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Spider-Sponge 1.9.23
Be a SPONGE SPIDER BOB and try to beat highscore in this new challenging game for your mobile phone.helpSPONGE SPIDER BOB to jump from one building to another and get allthe coins you can and be careful not to fall because if you do thenspider sponge will not be the new wanted hero spider hero man.Download our super challenging game and become the new spider hero.Enjoy the features of your favorite super heroes in a singleincredible game. Play our Free Addicting Adventure Game, run andjump to reach the final castle level.Sponge spider bob is a simple man with a simple ability. He try tobe the wanted hero and you have to help him to realize his dream.he is trying to imitate Spider hero and help people. now Help thissimple man to find his way out! and try to beat your friends or allother players by competing with them for the best score.Do you love the Spider & BOB series? this game is what you'relooking for!Spider Bob have to show courage and Collect the Diamonds ,Collectsthe Diamonds with Spider Bob !Features of Spider-Sponge:- This game provides very high quality graphics, which will makeyou addicted for this game.- Game play of this game so easy and even small kid can enjoy thisgame.- High-quality graphics.- 105+ Challenging Levels Survival- Free game for kids , girls and boys gamesDownload this super game on your phone and share this with yourfriends and family and get them addicted too.IT'S NOT "SPONGEBOB" game : This Game is an adventure, created bymy team, that have no relation with IT. This is my own game with aplayer that's too far from being looking like any character fromspiderman or spongebob.
Amazing Spider Boy 1.2.9
Amazing Spider Boy Jump is among this season’smost popular skill games and action games!Spider Boy who lives in the New York City is endeavouring to copySpider Man and help New York people. Amazing Spider Boy Jump is abest game action for everyone, especially for boys and kids. Helphim to accumulate coins on New York City and offer them to down andout in New York. In any case, don't stays on the balls exorbitantlylong in light of the fact that the ball is reliably keep movingaround and can get Spider Boy get Dizzy! You ought to remember itthat insect man can bounce twice by touching the screentwice.The Awesome Spider Boy is a great fun action Game perfect for kids.Play The Awesome Spider Boy now! Jump in and help the Spider Boycollects energy, coin, and emblems by jumping from one webbed gearto another and be the ultimate hero! Time your jump correctly andcollect all the items without a miss to get a combo, and get bonusscore for each combo.The Awesome Human Spider is the ultimate amazing Spiderman wannabe,and he wants to try to copy everything Spiderman does (or doeseverything spiderman can). Unlock Achievements and be the ultimatespiderman wannabe! Spider boy is based on the concept ofsuperheroes. Kids love superheroes and even some want to besuperheroes like spider man and superman. Simply one of the bestand free arcade games for every one especially for kids.How to play Amazing Spider Boy?1. Touch screen on the building to throw a rope.2. Touch screen anywhere to delete a rope.3. Hit the ground will be the end of the game.4. Buy the better rope and character will fly farther.5. Flying higher, you can get better acceleration.Features of Amazing Spider Boy:- This game has one tap addictive game play.- Free to play any time and anywhere for your relaxing andjoy!- Simple and intuitive control to help your magic spider get morehealthy fruits.- Challenging game play will keep you competing against yourfriends for the highest score.- Engaging sound and music to cheer you up. You will definitelylove it and want to hear it again and again.- Easy and smooth control, beautiful animation and best androidgame.- Play this thrilling and engaging game that takes place in thebackground of the city and feel like your cities!- This is completely a new adaption of Super Heroes Games that kidswill love to play. Simple and addicting game! It does not requireinternet to play.The Awesome Human Spider is an addicting, amazing arcade gamesand action games with simple gameplay that is easy to play. Thisgame is a new adaption of Super Heroes Games that you and your kidswill love to play. Simply an awesome and addicting game for kidswith graphic to Marvel on! And it is FREE!! Try to beat your ownhigh score! Jump in now and be the best spiderman wannabe!Enjoy!