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手機版 - Oriental Daily News 1.43
Oriental Daily News, MalaysiaOriental Daily News is a newspaper with quality content。 It waslaunched on September 29, 2002 in broadsheet format. On July 1,2007, Oriental Daily News had a new facelift into a compact-sizeChinese Newspaper which is worldwide trend, easy & convenience,attractive & artistically .Today, the paper has established a reputation for an independentnews reports, in-depth analyses and impactful commentaries.Therefore, within a short span of less then10 years, the dailyhas chalked an impressive more than 180,000 copies dailycirculation, which is the fastest growing Chinese daily inMalaysia. Our sales are mainly via subscription, which createsconsistency.To date, Oriental Daily News also provide breaking news viaShort Messaging Service (SMS), e-paper (NewspaperDirect andhttp://www.ebrowse.com.my), news portal service(http://www.orientaldaily.com.my), Faccebook,Twitter and mobile app for our widely distributed readers. Thenewspaper has become a trusted information source for theChinese-speaking community.Oriental Daily News owned by the KTS Group, other publicationsin the group are See Hua Daily News《诗华日报》, The BusyWeekly《資匯》財經周報,《 The Borneo Post 》英文婆罗洲邮报and 《Utusan Borneo》馬來文婆罗洲前锋报。
Mastering Psychiatry 1.1
This comprehensive textbook covers commonpsychiatric conditions encountered in adults, children, adolescentsand old people.This book provides core information you need for undergraduateexamination and future clinical practices.•Theoretical knowledge on epidemiology, aetiology, andneurobiology of common psychiatric disorders.•Incorporates DSM-5 criteria(adapted) for all the variousconditions and presented in a way that is easily remembered.•Incorporates information on the latest trends in biological andpsychological treatments based on national guidelines (NICE (UK)& MOH Singapore Guidelines).•OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) grids•Sample MEQs (Modified Essay questions)•Sample MCQs (Multiple Choice questions)•Sample EMIS (Extended Matched Questions)•High definition OSCE Videos on common OSCE scenarios andChallenging OSCE scenarios•High Yield Revision lecture videos•High Yield Revision Quiz (MCQs)The latest edition also enables students and trainee to schedulefor LIVE OSCE sessions and come together to practice clinicalstationsvia this app & Any-meeting application (for IPAD).This book was written for undergraduates and psychiatryresidents in training, helping them to approach psychiatricposting, examination and future practice with confidence.Authors: Melvyn WB Zhang, Cyrus SH Ho & Roger CM HoThis project is supported by a research grant,C-177-000-027-511, offered by the Provost's Office, NationalUniversity of Singapore.
SGOpenHouse 1.2
SGOPENHOUSE was incorporated in 2013 followingdiscussions and planning between a group of real estate investors,each with of 15 years of experience in the market, who wanted toimprove both the efficiency and time-costs involved with makingappointments for viewing real estate properties.At the same time, SGOPENHOUSE was envisaged as a tool to reducethe costs for real estate agents to list available properties to abroad range of prospective buyers/tenants. In addition SGOPENHOUSEaims to increase the marketing exposure of the listedproperties.SGOPENHOUSE aims to improve communications, bookings anddiscussions between agents/owners and buyers/tenants. Thesecommunications are carried out in real-time via SMS/email to ensurea seamless and archived record of business.Using the latest technologies, the SGOPENHOUSE App is astraight-forward, logical, efficient, user-friendly andcost-effective tool for both agents and clients alike.SGOPENHOUSE will continually be improved and upgraded as marketsituations require.
SweetDream-My Mattress Number 1.2
An appropriate body support during sleepallowsyour body’s musculoskeletal system to recover from dailyactivities.Your weight distribution on the mattress should beoptimizedconcerning the impacts of the pressure points.Find your mattress SUPPORT FACTOR INDEX number to maximizeyourrecovery.
