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GPS Route Finder Navigation MAP 1.1
GPS route finder and map navigation application through which youcan find a way to many places. This application enables to searchlocation of different countries, cities around all over the world.This application have the facility of finding shortest route, yourcurrent location, path between two points etc. This applicationuses global positioning system for tracking location. You can visitmany place in you nearby e.g Hospital, Gym, bus or train stationsand many more. Gps route finder have the feature of terrain andsatellite view to increase you places understandable. Voicenavigation feature of this application is best to guide you throughvoice. It will save your precious time and best mobile locator forandroid. This application required location service enable. GPSRoute Finder have best city guide and have all feature like to findshortest path between two location and show many nearest location.The application is very important and time saving for driversspecially. You can find your easiest and fastest route between twoplaces. You have to enter you start location and destination youwill get walking and driving route. This application is best forvisitor and the person living in such a location that he/she do notknow about it. No tension this application will tell you yourcurrent address and guide you to the best places in the city. Gpsroute finder map navigation helps you to find all the places ofwhole world with proper map and direction. Gps route finder helpyou to save your precious time. If you have this application youdon’t need to waste your time in long route just put thedestination location the application will show the best andshortest driving and walking route to your location. App enablesyour to search and browse locations of different countries, citiesall over the world. It’s totally free and easily usableapplication. "GPS route finder helps you to find nearest pleaseslike, MASQUE, ATM, BANKS, FORESTS,HOSPITALS,PARKS,HOTEL'S,RESTAURANT'S,RAILWAYSTATIONS,AIRPORT'S  and many others like this. Best Features:1… Find fastest and easiest driving route for your destination. 2…Best and different type of MAP Satellite, Normal, Hybrid andTerrain 3… Find the shortest driving navigation route. 4… Findwalking directions route with travel time and distance. 5… Turn byturn street direction with Road name and distance. 6…. Easy toselect source and destination locations from Map or by typing thename of place and selecting from suggested places list. 7…Getdriving route directions and real-time navigation for whereverplace you want to go. 8… GPS route finder have different type oftravel mode, walking, driving, car , public transport. 9… startnavigation for any route. 10… you can find nearby places includingATM`s, Colleges, Schools, Hospitals, Gas Stations etc. 11…GPS RouteFinder will not send your personal information/locations outside ofapplication.
HD Video Player Max – All Video Player 1.1
Video player for android is high quality media player with bestdesign. Video player play all types of vides files like MKV, MP3,AVI, MOV, Ogg, WAV, FLAC and many more. HD Video Player Max is allformat player and the easiest video player for android has apowerful video decoding capabilities to easily support you playalmost all videos files stored on your phone. HD Video Player Maxis totally free stunning player for android device. You can watchall the popular video format. HD Video Player Max is play highquality videos plays smoothly. Application handle all video filesstored in your device with high quality music player and equalizer.HD Video Player Max play videos and movies in HD quality. HD VideoPlayer Max lets you to enjoy smoother, better quality videos.Supports all type of popular video formats including AVI, 3GP, MKV,TS, MPG , M4V, MOV, MP4, WMV, RMVB, FLV . Organize and play videosfrom your SD card and phone. Application automatically finds allvideos in your device quickly. Features 1… support all videoformat. 2… volume and brightness adjustment 3… Thumbnails of videos4… play length of video 5…show all videos list stored on yourdevice. 6…quick start and smooth playback 7… Displays Videos inSpecific Folders 9… Support majority video file formats. 10….Delete files, rename, play pause operation. 11… video streamingsupport 12… Support all video formats, including mp4, mkv, webm,avi, mov, 3gp, flv, wmv, rmvb, ts etc.
