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Rollerblade Skills 1.1
"Want to Learn How to Rollerblade!Rollerblading, also known asin-line skating, is a popular outdoor recreational activity.Similar to ice skating, it involves gliding on skates that have aseries of wheels set in a straight line. Because of the balance andcontrol required, rollerblading can be tough to get the hang of atfirst. Once you’ve got the fundamentals down, it’s an enjoyablepastime that will allow you to stay active and have fun almostanywhere.Whether for fitness or fun, rollerblading has seriousbenefits. You'll get a higher heart rate for cardio activity, spendtime outside, and may just find a new hobby. Of course, therearen't training wheels for rollerblades. You'll need to start slowand practice your technique before you glide through the citypark.Your first inline skating lesson shouldn’t be too complicated;don’t expect to be speed-skating around deadly curves on your firsttry. What you can expect to learn is how to skate gently forward,remaining steady and upright and, maybe most importantly, how tostop skating. Once you’ve mastered these basics, you’ll be ready tomove on with the development of your skating skills, ideally underthe physical tutelage of an expert.Rest assured, relearning toskate does not have to be painful if you use the correct safetyequipment and learn the proper technique to keep your feet underyou.Rollerblading offers a fun pastime that engages multiple musclegroups to provide an effective, full body workout. Like ice skatingand roller skating, learning to rollerblade takes time, practiceand dedication. Choosing the right gear helps reduce the learningcurve significantly. While some people will simply strap on therollerblades and hope for the best, a more structured process willhelp you learn to rollerblade quickly and effectively, and reducethe risk of injury.Rollerblading is an aerobic exercise similar tocross country skiing. Like skiing, the impact rollerblading has onyour knees, hips and ankles is very low -- unless you fall downconstantly. To avoid wrecking and get an enjoyable workout instead,focus on four components of your body: shoulders, hips, knees andtoes. These body parts determine the placement of your center ofgravity on rollerblades.Strap on your in line skates and learn howto rollerblade with instruction from Professional rollerblader inthese application videos."
Wing Chun 1.1
"Get Best Exercises to improve your Wing Chun!Wing Chun Online isyour direct route to learning the dynamic art of Wing Chun Kung Fuquickly and safely from the comfort of your own screen.One of themost common questions we often get is how long will it take to begood at Wing Chun? The answer relates to how much time and effortthat you are willing to put in to practicing this martial art. Ingeneral the more you practice the better you will get. So here isour advice on what to practice in order to get better at Wing Chunquickly.The secret of a quick improvement in Wing Chun is selfpractice. Regardless of the number of classes you take in the gym,you will see a greater improvement by developing the muscle memoryfor this style of martial art. Hence, the quicker you can apply themovements of Wing Chun when required.From Beginner, Intermediateand Advanced courses with forms, drills and techniques explained indetail.Learn Wing Chun, one of the martial arts popularized byBruce Lee, from professional in these Application videos."
Capoeira 1.1
"Capoeira Moves, Capoeira Techniques and Tips for Learning!GetEssential Tips for Playing Capoeira Well.Want To Get Better atCapoeira Dance!Every capoeirista should take pride in being a lifelong learner.Becoming good at capoeira dance is not easy. Likeanything worthwhile, excelling at capoeira takes lots of time,practice, and dedication. You cannot step into your first capoeiraclass and expect to leave doing backflips. Even if you’ve beenplaying for a number of years, there is always room forimprovement. Sometimes we hit a “plateau” where we feel like wecan’t progress any further.With this in mind, we are going to tryto give some advice on how to improve your capoeira game. Whetheryou are a beginner and feel like you could never even do acartwheel, or an advanced capoeirista who has slammed into a wall,this advice will help you at any stage.There is never a point inany of our capoeira journeys when we can sit down and say that wehave learned all that there is about capoeira. We should always beopen to tips, hints, lessons, etc. wherever they may comefrom.Capoeira is all about flexibility. The more flexible you are,the better you will be at capoeira, period. Flexibility willimprove your body’s range of motion, allowing you to kick higher,bend further, and dodge quicker. When you stretch, you want to makesure to stretch all over. Being able to do the splits is wonderful,but if you can’t do a backbend then you’re really limiting yourselfin capoeira.Learn Capoeira, a martial art that incorporates dance,music, and acrobatics in these Application videos."
MMA Submission Moves 1.1
"Learn Most Painful Submissions Holds in MMA Fighting!When MMASubmission Holds are applied correctly, the opponent will be forcedto submit due to pain or fear of injury.If you wish to compete inMMA then it is essential to learn a variety of submissions.Even ifyou do not plan to use them to finish your opponent, you will needto be familiar with the holds used in submission fighting toproperly defend against them.If you’re a fan of mixed martial arts(MMA), it’s highly likely you love watching knockouts. If, however,you’re a true student of the game, your preference may drift towardsubmission moves. Granted, submission moves may not be as glamorousas knockouts, yet they involve a lot more skill and strategy.Unlike knockouts, which center around brute force and strikingprecision, MMA submission moves can look a little milder to thecasual observer, but they are every bit as devastating.Learn MMAsubmissions, submission defence, control, escapes and reversalswith our tips, drills & technical instructional.Learn how to doMMA submission holds from Expert MMA head coach in theseApplication videos."
Water Aerobics 1.1
Want to Learn How to Do Water Aerobics Exercises!Want to loseweight without breaking a sweat? Hop in the pool! This fun waterworkout burns mega calories and tones every trouble spot.Wateraerobics or Aqua aerobics enables you to perform movements androutines similar to those in a traditional aerobics class whilekeeping your body supported and cushioned from the jarring impactof standard on ground aerobics moves. You can perform wateraerobics in the privacy of your own home in either an above groundor in ground pool, as long as the water is at least waist deep.Ifyou have never taken a water aerobics class, we highly encourageyou to do so. Not only will you receive a great cardio workout, butyou might be surprised by the strength training benefits you cangain from using the water as resistance. Because of the buoyancy ofthe water, working out in the pool provides a perfect medium forthose who must avoid high impact exercise.Water exercises make iteasier for those who suffer from arthritis or for those who findland based exercises to be too high impact for theirjoints.Exercising, in or out of the water, is about getting andstaying fit. Aqua aerobics or water aerobics, one of the mostrapidly growing trends in exercise today, is practiced by people ofall ages, including children and the elderly, both in backyard aswell as community center pools. This no to low impact, yethigh-results form of exercise is ideal for weight loss, athletictraining, pregnant women, rehabilitation, and stroke victims, toname a few. It is also highly effective for those suffering fromchronic diseases or conditions that are exacerbated by impact orinvolve total body pain, such as arthritis, partial paralysis orfibromyalgia.Get fit with the refreshing exercises demonstrated byExpert Dancing with the Stars performer in these application waterworkout videos.
