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Oil Tanker Fuel Hill Transport 1.3
Oil Tanker Fuel Hill Transporter is a game in which you have topick up petrol from oil refinery and delivering oil to petrol anddiesel gas station on off-road mountain. Driver’s duty is toprovide fuel to gas station safely on time on destination. Startdriving offroad heavy 4x4 truck trailer and oil cargo transporterto the city, Becareful with heavy offroad traffic on the road andavoid accident with 4wd and 4x4 monster jeep, heavy cargo truck andother heavy machinery. Its is very difficult to hill climb withheavy truck and oil tanker to carefull with your driving on theroads.Off road Oil tanker truck is a driving game in which oiltanker is attached. The main objective of this game is to transportrefined oil, high flammable gasoline safely to offroad gas station.Provide oil cargo transport to army base and and avoid heavytraffic accidents on the roads. Run Offroad heavy 4x4 truck trailerand fulfill the needs of the city. You have cargo and transportonly oil to city no other cargo transport like jeep, suv, cars,monster 4wd army jeeps etc.Now buckle up yours seat, it’s time todrive cargo oil tanker. Drive as an expert driver and fulfillchallenge.★★★ Features ★★★◆ Challenging and outstanding environmentwith 3D graphics.◆ Select heavy big trucks.◆ Meet Challenges toenjoy Base Missions.◆ Clock is ticking so transport oil on time tocomplete challenge. ◆ User friendly game play◆ Excellent soundeffects◆ Amazing 3D graphics to explore the 3D off RoadEnvironment.◆ Different camera angles that give you more control todrive oil tanker◆ Amazing Game-play with HD Graphics ◆ Driving Funon Mountain tracks with Real Traffic◆ Oil Tanker Truck Simulationwith Smooth Steering ◆ Different Camera Angles to explore the 3Doff Road Environment
Farm Animal Transporter Truck 1.0
An objective based transport Cargo truck game where you have tohandle your heavy 4x4 truck trailer Your ultimate truck drivingchallenge begins with Cargo Animal Zoo park Transporter Truckdriving on uphill, mountains, and steep paths is not an easy task.Show your good driving skills as the extreme pro trucker to driveheavy duty transporter truck carrying cargo, boxes, barrels, woods,logs, hens, cows and other transportation vehicles. Rugged terrainsare not easy to drive on so bring out the real hill climb driverinside you. Drive the ultimate off-road hill climber truck carryingcargo. Drive through the mountains and hills with high speed. Landsliding could block your path anytime. Ensure the safety of thecargo while you drive inside the off road village area. Drive 4x4cargo truck inside the hills and show your extreme driving skills.Drive high performance heavy duty road trailer on your mobiledevices or android tablets. Enjoy realistic drive with artificialintelligence extreme heavy traffic on streets. Easy to control andfun to play steer, sprint and drag huge vehicle in 3D simulatorlike never before. Get ready for the king of all truck transportergames Attach the truck trailer with your heavy truck and drivethrough hills. You will drive the heavy transport truck in extremehill driving conditions to your destination. Off-road terrain,hills, forests, mountains, extreme twists and different weatherconditions will test your driving skills! Drive your transporttruck carefully and try not to damage cargo. Start your adventureon curvy roads. Load a heavy wood logs, drums, boxes, hens and cowsto transfer them from one place to another with safely in busiestoff road. Driving on off road is the toughest job for you so youhave to do it very attentively. Take turn with very smartly withoutlosing or damaging things. Pick up your device to install this gameand enjoy the 3d game play with off-road realistic environment.Played parking, cargo delivery and fast speed driving on empty racetracks now face the challenge to drive against real time traffic inhill zone. Download fast paced gameplay with superb sounds andvivid graphics for your android phone and tablet. Enter the furiouscircuit and show champion skills feel the acceleration and soundsof tires on off road surfaces with high performance trucks.Thedream of driving a long hauler truck 3d with real steering wheel,real mode clutch and manual gear shifting becomes true with thisanimal transport truck simulator 2017 in real traffic . You willperform cargo transportation on uphill extreme and dangerous hillsand become a real uphill extreme truck mania of 2017 in this trucksimulator.Features of Cargo Animal Transporter Truck - SpecialAnimal transporting truck- Easy to learn and drive- Latest modeloffroad heavy truck.- Different locations and trucks to choose-Truck simulator game with high quality HD graphics- Steering, leftright touch buttons, steering handle- Hours of fun
US Army Oil Tanker Transporter 1.0