Live HD Video Projector Prank - Mobile Projector 1.0
Live hd video projector is a prank application use for fun andentertainment purpose. Live hd video projector prank application isuse when someone in a party or gathering want to prank someone.With this application you can easily prank your friend and familymember. For example if you want to prank your friend by playingsports video or horror , thriller action movies just play yourvideo an live hd video projector prank projection animation will berun on background which will give him the prank projectorsimulation that’s will show your screen like a projector onscreen.There is no any real video projector it just a prankapplication to give you some projector or cinema view kind ofanimation effect to run these animation with video just play yourvideo in a video projector application and your mobile screen willgive a little look like projector on phone screen and no such wayto project pictures or videos from phone on the wall.  VideoProjector Simulator will help you to project and watch HD and highquality projected videos on the phone.Best Video ProjectorSimulator to Fool your Friends. Video Projector Simulator for AllMobiles. Fun and Entertainment. This is a Simulator to VideoProjector.There is animation theme that will animate when you playvideo you can choose your favorite animation theme from list insideapp to make 3D hologram animation with video the video andanimation will be run simultaneously to provide simulation likeprojector on wall.The live hd video projector prank functionalitywill help you to give the real feeling of wall projector, cinemascreen, LCD Screen and cinema view of your HD videos/Movies toprank or fool your friends or any one so and enjoy live hd videoprojector prank effects to amaze the people around you to createhappy environment.FeatureHologram animation with differenteffects.Animation of wall projector view effect.Full hd graphicswith amazing desingFree and fun app for allApp is very easy to useand very user friendlyCinema view effects And many more
Unseen no last seen & hidden chat for WhatsApp 1.1
Unseen no last seen & hidden chat for whatsapp is a simple toolto read incoming messages without read sign and showing blue tickor online status. With hidden chat for whatsapp you don’t need togo offline or remove internet connection while chatting withfriends to show yourself offline. The best application to hide lastseen, blue check and read sign. Hidden chat is the best offlinechat for whatsapp. This blue tick hider app hide your last seen,hid read sign, hide last seen status. Read your messages withoutappearing online and hide blue tick and hid read sign from yourfriends. With hidden chat sty hide from others and be able to readmessages without appearing online. Hidden chat and unseen no lastseen app give you the freedom of reading any one messages withoutleaving any last seen notice, read sign, blue double check and nolast seen. With hidden chat and offline chat for whatsapp recoveryour privacy and read anyone message without been seen, or bluecheck. To show yourself online you don’t need to go offline orremove internet connection or turning your wifi off and or activateoffline mode. You just need to download hidden chat and thisapplication will show you offline and hide last seen, hide bluedouble check and read sign for you. This blue tick hider and readsign hider is the best application for all user to show offlinestatus and read message without appearing online or leaving bluedouble tick. Download the latest hidden chat with no last seen andunseen blue tick hider and read your friends messages withoutleaving any last seen or blue tick notice. HOW TO USE: Afterinstalling hidden chat and blue tick hider app the application willask for giving permission to access notification in your device.Grant that permission and you don’t need to open this app againwhen you receive message the hidden chat app will show notificationjust click on the notification to read message without appearingonline , leaving read sign and last seen. Privacy is the mostimportant thing, people don’t want other people know that they haveseen their messages. But what can you do they know from blue doubletick, read sign and online status. And you friend will recognizethat you have seen his/her message when they see blue check or readsign. This hidden chat is the best application hide you from yourfriend by hide blue tick, hide read sing, hide last seen , hidelast seen status and no blue check. The best offline chat forwhatsapp with no double check. FEATURES: 1---Hide blue tick andread sign with online status. 2---You can view friend’s message byname, and also group messages. 3--- Read incoming messages with noblue tick and last seen. Disclaimer: This application is notaffiliated with or endorsed in any way by WhatsApp.
VPN Free Proxy Super VPN 1.0
Social medial websites and many other are blocked in many placesofthe world. This super VPN proxy is the most trusted secureandprivate vpn for android. You can unblock all websites oninterneteasily and securely. Making use of today’s life we needthis sortof supervpn for our work and for normal communication.This vpnrequire no username, no login, non password, noregistration , nonbandwidth. The very best vpn proxy for unblickingthe blocked sitesapp so as to unbock sites and enjoy online videosbypass stoppedapps, secure wifi hot spots and also browse privatelyandanonymously.Unlock your favorite websites along with theblockapplication around the world free of cost on your smart phonewithfree vpn proxy and sites unblocker. This super vpn is very easytouse and best utility. Free vpn proxy is very excellent awesomevpnapplication along with perform is extremely super along withtopspeed. You can be in new world while using this vpn superproxyunblock get better websites and requests.What you can do withthissuper vpn proxy master:Unblock websites: with this super vpnproxyyou can unblock websites and many blocked apps.Change yourreal IPaddress: this super vpn have a best collection of serversworldwideyou can easily change your real IP address by selectingoneserver.One tap connection: you can connect this vpn by justoneclick.Best Secure VPN: this vpn application for android is bestandsecure vpn.Browse anonymously: by changing your IP you canbrowseanonymously around the world.Unlimited fast and free vpn:this isthe unlimited fast and free vpn application.Main Features:1…keepyou safe from 3rd party tracking and protect your privacy.2…youcan unblock geographically restricted websites.3… Noregistrationrequired.4… just one tap connecting vpn .5… many serverto connectwith for free.6… the most secure vpn solution.7… Nospeedlimitation, no bandwidth limitation8… easy to use andmostsecure.9… best way to protect your privacy.10… speed upyournetwork browsing.1… Switch to different countrieslocationeasily.12… no system root required.
