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StaffAny: Employee Scheduling & Attendance 1.44.1
Spending too much time scheduling your next shift? Too muchwork-related chats on Whatsapp, Telegram or FB Messenger? Want totake control of your communication privacy? StaffAny simplifiesteam communication and scheduling for brick and mortar stores.Managers and employees can create group messages, schedule shiftsand increase productivity, without sharing your personal number. Wemake communication 10x better, and scheduling 10x faster! MainFeatures: - Quickly send instant messages without sharing yourphone number. - Send group messages or mute the chat. - You canmanage team scheduling from StaffAny directly - Smart Assist (onlyin Singapore) - No matter the size of your team, we keep work outof your personal communication tools. No more searching for yourcolleagues' phone number, or be worried that they have not checkedtheir email. Check out StaffAny and upgrade your team'scommunication process.