Welcome to Army Oil tanker Transporter 2017 Simulator. A US armybase ordered few thousand gallons of oil in mountainous and hillyarea. This army oil tanker is going to deliver oil from oilrefinery to the army base. This US army oil tanker contains highlyflammable gasoline. This difficult and dangerous task needs apassionate and adventurous driver which must be highly traineddriver. Our US army battalion is under war and their oil supply isvery limited. Our army soldiers are in battlefield with all oftheir heroic deeds and need your help. Don’t let your country getdishonored and humiliate. You as a truck driver must reach todestination safely and on time.In this game you are the driver ofoil tanker transporter for armed forces and drive your offroad armytruck and cargo truck to army base in this army transport game.Driving through hills, mountains, steep paths and dangerouslocations in this extreme army truck simulator game can bechallenging for any army truck driver. You have handle the off roadarmy truck driving challenge in this Army Oil Tanker Transportergame to provide fuel to army gas stations for on going army rescuemissions against terrorists in western areas of the country.Thisgame provides you a chance to help our US army. If oil supply islate then our army would be immobilize. It is your duty to drivethis truck and help your soldiers. This army truck is high poweredand sophisticated machine which will benefit you to complete yourchallenges in harsh environment. US army oil tanker is realisticdriving game in which oil tanker is attached. Try to achieve allchallenges provided in this game help out brave soldiers. Drivingoil tanker in rough terrain is very difficult and challenging butyou can do this for your country and for your soldiers.Features ofArmy Oil tanker Transporter 2017 Simulator Game:★ Real Cargo truckand oil transportation challenges★ Real Experience of Up Hill ArmyTanker Driving★ Off Road Heavy Vehicle Driving Adventure★ DriveArmy trucks to race, park and transport Oil.★ Unlock new truckswith realistic vehicle physics by completing challenging jobs.★Amazing 3d Hill environments and treacherous bumpy tracks
Euro Tourist City Coach Bus 1.1
Start your city driver job for transporting passengers andtourists.Now you can learn to drive coach bus without any fee.Liberty bus Driving school is now in your home, just a single tapaway from you. Bus Coach driving is available in the market now.Become a real bus driver who travels from one big city to some faraway areas. This wonderful simulation game will start from a cityand travel through wide streets and beautiful bus stop. As a busdriver, many passengers will be waiting for you at bus stations andyou have to carry them to their destinations. Now a days, there isrush in city of tourists who are willing to visit different partsof the country. You will be their guide and driver in thiswonderful sim. This will bring adventure in your life. Driving bigbus on long route is not an easy task to do. You will feel yourselflike a real paid transporter. Environment of this game will beamazingly attractive for you as a player. This game is free forsmart phone users. Get ready for a speedy jumbo adventure.Thegameplay revolves inside the city and beautiful nature scenes. Becareful with your driving. Drive bus and take people from one placeto another may be one beautiful resorts, show them amazing placesand landscapes. Make sure that your passengers feel safe in yourcoach while you drive your passengers to their destination. Drivingwith real-time physics is an adventure in this coach bus simulatorgame. Driving a coach bus is never an easy task. Tourists arewaiting for their pick and drop service. Moving traffic will be abig hurdle while driving on the roads crowded with traffic. Enjoyyour duty as the bus driver and keep transporting passengers andtourist. In this driving simulator you will get to drive the bigbus on the city roads. An adventurous drive but yet a difficultvehicle to handle on the city roads. This driving simulator willtake you to the thrill of coach bus driving. Your gameplay willshow you different sceneries varying from big cities with skyscrapers and extreme city tracks and nature resorts. Realistic buscontrols and physics and detailed city will keep you engrossed as abus duty driver in the bus simulator 2017. Liberty City Coach Bus2017 - Game Features🚏Real life Coach parking situations🚏Easy toControl, Drive & Enjoy bus driving simulator🚏Multiple cameraviews🚏Simulation & Driving Adventure 🚏Great dynamic Game play
New Tractor Farming Simulator 1.0
Farm Tractor Simulator USA 2017 GameJame Smith is living in thecountry side of New Holland with his family. He is living with histwo children named Marie and John and also his father. The wholesmith family is well-reputed farmers from generations togenerations. Now, his father gives his heritage to Jame and all hisfarms, his animals and all his machinery like trucks, harvester,crop choppers, trolley, prayer to him. He is very interested infarming from his early childhood age.Likewise, his young boy isalso eager to work with his father but he is too young for farming.They are farmers who produced pure natural food and contributed tothe economy of his country. This realistic 3D graphics game isbased on Jame's life. It is a great chance for you to step intoJame's shoes and enjoy the real farming exhilaratingexperience.Jame' father had a huge area for farming. They usuallygrow