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Presenting world's favorite classic game"HANGMAN"!!! More than 40 Million Downloads and counting!What is HangmanThe Pre Android and IOS era people grew up playing Hangman! Webring to you the digital avatar of everybody’s favorite clue basedpen and paper word guessing game! Now you can enjoy Hangman free ofcost, with attractive graphics, interactive user interfaces andloads of fresh content!How to Play HangmanSave the good old Hangman by correctly guessing the answer on thebasis of the given hint or clue. Each incorrect attempt costs you achance. You lose when you run out of chances. So put on yourthinking cap and get cracking! It’s not a simple word game; youhold a life in your hands, Mate :)!So what is so special about our Hangman word game?! Read on to findout…Tons of Categories –Pick your favorite themes and start playing! Themes are speciallydesigned keeping in mind the taste of Android application users ofevery age & group.• Hollywood• Fashion• Television or T.V. theme• Food• Books & Authors• Famous Personalities• Places• Music• Kids• Baseball, Basketball, NFL, Golf or Tennis! Enjoy a mix of allthese in the Sports theme.• Just Fun• Easy• Medium• Hard• So you think you can teach Shakespeare a thing or two aboutvocab. SAT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, or regular word buff, test yourvocabulary in classic Dictionary theme.• This in not all! Special word puzzles packs on major festivalsand events like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Women’sDay, etc.Region Specific Word GameWith us, it’s always app users first. We make special regionspecific packs keeping in mind the tastes and preferences of thegamers from a particular region.Special country specific packs for• India• U.S.A.• Philippines• Spain• U.K.And many other regions!Daily Packs / Daily ModeThe cherry on the cake is that you get fresh word puzzle seteveryday!! You’ll never want to stop playing this absolutely freegame!Graphics & ScoringEnjoy gorgeous graphics that give the users the most awesome gamingexperience! The scoring system keeps the competition on, and keepsgamers addicted and coming back for more!Engaging ContentFor word puzzle junkies there is a treat of almost 10,000 words!Plus there are regular word additions and updating of old hints orclues.Take up the Challenge“Challenge puzzles” are a major feature of the Hangman free. Newchallenges cater to the adrenaline junkie, who seeks out adversityand wants to beat it in the shortest possible time. And if youhappen to like things easy, you can always play the old way andtake your own time.Play Hangman & Get RewardsNot only is Hangman free but , now you can collect Lootsie points(SessionM’s , Mpoints have been replaced by Lootsie Points)and cashit on gift cards, enter contests and win big prizes or donate yourpoints for a noble cause.Bonus, Bonus! : Facebook ModeAn amazing feature of this classic Hangman game! You can sync thisAndroid application with your Facebook page and play word puzzlesbased on your friends!If you haven’t already downloaded this wonderful application thendon’t lose a second more and get it right now!!
2048 Puzzle : Power of 2
2048 Puzzle! Hate it or love it, but you can'tignore it! That is why you have GOT to play Power of 2. A brand newtake on the super hit number game 2048.A simple number puzzle game where you have to achieve the magicalnumber of 2048. To do this you have to merge the same number tilesto achieve a higher number. To up the fun quotient we haveintroduced many great features and twists –• Ice Block – Free those frozen numbers by merging them with a tileof same value• Cage – Hate numbers? Well, then you would love to see themcaged!!• Bomb – In game explosive that ends the game on remainingun-diffused!Other delights that revolutionize and redefine the classic 2048 are–• Set of 50 different challenges. Each challenge different from theprevious one!!• Different grid sizes• Different grid shapes• Twisted but super duper fun game play!"Power Of 2" is for you if you have –• Played 2048 and are still playing• Played 2048 and got bored.• Played and achieved 2048• Played 2048 and never achieved 2048• Played 2048 and have a winning strategy• Played 2048 and didn't need a strategy• Never Played 2048 so don't know what we are talking aboutWe would love to hear from you, so all reviews whether negative orpositive are very welcome.Download right now to start the number epic!!Power of 2 and more power to you too!!