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Domo goes Mexican (A & C) 1.0
Let your ears be enticed by our Mexican musicby a live mariachi band. Feel the Mexican in you bursting out asyour eyes are enchanted by the Nandos loving domo you will learn toadore on your screen. Just let your finger be naturally drawn tothe culture of South America and then simply tap to find yourselfswimming in sombreros, guitars and overgrown bushy moustaches. Thisamazing experience comes at an amazing price of well… free soenjoy! Feel the sun calling you as you press the download button.And remember be safe in the sun children!
DrumMania (Toby & Felix) 1.0
Our incredible yet simple app has everythingayoung drummer needs to quick start his musical career at schoolandbeyond. Our app consists of 3 drums that are easy to use asyoutouch the drums it makes a realistic bong sound like a realdrum.Also it consists of traditional colours of a rock star drumkit(red or orange with a tint of Brown). The drum skins havearesemblance of a traditional skin of an African bongo drum.ENJOY and THANK YOU DOWNLOADING OUR APP!
CAD free game 1.0
this is a pairs game, by Miles Thomas.
Pizza Party (Issy) 1.0
Hello, this app is called Pizza Party. Thisisa very good app for Pizza Parties! Also fun if you want to beawaitress/waiter when you’re older! In the drink section youcaneither get: Beer, sprite, Coke, or Diet coke. For the Pizzasyoucan either get: Cheese, Pepperoni, Anchovies, or Hawaiian. Thisisa fun, cool app!!!! You can also add a comment if you wantextrapepperoni or cheese! It’s also free! Any ages, with Pizza!Forpizza lovers! Hope you have fun! Hope you have a foodtastictime!Thank you a lot!Made by Issy!
Music Mania (Lily & Izzy) 1.0
Music Mania is a fun quiz on a varietyofmusical tracks, retro and recent. How well do you know yourstuff?Very well or not? Well you get the idea……. Anyway justdownload it,this epically awesome quiz shall change your lifeforever. Notseriously. Or will it. Maybe. Not? Featuring some ofthe mostfamous bands and singers, all you have to do is completethe quiz,simples, unless you’re thick. Even if you’re thick we’reprettysure you can handle this. It took us most of our single livestocreate this app. It won’t disappoint. For a free appit’sincredibly good. Really!
Make a Cupcake (Libby & Holly) 1.0
Make a cupcake is a mouth-watering app forall,be it if you are a budding baker, a yummy mummy, playfulpeople, orjust looking for fun, this is a joyous app that enablesyou to iceperfect buns. With nine colours, you are open tounlimitedcombinations of colour and design. Your ideas are pipedinto thescreen, before you make a mistake on your precious cakes.Inspiredby the amazing art on the network, we have allowed agateway to opento icing those masterpieces you have dreamedof.So get BAKING!!!
Animal Quiz (Flora & Sophie) 1.0
In our app you get a various varietyofquestions on animals. The aim of the app is to answer questionsonanimals. To answer the question you type in A,B,C,D depending onheanswer you think. If you would like to visit our website tofindout how to make the app yourself.Go to: http://animalquizapp.webs.com
Koala Note (Phoebe) 1.0
Why you should get this app, is because Imadeit and I am amazing so it should be. You will find thisappannoying and want to delete it but don’t because I made it anditis like you deleting my life. I don’t think I would changeanythingI would just upgrade it and add animal sound to try to makeitfunnier. If I had this game I would delete but then re downloaditbecause I would miss how pointless it is.it is really easy toplayall you do is press the buttons and they will play. I wouldalsochange the colour if they had any other colours. I triedreallyhard on this game and I think it came out how I wanted it butIalways aim high so it would never be as good as I would hope ittobe .it is amazing and annoying so get it now!!
Get the Shark 123 (Angus) 1.0
Get the shark 123 is the best game for allofyour shark hunting needs. Press the rest button to set yourscoreback to zero and see if you get to 100000000 points. Practiceyourshark hunting with this great game on your android play andmuchmore. This is the greatest game in the free app world.
Celebrity Sound Board (R & E) 1.0
Celebrity soundboard is a newapplicationbrought to you by EjSanchezUK and WafflesIsGinger. Itlets youenjoy the fun and laughter with your family while alsolistening tothe hilarious sounds and speeches that the celebrity’swill makewhen clicked on. This app is a brilliant way to bring thefamilytogether. To have a “good old” chuckle!
Mole Mash (Mr Stuttard Test) 1.0
This is a Mole Mash Game, that I havecreatedas a test.
Food Quiz (Frannie) 1.0
Do you love food??Well if you do this is the game for you! This game is for allages.Just guess what food the question is talking about!Professor Francesca Cook of IT says " This game is highlyaddictive.I never new all these little facts! "So buy now the Free app that will make you hungry for more.
My Diary of Me (Holly & Shaan) 1.0
Calling all the girls, everywhere,andeveryone. You have to see this one hit wonder of a game. Thiswillenable you to write down your thoughts and emotions whenyou’refeeling down or even when you want to remember memories.Makememories and share thoughts with your friends, or just yourgirlyfriends! This is made by Holla! Corporations and allrightsreserved to ShanaBabes. We hope for this application to beused inthe most defined way, no illegal activity permitted. Weapologizefor any disturbance whilst reading this message. We onlywish foryou to get the most out of this app. Girls just wannahavefun!
Fun With Painting (M&K) 1.0
This is a fun way to paint withdifferentcolours. It is good for young children to learn the namesof thecolours and to see them. It will stretch their imaginationofArt.
Doodle Paint (Lily & Lydia) 1.0
Doodle Paint is an amazing app which canhelpimprove your art skills. It is fun for any age group and it canbeup to as many players as you like. Keep practicing and becomethenext Picasso!
Making My Music (C & M) 1.0
Hello, our app is a xylophone app. Instead ofbuying a xylophone which is a lot of money you can just buy our appfor free and click on the different notes. Our app is created forany ages.You can play any notes and then replay it back just by pressing theplay back button at the bottom.There is also a reset button at the bottom of the screen to restartit.
Amazing Frog (Adam & Archie) 1.0
This app will blow your mind it isdefiantlythe greatest app the world has ever seen. It is acombination ofthe amazing imagination of Adam Pugh and the geniusof his mined.This app is a frog which you will have to find outwhat he does butyou are lucky for this app is not going for 100 not1000000000000pounds but for free yes for free the worlds greatestapp is goingfor free for anyone with a android phone to download.To make thisapp it took lots of hours blood sweat and headaches allfor you foryour entertainment and your amusement. Probably thehardest app toprogram ever and even the greatest minds in the worldwouldstruggle to produce such a complicated app. This app isproduced bylumbertub industry’s and the idea behind this app wasinvented whenI was walking in the park and saw a frog hoping up anddown up anddown up and down he thought that a frog would make agood app so hedecided to make this amazing app which is better thenangry birds.For that this frog can eat birds. So enjoy this amazingapp.