PTI Flex Maker PTI Photo Editor & Frames 1.0
Now prepare yourself for the election and support yourfavoriteparty PTI and a favorite leader Imran khan by making PTIbanner,pti flex, and pti dp pictures with the best pti photo framesandpti pena flex maker app. Pena flex making is no more difficulttaskif you want to make PTI banner , Pti Pena flex, or PTI photoframesjust download PTI Flex Maker PTI Photo Editor & Frames.PTIFlex maker can also be used as a PTI Photo frame, PTIprofilepicture to show your love for your party and Imran khan. TosupportPTI in coming general election 2018 make new profile pictureandPTI photo frame or PTI flag face. Make new PTI photo frame orPTIprofile picture and share it with friend to show your love forPTI.Make PTI pena flex with PTI flex maker and share your postonsocial media. There is no need to spend money on flex makingjustdownload pti pena flex maker and PTI banner maker.If you wanttomake PTI flex you don’t need to go to printing press shop andwasteyour money. Make your beautiful flex at home very easily withyourphoto, PTI slogan and name. you can also write your own sloganwithamazing fonts and PTI stickers using PTI Flex Maker PTIPhotoEditor & Frames app.PTI Flex Maker PTI Photo Editor&Frames is also used for designing flex before printing you canmakeyour own PTI flex with PTI Flex Maker PTI Photo Editor&Frames. With PTI Flex Maker PTI Photo Editor & Frames youcanmake a creative image or flex using PTI dp maker and ptiphotoframe. PTI Flex Maker PTI Photo Editor & Frames containmanyeffective features for making a flex adding your image on flexwithyour leader picture and using party signs. Do you like to addyourpicture in a flex with your leader? Then try this PTI FlexMakerPTI Photo Editor & Frames and design multiple flexusingmultiple features that are included in PTI Flex Maker PTIPhotoEditor & Frames.. PTI Flex Maker PTI Photo Editor&Frames will help you to make a dummy flex that you want toprint.Firstly you try which design is best for printing then youwilldesign here and after confirmation just print out the flex.PTIFlexand banner Maker is the best photo editor for 2018 Election appIna very easy to make stunning pti flax and pti banner for PTIwithbest pti slogans. PTI is your own party which bring changeinPakistan in coming election. With PTI Flex Maker PTI PhotoEditor& Frames make pti banner and PTI flex support you ownandfavourite party pti. Download this awesome app and support ptifreeof cost and make beautiful Pena flex and banner free. Howtouse PTI Flex Maker PTI Photo Editor & Frames:1--- Simplychooseyour picture from gallery or camera.2--- Choose the flex youwantto use or PTI frame you want to use.3—Add PTI slogan you wanttoadd to you PTI banner.4--- You can write your own name onPTIbanner.5--- Scale, rotate, crop , drag or drop your image.6---Youcan use you picture is PTI wallpaper. 7--- Send PTI flex orbannerto your friends and family.8--- PTI Flex Maker PTI PhotoEditor& Frames is very easy to use.9--- PTI Flex Maker PTIPhotoEditor & Frames is free to download.
Zoom HD Camera Selfie Camera 1.1
Zoom HD camera selfie camera is a best photography application tomake high definition pictures. Zoom hd camera selfie camera is afree application and very easy to use. With zoom HD camera its veryeasy to make beautiful photos and best selfies. This is HD zoomcamera with extreme pro effects your photo will become moreartistic with this professional hd camera. This is the best cameraapp with amazing effects and filters. With awesome this awesomecamera make full hd photos and videos. This is a professionalcamera app with full featured and completely free camera app foryour android smartphones. With this camera app you can take topquality photos. This camera have ultra zoom camera functionalityfor images and videos. It is completely free and work withoutinternet. With this camera you can get the best quality photos.This is the latest camera with stunning desing. This camera apphave up to date features and new style to take photo or video. Thebest and greatest application will be on your mobile phone andtablet. The camera have very nice and fully featured. With thisselfie camera you will get best selfie and photos. With this appyou will feel like a professional photographer. Compatible withAndroid phones and tablets. Dip your beautiful memories with abeautiful camera. Features: 1--- Best camera for selfie. 2---Keystrokes Adjustable volume (copyright, image, zoom, orcompensation change). 3---Best effects and focus modes. 4--- Recordvideo in best quality. 5--- Best photography mode. 6--- Best cameracontrol settings. 7---Best shutter sound. 8--- Timer feature totake photo.