Cheerleader 1.1
"Want to Learn Some Basic Cheerleading Techniques &Tips!Starting out in cheerleading? Here are a few tips to get youon the right track.It’s no secret: cheer and dance tryouts are abig deal. To ease anxiety, think of your tryout the same way youwould an important exam – your performance positively correlateswith amount of time you spend practicing and preparing.Here arebest tips that you can't live without for cheerleading tryouts.Cheerleading is about far more than bouncing up and down wavingpoms poms while spelling out your team’s name. Cheerleaders need tobe fit, strong, agile, enthusiastic and above all confident intheir ability to put on a good show.Pick up some great cheerleadingtips in this application video series."
Skateboarding Tricks 1.1
"Get Best Tricks You Should Learn on a Skateboard! When you feelcomfortable enough riding and turning your skateboard, you're readyfor your first tricks! A collection of skateboarding tricks andtips to get you started in skate basics. Check out our guides andsimple How To’s for beginner, intermediate and advanced skateboardtricks with step by step instruction and video tuition to point youin the right direction. Once you have properly learned the methodsof skateboarding, such as balancing, rolling, pushing, stopping,turning and certainly falling, it’s about time to begin learning afew new skateboard tricks. A skateboarding trick is a sort ofmovement done on a skateboard while you are skateboarding.Skateboarding tricks varies tremendously in difficulty. Practice isa very important when it comes to getting to know new skateboardtricks. Just don’t give up and you will get them down in time.There are particular tricks that each skater should at leastattempt to conquer. These are generally the basic skateboardtricks, and are also a reliable starting point in case you are newto skateboarding, or perhaps even if you have been skating for sometime, and are in search of what should be done next! If you want tolearn the best way to achieve skateboard tricks which will shockand certainly amaze your friends, your answers are right here. Getbest Skateboard Tricks that you can practice especially for thebeginners. Learn how to do skateboarding tricks from professionalcompetitive skateboarder in these application videos."
Wrestling Moves 1.1
"Want to Learn Professional Wrestling Coolest Moves That ActuallyWork in Real Fights!In professional wrestling, you're sure to seemany intricate moves performed, but what about wrestling moves forbeginners? Often, even the most talented wrestlers will utilize themost basic of moves in their repertoire. Several of these moveswill be listed and discussed in this application.Wrestling at alllevels involves many moves designed to put you in control with theultimate goal of outpointing or pinning your opponent for avictory. For beginner high school wrestlers new to the sport,instead of trying to learn all of them at once, start with a fewbasic moves. After you’ve perfected your technique, gradually addmore moves to your skills.In order to be a professional wrestler,you must know more than one or two moves. You must have a list ofmoves full of different strikes and grapples, power moves andtechnical moves.Learn how to do professional wrestling moves inthis application videos."
Self Defense Moves 1.1
"Learn Basic Self Defense Moves Anyone Can Do and Everyone ShouldKnow!What do you do when you find yourself in a dangerous situationwith no one around to help you? What defensive measures can youimplement to ensure you are not a victim of crime or violence?Well, we will reveal you best self defense tips for personalprotection and security.Would you be able to defend yourself andyour loved ones if someone were to physically attack you? It’s aquestion most of us don’t want to consider, but violence is,unfortunately, a fact of life. Thankfully, regardless of strength,size, or previous training, anyone can learn several effective selfdefense techniques. Here’s how to prepare for and stay safe incommon real world violent situations.You don’t have to beespecially big, strong or fast to protect yourself from anattacker. Even the shortest or slowest among us can learn a fewbasic moves to stay safe. Learning just a few simple self defensemoves can give you the skills to be able to fight back if I wereattacked.Learn how to defend yourself against an assailant with theself defense moves in these Application videos."
Gym Exercises 1.1
"Get Best Beginner's Exercises to do in The Gym!You need to workhard, but you also need to work smart.This application isn’t justfor the true beginner who has never touched a weight before; it’salso suitable for anyone who has taken an extended leave of absencefrom training. How long has it been since you went to the gymregularly? Six months? A year? Five years? No worries: Thefollowing routines will get you back on track in you guessed itjust short weeks. Let’s get to work.You Wakeup Up, shower, eat aprotein packed breakfast, and head to the gym. You spend an hourfast walking on the treadmill, bulk up on the chest press machine,do a few sets of curls, lunge to exhaustion, and head home. Anotherday, same thing. Rinse, and repeat.Sound familiar? We'll bet it'snot working.Make the most of your time in the gym with theexercises in these Application gym workout videos."
Kung Fu 1.1
"Want to Learn Shaolin Kung Fu Step by Step!Have you ever dreamedof practising Shaolin Kung Fu.Learn from Shaolin Training MasterSelf Defense Moves and Street Fighting Tips!Kung Fu is a Chinesefighting art that includes a multitude of styles, variations andtechniques. From the Northern long fist Kung Fu style to the fiveanimal techniques taught by the Shaolin Temple, Kung Fu includes asignificant heritage of unarmed and weapons combat methods. Whilesometimes intimidating to the beginning martial artist, the variousstrikes, blocks, stances and forms of Kung Fu begin withfundamentals that practically anyone can grasp, developing incomplexity as you advance in rank. With discipline, determinationand a willingness to invest time, practically anyone can learn KungFu in a step by step manner.Whether you are an aspiringpractitioner seeking to learn traditional kung fu on a budget, orsimply want to tone your body and increase your knowledge of selfdefense, a comprehensive approach to learning kung fu can have youperfecting strikes and forms in no time.Shaolin Forms teach themany muscle groups in our body to work together. They are the onlyexercise we have come across where every muscle is engaged andyou’re simultaneously building flexibility, strength, endurance,balance, and power. These ancient forms teach us how to move in ourmodern life, whether that’s carrying our groceries home or climbingthe stairs to the subway. Everything becomes part of our training:total mind-body wellnessEverybody was kung fu fighting after theylearned how to do the Chinese martial art Shaolin kung fu in theseApplication videos."
Bowling Tips 1.1
"Get Professional Bowling Tips & Techniques to Bowl Like aProfessional!Let the Good Times Roll!By nature, bowling offers aninclusive sport suited for virtually all skill levels; even yourlocal lanes likely host all manner of bowlers, from casual partiersto hardcore league members. Despite its approachable vibe, all thecliches you hear shouted at the line like “it's all in the wrist”and “keep your eye on the prize” make for a muddled message. Tostack up at the bowling alley, begin your career with a few simpletips in mind.Want to lose the bumpers, get out of the gutter andimpress with your lightning strike? Consider this your cheat sheetour top tips tell you everything you need to know to bowl like apro. Don't worry, we won't tell anyone…Although even when you learnthe steps it takes practice and experience to do everythingcorrectly each time, depending on your play style. One of the mostcommon mistakes made by new players is to ignore the basic rules ofbowling properly and play the way they feel is right just becausethey can get a good score.How to hold the ball in bowling it isvery important because holding it properly can change the wholecourse of the game. Like any sport, it takes practice to play well,but if you take it step by step, you can learn to play.Releasingthe ball means understanding the axis rotation. Geometry is a veryimportant subject when talking about axis, plans, and angles. Whenyou release the ball, an entire geometrical construction isreleased also.World record holding bowler shares his secrets forgetting strikes and spares in these application bowling videos."
