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com.spookyhousestudios.railmaze 1.4.4
Solve 100+ of challenging and unique puzzles, build railroads, bombthrough obstacles, escape PIRATES on rails. Have a lot of fun withthis new and unique puzzle game. Features: * 100+ puzzles * Tunnels* Bombs * PIRATE trains * Super long trains * 4 game modes:LABYRINTH - Puzzle BUILD RAILROAD - Action SNAKE - Action LONGESTRAILROAD - Puzzle Action Get Rail Maze now! PRESS REVIEWS: “RailMaze is an amazing puzzle game that will give you so many differentoptions, youll be busy playing it for hours” – AppAdvice.com “Thebiggest one is the change of art style, which – as you can see fromthe comparison screens below – is more honed and cowboy-like”-PocketGamer.com "Rail Maze, with over 100 levels and thousands ofdownloads, certainly seems to be one of the hotter casual games outthere at the moment." - Gamezebo.com “If puzzle games are yourthing, you wont want to miss this one” – App Advice.com
UniWar 1.17.24
UniWar™ is a classic multiplayer turn-based strategy game with afun and caring community. Choose your race. Build your army.Command your troops. Conquer the world. Millions of games played:"...it’s impossible to pass up if you’re even remotely interestedin turn based strategy games." - TouchArcade "...I’m truly in aweof everything that has been captured and neatly packaged inUniWar..." - AppCraver - 10/10 FEATURES: 3 races, each with 10varied units. Solo campaign with 30 missions. Play daily missionsfrom editor's pick. Team play allows 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4. Playcasually or competitively with a worldwide ladder. Play fast orslow with a turn duration from 3 min to 3 days. 50,000+ usercreated maps to choose from. Free to play: download it now.
You are captain of a submarine on a secret mission behind enemylines. Your mission is to: - Sink all battleships - Don't sinkfriendly ships - Avoid enemy torpedoes Features: - 5 types ofweapons: - Torpedo - Auto guiding torpedo - Auto guiding rocket -Electro-magnetic impulse - Nuclear rocket - 3 types of enemy boatsand additional friendly boat - 3 different time settings: Night,Dawn, Day - Upgrade armor shield of your submarine and upgradespeed of your torpedoes Defeat your enemies and win the war!
Rail Maze 2 : Train puzzler
Rail Maze 2 is the latest game by Spooky House Studios - creatorsof big hits: Rail Maze and Bubble Explode. With online levels thereis virtually limitless amount of challenging and unique puzzles.Escape PIRATES and GHOSTS on rails, control semaphores and avoidsteam and lava. Have a lot of fun! Now you can also build your ownlevels and share them with friends and the world! Hundreds of newlevels, new graphic environments and much more in version 2.0 ofRail Maze. Features: * 100+ puzzles * Virtually UNLIMITED number ofonline levels * LAVA and STEAM * Draggable and switchable rails *PIRATE and GHOST trains * Super long trains * Underground tunnels *Semaphores * Level Editor * 3 environments: - Wild west - Arctic -Dungeon Additional Items available in the game as an InAppPurchase:- Solutions - Tickets - Spins Get Rail Maze 2 now!
Take your Bubble Exploding experience to the next level with niceanimations, bonuses, global online scoreboards, original game modesand much more! Bubble Explode has been Top 1 free App in UK,Canada, Netherlands, Russia and has been in Top 5 free apps in USA,Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and many other countries!Features: - Chain reaction bubble Explosions - Slick animations -10 game modes: Classic, Chill Out, Bubble Invasion, Bubble Shootix,Swapper, Power of Two, Critical Mass, Turn By Turn, Gravity andClassic Blitz. - Bonuses for exploding bubble groups of niceshapes: squares, lines, corners, etc… - Colored and Black &White skins included - Online Scores by Scoreloop!
Tringles : Triangles Puzzler
Tringles is simple and very addictive puzzle game. Just rotate anddrop blocks on the game field to form and destroy full lines oftriangles. There are 3 types of lines : one horizontal and twodiagonal Destroy multiple lines at a time for additional bonuses.Compete with your friends via global leaderboards. Try to get 10000 points. Get Tringles now!
com.spookyhousestudios.poweroftwo 3.5.2
Connect similar tiles to form new tiles. For example: 2 + 2 = 4 4 +4 = 8 8 + 8 = 16 .... 1024 + 1024 = 2048 Can you get to the 2048tile ?
com.spookyhousestudios.bidot 3.5.0
Separate blue and red dots by moving separator door from side toside. As dots randomly bounce around, your task is not to let themget to the area where they don't belong. BiDot is easy to learn,hard to master and always fun Enjoy this new game by Spooky HouseStudios, creators of Rail Maze and Bubble Explode.
