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2048 Hex 1.2
2048 like game on Hex Board, UPDATED!!!Three Simple Rules: 1 Swipe,2 Match, 3 Enjoy.3 Tile sets: RGB, Numbers, Chinese3 Modes:Classic, Triangle and Hour Glass!We are proud to present anothersmart puzzle game of highest quality.You will definitely like 2048Hex Puzzle if you like 2048 or 1024!Maximum tile is 4096.When youcollapse two 4096 tiles you get a star. Try to get as many stars aspossible.If you initially bought this game at start, we can refundyour purchase. For that please provide us with the Order Number ofthe purchase. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Laser Puzzle 1.6
Innovative, unique, free puzzle game about Lasers! Lazer Puzzle!★Laser Puzzle FREE ★Check out our new game - 2048HEXhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spiralcodestudio.hexled•Over 180 different puzzles for free plus secret levels!• Unlimitednumber of random puzzles!• You can solve puzzles in any order!•Very creative game overall• Retina support and 8-bit pixel chiptuneretro music!★ «Wow! This puzzle game provided much more than Iexpected from a puzzle game! Very much worth the download!Excellent pro work from the developers.» — Loves Good Apps ★ «Everypuzzle level makes you think. It's not about how fast you can moveyour fingers like a lot of other puzzle games. It's all in yourbrain.» — Mark Graesser ★ «Laser Puzzle is really a great freepuzzle game. Many puzzles, colorful lazers. It is much moreinteresting than Lazors or Laser Logic 3D» — Mike Beams Spell Lazerwith S - Laser! Lazer is a wrong spelling, because Laser is anabbreviation. As well as plural Lazers must be Lasers.We hope youlike Laser Puzzle Free game as much as we like making it.You areawesome!
Вареники 1.0
Копи вареники и участвуй в розыгрышах!Розыгрыши и специальные предложения в городе Екатеринбург!Mines dumplingsandparticipate in the sweepstakes!Drawings and special offers in the city of Yekaterinburg!