Kenjutsu Sword Fighting 1.1
"Learn How to Do katana Sword Fighting and Training Basics withexpert tips & advice!The katana (samurai sword) is a weaponthat was popular during Feudal Japan. Before katanas, they used atachi for the cutting edge needed in battle. The signature of thissword was facing the wrong way. With a need to correct this as wellas have a quicker draw on the sword in close combat, the katanagave the samurai the edge needed for victory. Also, it was great touse the katana with another sword. Using a shuriken as a concealed,throwing weapon would be great to move in closer. The sword waswashed using a technique to rid the metal of impurities. Thiscreated a sharpness and strength in which many swords could notcompete. The katana is still used in martial arts such as Kendo,Kenjutsu, and Aikido.Learn how to do katana sword fighting fromExpert in these Application videos."
Beginner Skateboard 1.1
"Learn How To Ride A Skateboard For Beginners Step By Step For TheFirst Time!Skateboarding can be exhilarating, challenging and agreat way to hang out with friends. Yet beginners can find it hardand lose motivation very quickly. So where should beginnersstart?Nowadays skateboarding is the most iconic and popular roadsports. Whether you would like to learn the fundamentals to cruisetrip around, or you intend to find out to kickflip like an expert,you can learn what you should begin, it is how to ride askateboard.But the experience can be more perfect if you own yourown best skateboards for beginners. From shopping for your firstboard to nailing a great Ollie, you can study what must be done tobrowse your sidewalk. Therefore with this tutorial, you will learnon how to ride a skateboard for beginners and find out some touringtricks.Skateboarding is one of the most fun and inexpensive ways tohave fun while also exercising. It’s an activity that helps tonemuscles, increase endurance and flexibility as well as burn a lotof calories. Skateboarding activity does not affect your joints andis thus safe.These application video guide will help you buildconfidence on your board, and are the basics needed before youattempt those tricks you want to master!Take a look at ourSkateboard Quick Start Guide for Beginners. Perfect for adults andchildren, our quick guide shows you which skateboard is best forwhat!Having the best skateboard for beginners is necessary for bothsafety and comfort. Any skateboarder must have their skateboard,and the selection of one can be a challenge.Beginner skateboardersoften have a smaller stature than experienced riders. As a result,novice skaters commonly have trouble controlling a full sizeskateboard. Selecting a skateboard with the appropriate dimensionswill allow you to master basic maneuvering and trick ridingtechniques.Learn how to skateboard with this Application videoseries for the beginner skateboarder."
Military Training 1.1
"Want to Learn How to Survive Military Basic Training!Boot Camp:Learn about Army Basic Training.Military Basic Training oftencalled boot camp prepares recruits for all elements of service:physical, mental and emotional. It gives service members the basictools necessary to perform the roles that will be asked of them forthe duration of their tour. Each of the Services has its owntraining program, tailoring the curriculum to the specializednature of its role in the Military.No matter which branch of theService a recruit chooses, Army Basic Training is an intenseexperience. However, 90 percent complete their first six months ofservice. The purpose of this training isn’t to “break” recruits. Infact, the combination of physical training, field exercises andclassroom time makes individuals strong and capable. It’s a toughprocess, but a rewarding one that many service members value forlife.To succeed in boot camp, young adults should preparethemselves physically and mentally. Daily cardio, weight training,push ups and sit ups are a must. They should also practice arrivingearly on a regular basis and sticking to a strict schedule.Nervousabout boot camp? Sergeant Michael Volkin tells you what to expectin these army basic training application videos."
Plyometrics Exercises 1.1
Step It Up Plyometric Workout (Jump Exercises)! Why you need tostart using plyometrics to improve performance! Hop to it with thisfast paced routine that works up a total body burn so you lose fatfrom all over and faster. Jumping around as a kid was fun. Jumpingaround as an adult helps you get fit. We call this plyometrictraining or, “jump training.” Plyometrics use explosive movementsto build strength and to condition the muscles and heart. Theexercises themselves are forms of jumping. In essence, you performan explosive move where your feet leave the ground and each timeyou land, the muscles get a stretch—allowing you to jump with evenmore power the next time. At one time, plyometrics were primarilyused by athletes to improve power for their sport, but now they aredefinitely part of the fabric of the fitness world! Fitnessprofessionals and enthusiasts everywhere use plyometrics as eithera stand alone workout or in parts of other workout programs.Plyometrics boost muscle power, strength, balance and agility andhelp you burn calories. Plyometric exercises train your muscularsystem, decreasing the time it takes to go from rest to maximumforce. This can greatly increase your performance in activitieswhich are heavily dependent upon speed, such as jumps, punches,swings, or sprints. Learn how to do plyometric exercises, alsoknown as jump training, with these Application videos.
Boating Skills 1.1
"Use these top boating tips to improve your skills and become abetter boater!If you’ve been thinking about getting out on thewater, this is the guide for you.If you’re new to the fun andexcitement of boating, we’ll make it easy to get started. You’vegot a few hundred questions, right? We created this applicationjust for you, with loads of information and tips to get yourboating lifestyle started. We’re ready to help guide yourjourney.No matter if you love the open sea, enjoy the whirl of areel or just like the wind whipping through your hair, the water isthere, waiting for you. Each section of this guide provides insightand information that will help you easily realize your boatingdream. We’ll help you find and buy the right boat, show you thebest way to haul and store your new boat, and how to have fun alongthe way.New to boating? Let Us explain nautical terms, teach youhow to tie boat knots, and much more in these Application videos."
MMA Fighting - Leg Locks Techniques 1.1
"Get Ultimate Lower Body Submissions: Breaking down leg locksTechniques!Leg lock submissions are going to stray away from theconventional limb attacks and will be far different from thefrequent tapouts like the rear naked choke and guillotine.The leglock is an effective yet dangerous submission that puts pressure onyour opponent’s Achilles, foot and knee. If you’ve practiced thistechnique in BJJ class or had someone submit you with it duringsparring, you’d know just how much pain tolerance you’d need toresist tapping to a leg lock. If you’re looking to add the leg lockto your arsenal of submissions, you’re in luck. Leg locks are morepopular than ever! From the competition circuit to your gym mats,practitioners are expressing more and more interest in leg locks.In many of the top grappling competitions, it’s common to seematches end with a leg lock submission.Learn how to do leg locksfor jiu jitsu, judo, sambo, and mma in these application videosabout lower body submission techniques."
