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RoboSpice FractalExplorer 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT
Fractal Explorer is a sample application to illustrate how to useRobospice for a non-network related background task. Here, we useda fractal as an example of a long running background task.Pinch, zoom and move inside a Mandelbrot fractal computed in anAndroid service... has been designed to perform network requestsasynchronously. This app demonstrates it can also be used in"offline" mode for tasks not related to the network.
RoboDemo Sample 1.0
RoboDemo Sample is the sample application ofRoboDemo : an android library that allows to create Activitytutorials for complex UIs.You can find the library on GitHub : are some cases where application needs to provide morecomplex interactions that usuals, or new ones, not covered byAndroid UI Guidelines.RoboDemo eases creating showcases / explaining / demonstratingof such activities to users.It will display an overlay activity to illustrate the Activityunder showcase. The explanations consist of a serie ofpoints to click on and a text. The Activity under showcase isdimmed and the showcase highlights some transparent areawherethe user has to click.Creation of DemoActivity is straightforward, have a look at thesample to put in place RoboDemo in your own app :1. create a DemoActivity, using a custom DrawAdapter2. transmit widget positions and texts to display during showcaseto the DemoActivity from the Activity under showcase.RoboDemo will ease all those steps and you will just have a fewlines of code to add to your project.To learn more, visit* RoboDemo Starter Guide :
Cinemadroid Free USA Canada UK 2.0.9
The fastest way to find movies showtimes inyour local area.Cinemadroid Free is super snappy and covers 12 countries : USACanada India UK Eìre France Italia Deutschland España Türkçe Россия中国 and 한국.Find all the movies of all theaters of a city in a few seconds,7 days ahead. For instance, to load all 500 movies playing in 300theaters in New York, our first user will wait for 40 seconds, andall other users will get them within 2 seconds.Thousands of cities covered !Cinemadroid is more precise than other apps as it relies onnational cinema portal web sites more than generalist internetdatabases.With a very simple and intuitive interface, Cinemadroid allowsyou to browse movie showtimes for the whole week in all theaters ofyour city. Browse showtimes by date, by hour, by movies, or bytheatres...even by distance !Mark your favorite showtimes to retrieve them, and send them tofriends by mail or SMS. With a single click, add movies showtimesto your agenda.Long clicks on showtimes, movies or theatres, will redirect to aweb page giving more detailled informations like reviews, anoverview of the movies, details about actor/actresses, and muchmore.Cinemadroid can work offline, you just need an internetconnection to download the showtimes once, and then you can browsethem without any connection.In the free version, you can now test Cinemadroid Widget andCinemadroid Maps. They are provided as time limited trial features: you can use them a few moments every day before they expire.Cinemadroid has been designed to be fast, reliable and simple touse. Try it !If you like Cinemadroid Free : rate it and consider buyingCinemadroid Full version @market://details?id=ca.qc.webalterpraxis.cinedroid.unlocker
RoboSpice Motivations 1.0
RoboSpice Motivations is a Demo appofRoboSpice.RoboSpice is an Open Source Android Library that easeswritingasynchronous network requests.GitHub repo : motivations is an in-depth look at Androidfeaturesrelated to asynchronous background tasks execution. Thiswillexplain :* Why AsyncTasks are basically flawed* Why Loaders work well, and why they don't fit when it comestonetworking* The basics of RoboSpice capabilitiesThis app is largely inspired by various questions on Stack OverFlowand aims to be a pedagogical introduction to RoboSpice, abrand newway to write asynchronous network requests.