eve -Christmas Day Follow us on social media: Instagram -@STARtransit_official Facebook - @STARtransit
Citibus On-Demand 2.27.44
The Citibus On-Demand App allows you to book on-demand, easy travelthroughout central Lubbock - working hand-in-hand with our fixedroute services. The service is currently a pilot project aimed atbetter meeting the needs of the citizens of Lubbock. Download andbook a ride today!
RTC Washoe FlexRIDE 2.27.44
RTC’s FlexRIDE on-demand, curbside-to-curbside transit service isavailable within the geographic zones in select areas of Sparks,Spanish Springs, Verdi/Somersett and the North Valleys, Regular,and reduced transit fares apply for this convenient service.
VANLNK 2.27.44
The VANLNK microtransit app allows you to book on-demandtransportation within the City of Lincoln. Get on board withStarTran!
Spare 2.27.44
Spare is a transportation app that allows you to get fast,personal, on-demand rides from your transit agency. It's simple,just tab a button and request a ride from one of our transit agencypartners. Spare is available in cities around the world - downloadthe app and take your first trip today. Requesting a Spare trip iseasy — here's how it works: • Open the app and link your account toyour transit agency • Tell us where you want to go • The app usesyour location and matches you with a driver who knows where to pickyou up • Payment can be made using credit card, or transit agencymobile ticketing (in select cities) • After you ride, you may beasked to rate your experience
WRTA On Demand 2.27.44
The WRTA On Demand rider app allows you to book your ride on thesame day on demand or schedule in advance!
Crossroads Connect On-demand 2.27.44
For the same cost as a bus ride, Crossroads Connect will pick youup and connect you to and from the RapidRide B line station atCrossroads Shopping Center.
MHTNow! On-Demand Transit 2.27.44
Book Medicine Hat Transit trips to and from the destinations ofyour choice.
KnowRoute 2.23.72
What is KnowRoute? KnowRoute is a new type of public transportationutilizing AI and making efficient route matching with passengerdemand. You can book KnowRoute by just setting your origin anddestination when you are in KnowRoute service area. In response tothe booking request, KnowRoute comes to pick you up at a nearby busstop, and take you to a bus stop close to your destination. Pleasefeel free to use this new type of public transportation and makeyour daily life better! NOTE: Currently, KnowRoute is available inIsland City area, Higashi ward, Fukuoka City and Iki-minami area,Nishi ward, Fukuoka City. In addition, from Nov. 1st to 30th 2020,KnowRoute is also available in Takaide, Kikyogahara, and Daimonareas, Shiojiri City, Nagano prefecture. How to ride 1 Book a rideusing the app 2 The app direct you to a nearby bus stop to meetyour driver 3 Get picked up at your pickup location 4 Enjoy acash-free experience by paying with credit card, IC card. 5 Shareyour ride, with minimal detours, and arrive quickly at yourdestination
fips - Personen-Shuttle 2.27.44
Mit dem flexiblen fips-Shuttle ergänzt die Rhein-Neckar-VerkehrGmbH (rnv) das bestehende ÖPNV-Angebot in Mannheim und verbindetdie Bezirke am Stadtrand besser miteinander. Die Elektrofahrzeugedienen als komfortable Ergänzung zu den Bus- und Bahnlinien derrnv, zum Beispiel für Fahrten von der Haltestelle nach Hause oderals direkte Verbindung auf kürzeren Strecken im Quartier. Dabeiwerden die Fahrtwünsche mehrerer Fahrgäste mit ähnlichen Streckenoder Zielen intelligent gebündelt. Zur Benutzung einfach App laden,anmelden, fips rufen und ankommen.
Whistle! 2.27.44
TOFINO & WHISTLER — With today’s announcement by the PassengerTransportation Board, Whistle is the first ride hailing company inBC to be licensed for operation. Local to Tofino BC, Whistle willlaunch first in Tofino followed by a launch in Whistler, bothresort areas applied for in the application. Operations will expandover the year into the neighbouring communities of Ucluelet,Pemberton and Squamish. Explains Whistle founder Dylan Green, “Ipreviously operated an inter-city bus company in Tofino for 15years, and well know the challenges resort communities face duringpeak visitation periods, such as holidays and weekends. I seeride-hailing as a new transportation alternative that will providereal solutions for Tofino, Whistler and their neighbouringcommunities.” In resort towns, ride-hailing will provide touristsand visitors with effective transportation. But uniquely, it willalso help local residents, many of whom must commute to workoutside their community, by offering pooled rides. Ride-hailing’sability to add many casual drivers with their own vehicles willfinally make it possible for a small transportation company to haveenough cars on the road during peak demand times. “Smartphone appshave an amazing ability to connect people together to solvetransportation barriers that have existed for years. The Whistleapp matches other industry leaders in quickly connecting passengerswith certified drivers, for an upfront fare, from customers'phones. Passengers may also choose to share their ride, aiming toreduce fares for locals who often have to commute from outside oftown to work.” Mr. Green has operated buses in 40+ BC communitiesand knows the key importance of driver training to grow thelicensed driver pool. Whistle is actively pursuing drivers in bothTofino and Whistler. Safety is a key component in the newride-hailing rules, so finding qualified drivers with the rightvehicles will take time. We expect many local drivers will beexcited to help launch a new transportation industry, andespecially to have the ability to drive on their own time, withtheir own vehicle, and earn the majority of the fare. Interesteddrivers can sign up at Being the first ride-hailingcompany in BC is both a big responsibility and a huge opportunityfor a small, local company. We are grateful for the opportunity tolaunch ride-hailing in Tofino and Whistler.
SEAT Connect 2.27.44
Use the SEAT rider app to schedule trips on SEAT services in EastLyme, Griswold, Groton, Lisbon, Montville, New London, Norwich,Stonington and Waterford, Connecticut. Book a trip and we'll bethere! We look forward to seeing you on board!
Zunga Bus - Powell River 2.27.44
Zunga Bus connects Powell River so you can do more. Zunga Bus isopen to anyone within Powell River and offers fast, fun, easy,low-cost on-demand travel. Use the Zunga Bus app and book your tripnow!
Earth Rides 2.27.44
On-Demand or schedule ahead. 100% Electric ride-hailing appforrequesting a premium zero-emission ride in an electricvehicle,Tesla. Ride-Sharing/Hailing with the Earth Rideshare Applets yourequest a ride with the tap of a button and get picked upby anearby professional driver who will take you to yourdestinationright away. RIDE WITH A MISSION Each ride you takereduces yourcarbon footprint and makes the air just a littlecleaner. PLANAHEAD Use our schedule ahead feature so you're neverlate for thoseimportant appointments! TRANSPORTATION YOU CAN TRUST• All Earthdrivers must pass comprehensive background and DMVchecks beforebeing approved. • Drivers are rated by passengers andonly thehighest-rated drivers are allowed on the road. Prices mayvarybased on the city. By downloading the app, you agree (i) toreceivecommunications from Earth, including push notifications; and(ii)to allow Earth to collect your device’s language settings. Youcanopt-out of receiving push notifications through yourdevicesettings.