Jiu Jitsu 1.1
"Learn Most Important Techniques for the Brazilian Jiu JitsuBeginner!Get Best Tips Everyone should know before start trainingJiu Jitsu.Getting started in Brazilian jiu jitsu can be daunting.Training martial arts is one of the most beneficial things you haveever done, mentally and physically, but getting over the beginner'shump was where a chunk of those benefits came from.Teaching JiuJitsu to anyone & everyone in the world with good & propertechnique! We guide you with instructor videos every step of theway. You can easily learn BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from home.LearnBrazilian Jiu Jitsu, a martial art that teaches self defenseagainst stronger opponents in these Application videos."
Ab Exercises 1.1
"How do you train your abs? Get Best exercises to work your abs toexhaustion.Ready to really sculpt your six pack? Skip the crunchesand challenge your core with these ultra-tough moves.You can makeyour ab training long and complicated, like many people do, but inthis application, the best ab workout is the one you'll do over andover again.Yes, it's true that that abs are earned in the kitchen,but if a six pack is your goal, it's also important to pick theright ab workout for the job.It's time to push your abs toexhaustion not to mention, fight the flab with new abs exercisesthat are anything but routine. And it's not just a six pack you'llget: Maintain strong lower ab workouts and you’ll help prevent backpain, boost your agility, and increase your flexibilityHOME ISACTUALLY a great place to hone your abs after all, a six-pack ismostly made in the kitchen. There’s no such thing as spot reductionand a six pack is indicative of overall health and whole bodyfitness, not just the state of the core musclesGet six pack abswithout leaving the house with the ab exercises in theseApplication workout videos."
Krav Maga 1.1
"Krav Maga Self Defense Moves Anyone Can Master!Get Basic Krav MagaMoves That Can Save Your Life.So You Want to Train in KravMaga?Learn Krav Maga Basic Techniques.How to defend yourselfagainst an armed attacker no matter your size or strength.KRAV MAGAIS the official combat system of the Israeli Defense Forces and anexcellent system of self defense for men and women. It’s taught andpracticed with the David and Goliath scenario in mind, whichemphasizes speed and well-placed infliction over size, strength,age, or fitness.Get familiar with these Krav Maga moves; they canhelp strengthen your mind and body and maybe even save your lifeone day. Effective for both fitness and self defense, Krav Magadoesn’t require any special gear or tools, and teaches youtechniques you can use in almost any threatening situation.LearnKrav Maga, a hand to hand combat technique designed to neutralizeopponents swiftly and decisively in these application videos."
Roller Skating - Rollerblade 1.1
"Get Best Advice to Learn How to Roller Skating & RollerbladeTechniques!Here are some tips and videos to help you get started onRoller Skating and Rollerblade.Roller skating is a fun, fastactivity, and you can move forward, backward and even pair up witha partner once you have enough experience. Learning to roller skate& Roller blade can be a daunting challenge; you are going tofall before ultimately gaining firm footing. But if you put inenough practice time and learn the proper form and technique, youshould be off and rolling in no time.Taking lessons from acertified instructor helps you learn the skills needed for rollerskating. Instructors can teach you to stay balanced on the skatesand steer clear of all the bumps and bruises that can come withfalling. Lessons help you learn the proper technique for startingand stopping. As you practice with an instructor, you willgradually be able to build up speed while overcoming the fear offalling.Whether for fitness or fun, rollerblading has seriousbenefits. You'll get a higher heart rate for cardio activity, spendtime outside, and may just find a new hobby. Of course, therearen't training wheels for rollerblades. You'll need to start slowand practice your technique before you glide through the citypark.Learn how to roller skate and rollerblade in these Applicationvideos."
Swim Lessons 1.1
"Want to Learn Basic Swimming Techniques to Feel Safe in theWater!Start Teach Yourself To Swim with Some Tips for FasterProgress.Swimming provides a combination of an aerobic workout withstrength building in your arms, core and legs. Since you're inwater, you are buoyant, which removes any shock to your joints.When you start a swimming program, you may find that it isdifficult to complete a lap and you're quite breathless, even ifyou are already fit. This is because swimming requires controlledbreathing when your face is in the water, which takes time tolearn. To progress as a swimmer, you need to take lessons, but youcan start learning to swim by trying a number of things on yourown.This Application will help you if you want to learn a newswimming stroke or improve your current swimming strokes byyourself. So let’s get started.If you are a novice, it is importantto learn a few basic swimming techniques so you can feel safe inthe water. If you master these basic techniques first, you willfeel more at ease and relaxed when you tackle the popular swimmingstrokes. This application gives you an overview about those basictechniques.Learn how to swim with the swimming lessons in theseApplication videos."
Ninjutsu 1.1
"Get Ninjutsu Training Tips Anyone Can Use!You cannot controlyourenvironment, but you can control yourself.Ninjutsu is aJapanesemartial art originally used in espionage. Its techniquesdevelopmental discipline, physical conditioning, armed and unarmedcombatand, historically, concealment.Ninja training never seemedeasier!This course will train a beginner martial artist with thebasics ofninjutsu ninja training. First, you must learn phrasesyou’ll hearin the dojo, then discover your flow with a warmupexercise. Next,master ninjutsu techniques for pain compliance(submissions),pinning, throwing, posture and stance, full bodymovement fighting,breakfalling and rolling. Practice and learn moreexercises forproper striking technique, awareness and evasion forkeeping cool,and even self defense with improvised weapons. Fightlike aninja!Contemporary Ninjutsu training adapts the techniquesonceemployed by feudal spies to the fitness and personaldevelopmentgoals of modern practitioners. Those intrigued by theromanticimage of the ninja warrior may lament that the training nolongerincludes horsemanship or knowledge of poisons. It does,however,incorporate self-defense skills, physical conditioning, andmentaldiscipline. And don’t think it’s just for adults! Ninjutsufor kidscan help young people develop self control, manners, andmentalfocus.Learn how to do ninjutsu techniques and learn aboutninjutsuweaponry in these martial arts videos in this application."