wheat and corn crops. They also had a small market aftercrossing the river. Grow new crops and sell them to a market formoney. But before this, you will have to go through the completeprocess of growing the crops. Plowing the field, then spraying thepesticides, watering the fields and all the rest of the workrequired for the farming. You are also required to transport theanimals to the city market to sell them and earn a profit. Driveyour machinery carefully as countryside roads are very bumpy. Nowit's time to become a virtual farmer. Get ready for the mostamazing and traditional experience of your life. Earn enough moneyto give your children a better life. Farming Simulator adventure isa new concept where you will feel like a real virtual farmer. Usemodern machinery to experience the life of a farmer. The wheat cropis ready to harvest with the help of harvester machine. Then choosethe fertile land plow it and make a path for seed with the help ofdrill machine attach with your tractor, transfer the animals fromvillage to city for sale. After selling the animals come back togive water to your crops, spray your fields to kill insects whichcan damage your crop, wait for some time when wheat fully growagain. Harvest them and transport them to the warehouse on yourtransport tractor. Take crops to the city to sell them for ahandsome amount of money.Tractor farm Simulator 2017 game is anadvance in this game you have to transport cargo to the city inoffroad tractor trolly simulator USA 2017. vehicles. Build abeautiful farm and cultivate different crops in your field.Cultivate your own land by sowing the crops using a realistic SeedDrill. Harvest and sell them in the market for cash and earn theproud title of the king or queen of agriculture.Farming SimulatorTractor sim 2017 Features- New highly detailed 3D graphics and aslick user interface.- Plant wheat, canola or corn and sell it in acity market.- Take good care of your animals and sell them tomarket to earn a profit. - Enjoy all stages of having a farm - Getout in the field and harvest your crops - Realistic tractor farmingsimulator - Manage everything at your own farm - Drive tractors anda combine
Crane Excavator Builder Road 1.2
Welcome to Crane Excavator Builder Road !!Excavator games arereally fun and enjoyable because just thinking of controlling suchmachines makes you happy. From childhood to adulthood, I amobsessed with excavator and cranes. It is my dream to control sucha huge machinery and do heavy work like digging and moving thingsfrom one place to another. To control crane and move cars which arestuck in some place. Thinking of helping people with the help ofthese machines gives me pleasure. When I grow up I saw the driversof heavy machines working in scorching sun and doing hard labor.They gained respect in my heart. It is clear that this professionis very tough and requires real hard work.Every child dreams aboutcontrolling heavy excavators and cranes. There is specialattraction in these machines. If you are also lover of thesemachines come and feel the driving experience of differentexcavators and cranes in this game and fulfill your dream. Becareful as these machines are heavy and controlling them is verydifficult. Once you get behind the steering wheel of the sandexcavator vehicles all your focus should be only on how to completethe construction simulator task effectively and efficiently. Drive& control heavy machines like sand excavator, mighty crane anddump truck. Roll up your sleeves for a hard labor with real goodmoney. This is your chance to become a part of the realisticexcavator simulator with some crane and loader missions. Rememberto keep safety on the working construction site.Time to put thathat on and act as a heavy excavator operator to in this loadersimulator game. Think about lifting debris in a construction citywith your backhoe.Driving an excavator machine is now a great funexperience for everyone in this game.Take care of Safety whilecompleting your missions in time. Dare yourself to become part ofthis heavy machinery mayhem. Once again we bring the fun &thrilling smooth 3D action simulation adventure to you.★★★ Features★★★• Play as mighty excavator operator and dump truck driver• Realconstruction site detailed environment.• Real physics in heavyequipment machine movement.• Heavy throttle digging &construction sounds.• Smooth & challenging HD game play.•Amazing 3D animation totally FREE to play.• Detailed & highlycompetitive game levels.• Real life Terrain experience• Easy tocontrol with your fingers and touch
Superhero Clown Escape 2017 1.2