Color Flash Light LED Torch Light 2018 1.1
This color flash light is specially designed to make your mobilescreen more colorful. And to enjoy party at home with disco light.This color flash light is ultimate party app and no matter what isthe situation it will give you a full party environment. With thismulticolor flash light and discolight you can enjoy with friend atany place you want. With color flash light use your phone as LEDbeacon of light and try to turn your phone into a party light ,disco light or into a police light. Now turn your phone into aversatile flashlight with color flashlight and LED torch light.Turn your phone screen into a disco light with multiple colors usethis color flashlight app. Color flash light LED torch light 2018is new modern and fast led torch light. This application will turnyour phone instantly into a bright flashlight with a modern andeasy to use interface. This color flash light app also have afantastic bright flash light app with the help you can easily findyour way in the dark places. This color flash light app will helpyou with brightest torch light at home when the power goes. Theapplication will help you to find the best seat in a dark theatreand guides you when you are stuck outside without street light.Color flash light LED torch light 2018 contains strobe light withthis app you can easily turn your smart phone into a disco light,colorlight, bright light. The best strobe light and helps you tomade any party more colorful. The best torch with night club lightand a disco light . Download Flashlight Color Changer now andChoose from a full range of colors to find your favoritecustom-made light. The color flash light will also act as emergencylight and sos light. It’s a best torch light app with advancediscolight. The best torch with night club disco light. It is themost bright led light. Color flash light app is for the people whoare bored using phone flashlight or LED light. This color flashlight is not just a bright light but also turn your phone intoversatile flash light with multiple color. FEATURES: 1--- Torchlight with a full bright feature. 2--- SOS signal light 3--- colorLED light. 4--- Multiple Color light 5--- Can select single color.6---- The brightest strobe lights. 7--- Animate the moments withyour friends with disco lights.
Female Voice Changer 2018 1.2
This female voice changer is an entertainment app. Female voicechanger is just use for entertainment. This female voice changerchange your voice to female voice, girl voice and this is the bestmale to female voice changer. The best girl voice changer. Thisgirl voice change your voice into a different girl tone by applyingdifferent voice effect and this is the best voice changer app. Agreat application to have fun with your friend and family member.This application is used to surprise your friend while you are witha group or in a party. This voice changer app will let you hearyour voice in a different aged girls tones and a really amazingvoice changer app. This app is a smart voice changer and smartlychange your voice to different girls tones this app also have afunny voice changer functionality and change your voice to a funnyvoice. Now change your voice with the best voice changer and havefun listening to your voice in a different tones. Just record yourvoice with this female voice changer and listen to yourself how yousounds in a female voice or girls voice. Features of female voicechanger: 1--- change your voice to a multiple ages girl voice. 2---voice effect of small baby to change your voice. 3--- 20 year oldgirl voice. 4--- Funny voice change 6---Change voice to 25 yeargirl. 7--- 30 Years girl 8---Old aged female voice And manymore…………..
Internet Speed meter Speed Test 2018 1.0
interent speed meter speed test is a very useful tool totestinternet speeed very quickly. this speed test app isspeciallydesigned for mobile devices and mobile user to measuresinternetspeed like GPRS, 3G,4G, LTE and wifi speed accurately.internetspeed meter speed test 2018 is a powerful, simple , veryeasy andfree internet tool for android. Internet speed test make iteasy totest internet speed and protect your internet information.Downloadinterent speed meter app and check your internet speed andqualityof your internet and wifi connection. Internet speed testperform anetwork speed test in a seconds. internet speed test willshow youaccurate upload and download speed. Internet speed test isa veryeasy and accurate internet speed checking app. Internet speedtestis very lite weight application with no memory consuption,noslowing down phone and very accourate internet speed checkingapp.Sometime you don't know how test my internet speed, SoInternetSpeed meter Speed Test 2018 is app you need in your phoneto checkinternet speed, test speed online and check wifi net speed.if youhave any comments about the Internet Speed meter Speed Test2018app please email or leave a comment below so that we can solvetheissue and improve and upgrade Internet Speed meter Speed Test2018.Features: 1--- Test internet connection speed in a second.2---Easily perform manual speed tests. 3---- Easily test uploadspeed.4--- Easily test downlaod speed. 5---View result of speedtest inmbps. 6---4g signal tester, 3g signal tester, wifi Internetspeedtest 7---Small capacity of application, fast download 8---Freetomeasure wifi signal strength and 3g speed checker
Speedometer Digital HUD View 1.0