Soccer Drills 1.1
"Want to improve your Soccer drills and skills!Want to learn howtoplay soccer as quickly as possible?Looking for the best waytolearn how to play soccer?The best soccer players in the worldareoften the best dribblers. They can control the ball whensprintingat full speed and avoiding defenders. Better dribblingskills allowthem to execute more creative plays because they cancreate spaceand time.Like any skill, practice makes perfect withdribbling. Themore reps you perform to perfect your technique, thebetter you'llbe able to perform on the field. Over time, even themost complexmoves will become second nature.there are severalsoccer skills andtechniques that you’ll want to perfect, so you cantap into themwhen you need to. These are useful soccer skills thatyou can usewhen you're trying to get out of a tight spot on thesoccer fieldor need to beat a defender. Afterall, while the game ofsoccer ismuch more than just your soccer skills on the ball, thoseskillsare the foundation of your game. You'll want to master theabilityto control, shield, juggle, and dribble the ball withbothfeet.Here are best drills you should incorporate intoyourpractices to become the best dribbler on the field.Learn how tobea better soccer player with the soccer drills and soccer tricksinthese Application videos."
Stability Ball Workout 1.1
"Quick stability ball (Bosu Ball) Exercises to Work Out YourCore& Improve Balance! Challenge your balance and tone yourcorewith these amazingly effective Full Body Bosu ball exercises.Wantto bump up your fitness level? The BOSU (both sides utilized)ballmakes exercise extra challenging. With a flat platform on onesideand a rubber dome on the other, the tool adds an elementofinstability to your workouts, forcing you to use your core tostaysteady. BOSU workouts can also help improve your strengthandbalance, which is important for preventing injuries.It’s timetochange up your boring old workout routine with a BOSU ball.Nomatter whether you’re a beginner or an elite athlete, you can getafull body workout with just this single piece of equipment.Soifyou’re ready to pump up your workouts, here are bestexercisesyou’ll want to incorporate into your current routine. Orgo big byusing all these moves in one workout!Learn how to amp upyourfitness routine with a stability ball or bosu ballfromprofessional personal trainer in these application workoutvideos."
Hip Hop Dance Moves 1.1
"Learn Best Hip Hop Dance Moves To Boost Your Fitness!Hip Hop isandalways has been a very popular form of dance. It requires a lotofstamina, energy, training, and power to perform these dancemoves,but the payoff is excellent for your portfolio, physicalhealth, andit is just plain fun!When it comes to hip hop dancing,one of themost important things is the ability to have great bodycontrol.Sure you can learn all the moves and techniques, but ifyou have badbody control, they won't look as crisp, clean, andsharp.So if youwant to improve how you dance, then check out thisapplicationtutorial for some advanced lessons on body control.It's easy tofollow and with practice, will help you dance like aprofessional.Enjoy!Learn how to dance hip hop with our hip hopmoves. They areperfect for those of you who want to get into hiphop dancing andlearn some basic steps. These hip hop dance movesare some of themost popular moves out there and could be used todance at parties,clubs and any other events.Now let’s run throughhow to perform fourof the best Hip Hop dance moves for staying inshape!We Will teachyou hip hop moves that double as exercises inthese Applicationdance workout videos."
Yoga for Beginners 1.1
"Learn Best Way to Do Yoga for Absolute Beginners!New to yoga?Trythese basic yoga Lessons for Beginners.Yoga forEveryone.Wouldn’tyou just love to be someone who regularlypractises yoga at home,effortlessly? Here are some tips to help youget started.If you arebrand new to yoga, there are certain posturesthat are essentialfor you to learn so you can feel comfortable in aclass orpracticing on your own at home.Among the many benefits ofyogaincreased flexibility, stress reduction, improved sleep is thefactthat you don’t need a whole lot of space in order topracticeit.It’s time to roll out your yoga mat and discover thecombinationof physical and mental exercises that for thousands ofyears havehooked yoga practitioners around the globe. The beauty ofyoga isthat you don’t have to be a yogi or yogini to reap thebenefits.Whether you are young or old, overweight or fit, yoga hasthe powerto calm the mind and strengthen the body. Don’t beintimidated byyoga terminology, fancy yoga studios and complicatedposes. Yoga isfor everyone.Learn how to do yoga from certified yogainstructor inthese Application videos."
MMA Fighting 1.2
"Become an Ultimate Fighter with this Best MMAfightingtechniques!Have you wondered exactly how to become a MMAfighter?Have you asked yourself how the fighters know all thoseMMAtechniques? Want to Learn how to take your MMA training to thenextlevel? If yes, then where? If you’ve been asking thesequestions,then you have come to the right place.You can learn tobecome thekind of well rounded athletic competitor that the UFC islookingfor. Learn to fight, get experience, and figure out how togoprofessional.Get the Best MMA Tips & Tactics to take yourMixedMartial Arts, BJJ, Boxing, Muay Thai and Wrestling to thenextlevel with our Application videosBe an ultimate fighter withtheMMA fighting techniques in these Applicaton fight videos."
How to Fish 1.1
"Get the Best Saltwater Fishing Tips for Beginners!Make sureyourtackle and your techniques are ready for toughsaltwaterfish.Welcome to our saltwater fishing tips.You’ll learnhow to fishin saltwater like a professional by learning everythingyou need toknow about saltwater fishing. You don’t just get tipshere, you geteducated on the complete basics of saltwater fishing.You willstart off by learning exactly what saltwater fishing is,followedup by some of the best saltwater fishing tips currentlyavailableto us.Saltwater fishing is a broad term used to describethe methodof fishing in the ocean. Saltwater fishing can be done onshore(surf fishing), on a boat or on a pier. Live bait andartificialbait are used by saltwater anglers, which varies based onthe typeof fish the angler is trying to catch. Some of thegreatestfighting fish are saltwater fish, such as the tuna ormarlin.Saltwater fishing provides some of the best fishingexperiences anangler can ever have.This application is prepared toprovide manyof those important saltwater fishing tips on how tocatch saltwaterfish. They are all not required, but by followingthem they willfor sure aid in your saltwater fishingendeavors.Don't be a fishout of water: Captain Layne Wagner givespointers on everythingfrom poles and tackle to knots and casting inthese Applicationvideos."
Soccer Skills 1.1
"Want to learn how to play soccer as quickly as possible?So,youwanna become a professional footballer? Well you’ve come totheright place because we've got everything you need to knowaboutturning proRegardless of your age, skill level, or experienceifyou want to become a better player this application isguaranteedto take your game to the next level. you can learn how toplay likesome of the greatest soccer players in the gametoday.Learn how thetop players in the world dribble the ball,feint, pass, and shoot.What characteristics do the best soccerplayers in the world have,and what qualities of theirs can youadopt and copy, so you canbecome a better soccer player in your ownright? Learn how to playlike the greats in the game of soccer.Learnhow to play soccer likea professional in these application videos."