Criminal Clown are very rare as clowns are usually funny andentertaining. Criminal Clown concept is very terrifying becausepeople does not expect any criminal activity from these clowns.This game gives you thrilling experience of terrifying the wholetown with this clown. Criminal clown has extremely unique andcreative yet evil ideas to frightening the whole city. This clownis mafia criminal clown gangster and he has its own clown robberygangster squad. This grand robbery legend is now haunting in thebank, supermarket parking areas, malls and supermarkets with hisevil plans. This is the best killer clown game of 2017.Last monthseveral people sees this creepy clown with long knife in his hand.People reported to police and police is searching this criminalclown in all the city. City's gangsters are trying to contact thiscriminal clown and the call him a killer clown. While in city he isfamous as street crime clown. First this clown is famous forrobbery and involve in many robbery. These robbery are uniquelydone by this criminal clown and thus known as clown robbery likesupermarket clown robbery, clown bank robbery etc.After severalrobberies, police caught him and lock him behind the bars. But hecarefully planed clown escape mission and make allies inside thepolice station. These allies make criminal clown escape possible.During his jail escape clown is chased by the police and he killedseveral police man and escaped by showing his clown truck drivingskills. This is one of the spectacular scene of police chase vsclown escape which ended in the result of clown escape. Severalgangsters are now using different clown outfits to frighten thecity and a terrifying era of clown fighting begins which we callclown attack mafia crime war. Due to police killing, this criminalclown is now the city clown gangster who is ready to tear the peaceof city. If you ever think of frightening the city and carry outyou evil plan than this game is for you. Step into shoes of thiscity gangster clown and enjoy the thrilling experience of yourlife.★★★ Features ★★★◆ Creepy criminal clown as players◆ Amazingreal 3D environment.◆ Fist fighting, assault rifle and batons.◆Criminal missions with each unique tasks.◆ Smooth and intuitivecontrols.◆ High Quality 3D UI & Graphics◆ Hardcore stuntsimulation games.◆ Running, Shooting and walking mode
Super Hero Stickman Clown Game 1.1
Be amazed to enjoy the unique concept of stickman game. If you area fan of stickman games and clown games then you are on rightplace. Super hero stickman clown offers ultimate stickman fightwith all the super hero qualities of stickman. This stickmancharacter will be your next superhero. This is the best crazyaction game with stickman main hero flying and killing citygangsters. Now enjoy flying stickman super hero.You will befighting against city gangsters and flying like a super hero. Youmust have no mercy against them. To win, you have to kill them all.Watch out ... you'll face numerous warriors. Their big boss willnot hesitate to mangle you so kill them all before they will killyou. Dodge them with all the abilities you are given and fightthose bad people. You are a leader of superhero rescue front linewho is going to rescue whole city from all the clown gangsters whoare spreading fear in the city. In this game your will be creatingyour own superhero and stickman. If you did good work you will benext superhero of city. The city is full of crazy criminals.Eliminate them all and help the police department to ensure peacein the city. Stickman warrior control is in your hand. Play like atrue hero and make super heroes alliance. This is one of the beststickman flying game and specially made for you to experience thereal stickman character in action. Download now and enjoy thechallenging and fun filled action game!!Super Hero Stickman clownFeatures:* Crazy action game with stickman main hero.* Epic battleswith a lot a surprises* Pure madness while in air. Smash and runover your enemies.* Build your defense into an unbeatable fortress* High-tech graphics and realistic physics.* Fast paced arcademilitary shooter* Endless path of a flying hero.
Farm Transporter Truck 2017 3D 1.0
Offroad Transporter Truck Simulator is a real trucking experiencethat will let you explore amazing driving experience. This is offroad heavy American Truck Simulator in which you transport cargo todifferent place on the map. Drive across the country, transportcool stuff such as vehicles, gasoline, gravel, food, and many more…Become a professional truck driver and enjoy the new look of thisarmy transporter truck in the game.Drive offroad cargo truck toexplore hilly environment and test your mountain driving skills.Driving on hills, mountains and steep paths is a real drivingchallenge in off-road cargo truck driver simulator. Operate trailertruck to transport people & cargo and become a real gigantictruck transporter. Extreme Hill Climb driving is the ultimatedriving duty to transport cargo through the rugged terrains,mountains and hills. Your transporter truck might be carryingdangerous cargo so drive carefully. Paths are difficult to drive onbut you can handle this job with your perfect driving skills .Mountain truck driving with cargo transport is an awesome conceptfor everyone to play in 2017. Transport military vehicles in a bigcargo transport truck. The dream of driving a long hauler truck 3dwith real steering wheel, real mode clutch and manual gear shiftingbecomes true with this cargo transporting truck simulator realtraffic of 2017. You will perform cargo transportation on uphillextreme and dangerous hills and become a real uphill extreme truckmania of 2017 in this truck simulator. Now enjoy trucker racingexperience along with cargo duty.Off Road Cargo Truck DrivingSimulator Game Features: • Real Experience of Off road Cargo TruckDriving• 20 Exciting Game play Missions • Smooth Steering, Brakes,Drifting & Lifting• Amazing 3D Graphics & City Environment•Pick & Drop to Transport Drums & Peoples• Thrill of Drivingon Hills, Mountains and Steep Paths