Speedometer digital HUD view is a free gps based Speedometerforyour can with head up display (HUD) that shows useful speedandyour jouney information. Ideal tool if your vehicle speedometerisdied and you want to verify you vehicle speed. With thisgpsspeedometer always have the driving speed and ifo aboutyourjourney. this gps speed meter neatly organized and stunningautogps car trip meter app, speedometer is based on GPS with hUDandnormal speed display and distance information. you can use thisgpsspeedometer is a trip meter app, speedometer app, speedometerforcar, speedometer for bike, speedometer for motorcycle,speedometerfor cycle, speedometer for shipping, speedometer fortruck,speedometer for bus, speedometer for aeroplane, speedometerforboat, speedometer for vehicles, speedometer forrunning,speedometer for run. No matter if it is max speed oraverage speed,the car trip meter and trip odometer app will measureit and keepit, you can always measure your speed. The display ofthisspeedometer can be switched between normal viewing and HUDmode.HUDmode mirrors the display for viewing as a reflection in avehiclewindshield (most useful at night, depending on thedevice'sbrightness). The accuracy of this gps trip meter isguarantee. GPSspeedometer will show you the precise speed of yourvehicle. Thegps speed app will offer extremely precise speedvalues, you cancompare it while driving, you'll find it accurate.Followinginformation will be displayed about your journey. Youvehiclecurrent speed in (MPH, KMH, KTS) Average speed of yourjourney.Maximum Speed of your journey. FEATURE: 1--- HUD and normalview:The app will show your journy info in HUD view and normal viewyoucan easily switch between the view. The display can beswitchedbetween normal viewing and HUD mode which mirrors thedisplay forviewing as a reflection in a vehicle windshield (mostuseful atnight, depending on the device's brightness). 2---Speedunits: Youcan convert the unit from kilometers to miles and milestokilometers. If your vehicle matrix measuring unit are inkilometersper hour you can view miles per hours using Speedometer -GPS appand vice versa. 3---Simple and quick in action Speedometer4---Fullscreen digital speedometer 4---Measure Maximum speed,average speedand distance.
Pak Flag Shirts: Independence Day 14 august 2018 1.0
Happy Independence Day Pakistan. Celebrate thisIndependenceproperly & make sure to frame your Independence Day14 augustimages Pak Flag Shirts: Independence Day 14 august 2018.Pak FlagShirts: Independence Day 14 august 2018 have a bestPakistanIndependence Day shirts. Download the best Pak FlagShirts:Independence Day 14 august 2018 for 14th of August 2018. OnthisIndependence Day have fun celebrating, partying and takingphotosand selfies. you can beautify your picture with Pak FlagShirts:Independence Day 14 august 2018. Now, you can have thebestIndependence Day pictures to share on different social networkstoshow your love for Pakistan and to celebrate this jashne azadiandIndependence Day 14 august 2018. Jashne Azadi flag Independencepakflag shirts maker is patriotic art app and Pakistan photoeditorfor all true Pakistanis. Pak Flag Shirts: Independence Day14august 2018 offers you best Pakistani Flag collectionandIndependence Day photo with Independence Day pak flag shirtsmakingfacility to extend the celebration. Edit your jashne azadiphotoand Pakistan flag photo and make a Pakistan day photo dp onsocialmedia and let your friend see your amazing Pakistan flagphoto andyour love for Pakistan. Now you can make your freedom daymoreentertaining and connect yourself with friends to expressyouremotions for Pakistan. In Pak Flag Shirts: Independence Day14august 2018 app and Pakistan flag Profile Picture Maker App.Takethe pak flag shirts on the pak independence day in pakistanflagphoto editor. Show your spirit by wearing the azadi glassesonjashn e azadi mubarak 14august with Pak Flag Shirts:IndependenceDay 14 august 2018. This is the best Pakistan Flag FaceApp. PakFlag Shirts: Independence Day 14 august 2018 is the PakFlagIndependence Day Image Editor app for free to enjoy andcelebratethis independence day 14 August . Pak Flag Shirts:Independence Day14 august 201 is specially developed for PakistanIndependence Day.Pak Flag shirts Independence Day picture Editor 14August 2018contains a lot of different Independence Daypictures,shirts andpak flag stickers through which you have tochoose the IndependenceDay 14th august picture. Now celebrate thisjashne azadi /Independence Day with different looks. Download PakFlag Shirts:Independence Day 14 august 2018 for free and share yourpak flagshirts images on social media on this Independence Day forfreewith your friends and family. Pakistan flag shirts make app isthebest Pakistan flag photo editor app and Pak FlagShirts:Independence Day 14 august 2018 is specially designed for14thaugust 2018 to celebrate Pakistan Independence Day. WecelebratePak Flag Independence Day on 14 August. This is BecausePakistangot independent on 14 August 1947. Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnahthegreat leader of Muslim fought a lot for the IndependenceofPakistan. we celebrate Independence Day celebration every yearon14 August. Pak Flag Independence Day shirts and Pakistanflagclothes to make your image amazing with Pakistan flag on this14august Independence day.   FEATURES: 1---Best collectionofPakistan Flag and Pak Flag independence shirts 2--- Pak flagShirtscan save in device.  3---Add pak flag shirt to yourimage.4--- The best Pakistani flag shirts photo maker. How to use:1---Select photo from gallery or take on with camera. 2--- SelectPakflag shirt to add to your picture. 3--- Edit your picture withpakflag shirt maker 4--- Save your picture to your mobilephonegallery. 5--- Share on social media.