Rock Climbing 1.1
"Get Everything You Need to Know to Start Rock Climbing!Howtoprepare physically and mentally before tackling yourfirstwall.Always wanted to go climbing, but don’t know where tostart?We’re here to help, with this basic guide to climbingstyles,techniques, and jargon. Hopefully it helps remove some ofthemystery, helps you figure out which disciplines you’d like totry,and makes it easier for you to get started.If you’re lookingforfitness, fun and a healthy dose of adrenaline, then rockclimbingis a worthy pursuit. Though it attracts its share ofdaredevils,rock climbing is also enjoyed by legions of everydayadventurers.If you’re reasonably fit and get yourself properequipment andinstruction, you, too, can become a rock jock.Climbingcan beenjoyed on many levels. At its most spontaneous and basic,justfootwear is required. On the other hand, in cold andremotelocations a range of equipment and clothing is essential justforsurvival. It’s difficult separating the essentials fromtheluxuries, and impartial advice is hard to find.If you want totryrock climbing, it is best to go to an indoor rock climbinggym.Climbing gyms are everywhere now. Most big cities haveseveralclimbing gyms or you can find one at your local fitness cluboruniversity. It’s easy and fun to try indoor climbing. Mostofferrental equipment, including rock shoes and a climbing harness,soyou can try climbing without buying any gear. If you reallylikeyour first climbing experiences at the gym, you can attendagym-guided climbing day at a local outdoor cliff.Learn allaboutindoor rock climbing from expert rock climber in theseapplicationvideos."
Gymnastics Moves 1.1
"Learn How to Do Gymnastic Moves Explained in the BestWayEver!Learn How to Do Basic Gymnastics Skills.Newcomers oftenareintroduced to gymnastics by learning tumbling moves on thefloor.This teaches them ""air awareness, to know where their bodyis,what it is doing at all times,""Use this application as arefresherfor your gymnastics classes taught by a qualifiedcoach.Learn howto do basic gymnastics skills with these step bystep guides.Don'ttry anything without a qualified coach and theright equipment. Usethis guide as a refresher for running throughbasic gymnasticsskills that you are likely to learn in a classtaught by acoach.Flexibility is essential to gymnastics. Improveyourgymnastic skills by increasing your flexibility. Learn toproperlywarm up and stretch in order to allow your body to becomefluid andflexible. Remember that you can master basic gymnasticmovementswhile preventing injury.Learn how to do gymnastics moveson thefloor, balance beam, pommel horse, parallel bars, and unevenbarsin these Application videos."
Softball 1.1
"Get Essential Tips On How To Play Shortstop In Softball!Learnthebasics of softball including how to slap hit, leaf off abase,slide into a base, pick runners off first and third bases, andmorewith expert softball tips in this free applicationinstructionvideo series.Every softball player starts somewhere. Formost, it’sthe backyard or the neighborhood park where they’ll firstpick up abat and glove, learning the basics as they hone theirskills.Andthose early moments, however small, are especiallycritical. Thisis when young players learn good habits, good formand a goodstance not to mention a healthy love of the game.Muchlikebaseball, softball is played on a field featuring a diamondshapedinfield and four bases. When a batter swings and hits theball inthe field of play, she must head down the right base pathand tryto reach first base before a fielder fields and throws it tothefirst baseman. When a struck ball is caught in the air, therunneralso is out. Like baseball, a half-inning ends when a teamrecordsthree outs, a player walks after taking four balls andstrikes outafter the third strike. When players successfully roundthe basesand cross home plate, a run is scored. The goal, ofcourse, is toscore more runs than your opponent.Hitting a softballis not easyif you don't have the right fundamentals nailed down.Toteach yourchild the fundamentals of hitting a softball here is astep by stepguide. Learn how to hit, catch, and pitch like aprofessional inthese Application videos."
BootCamp Workout for Women 1.1
"Bootcamp fitness will whip you into fighting shape!Are youreadyfor your ultimate body?This Bootcamp Workout Will Get You IntheBest Shape of Your Life.Train with us and get in fighting shapeandbuild up your strength training confidence.All you’ll need iswideopen space and your own body weight to complete thisworkout.Thisintense circuit keeps your heart rate up, burnscalories, and tonesyour whole body.A leaner physique, flatter abs,toned arms and atighter tush it's not just a dream. It can be areality with thisboot camp workoutWe will shows you how strengthtraining and cardioexercises can put you on the right path. Are youready for yourultimate body?Go to enough bootcamp workouts andyou’ll soon startto notice a theme: time based interval circuitswith minimalequipment so you can focus on intensity (or kickingyour ownbooty!).Get in fighting shape with the boot camp workoutfor womenin these Application workout videos."
Workout Plans for Women 1.1
"Get The Ultimate Workout Routines for Women!Women'sStrengthTraining: Your Guide To A Sexy & Fit Body!You may bemissingout on the best body shaper exercises out there.Since youknow thatlifting pink dumbbells isn't going to get you a lean, sexyand fitbody, let's discuss what you should be doing in thegym.Thisapplication is for women who are just starting outstrengthtraining or want to get serious about it.Even if you’vebeen goingto the gym for years and doing triceps kick backs, Smithmachinelunges, and used many exercise machines, you’re still abeginner.As another example, if you can’t properly perform (oraren’t sureif you’re properly performing) lifts such as squats,deadlifts,push ups, inverted rows, vertical and horizontal presses,lunges,chin-ups, and other basic compound movements, then thisbeginnerinformation is for you.Interested in bodybuilding? Let Usshow youhow to start a workout plans for women in these Applicationworkoutvideos."
MMA Training 1.1
"Learn MMA Moves and How to Do Them!Get full body MMA workoutsforstrength, endurance, and fat loss!A great deal is happening atanygiven time in a mixed martial arts fight. Transitions betweenthesport's component arts muay thai, wrestling and Brazilianjiujitsu, to name only three take place in a split second.Fightersmight execute dozens of different techniques in hundredsofindividual moves in any given fight, and the commentatorsrarelyhave time to explain the mechanics or nuance behind eachone.In thesport of mixed martial arts, fighters know that they canget thecrowd going anytime they pull off a slick submission or landthathighlight reel blow.Whether it's a highly technical hold oranintricate strike, there are certain moves in MMA that just seemtoget fans riled up more than others.Train like a fighter withthisfast paced, high intensity circuit routine that will leavenomuscle unscathed so you can do the same to your opponents.Learnthemoves that lead to UFC titles with these mixed martialartsvideos."
