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Floatify Notifications Plus 2.0
Notifications never beautiful before.See what others can't.Easy toview with more information.Push your android notification withbeauty. Notification plus can handle all your importantnotification with customizable looks.Block unwantednotification.Keep away from swiping Status Bar.Manage event withNotification plus.It not just a awesome notifier it also a powerfulnotification blocker. Notification also know as floatingnotification tool. Floating notification is nice way to view yournotification without leaving current screen. Something we need toaccess notification information immediately,so it painful to pushhome key and comeback again, that's why we need notificationplus.See upcoming notification even message during browsing,watching movies or anything else.Install this mini app to add onemore feature on your Android device.Notification Plus Highlights:☆Customizable Theme's☆ Auto cancel☆ Block unwanted notification☆ Donot disturb mode☆ Plus notification☆ Swipe to dismiss☆ Smartcancellation☆ Floating notification☆ More information☆ Positionconfiguration☆ Handle notification events☆ Dual Interface☆ Premiumtheme's☆ More is on the wayThe best notification app when you needreliability and functionality. Very useful and completelyfree.Note:Notification plus required 'Notification access' in orderto work.Please make sure services is enabled for Notificationplus'.This is Alpha version of Notification plus therefore maybe itcontains bugs.Please ignore during them rating so we serve youbetter in upcoming version.Keyword & Tag :FloatNotificationPopup NotificationTop NotificationFloatificationNotificationHeads up notificationsMetro Notification
File Encrypter 1.0
File Encrypter allow you to encrypted large file.Use single clickto encryption or decryption your file.Nobody can access yourimportant file without knowing password.File encrypter support alltypes of file to encryption or decryption...Features:*Quick 3 Stepoperation*Easy lite ui*Two option mini app*Encryptionfile*Decryption file*Less Memory uses*Less Disk uses*AESEncryption*Device file chooser supportedNote:This applicationrequires Open Task Plugin in order to work properly.
Open Task Plugin 1.0
Open Task Plugin is small ad-on application for android developerto perform some common task easily.Some time it is painful to grantspecial permission during installation that's why open task plugincreated.Features:*File Encryption*File Decryption*Read TextFile*Write Text File*Scan Wifi Network*Connect to WifiNetworkDeveloper can freely use related library.Know more aboutOpen Task Plugin here.Note:This application don't have launcheractivity.Application is useless without drived application.
Dolphin Logger 1.1
Dolphins Logger is most powerful and useful addon for dolphin webbrowser.It allows user to gain access their web account in fewseconds.Don't need to remember your login details such as usernameand password for ton's of ypur internet account. Just need pushsingle Icon to logged in.One password for all your web accountthat's why we are saying one for all and all for one.Features:*Secure AES Encryption*No internet permission*Auto save (withprompt)*Auto login (with prompt)*Manual login (one click)*Editabledetails*Auto fill*Login in 3 second
Washim Diary 9.0
A Washim Diary is City Guide App If you liveinWashim or are visiting Washim. An authentic database ofvariouspublic, emergency and essential-private services directoryofWashim. What a people needs in their day to day life, wehaveattempted to include as much as we can in a single app.By using this app feature we can locate the nearest BankATM's,Petrol Pumps, Courier Services, Hospitals & Schools etcnearyou & Get direction from Washim Diary City App.
Nanded is a city in Maharashtra state, India. It is theeighthlargest urban agglomeration of the state and theseventy-ninth mostpopulous city in India. It is the second largestcity in Marathwadasubdivision. Nanded is the centre of governanceof Nanded district.Our App features All information about NandedDistrict along withTaluka's .In application we have provided maincategories likeDaily need food,entertainment and many more alongwith theirsub-categories and vendors.