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Super Kabber Runner 1.0
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Jump and run with kabber Boy onthisaward-winning platformer through more exciting levels.Be readytoenjoy this jumping and running game! Never miss it!Super Kabber Runner is a classic platform game that combinesoldschool game play with modern playability as super mario worldbrosgame & leps world .One day on st patrick's day It was a beautiful sunny day inshamrockVillage. Kabber and his friends are enjoying thesun,playing &relaxing together. But suddenly a dark cloudsapproach and lightningilluminates the whole space. Evil trollsappear, who steal the goldand coins and kidnap all the leprechaunvillagers.except Kabber isthe only one who escapes from them bymiracle.Kabber need to be with friends and have fun again but he needtotake a risk too,that's why you are here to help your super herointhe jumpman game to destroy all enemies on this super worldbyplaying this run and jumping gamesNow it's Kabber task alone to save his friends and family. Helphimdefeat the nasty trolls in this beautiful adventure as superjabberjumping game . Jump and run through Super Kabber Runner andenjoyyourself on 4 terrific, wonderfully designed elswords with alot oflevels.Super Kabber Runner features (stands out with) :• high-resolution graphics
• Easy controls
• differentes levels
• 14 items and abilities 
• 18 cunning opponents 
• 4 challenging final enemies 
• angry kabber character
• Classic platform game styleGame Services with tricky achievements andawesomeleaderboardsCompare your progress with your friends!Join us on the Super Kabber Runner Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/HotHotGamesHave fun!! :)