Train Mechanic Workshop Garage 1.1
Get ready for the new kind of train mechanic simulator in 2017 inwhich you are going to modify your trains A very specialized trainmechanic opened his garage at train stations to modify your trains.He is the expert of train engines and repair all kinds of trainengines including bullet train engines and will love to overhaultrain as per your wishes like car mechanic workshop and BikeMechanic workshop garage games. So, bring your trains to Stephen'sworkshop and see how he makes them awesome rides for you. Repairthe heavy engine of train in this workshop just other bus mechanic,truck or bike mechanic workshop in other games of workshop garageand services stationNow dare to dream your train fully upgraded tothe finest level. Give Stephen a chance to repair, build andcustomize your bullet and euro trains in this train mechanicworkshop. Along with bullet and euro trains, he is certified toperform various repair jobs like painting and customizing to thehighest levels. All the repairing of trains is done at trainstation workshop which is fully in control of Stephen. He alsobuilds a train track for testing the repaired and modified trains.Play real train mechanic workshop 3D simulator game and enjoyunique gameplay as working in the biggest garage of vehicles Runauto train repair shop in USA and fix trains encounter in traincrashes. You will have to repair the engine, body, train whistleand fill up the oil and charge or change the battery and do customtrain modifications as well. So pick up your screw and wrench andstart working on real train mechanic workshop simulator 2017.Takeout your mechanic tool box to do the basic repairing like joint andfix up broken parts, tight the loose nuts & bolts, fill theoil, change the battery, reconnect the lights and do exciting paintjob like super mechanic. Take out dents from clunker train bodyaround fender and do welding. The best entertainment for trainlovers is here now. Enjoy the best train mechanic simulator 17 andget ready to repair and modify your trains.Game Features- Basictrain Repairs of all Kinds - Build, Repair, Detail and Customize -3D Train Mechanic Simulator- Massive garage with all mechanicalinstruments and advanced machines- Super amazing animations withincredible 3D graphics
Offroad Jeep Driving Sim 2017 1.1
Get Ready to experience the most dangerous offroading games of2017!!Off-Road Jeep simulator 2017 is a physics based off-roadracing game with realistic 3D graphics. Fan of offroad jeep drivingin forest and mountain than download this extreme jeep drivingsimulator and experience the 4x4 offroad jeep hill driving. Youwill be driving amazing SUVs, Range Rover, Trucks, Monster Trucks,and Jeeps in a wild, roadless environment. If you think you canhandle this than take part in this renegade riding challenge of2017. Show your hill climb jeep driving skills and hill racingstunts to get a free offroad driving license. One of best jeepdriving game with steering wheel controls. Other controls are alsoavailable. A group of 4x4 vehicle owners are gathering in a hillyand mountainous area of USA to challange one another and show theirextreme driving skills to the world. If you think you are betterthan those hill climbing racers than join them and show them yourdriving skills by driving your luxury prado jeep in those road-lessenvironment. There will be different challenges in this game likeyou will be driving in extreme uphill and downhill off road or youwill be racing in these environment with other racers. Don't worryabout the police car chase as police and army soldiers are alsotaking part in this offroading event with their army jeep andoffroad police jeeps.Choose your favorite vehicle from variety ofvehicles and drive it through a rugged terrain in hilly island,enjoy jeep driving in water and bumping into mountains.Enjoyextreme 4x4 Jeep driving in offroad map just like driving car inmountain hills. Climb a high mountain with 4x4 offroad jeep hilldriving, race along the death defying narrow rocky ridge and avoidgetting stuck in a narrow trench. Your driving will be surelytested in this real life driving test simulator.★★Offroad JeepDriving Sim 2017 Features★★★ Hill climb levels through highmountains and different obstacles★ Amazing Selection Of HighQuality 4x4 Vehicles★ Different rocky environments to feel realoffroad driving experience★ Best physics Engine, hydraulics Brakeand Boost Updates★ Realistic front, neutral and back gears to moveall around the mountain.★ Engine, Brake and Boost Updates"
Bullet Train Racing Simulator 1.0