Video Status Downloader For Whatsapp 2018 1.2
Video status downloader for whatsapp let you download photo images,GIF , Video and any other type of status. This video statusdownloader also allows to share status with friends. Nowadays everyone want to share their favorite and memorable stories and momentswith their friends and loved ones using status on a social mediabut the problem is how to download these status. The best solutionfor this problem is video status downloader for whatsapp 2018.Video status downloader helps you download the most beautifulstatus and shared with friends and love one. It help you downloadthe most beautiful status of your friends. Millions of photos andvideo status are upload every day. Use status downloader for freeto download any images and video with GIF files you want. Statusdownloader for whatsapp app let you download photographs, GIF andvideo from your friends status. And share these status withfriends. How to use status downloader and status saver: 1--- Firstyou have to watch status from original app. 2--- Than open videostatus download and status saver app this video status downloaderfor whatsapp will scan all the status you have viewed. 3--- Justclick on save button to save status. 4--- Seen status will autoshow in this status downloader. 5---Download any media file like instatus like (images, video, songs, lyrics, funny , love) from yourfriend status. 6--- Save status on your phone for future use. 7---Support all video formats such as MPK, AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, WMV, MPGIMPORTANT:  ----------- The "WhatsApp" name is copyright toWhatsApp, Inc. Whatsapp Video Status Downloader For Whatsapp 2018is in no way affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by WhatsApp,Inc. This app is an independent one and is not affiliated with any3rd Party including Whatsapp inc. App not use to clone or hackanything it just display downloaded files in app.
Pak Flag Sticker on Face 14 august stickers 1.1
Pakistan independence day photo editor for 14 august 2018 topaintpak flag on face and pak flag sticker on face and make yourflagface photo using Pak Flag Sticker on Face 14 august stickers.Thisapp is the best Independence Day profile maker with Pakistanflagon face. The best photo editor for 14 august. People ofPakistancelebrate Pakistan independence day by painting Pakistaniflag onface and make their 14 august profile picture orPakistanindependence day photo frame. Now with Pak Flag Sticker onFace 14august stickers create your new 14 august profile picturewithPakistani flag stickers. Make Pakistan flag photo frame forthisIndependence Day with Pakistani flag painted on your face withthisbest Pakistan Independence Day photo editor. Pak Flag StickeronFace 14 august stickers the best app to paint pak flag on yourfaceto celebrate Pakistan Independence Day 14 august. With thisphotoeditor and stickers app for 14 august you can decorate yourfacewith different design of Pakistan flag and can share the photooryour selfie to your friend on social media and you can also makeabest profile picture for this 14 august 2018. Pak Flag StickeronFace 14 august stickers is a sticker’s app with pak flagstickerand pak flag photo frame is ready to use to show a unity andloveto your country on this Independence Day. Celebrate andsupportyour country on this Independence Day 14 august 2018 photoframe.With this jashan e azadi photo editor you can put pak flag onfaceand create amazing sticker picture for Pakistan IndependenceDay.Select any sticker create picture and save it to share withyourfriends and family on social media or to make profilepicture.Select your photo from gallery or take one using yourmobile cameraand make your best 14 august Independence Day profilephoto. Makethis 14 august Independence Day