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Chains of Darkness: Guilds CCG 2.2
You awake in an underworld filled with hellishdungeons, demonic enemies, and questionable allies. Your choice issimple: Fight for freedom or accept an eternity of barbarictorture. As the story unfolds, you'll discover who you can rely on,who you can trust, and who will break free of the Chains ofDarkness.From Spicy Horse Games, the creators of The Gate and Alice:Madness Returns• Tap-to-attack action mechanics combined with highly addictiveRPG and Card Collecting• Explore richly detailed dungeons• Hand-animated 3D models• Use the Cube to summon monsters with soul coins and gold• Build an army of monsters to help you defeat the hoards ofhell• Compelling story featuring a diverse range of characters• Compete against others from around the world in the PvPArena• 100 unique demons, more added all the time• Hard Mode for greater rewards• Frequent Raid Bosses• Unique upgradable skills, buffs and equipment• Engaging and beautiful original soundtrackChains of Darkness can be played for free yet featuresmicro-transactions24/7 online customer support: http://support.spicyhorse.comA dedicated forum: http://tinyurl.com/chainsforumTips and Help: http://tinyurl.com/chainswikiLike us on Facebook for updates:facebook.com/chainsofdarknessFollow Us:twitter.com/americanmcgeePlease note: This application requires a WiFi connection for theinitial download. We recommend a minimum of 1Gb of RAM to runsmoothly.
Heroes Of Night 1.4.1
Heroes of Night is a Multiplayer Online BattleArena where players build Battle Decks, join Guilds, and competeagainst other Guilds for control of the Realm of Nightmares.Beautiful 3D environments are populated by hand-animated warriors,all woven together with an fantastic narrative.FeaturesPVP & Guild server-based Multiplayer - Compete against otherplayer and guilds from around the world.Beautiful 3D world and effects combine with stunning artwork tomake one of the most beautiful games in the Realm ofNightmares.Strategy and Team building - Heroes of Night offers incrediblydeep strategic game play and deck building options.
Crazy Fairies Beta 1.1.11
Multiplayer turn-based artillery game set in atwisted fairy tale universe. Connect with players across multipleweb platforms and mobile devices to train and fight in real-time.Our players say wonderful things about Crazy Fairies:"Like multiplayer Worms with RPG elements.""I LOVE this game!""Blows DDtank out of the water!""Wild Ones has met its match!"This version of Crazy Fairies is BETA. That means it containsbugs, will misbehave on many devices and might crash frequently.The Beta phase is meant to help discover problems and polish thegame to perfection, but to do that we need YOUR help. If you areNOT interested in being a Beta guinea pig please ignore the gamefor now and wait for the Final release, which should arrivemid-December 2012. If you ARE interested in helping to improve thegame, then install and play the game. Your progress and purchasesWILL carry over to the Final release. If you find problems orthings you feel should be improved in the game, email us: crazy@spicyhorse.com
Critter Academy: Battle Wars 1.5
Tower Defense meets RPG meets Deck BuildingAction with beautiful 3D art. Collect and train Critters. Battle inreal time against friends from around the world. Establish a Guildand challenge others in the Tournaments. Defend and rule theCritterdom!Critter Academy is the most prestigious university in theCritterdom. Students from around the realm travel here to learn theskills and magic necessary to compete in Critter battles.As your battle skills improve, you'll travel to new parts of theCritterdom, making friends and battling ever more powerfulCritters.Prepare to be pulled into a story spanning the history of therealm and the origin of the Critters. From the Critter miners inthe lowest caverns to the royal family in the highest castles, thistale will take you on an epic journey of power and deceit.FeaturesCritter TrainingCollect and train a diverse collection of Critters with a stunningarray of weapons and skills. Build teams of Critters from yourcollection and crush your opponents. Critters, weapons, and skillscan be upgraded via the Ascend system.TournamentsPvP and Guild based battles with players connected around theglobe. Win amazing rewards as you move to the top of the tournamentladder.Constant ImprovementsOur developers are working around the clock to upgrade and improveCritter Academy, adding new Critters, events, and more. Frequentupdates based on your comments and feedback!Critter Academy is free to download and play, but some in-gameitems can be purchased for real money. If you don't wish to usethis feature, please set up password protection for purchases underyour Google Play Store app settings. See our Terms of Service andPrivacy Policy for additional details. Must be 13 years of age todownload and play Critter Academy.Questions or suggestions about Critter Academy?Email us: support@spicyhorsegames.zendesk.comFacebook: www.facebook.com/CritterAcademyForum: http://tinyurl.com/CritterAcademySupport: http://support.spicyhorse.com/