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Super Saiyan: Infinite Training 1.01
Your job is to train your super warrior so he can reach itslimitsand possibly transform to the next Super Saiyan level. Thisis anaddictive tap tap game. You tap left and right to destroyblocks,avoid obstacles, and fill the timer. The concept is simple:Themore you train, the more powerful you become! Enteringthisultimate infinite training will not only test your favoritewarriorlimits as a super fighter, but also test your own limits asaplayer, your fingers should play really hard to get on the topofBest Score leaderboard! Warriors: There are more than 50superpowerful warriors with their Super Saiyan transformations suchas:Goku (with all its transformations till Ultra Instinct),Vegeta(all transformations including Beyond Super Saiyan Blue,andadditional transformations like Super Saiyan God andUltraInstinct), Vegito (+ Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan God, SuperSaiyanBlue, and Ultra Instinct), Beerus, Broly, Cell (+ GoldenCell),Frieza (+ Golden Frieza), Future Trunks, Goku Black (+ BlackRose),Gohan (+ SSJ 2, SSJ Blue), Hit, Jiren, Piccolo, Toppo, … andmoreDragon Z super heroes are coming soon. Each power warrior hashisown specifications such as Power Level, Combo, Charging,Shooting…Transformations will be unlocked once you completetraining withthe current Dragon Z warrior (means that you reach100% in trainingprogress). Gameplay: Game difficulty increases asyou play, untilyou reach your limits. Collect power balls to fillyour hero’s KIPower (which can have several levels); you can onlyshoot once youreach at least level 1 (yellow). If you are a fastplayer, you willenter Legends Mode once you reach a certain numberof combos (bytapping time after time without a break), your DragonZ warriorstarts playing by itself. Referral Program: To helpplayers gainingmore Zenies, we’ve created a referral program and itworks likethis: you invite your friends to play the game by sendingthem yourusername (which you have registered within the game), theydownloadthe game and enter your username in referral programwindow, andthat’s it! You gain Zenies and they gain double! So themorefriends you invite, the more Zenies you gain! Features:Onlineleaderboard for both Best and Total scores Referral programto gainmore Zenies with your friends 3 different languages:English,Spanish and Portuguese Well explained tutorial Free giftsevery Xrounds More than 50 super powerful warriors 9 differentworldsAmazing gameplay experience Addictive & Great TimeKiller! Easyto play, hard to master! The more you train, the morepowerful youbecome! Let’s test your limits! Can you train as hardas Vegeta?!All Dragon Z Super Saiyan transformations are available!Be TheLimit Breaker! What’s coming? More than 16 new power warriorsMoreworlds New reward system Power shopping store Newspecialitems/boosts Adding badges/titles system to leaderboardNewgameplay modes