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Sheepshead (Free, no Ads)
Sheepshead Palace brings you Sheepshead (Schafkopf), the popularcard game from Germany. Play Sauspiel, Wenz and Suit solos for freeand without advertisements with online schafkopfen. Play for freeagainst real opponents or with your friends from all over theworld. We offer not only a dynamic league system but also customtables with your own rule sets, friendslists, detailed statistics,a variety of card decks and much more. We play according to therules of the German Schafkopfschule e.V. In addition we offer thesecustom rules: - Short Deck - Placements (Doubling) - Hirsch -Marriage - Vulture - Suit Wenz - Begging - Ramsch - Cross Round -Schafkopfen with Bockrounds You may also want to visithttp://www.schafkopf-palast.de to meet other Sheepshead (Schafkopf)players or contact the developers. What are you waiting for? Loginnow and play Sauspiel, Wenz and more! By downloading our game youagree to our terms & conditions and our privacy policy. Terms& conditions: https://www.spiele-palast.de/terms-conditions/Privacy policy: https://www.spiele-palast.de/privacy-policy-apps/
Skat (Free, no Ads)
Skat, there is always time for it! Thousands of players, hundredsof clubs, leagues, and tournaments waiting for you whenever andwherever you want! We provide Skat as it should be: real playerswho are playing on amateur or at a professional level. You arenever alone with Skat Palace: - Play live with real opponents -Invite your Skat mates or find new friends to play with. - Chatwith other Skat lovers. Learn Skat from the pros: - Become friendswith other players. - Learn new techniques. - Start at comfortabletables and increase your game. Become the Skat master: - Play atchallenging tables. - Evaluate your own game with extensivestatistics. - Review your games afterward. Skat as you love it: -We provide the original Altenburger cards. - Play according to theinternational Skat Order ISkO. Compete with the best: - Play yourway to the top of the league. - Win the quarterly championship. -We nominate daily and monthly winners. - Participate in a varietyof different tournaments. Play Skat for fun: - Play on tableswithout scoring and relax. - Choose "Quickjoin" and find your gameseasily. - Change your name and avatar image. - Use the "Quickchat"and comment every move of your opponents. Keep your mind up: - Skatis the optimal mental training. - New strategies open newopportunities in gaming. - In tournaments and on long tables, youtrain your resilience. The Skat App guarantees entry to the famousSkat Palace community. Whether you've played at home, at yourregulars' table, or at you computer isn't relevant, becauseeverybody can find the right table and friends for playing Skat.Join the most extensive Skat experience you will see and enjoy yourtime. Best wishes from The Skat-Palace Team PS: If you ever needhelp, feel free to contact our friendly community service atsupport@skat-palast.de General Information: Skat-Palast is intendedfor an adult audience and does not offer any real money gamblingnor is it possible to win real money. Practice or success atSkat-Palast does not imply future success in real Skat. Bydownloading our game, you agree to the terms of service and ourprivacy policy. Terms of service:https://www.spiele-palast.de/terms-conditions/ Privacy policy:https://www.spiele-palast.de/privacy-policy-apps/
Doppelkopf Palace brings you Doppelkopf (Doko), the popular cardgame from Germany. Play for free against real opponents or withyour friends from all over the world. We offer not only a dynamicleague system but also custom tables with your own rule sets,friendslists, detailed statistics, a variety of different carddecks and much, much more. We play according to the rules of theGerman Doppelkopf Association. In addition we offer these customDoko rules: - Doko without Nines - Catch Karlchen - Piglets - 2.Dulle beats 1. - Extra score for trick of Hearts - 5 wimps SlapDown - 7 solids Slap Down - Solo gains lead - Compulsory solo -Bockrounds - Indigence You may also want to visithttp://www.doppelkopf-palast.de to meet other Doko players orcontact the Doppelkopf developers. General Information: DoppelkopfPalast is intended for an adult audience and does not offer anyreal money gambling nor is it possible to win real money. Practiceor success at Doppelkopf Palast does not imply future success inreal Doppelkopf. By downloading our game you agree to our terms& conditions and our privacy policy. Terms & conditions:https://www.spiele-palast.de/terms-conditions/ Privacy policy:https://www.spiele-palast.de/privacy-policy-apps/