NDP App 1.7
The official NDP 2014 App allows you to viewSingapore's biggest birthday celebration in an exciting newway! As you watch the NDP celebrations at The Float, immerse yourself inthe festive mood with exclusive never-before-seen content from thebackstage and behind-the-scenes. Talk about what you see usingthe integrated Social features to share your favouritesegments on Facebook and Twitter. This year, we celebrate… us, ordinary people who can do theextraordinary when we come together as one community, onepeople. Enter the Logo Play to make the NDP 2014 logo yours! You can also send in your well-wishes to this Little Red Dotin either a picture or a video as you watch the NDP. We will usethem to rally more Singaporeans to join us to to come on boardand own a part of the NDP 2014 experience.  After all,Singapore is home, because of you and me. Celebrate with the NDP App and begin the biggest party of theyear. 
AdpushMY 2.2
Would you like to earn some pocket moneyfromyour mobile phone? Introducing the adpush app, the nextgenerationsocial media advertising platform. It connectsadvertisers tousers, and users get rewarded by viewing and sharing.You can log in to Adpush by using facebook. It takes just afewseconds to sign up.Each time you log on to Adpush, you will see advertisementsbycompanies, tap on their logo to view details about theirproduct,service or event. You’ll get paid for viewing theseads.You can also earn points by sharing ads with your friends.So,maximise your returns by inviting friends from Facebook! Whenyouinvite friends , they will receive a facebook notification fromyouasking them to download the Adpush app.You can cash out your points via PayPal, local bank, orevendonate to charity. Steps are simple, it’s just one click ofabutton.What are you waiting for? Download Adpush today. You don’twantto miss this!
AdpushSG 1.5
Adpush is the next generation socialmobileadvertising platform. It connects advertisers and you byrewardingthose who view and share the advertisements.View and share advertisements, brands and events byadvertisersthat interests you.While you can obtain information by viewing andsharingadvertisements, you can too collect points.Win - win situation to advertisers and you.
MadMathz 1.4
You want to learn math and have fun atsametime?Than go no further than Mad Mathz!Developed by Old Mann Pte Ltd this cool iPhone app willmakelearning fun which is great for kids. Play with your friendsorchoose to play single game of numbers!Either way you won't be disappointed.Even adults will enjoy going thru math problems,which isalwaysgood to keep sharp mind.With Mad Mathz app, there is no age gap!Mad Mathz will make you crazy about calculation and formula.Itallows to challenge your friends. The person who is fasterandanswer correct will win the game.We are currently in 2nd stage development, this game is justalite version. Please update your app when there is anupdatedversion in Play Store.
Highyer 9
Highyer is a mobile app that helpsRequesterpurchase items from anywhere in the world viaHighyerTraveller.Secured and hassle-free, Highyer provides a great solution foryouto hire a Traveller to get the items you need when you can’t getityourself locally or when it’s more cost efficient to just gettovia Highyer Traveller.Highyer is revolutionizing the way you buy overseas items. Nomoretroubling your friends and family to help purchase anitemoverseas. No more paying for hefty international shipping feesforitems only available.
Alacer 1.0
This application is for risk management purpose
EasyDelivery 1.1.0
EasyDelivery is a transport management Software-as-a-Servicethatautomates delivery job with instant notifications andreal-timejob-status tracking. EasyDelivery designed for rider anddriver,EasyDelivery automating operations one successful deliveryat atime. • Input your logistics operations into EasyDelivery •SendJobs to rider or drivers via Barcode Scanning • Save thewaitingtime for drivers to return to office • Know the latest jobstatusesat your fingertips • Update your customers orsalespersonsproactively • Get notifications at every action taken •Know thelatest job statuses at your fingertips
UGbattle - Mobile eSports Tournament 1.0.9
The SEA launch of UGBattle is finally here!!! UGBattle is amobileeSports tournaments platform specially developed to hostminitournaments. Now ALL GAMERS can find and challenge other teamsfromtheir mobile devices via our UGBattle app. Features: *Joinminitournaments for popular games *No time or locationconstraints*Easy setup by just creating your own team and challengeopponents*Grand prize to be given to the final winner of the 2roundstournament