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Advancing Heroes
St James
【Game Introduction】Awesome 3D characters, environment & cool special effectsOver 300 3D cute lovely heroes with you fight shoulder to shoulder,a full 360-degree view of 3D environment in game, plus super coolskill special effects! A visual feast is coming to you!Fun real-time strategy & group fightingDynamic switching heroes, change team formation, formulate attackstrategic, power up, rank up and gear up to prepare your heroes,experience real-time fighting every moment!【Game Features】1. Quest filled with adventure, mysteries and real-time intensebattle2. Forge super power into your equipment3. Level up and customize your own character’s attributes4. Unleash demonic powers against evil bosses5. Get the daily rewards, all kinds of weapons & items6. Easily control, simply to play7. Perfect graphics& design, alive cute charactersNow, massive blood- thirsty bosses is coming, join the fight andguide your own heroes to victory!