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World of Heroes: RPG Idle game 0.7.7
Welcome to World of Heroes: RPG Idle game! It's time to collectraids of warriors, build strategies and conquer new arenas. Stopwaiting for the best adventure in your favorite classicrole-playing game and start playing! Quests, prizes, unique skillsfor heroes and more you will find here. World of Heroes is a gamethat is always by your side, it allows you to enjoy amazing and newdesign and stunning graphics. Download the app to immerse yourselfin the world of the most courageous heroes, epic adventures andexciting quests as soon as possible. The greatest treasures willfall at your feet if you are persistent enough and prove yourselfas a talented commander-in-chief and a wise strategist. The mainweapon is your team, your raid! The classic game features a largeselection of heroes of different races. Each of them is strong in aparticular way. Change the movement of the game by replacingcharacters depending on the situation and achieve the desiredresults. For each hero, there are unique sets of skills, availablebuffs, equipment and buttle indicators. Everyone has theirweaknesses and strengths, so build a strategy that is suitable andtry to not miss anything crucial. Take everything you can from thehero's skills, train your logic and imagine who will be the best inthe PvE battle. Locations and sections: The Rift: Gather yourcourage and dive into the rift - an exciting PvE activity where youcan not only compete with sophisticated artificial intelligence,but also get new unique buffs for each hero. Recruit a squad ofbrave warriors, create the best, most persistent raid, and the gameitself will adjust the location for the passage of the adventure inthe role-playing battle! A trip to the rift will help you earncurrency, which will be useful when buying cards of new heroes inthe Store! If your raid is strong, you will definitely overcome anylocation! In each location, you will find strong opponents andnon-trivial tasks that require the thinking of a real strategist.Shop: If you want to save time on pumping your hero and immediatelyget a knight without fear and reproach, then use our Shop. The bestequipment and skills that are necessary to succeed in therole-playing game are waiting for your warrior. Enter the adventurefully armed! Forge: To get the best ammunition and advancedweapons, we suggest you to use the services of the Forge. The bestheroes will be perfect if they have excellent means of defense attheir disposal. Map: Open the map and find out which territoriesare still not captured, waiting for your brave raid. Adventurebeckons to uncharted lands and magical castles!! Tower: Once youare in the Tower, you must be ready to fight to the limit of yourabilities. Each new floor is a new adventure. Obstacles will testyour raid for strength, the reward will be an improved armor andweapons that will be useful in further adventures in the arena. Thetower is a challenge for real heroes! Expeditions: Adventure andterritory conquest is the goal of any classic RPG game. Equip thesquad for an expedition to uncharted territories. Your heroes willharden their prowess in role-playing battles and bring a resoundingvictory in the game. You are guaranteed unique rewards forsuccessfully completing buttle campaigns. Quests: Quests will openyou up new horizons of the classic game, help you to upgrade yourheroes' skills and score more points. Level up your characters tounimaginable heights! And for beginners, the quests will be usefulfor practicing skills for further strategic battles and anadditional set of points. Statistics: Statistics in our classic RPGare presented in a simple and visual form, so you can easilyanalyze the buttle performance and achievements. Go to yourpersonal profile and review your data for analytics and strategydevelopment. The section will show you the position you arecurrently in and which hero from the team is best to use.Information is food for talented strategists!