SplitAbility POS - Point of Sale Apps

fast.cafe 1.5
The fast.cafe app gives regular customers access to the point ofsale facility of a business that uses SplitAbility - Point of Sale.fast.cafe can be accessed via any web browser using this URL: Visithttp://fast.cafe and use the "Sign In button on the right of themenu. If your version of Android is not supported, you can usefast.cafe via any web browser. The POS administrator determines whohas fast.cafe access, and is limited to regular customers who havean enabled account. Businesses set the access privileges e.g.minimum account balance required for an order. This allows theregular customer to send through remote "order ahead" requests.Regulars top up their account balance as required by theadministrator. There are no payment fees or transaction charges.All point of sale menu items are visible to the remote fast.cafeuser. SplitAbility POS for Restaurants and Cafes is available torun on PC and Mac: visit www.splitability.com and use the "Sign Inbutton on the right of the menu. Contact us any timeinfo@splitability.com Follow SplitAbility on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/SplitAbility Follow fast.cafe on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/fast.cafe
Restaurant / Cafe - POS & Kitchen Display System 1.6
A cloud based point of sale (POS) system with a built-in KitchenDisplay System (KDS) - requires paid subscription after a freetrial period. The system can also be used via any web browser i.e.this is a convenience app. If your version of Android is notsupported, you can use the POS system via any web browser. Visithttp://www.splitability.com and use the "Sign In button on theright of the menu. To use the system users must register theirbusiness details with SplitAbility Pty Ltd. After the free trialperiod users may decide to continue using the product by providinga subscription payment option. The subscription is billed throughan online accounting package, there are a number of payment optionsincluding credit card, bank transfer and PayPal. For pricingdetails please visit: http://www.splitability.com The system workson iPads and Windows devices, can be used as a single device orwith multiple devices concurrently. Designed primarily forhospitality businesses the POS is suited to restaurants, cafes,bars, clubs and pubs etc. - Works on any device. Android, Apple orWindows. - Open tables / overview screens / table status. -Transfer /merge tables. - Hot locking and fast user switching. -Privilege levels. - Tabs and Accounts allow credit tracking. -Integrated 'tap & go' payments - Named orders / notes on anyorder item. - Spit bills, split payments & individual checkout.- Regular customers - track visit count & cumulative spend. -Favorite orders. - Print separation and category split printing. -Wireless printing. - Print / open cash draws without time delays. -Inventory management / reporting. - On-line accounting, PMSservices and new payment platforms - Order retrieval by search. -Recipes and preparation instructions. - Built in online orderingwith fast.cafe. - Barista look ahead mode - bump screens standardon all devices. - Regular and favorite order completion. - Built inloyalty features - Regular customers & favorite orders. -Cumulative spend and visit count totals - improves customerretention. - Retrospective order insertion - when the customerchanges their mind. - Fast search on name, address, phone number,email or other details. - Entire menu changes in one click. -Assign table numbers to orders for food delivery to the table. -Take-away prices and dine in prices on the same button. - Address,phone number, email, other details on receipts. - Hold and resumeunlimited concurrent sales transactions. - Take-away maps.SplitAbility POS for Restaurants and Cafes is available to run onPC and Mac: visit www.splitability.com and use the "Sign In buttonon the right of the menu. Contact us any time info@splitability.comFollow SplitAbility on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/SplitAbility