special and share yourphotos withPakistan flag. Now edit your photo with Pak Flag Stickeron Face 14august stickers and the best Pakistan flag Dp photoeditor forindependence day 14 august to show your support with yourcountry.Impress your friends with amazing pak flag profile photoforIndependence Day 14 august. Enhance your face, chicks, lips,andbody through this amazing this profile photo editor andaddPakistani flag on face very easily to make 14 august photo.Enjoythe national day through this Pakistan face flag photo. Manypeopleuse different photo editor to edit their photo for 14augustIndependence Day and to show their love and enthusiasm fortheirown country Pakistan by putting a country flag on theirface.FEATURES: Choose any photo from gallery or take one withyourmobile phone camera Choose pak flag sticker to paint onfaceRotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out or drag to set sticker onyourface. Save your editor picture to your phone memory. Sharewithfriends and family member. Very easy to use
Pakistan Flag Face Editor Independence Day Frames 1.0
Pakistan Flag Face Editor Independence Day Frames is a best pakflagphoto editor for this Pakistan Independence Day. Pak flag onfacehelp you to create flag face paint. Now you can easily createpakflag face profile picture. Pakistan flag photo editor and 14augustphoto frame app with Pakistan flag on face helps you tocreate pakflag profile picture your pak flag dp and pak flagbanner. Pakistanflag photo editor will change your DP and profilepicture with pakflag on face. Jaashn e azadi Mubarak to allPakistan. Choose yourcover photos or profile pictures morebeautiful by using PakistanFace Flag Photo Editor Independence Dayto celebrate IndependenceDay or Yom e Azadi. By this Pakistan FlagFace Editor IndependenceDay Frames you can easily Draw Pakistaniflag on your face. Changeyour face with pak flag photo frame. Youcan also make pak flagwallpaper as well. It’s time to make yourimages awesome on 14August and share them with your friends andfamily. Enjoy. Wantchange your profile picture? It's a must haveApp! Pakistan flagphoto editor 2017 has specially designed to makeyour imagesattractive on the special day of 14 August.Independence Day ofPakistan is coming just after few days. AllPakistanis celebrate 14August with spirit of patriotism. With this azadi photo editorand pak flag photo frame you can alsoedit your photos. With this 14august photo editor Save thememories of pak azadi/Independence dayby making the flag ofPakistan on the face. Make Pak flag profilepicture on the august14 and show your love for the motherland. Thisis the best 14August Jashn e Azadi Photo editor and pak flag onface photo editorand awesome app. With Pakistan Flag Face EditorIndependence DayFrames you can make the real patriotism photos by14 august photoeditor.with this app Choose the Pak flag and makeyour best photolike a perfect patriot. With Pakistan Flag FaceEditor IndependenceDay Frames you can Make the photos morebeautiful by using azadimubarak frame. With Pakistan Flag FaceEditor Independence DayFrames Create the best looking Free PakistanFlag Art Printson National Pakistan flag on Face to makePakistan flagprofile picture from any photo.  1 - Take Photoor ImportClassic Photo from Your Photo Gallery 2 - Now Choose anyFlag Typefrom given list of Pakistani Flags and use it  3 -Now use theSeek Bar to set Transperancy 4 – With Rotate button youcan rotatethe Flags to adjust accordingly on you selected photo 5 –Oncefinalized, you can save it and then share it on FacebookandWhatsApp Features 1---Beautiful and HD collection of PakistanFlag.2---Rotation of pic in to set pak flag on face.3---Increasedecrease transparency of pak flag on face. 4---Save youpak flagphoto to your device. 5---Share with friends on socialmedia.
