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Hungry Shark Attack Adventure 1.1
Angry Shark Attack 3D Simulation gives youafeel of crazy shark in which your sole purpose is to huntwithkiller shark instincts. As people are enjoying in the waternearthe beach, Indulge as a shark over humans with its dangerousbite.Beach buddies beware of the shark attacking!Beaches no longer feel safe with so many sharks swimmingaround.Angry Shark Attack 3D is among those simulation games whichgiveyou shark rampage environment instilled with great controlsandaesthetic graphicsFEATURES- Realistic shark simulation- Amazing levels to play- Smooth navigation controls and realistic kill animations- Optimized Game play- Smooth water graphics--Colorful 3D graphics
Angry Shark Attack 2017 1.2
Play Angry Shark Attack 2017, the New HD SharkGames and experience the Action packed Wildlife at Beach at itsbest. It’s the new Shark Simulator Game .Your role is to play as a Angry Shark which is Hungry, feed theshark by killing the humans on the beautiful day at beach. Itsquestion of survival, either its Shark or Humans.Its better thanmany HD and VR games and shark attack games. Time to rule theSimulation and Role Playing world with this Shark games. If youlove Beach Games then you will love this too.Not very lucky day for the humans who come on the way and becomeyummy feast. Have no mercy while killing the humans, jet riders,divers, boaters and swimmers. Its new game among the HuntingGames.Watch the people on the beach, you can go on the beach and alsokill the ladies walking and sunbathers who are relaxing. Don’t letthem survive. Attack the warm bodies in the cool ocean water.Attackas fast as you can, don’t be a zombie runner in speed.Become the killer shark on the beach and munch on humans who arehere to spend their Christmas holidays. The Shark best at itshunting skills, it just needs you to control it and help it to diveand hunt. It loves adventure so you can take it to explore thebeach and city. If you also love Adventure then its best adventuregames.Target is shown so that hunting that many people only fills theempty stomach so hurry up and complete the job before its too lateand it becomes night. There may be hunters among the humans but becareful while you kill them.Starving Shark is among those simulation games which give you sharkrampage environment instilled with great controls and aestheticgraphics. Complete the task of killing and be the best in thisShark World. It is not a Fighting game but Human Hunting isnecessary to survive and they will try to escape, don’t let themescape.Angry Shark Attack Features:* Awesome Beach environment and 3D location* Multiple great Sharks to select* Stunning animations of attack* Realistic Environments* Easy Controls* Latest Shark game* Optimised for all devices* Exiting Ocean Graphics* Classic Strategy and easy to control* Over 50 amazing levels to playHow To Play:* Use the Joystick on the left to move and rotate* Use the Jump button on Right to jump* Just go near the human and you can kill themLooking to be thrilled and amazed, then you are right place! Swimaround and rule the Oceans and Seas and also the Beach like a bestshark ever.Try it for FREE on The Google Play Store now!
AA Lucky 3D Dots Wheel 1.0
AA Lucky 3D Dots Wheel is the fun have 1200 levelsHow to PlayTap on the screen to shoot the pin towards the rotatingcircleLaunch all the pins between the gap of pin in rotating circle onebyone.Be carefully before pinning the circle, direction of rotatingcirclecan immediate change.Game features:• Many challenging levels.• Addictive game play.• Attractive graphics and stunning music.
Jelly Free Flow Connect Mania 1.0
Jelly Free Flow is an addictive and bestmatchgame!How to play:1. Connect three or more same coloured jellies to score.2. Reach the target to complete the level.3. Addictive levels & Challenging game play.HOW TO PLAY1. link three or more jellies, think before every move!2. Watch it--- linking two cookies will give negative points3.Beat tough levels with the help of boosters!4.Keep an eye on the time. Play the game and Have Fun!!!
Real 3D Moto Race 1.0
It's time for bikers to shine with a wildridewhich is about to begin with number of sports bike to ride inReal3D Moto Race.This game is all about riding limitless through differentlocationsand avoiding falls in each mission. Ride the thrill ofadventurewith crazy speed motor bikes. Unlock different bikes toget moreamazing rides. Real 3D Moto Race contains loads offun.
Features of Real 3D Moto Race•Amazing Selection of Bikes
•Awesome FantasyUrbanEnvironment
•Realistic Driving Experience
•Awesome Gameplay
•Multiple Upgradable Features•Loads of sports bike to unlock.•Multiple game modes.•Amazing 3D road graphics.•Realistic driving experience.•Multiple camera view.
Chef Cookie Crush Match 3 1.0
Are you a big fan of Puzzle Games,MatchGames,Matching Games or Maths Games then we welcome you tothesweet world of Chef Cookie Crush Match 3 game!Explore the world of Candy Sweet Blast with sweet candiesanddiscover amazing levels filled with sweet treats! Its thelatestMatch 3 Game under the Puzzle Games category.Come download and test your skills in Puzzles, its not quitesimpleto complete the levels without brain storming. Explore thepuzzleadventure world and do your best to complete the levels with3stars. If you love Matching Games or Match 3 Games or MatchMatchGames then you will for sure love this new Match Game.Chef Cookie Crush is a collection of the sweetest and thecutestpuzzle games into one. we created this game to match thetaste andneeds of the passionate match puzzle gaming lovers, butalso tosatisfy the needs of the players that want just to enjoyamazinggaming on their Android device.A game for all ages you can play with your grandmother,father,children, of course with your friends, and all other lovingones.Play Chef Cookie Crush while you’re spending timetogether.Explorethe Sweet World, many levels to play and enjoy. Itsthe new PuzzleGames for Kids, Puzzle Games for Adults, Puzzle Gamesfor Girls. Inshort its a game for all.*ADDICTIVE MATCH 3 GAME that combines your dream ofcandyworld*Match delicious candies to make scrumptious combos spreadacrossmany levels.*PERFECT MATCH 3 game to play while you wait*VISUALLY APPEALING graphics and yummy gameplay*FUN for the whole family!Match Swap, Swipe and collect, it’s easy to play!How to Play:* Swipe three or more to make matches!
* Match 4 or more to get power-ups* Make unique combinations like 'L' shape or 'T' shape togetspecial cookies and power-ups
* Many amazing levels!* Addictive gameplay* Amazing graphics