com.spookyhousestudios.blackwhitepuzzle 3.5.0
Black and White puzzle introduces brand new game concept fromSpooky House Studios. Place and rotate black and white tiles on theboard and match the number of black and white squares with blackand white numbers in rows and columns. Simple yet challenging gamewill help you relax and think. Fans of Japanese puzzles and Sudokuwill appreciate the new approach to the genre. Features: - Easy tolearn - Brand new concept - Hundreds of levels - Simplistic, yetstylish graphics - Challenging as you progress Download Black andWhite Puzzle now!
com.spookyhousestudios.minecart 3.2.7
You are a famous adventurer looking for ancient Aztec artifact inan old abandoned mine. Your whole life you are running in search ofthis artifact. Treasure hunting runs in your blood. Finally, yougot so close! Adrenaline rush is overwhelming. Jump into a minecart and let the endless adventure game begin. The rails are old,the speed is high. Be careful and mind the gap. Swipe in time tojump on a different rail path and pave your way through the mine.Don't relax and think that it would be as easy as roller coasterride. A lot of obstacles are on the rails. Watch out! You aresurrounded by skeletons. These are previous adventurers whocouldn't escape. They are jealous of your success and will try tostop your race. Dash for your life to escape the skeletons. Swipeto dodge obstacles and jump onto different rails. While running onrails don't forget to collect ancient gold. Adrenaline gold rush isnot for everyone. Are you ready to start rail race and hunt up thetreasures? How far can you ride? Features: Endless rush: enjoyvariety of game modes - Walkthrough, Daily Challenge or Randomrails Use power ups: they help you continue running game despiteeverything Magnet: Don't miss a single gold coin in the mine. Theywill gravitate toward you. Upper cage: protects your head from anaccidental jump in tunnels. Bumper: helps you escape one collisionwith a skeleton or a tombstone. Dash through different locations:Dungeon, Jungle, Mexico city subway. Make your ride fancy: Selectminecart and wheels made of iron, bronze, gold or even platinum.Rush gold rails. Why not? Isn't everything better when it's made ofGold?
com.spookyhousestudios.jewelgems 2.6.4
Take your Jewels experience to the next level with Jewel Gems.Crush, Smash, Break and Explode Jewels in this fun and unique game.Spooky House Studios presents Jewel Gems. Features: * Chainreaction jewel explosions * Slick animations * 7 game modes:Classic, Chill Out, Bubble Invasion, Bubble Shootix, Critical Mass,Turn By Turn, Gravity * Bonuses for exploding jewel groups of niceshapes: squares, lines, corners, etc… * Game Center leaderboardsand achievements * 5 animation speed settings : Slow Motion,Normal, Fast, Turbo, and Animations Off * Bonus levels * Bonusjewels * Combo bonuses * Immersive jungle environment * Game bycreators of Bubble Explode and Rail Maze
The mine is too small for two dig bombers. So, who wins? Duel,Arena, Battle Royale or Solo game modes. Real time PvP multiplayerbattles to every taste in Dig Bombers - Bombastic game. Collecttrophies and win new Dig bombers. Every battle bomber man, woman,zombie or pirate are unlockable in the Trophy Road. Collecttrophies and get great gifts in treasure chests. Blow up yourenemies using a huge variety of bombs and weapons. Smash throughthe obstacles. Dig ahead, bomb away, mine the luck on your way.Underground treasure hunt - an exciting but dangerous game. Therewill always be another Bomber in hunt for glory. Everything neededto win is buried in the mine. Dig up the treasure, exchange it forbombs and get rid of other bombers. Pickaxe will pave the way foryou, but do not forget about the bombs. They not only help to fightthe enemies, but also blow up the obstacles in the battlefield. Becareful, watch out for enemies. Dodge their attacks, run away butdon't forget to put a bomb! You need to survive! Dig, blast, bomband become the sole owner of a dungeon full of treasures. DigBombers Features: * Duel. Real-time 1 vs 1 PvP online battle. *Bomber Arena. 4 Dig bombers in the same mine, this is bombasticonline PvP multiplayer battle. * Battle Royale - 6 Brave DigBombers in one battle field. Survive and get trophies. * Singleplayer - no internet connection? Don't stop playing! Fight solo inSingle player. * Chat - wish your friend good luck or send a smile.* 2 weapons for each Bomber. Collect power points and upgrade yourcharacter. * Superpower - every Bomber obtains unique destructiveforce. It charges while you play.
Progressbar95 - easy, nostalgic hyper-casual game 0.38
Progressbar95 is a unique nostalgic hyper-casual game. It'll makeyou smile. Old windows, buttons and icons on your smartphone ortablet. You need to fill the progress bar to win. Move yourprogress bar with one finger to fill it faster. It seems simple atfirst. But it might be harder to master. Powerful retro timekiller. Lovely HDD noises are included :) The game is very easy tohandle with easy-to-learn controls, familiar visual effects andaddictive gameplay. Progressbar95 Game Features: - Free to play -One finger control - Different obstacles and experience every time- Endless gameplay Better than any .io game. Progressbar95 issimple, but addictive. Play this amazing new mobile game for free.