Flash Alert on Call SMS & Notification 1.1
Free flash alert on call and sms application and a prettyusefultool when you are in a dark places or in meeting where youdon’twant to hear ringtones or vibration. Or you are in a heavymusicparty or at night some where you cannot hear ring tones andcannotfeel vibration. This flash alert app will notify you whenyoureceive phone call sms or notification. Flash alert on call smsandnotification is a best and smart tool to alert you when youreceivephone call or text message with the blink of yourflashlight.Flashlight on call alert will help users in the nightand when yourandroid phone is on silent mode or mute. Flash alerton call smsand notification is best free flashlight blink alertapp. Veryuseful app when you are in music party and can’t hearringtone orvibration of your mobile phone. Flash alert on call andsms is asimple android application that will use your phone cameraflashlight to notify you when you receive a phone call or sms. .ThisFlash on Call will let you know silently without disturbinganyone.Flashlight will blink when someone calls you or send atextmessage. This flash on call is the most brightest flash blinkappand very useful for those users who are mostly busy in meetingsorwork in places where they have to keep their mobile phonessilentsuch as offices, meeting rooms, hospitals, mosque , churchesetc.The LED camera flash will blink with a flash notificationwhenmobile phone receives a call or message, a torch light withflashnotification will blink. Flash on call and sms provides youwithcall alerts and sms alerts with indicator led. Flash alertsoncalling and flash alert on message. Get notified by theblinkingflashlight alert notifications when phone rings with anincomingcall or incoming SMS text message. This ultimate LED Flashnotifieris simple,easy to use and customize flashlight app.Featurs: 1---Notify you with Flash blinks on incoming calls. 2---Notify youwith Flash blink on incoming sms. 3--- FlashON/OFF4---Notification ON/OFF 5---- Use Flash on Call and SMSindifferent modes (Normal, Vibration, Silent). AvailableModes.1---Silent Mode. 2---Vibrate mode 3---Normal mode
Live GPS Earth Map Live Street View & Navigation 1.1
Live gps earth map live street view and navigation is a bets gpsmapand live earth navigator app with amazing live street view likeaearth maps live. This navigation app is free to download.Streetview all around the world. Live street view live map withsatelliteworld map. This live gps map and location finder app allowyou todetermine you location and view building around you or livestreetview map of any location in the world. This is the best livemapand free street view app to show realtime live view and mapsearchon gps with 360 street view. This map gps navigator offersvisualmaps and live navigation with live earth map and routefinder. LiveGPS Earth Map Live Street View & Navigation andmaps finder apphas an amazing features and determine any locationon world map tosee buildings and find filling station park, hotels, hospitals andmany more on live map. This app also have a 3D livestreet viewpanorama and gps route finder with shortest path finderand besttraveling app. With this app explore streets view andlandmarks anddiscover natural wonders and step by step insidenavigation mapslocations. With this Live GPS Earth Map Live StreetView &Navigation gps location finder Now you can find yourfavoriteplaces and also make direction route in map to yourfavoriteplaces, map with just single tap & get walking, carnavigation& hiking routes. Free gps live street direction mapand LiveGPS Earth Map Live Street View & Navigation will helpyou as atourist planner and best location guide and free navigation&Street view map will guide you turn by turn in all over theworld.You can search both places current location and destination.ThisLive GPS Earth Map Live Street View & Navigation is a betsLivemaps satellite view HD and gives details view of major roads&street. A global satellite world map requires GPS &Internet tobe enabled at the start. This Live GPS Earth Map LiveStreet View& Navigation app can let you search panorama 3dview, live mapand see your area street live to view bothfunctions.  LiveGPS Earth Map Live Street View &Navigation have Map streetview and nearby places allow to find andnavigate to near places toquickly identify the position. Live GPSEarth Map Live Street View& Navigation also shows nearby placeslike bank, bar, gasstation, hospital, hotel, movie theatre,restaurant, supermarket,theatre, and taxi. Live GPS Earth Map LiveStreet View &Navigation have live satellite map planet earthand shows acomplete list of all the businesses in the category youhave tappedon along with the distance from where you are. Live GPS EarthMap Live Street View & Navigation have a best gpsroute finderand driving route direction is an amazing feature tofind shortestroutes to your destination. The GPS finder also showsthe shortestGPS route, earth map to HD view of the live mapssatellite.
QR Scanner & Bar Code Reader 1.1
QR code scanner is best Bar code reader app and a fastest QRcodescanner app. QR code scanner app is very easy to use andsimpleapplication to scan QR code and Bar code. QR code scanner appisvery easy to use simply point the camera to QR or barcode andthisQR scanner and Bar code reader will detect and decode thecontentof barcode automatically and show you actions relevent totheresult. After QR Scanner and fast scan the app will decode QRandBarcode and provide user a very relevant options like searchaparticular product, website or related data in particular QRorBarcode type and can tak appropriate action. QR scanner is bestappto scan coupons, coupons codes to redeem discounts andsavemoney.This app support scans all types of QR and Barcodes likeDataMatrix, Aztec Code, EAN 13, Codabar, Code 128, etc. Its tooeasy touse QR Scanner & Bar Code Reader- Just press scanningoptionand place your camera over Barcode or QR code. That's it. Infewmoments it will give you all information saved in thatparticularcode. After scanning accourding to the result data QRscanner andBarcode scanner app will show you actions like addcontacts, email,search etc. FEATURE: 1--- Very simple and easy touse. 2---Instantscan Barcode and qr code. 3--- No internetconnection is neededwork offline. 4---Save scanned history.5---Easily share result toyour friend. 6---All-in-one scanner &reader app: scans allstandard 1D and 2D code types (includingalmost all QR code &barcodes)