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Change your voice 4.0.8
"Change your voice" is one of the most advanced app yet forchanging your voice by applying effects on the audios. just recordyour voice , apply the effect and then use it as a ringtone , andmore... *Features: Record audio and apply effect on it. View thesaved audios. Share the saved audios to your friends via bluetooth,or social networks. All the Recorded sounds are available to easilycheck on later. *It has 40 awesome effects: Helium Giant Robot CaveMonster Nervous Drunk Squirrel Child Death Reverse Grand CanyonHexafluoride Small creature Big robot Telephone UnderwaterCathedral Optimus Robot Extraterrestrial Voice in factory VillainZombie Devil Singing Chipmunks Singing Children Megaphone AlienSmall Alien StormWind Motorcycle Auto Wah Volume Envelope ParodyBack Chipmunk Basso Singer Tenor Singer Mr Panic Dancing Ghost->And more coming in next updates *Enjoy*
Ultimate voice changer 1.2.1
The most advanced powerful app for changing voice with +70 awesomeeffects, Change your voice apply effects and have fun listening toyour modified voice! You can set your edited voice as ringtone,share it through Whatsapp, Messenger...Effects:2x18bitsAdult tochildrenAlienAndroidAphonicbabyBirthday beachBirthdaycapellaBirthday reggaeBirthday rockBotCathedralCaveCentralChildrentoadultChipmunkcop-chasecop-radiocop-walkie-talkieCrazyCs-ctCs-tDarkDarkangelDeepDronEchoEngineEvilFanFearFrankyGhostHamsterHarmonyHelioHurry-upKongMagic-chordsManto womanMan to woman 2OctaverOgreRobotParty-timePossessedromantic-parisromantic-ulalaRubySantaSecondlifeSleepyheadSpacemenSpeechifierspeech-jammerSpeechifier-ovationSpeechifier-protestspiritstoryteller-actionstoryteller-dramastoryteller-happyStrangerStudenthallStudent playtimeswordTelephoneunderwaterVibratoVoicetuneVRWahwahWoman-to-manZombieFeatures:* Record voice and change voice byapplying awesome effects * Save as MP3, set as phone ringtone *Share via social networksEnjoy