Sprinting Workouts 1.1
"Want to Getting Faster at Sprinting!Want to improve yourrunningfitness and overall health? Learn the right way tosprint.Thisapplication Covers the basics of sprinting fromtechniques,postures, drills.Running and sprinting in particular isafundamental skill that supports a multitude of other activities.Ifyou know how to sprint properly, you’re more likely to enjoy awiderange of sports and activities that emphasize this formofrunning.When it comes to sprinting, your speed islargelydetermined by your technique. Other factors include yourleglength, pelvis width, lean muscle mass and lung capacity. Therearefew biological factors that you can improve in a week and somearedown to genetics, but you can work on your technique, such asyourposture and foot strike. Whether you are sprinting forathletics orto improve your performance in other sports, changingyourtechnique can help you reach your full potential.The keytolearning to sprint is to start with these easy steps.Learn howtosprint from professionnal sprinting coach in theseapplicationvideos."
Kickboxing Exercises 1.2
"Get The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Kickboxing!Whetheryou’relooking to increase strength, confidence, coordination, oryou’rejust after a kickass cardio workout, kickboxing will keepyoucoming back for more. Kickboxing is a stand up combat sportderivedfrom a combination of boxing, Muay Thai, and Karate.Allkickboxingtactics are based on seven principles: distancing,defense,feinting, timing, power, endurance and sparring. Inthisapplication, We will explain what they are and how you canimprovethem. Whether you’re a kickboxer or a practitioner of someothermartial art, they’re guaranteed to improve your game.If youwant toget stronger, feel empowered, or just burn a whole bunchofcalories, you might want to consider a kickboxing workout.Let’slearn how to get started with kickboxing so you can startjabbing,punching, and kicking your way to a fun new workout.Learnhow tokickbox, including how to jab, strike, punch, and block, intheseapplication workout videos featuring Work Expert Train Fight."
Running Training 1.1
"Get Best Running Training Tips for Beginners!Want to Learn HowtoTrain to Run Your First 5K.Whether you're a newbie 5k runner orahardcore marathoner, the long run is the key to anysuccessfultraining program.Increase your performance with thisapplicationtips & exercises! Improve everything fromflexibility andagility, to strength and coordination.Runners need adifferentstrength training program than your standard gym rat.Instead ofpushing weight away from the body with bicep curls, legextensions,and bench presses, runners should focus on targeting thekeymuscles that will keep them balanced.Do these EssentialStrengthexercises consistently, and you’ll run faster andstronger.Grabyour running shoes and hit the pavement with theserunning videos,which will have you jogging, sprinting, or powerwalking your wayto fitness."
Bicycle Repair 1.1
"Want To Learn Easy Bicycle Repair & Maintenance fromaProfessional!We will teaches you how to keep your bikerunningsmoothly and safely and you can do it all from home.Have youeverthought about doing your own bicycle maintenance, but were notsurewhere to start? Or maybe you felt that you were not really thebikemechanic type.For many of us, fixing and maintaining ourbicycleonly ever gets as complicated as dropping it off at the shopandpicking it up when it’s ready. There is no shame in not havingthetime, skills, or desire to do you own bike repairs. That’s howbikeshops stay in business!However, some of us have the desire butlackthe requisite skills. Fortunately, there are plenty ofoptionsavailable no matter what your learning style to gain theskills andknowledge necessary to fix and maintain your own bicycle.Here area few good options for anyone who’s interested in becomingskilledin the fine art of bicycle maintenance.If you lovecycling,learning to do your own bike maintenance and repairs isworth theeffort. It allows you to get to know the workings of yourbikebetter, and you will have a better understanding on how to keepitrunning at tip top shape. You do not need to know how to takeapartyour whole bicycle and reassemble it.No one is bornwithcomprehensive bicycle mechanic skills. That is something youhaveto learn by doing easy bicycle maintenance yourself, ormorepreferably by being taught by someone with experience.Becominganexpert at home bike mechanic is like anything else, you takeonesmall step at a time.Learn basic bicycle repair and maintenanceinthese Application videos."
Best Chest Workout 1.1
"Looking For Best workout to pump up your pecs!Looking toimproveyour chest gains? Here's what you need to know to put yourchest tothe test.Among lifters, there aren't many people who willshy awayfrom wanting to build a strong, chiseled chest. After all,theyknow beastly chest muscles scream strength and power, andlookgreat on the beach.Functionally, strong pecs also assistwithperforming everyday activities, lower the risk ofshoulderinjuries, and provide that extra edge in sports and in thegym.Simply put, a well built chest is, well, pectacular.Sorry.It'shigh time for you to get your chest training out of arut. Use andshare these tips to reassess your chest routine andpave your wayto pec success.Nuke your chest from different angleswith thismother of all pec workouts.This workout is guaranteed tomake yourpecs pop. That’s because it hits your chest muscles fromthreedifferent angles, using a classic training technique calleddropsets.Pump up your pecs quickly and easily with the chestexercisesin these Application home workout videos."
Boxing Lessons 1.1
"Are you new to boxing and don’t know where to start?Soyou’vewatched your favorite fighters compete and you have the urgeto doit yourself, but you don’t know how to start.We made thiscompletebasic boxing guide for all beginner boxers, filledwithexplanations, pictures and videos to more detailed guides.Boxingis a great workout, perhaps the most challenging of allsports.Requires speed, agility, finesse, power, endurance, andultimatemental toughness. Boxing pushes you like no other, pittingthefinest and highest level athletes against each other. It’s asweetscience but at the same time also a raw and brutal sport.Youwilllearn many skills that physically and mentally challenge you.Notonly might you get into the best shape of your life, but youwillreap the many rewards of hard work and discipline that a sportlikeboxing can teach you.More importantly boxing takes you furtherthanyou ever thought possible. Boxing makes you more alive thanever,more humble in defeat, and most glorious in victory. Boxingrevealsthe true fighter deep inside every single one of us.Learnhow tobox from professional boxing coach in these Applicationvideos."
Bike Repair 1.1
"Want to Learn How to Repair your Bicycle!It's a beautiful day,andyou've decided to take a long, peaceful bike ride. You'rehappilypedaling along when it happens your tire is flat. Or maybeyourbike's chain breaks. Instead of lugging your bike to therepairshop for a costly visit, fix it yourself using the directionsinthis application.We'll cover how to fix a flat, repair abrokenchain, replace a chain altogether, and fix or replace aspoke. Foreach repair, we'll give how-to specifics, helpfulillustrations,and a list of the materials and tools you'll need toget the jobdone.When you’re out for a ride, you need to be preparedto fix aflat tire, repair a broken chain or tighten a loose bolt. Awellchosen tool collection will help you!If you’re a novicecyclist,you can start out with just the basics, then add toolsgradually asyou gain more experience and start planning moreadventurousrides.Every avid cyclist should know how to fix hisbike; learn thebasics in this video series."