Mau-Mau-Palace brings you MauMau, the popular card game fromGermany. Play for free against real opponents or with your friendsfrom all over the world. We offer not only a dynamic league systembut also custom tables with your own rule sets, friendslists,detailed statistics, a variety of different card decks and much,much more. We play according to the most popular ruleset. Inaddition we offer these custom rules: - 9 reverts direction of play- Extra Turn after Ace - Turn ends after Drawing - Jack on Jack -Break up Jack with 10 - Queen of clubs: Draw 4 - Start with +1 card- Two decks - Double score from Jack You may also want to visithttp://www.mau-mau-palast.de to meet other MauMau players orcontact the Mau-Mau developers. ★★★ How to play ★★★ To get intoaction, push "Play" in the menu. You will then be presented withthe gamelist, showing you all open tables. On the left side you cansee how many rounds are played on each table. On the right side theselected rules are shown: ★ Tables with custom rules are markedwith the red card backs. Click on it, to see which custom rulesexactly are active. ★ Tables with bets have the Chips icon on them.The red number tells you how much you have to pay, the green numberis the Jackpot that will be payed out 70% to the 1st place and 30%to the 2nd place at the end of the table. ★ The percentage value onsome tables shows you the minimum loyalty that is required to jointhe table. Loyalty decreases if you leave tables during play andautomatically replenishes slowly over time. Now click on a table tojoin it. The game starts as soon as enough players have joined.Remember that in Mau-Mau Palace you only play with real people. Atthe end of each round you see the game summary that shows you howthe scores are distributed. Furthermore you can see a small starnext to your name. It represents the adjustment of your skillrating. You receive Star points for victories and lose Star pointsfor losing game rounds. If you gather enough Star points, you willreceive another Star in your profile. You can earn up to 5 Stars intotal! All your games are automatically recorded in our league. Hit"League" in the menu and there "Mein Rank" to check your currentposition. Every 3 months we award the Quarter-Champion and a newseason starts. Additionally, each month we award the player withthe most Chips won, each day the player with the most scores andfurthermore we display the best players live from the last hourprominently in the menu, visible to all players. But that is notall: ★ You want to make your favorite game a science? Easy with us:Check your own statistics or those of the best players to analyzeand learn from them. ★ Add ingame acquaintances to your friendslistto keep in touch and to play on private tables with them. ★ Joinone of the many clubs, be it for late night chit-chatting orcompetitive matches in the club-league. All of this and much more -Only in Mau-Mau Palace. What are you waiting for? By downloadingour game you agree to our terms & conditions and our privacypolicy. Terms & conditions:https://www.spiele-palast.de/terms-conditions/ Privacy policy:https://www.spiele-palast.de/privacy-policy-apps/
With Rummy Palace you can play live Rummy for free and without anyadvertisements. Find opponents from around the world. Thanks tothousands of members you will meet like-minded players online 24hours a day for the popular live card game. Shuffle your deck withyour favorite card design and step up in our free ladder system. Orjoin one of the famous card clubs and find new friends to playwith. Our standard tables are set to the most popular version ofRummy rules, but we also offer tables with custom rules like„Knocking“, „Cyclic Laying“, Without first meld“ and many more. ThePalace is a huge community for Rummy online and now available forall your mobile devices and desktop computers. Download the app nowand play immediately, no registration required! GeneralInformation: Rummy-Palace is intended for an adult audience anddoes not offer any real money gambling nor is it possible to winreal money. Practice or success at Rummy-Palace does not implyfuture success in real Rummy.