Beach Volleyball Lessons 1.1
"Learn easy tips that’ll help you play beach volleyball!Learn HowtoMove and Jump in Sand.When summer is near, many indoorplayersdecide to head outside and try their hand at beach orsandvolleyball. But the two sports have some major differencesandbeing a good indoor player does not guarantee that you'll be agoodsand player. The skills are mostly the same, but your abilitytomove the ball in order to perform those skills haschangedsignificantly.Even the college standouts andprofessionalvolleyball players have a period of adjustment whenthey move fromindoor to outdoor volleyball.It can take a few weeksto truly getyour sand legs, which means to move around and jumpmore easily inthe sand.When you first start playing on the sand,you will feelslow and heavy. Your normally ample vertical jump willdecreasesignificantly. Every movement is difficult with aconstantlychanging surface under your feet. If you're playingdoubles, you'llalso have to move and jump a lot more than you wouldon your sixperson team, so your endurance will likely be tested aswell.One ofthe most exciting aspects of beach volleyball is thevolleyballspike. While it may look easy and effortless whenwatching thepros, realize that hitting is tough to learn andmaster.Learn howto play beach volleyball from professional playersin theseapplication videos."
Krav Maga - Self Defense 1.1
"Learn Krav Maga Self Defense Moves Anyone Can Master!Would youbeable to defend yourself and your loved ones if someone weretophysically attack you? It’s a question most of us don’t wanttoconsider, but violence is, unfortunately, a fact oflife.Thankfully, regardless of strength, size, or previoustraining,anyone can learn several effective self defensetechniques. Here’show to prepare for and stay safe in common realworld violentsituations.You don’t have to be especially big, strongor fast toprotect yourself from an attacker. Even the shortest orslowestamong us can learn a few basic moves to stay safe. KravMaga, aself defense system developed by the Israeli military.Combiningelements of boxing, wrestling and MMA, Krav Maga is taughtandpracticed worldwide to prepare men and women fortheunexpected.Krav Maga is is an effective, modern, anddynamicself-defense and fighting system. It is designed to bepracticaland intuitive for people of any age, shape, or size. Thetechniquesexpand on your natural instincts to develop skillsquickly andeffectively, while enabling you to address attacks underanyscenario. You will learn how to defend yourself and yourlovedones, while gaining increased awareness and instinctivereflexes.Asa well trained Krav Maga practitioner can become apowerful‘weapon’ in combat, this martial arts discipline thatcombinesBoxing, Judo, Jiu jitsu and Aikido, has become animperative partof various military and law enforcement agencies’training programsin the US and beyond. The tactical defence systemcould give youthe skills to free yourself from a dangerousattacker.Learn how todefend yourself using the Krav Maga techniquesin these applicationvideos."
Ping Pong 1.1
"Beginner's Guide to How to Play Table Tennis (Ping Pong)!Doyouwant to learn how to play table tennis? You’ve come to therightplace!Welcome to the sport of table tennis (or ping pong, asit isknown in recreational circles)! As a new player, you are nodoubtlooking for some helpful advice to get you playing goodtabletennis as soon as possible, and to avoid making those mistakesthatcan slow down your progress. This Beginner's Guide to TableTennisPing Pong will help you get started on the right foot.How toPlayPing Pong is an accelerated table tennis course thatwillsystematically teach you the proper fundamentals of tabletennistechnique in simple steps. It’s the fastest way for beginnerstolearn how to play table tennis.In order to play a good gamepingpong, you need to master the basic strokes first. Without asolidfoundation in the basics of table tennis, you will struggle tousethe advanced techniques of elite players successfully. Learn howtoplay ping pong the right way with these tips ondifferentpositions.For beginner and intermediate players, you canoften beatyour opponent just by understanding the basics of tabletennis. Themajority of recreational players are not aware of theproper grip,basic footwork, or the effect spin has off the paddle.You can turnthese weaknesses into strengths and put away your foewith ease.They won’t know how you are beating them, they will justget usedto the feeling of defeat!Learn how to play table tennisfromprofessional ping pong player in these Application videos."
Boxing Skills 1.1
"Beginner’s Guide to Boxing tips and techniques!Before youthrowyourself into boxing, here are some top tips on gettingstarted inthe sport, ideal for a beginner.Boxing tips andtechniques rangingfrom beginner to advanced that will help developboxing skill andstrategy.Sometimes it just takes one boxing tip ortrick to turn afight to your favour.Hopefully you're able to addone or two ofthese boxing tips and techniques to yourskills.Slipping punches(otherwise known as bobbing and weaving, orhead movement) is anadvanced skill in boxing that causes youropponent’s punches tomiss.boxing is one of the most physicallydemanding. It requires ablend of power and quickness combined withexcellent overallconditioning. Professional boxers are continuallyperfecting theircraft as they move up in rankings to face tougheropponents. If youwant to learn how to box, follow theseapplication.Step into thering with expert boxing coach; we willteach you how to to punch,jab, duck, and block like Balboa in theseapplication videos."
Karate Training 1.1
"Learn Karate Moves and How to Do Shotokan Karate!This martialartsvideo demonstrates basic karate techniques for BeginnerstoAdvanced. From novice right through to master, Karate’smostimportant element and key to superior technique is to practicethebasics.Karate consists of a series of techniques to practiceandlearn. Check out some of the basics.“Basic” Does Not MeanEasy!Ifyou want to know how to learn Karate take a look, forexample, at aperfect golf swing. It looks utterly simple but askthe golfer howshe does it and she will tell you, basicpractice!Karate is oftendepicted as a brutal martial art form.However, its violentreputation shouldn’t put you off gettinginvolved in it. Karate maybe a contact sport, but it requires greatskill and agility.Competition karate is centred on balance, graceand selfdiscipline, rather than straightforward punching andkicking.Here’s some important moves you’ll want to knowabout.Karatetraining demands great concentration and poise toprogress beyondthe very basic karate techniques. Though certainfilms may glorifyits combative nature, competition karate is lessabout inflictingpain on opponents and more about focusing onoutwitting themthrough a combination of fluid movements.Here aresome of the keytechniques that you can expect to learn as youprogress throughyour karate training. Although some moves mayappear slightlyrough-and-ready, it’s important you keep in mindthat competitionkarate is played out in safe and (hopefully!) painfreeconditions.Learn how to do Shotokan Karate with the ShotokanKaratemoves demonstrated by Expert in this application videoseries."
BMX Tricks 1.1
"Learn Basic BMX Trick and How to Master Them!Get A beginner'sguideto the basic BMX tricks you need to know.So, you’ve boughtyourfirst BMX bike, learned the short history of BMX, laughed atthe BMXfails online and found some great local BMX spots as wellit’s timeto learn the basic BMX tricks and how to master them.Noworries.Everyone has to start somewhere, whether it’s BMX,skating, mountainbiking or anything else, and better to learn nowthan never learn atall. It’s time to put that shiny new BMX intoaction and theseapplication videos should help you out!Learn howto do BMX biketricks in these Application videos."