Solitaire-Palace – Your community for the popular card gameKlondike Klondike Solitaire is one of the most famous Patiences andis played by young and old people around the world. Whether clubs,leagues or individual rule sets, Solitaire Palace gives you all, atrue solitaire fan needs. Solve your table and challenge yourfriends. Get engaged in a wide range of CLUBS: - Join or found aclub - Find new friends to play Solitaire with - Participate at theclub league together - Meet up to play games with your club mates -Stay up to date with your club chat Compete with the best at ourLEAGUES: - You automatically take part in our leagues - Move up inthe player and club league - Become Quarterly Champion and see yourrecord in the Hall of Fame Play with your personal preferences anduse your own RULE SET: - Wide range of Klondike rule variations: oKlondike turn three o With Joker o Double deck o Relaxed mode oEasthaven o And many more Use different CARD DECKS: - Use ourmobile-friendly cards - Or the traditional Altenburger card decks -Choose one of these: o American Deck o German Deck o French Deck oTournament Deck With detailed STATISTICS, you can improve yourgame: - Immensely detailed statistics for every tableau - Look atyour opponents statistics - Expectation values show you where youcan improve. You will play only against real players: You will playKlondike live against real players, but don’t worry, you don’t needto rush because at the end the player with the most efficient solvegets the most points. You will find beginners as well as prosplaying with. Download the App now and for free. Enjoy your game ofSolitaire. Play Solitare Palace now for free and withoutadvertisement. By downloading our game you agree to our terms &conditions and our privacy policy. Terms & conditions:https://www.spiele-palast.de/terms-conditions/ Privacy policy:https://www.spiele-palast.de/privacy-policy-apps/ Have fun andenjoy our game Your Solitaire-Palace Team
de.spielepalast.pinochlepalace 1.0.3
Pinochle Palace – Experience the traditional card game live andplayfor free against real players. Pinochle, the trick-taking cardgamewith lots of fun! Comparable to games like Whist, Spades orEuchre.Pinochle requires brains and a good memory. You can nowexperienceit online for free and without ads in one of the largestcard gamecommunities online. Whether hardcore fan or casualplayer, with usyou will always find the right opponent for everylevel of play. Thejoy of playing cards is our priority. We inviteyou to our cardtables. Live card game experience: - Play liveagainst realopponents at any day time. - Experience an activecommunity ofplayers. - Chat with other Pinochle Palace fans. Easyhandling: -Without registration, just start playing. - Automaticplayer searchfor direct play. - Sort cards at the touch of abutton. Pinochle, asyou know it: - Original Pinochle playing cardsor readabilityoptimized house cards. - Various card decks -Various special rulessupported - Play according to your personalpreferences with yourown rules. Fair-Play comes first: - Constantsupport by our customerservice team. - Independently tested andreliable card mix. -Flexible privacy settings in the PinochlePalace. Hobby card game: -Pinochle is stress relief and memorytraining - Make your way up theleague to the top 10. - Intournaments and at long lasting tablesyou can boost yourendurance. How to play Pinochle: Binocle combinesthe skills mentalarithmetic, strategy and memory. It consists of 48playing cards inthe familiar colors. All cards are duplicated.There are cardcombinations, the melding cards, which are assignedspecificscores. After dealing, there is an auction to bid for the"Dabb",which consists of 4 cards. Players bid depending on the cardpointswhich they want to achieve by the melding cards and fromtakingtricks in the course of the game. The winner of the bidauctionmust then reach the announced value. NOTE: This app canbedownloaded for free and it is permanently completely free toplay.However, some game enhancements such as game chips,premiummembership and special playing cards can be purchased withinthegame. The game requires an active internet connection.Bydownloading the app, you agree to our terms and conditions andourprivacy policy. Terms of Service:https://www.spiele-palast.de/agb/Privacy policy:https://www.spiele-palast.de/datenschutz-apps/Customer Service: Ifyou ever need help, feel free to contact ourfriendly customerservice: support@binokel-palast.de Learn moreabout us and ourgames: https://www.spiele-palast.de/ Pinochle isintended for anadult audience. According to German law, Pinochleis not a gamblinggame. In our app, there is no real money and noreal prizes to win.Practice or success in casino games withoutreal winnings ("Socialcasino Games") does not imply future successin games for realmoney. Pinochle Palace is a product of theSpiele-Palast GmbH (GamesPalace). Playing together with family,friends or specially createdrounds is one of the favorite pastimesfor many people! Our missionis to give this joy of playing adigital home in the Games Palaceand to build a lively community ofplayers through high-qualityimplementations of online card games.We wish you a good hand YourPinochle Palace team