Do you ever think of train racing in real life? Well, Its notpossible. But this game gives you a chance to drive trains at highspeed and compete other train drivers. Train racing is not likeroad racing like car racing, bike racing or truck racing etc. Trainracing is all about reaching at selected train stations in lesstime than other train drivers and care for passengers that aresitting in your train. In this train racing simulator you willhandling long train from a cockpit view and race with other traindrivers. This Bullet train racing simulator is the bestdemonstration of train simulator with realistic 3D environment fortrain games lover. If you are a pro train lover than get on thetracks, take control in the train cockpit view, avoid derailmentand enjoy the modern ride along the track.Once there was boy wholives near the railway track in India. This boy fell in love withtrain which passes on this railway track. First he watched thetrain and wave hands to the driver then after some days he sawperson waving red flags to the driver. This boy made a red flag andstart waving to the driver. The driver notices the little boywaving his red flag to him he blow whistle to the young boy. Nowevery day the boy wave the red flag to the driver and driver blowwhistles to the boy. Now this boy is railway minister of India.This game creation is inspired by this young boy who truly love thetrain. If you are also in love with trains than download this trainracing game and express your love. What's Inside the Game:Bullettrain racing simulator is the best train game of 2017 with lots oftrains like bullet trains, euro trains and all the Indian trainswith perfect engine physics. Enjoy driving these trains havingdifferent speed and control specifications. There are also multiplelocations and weather conditions which allow you to customizelocation and environment to play train racer in your desiredcondition. With Train Simulator 2016 it’s time to fulfill yourdreams as you become the pro train operator and engine driver. Yourresponsibility is to maintain train's fuel and drive it from onestation to other. You will be driving different types of engineslike steam engine, diesel engine or electric engine. Your Job is totake the passenger from one station to another safely on time. Nowput your hands on the transport train steering and be the roadmaster of the city. Challenge yourself to become an expert driverof this heavy fuel transporter train.FEATURES➫ Drive Bullet TrainSimulator 3D Features:➫ Perfect 3D graphics and well-detailedenvironment➫ Four different environments and weathers➫ Greatdynamic game play➫ Swipe left and right to take turns➫ realexperience of driving big speed train games.➫Endless Fun for BothAdults & Kids➫Enjoy six different types of trains"""
Extreme Truck Racer Simulator 1.0
Are You Ready to Experience Triple Digit Ride?!!The best cargotruck simulation is on the road and ready to be explored byextremely experienced truck drivers. Set behind the wheels andbuckle up your seat belt to experience the best truck cargodelivery simulator. Enjoy offroad Storming races in diesel trucksand become the pro trucker in open world environment. Start yourtraining as an inexperienced bus driver for whom it is impossibleto complete the missions and levels. Super American trucks areready in garage. You will race for the unlocked ones. Drive atextreme speeds without taking damage. Master your driving skillswhile driving on US off roads truck simulator of 2017. Show all thedrivers on the road that you are the fastest truck driver. Don'tsmash rivals, just overtake to bate them. If you think you are atruck driver then you can check your driving skills by this amazingAmerican truck simulator 2017. You will be enjoying cargo truckextreme hill drive, cargo truck parking and truck repair in thistruck simulator. Become the fastest truck racer with your highperformance American trucks!Maintain your speed above 100 km inorder to get score and enjoy fast trucking experience in additionto coins. With the coins earned, you can unlock new American andeuro trucks and also new racing tracks. Besides, you can customizeyour trucks by upgrading braking, acceleration and handling skillsof your American trucks to race in extreme. Demolition will notbring coins but distance and close overtakes are to get a highscore. When you overtake the vehicles in opposite direction, youget more score!There are various racing modes in the game so youcan enjoy your favorite racing mood with your favorite American 18wheeler trucks. The racing modes of the game: endless one way,endless two way, time trial, free ride and daily rewards. Endlessone is less challenging than endless two way and in two way moodyou can gain more coins by close overtaking. Time trial is verychallenging as you have to complete the task in a given time. Freeride is for true truck simulator fans. There are multipleenvironments and weather conditions to customize your gameplayenvironment. The dream of driving a long hauler truck 3d with realsteering wheel, real mode clutch and manual gear shifting becomestrue with this cargo transporting truck simulator real traffic of2017. You will perform cargo transportation on uphill extreme anddangerous hills and become a real uphill extreme truck mania of2017 in this truck simulator.USA Truck Racer Simulator PROFeatures:- Inteligent AI traffic system- Detailed interiors foreach truck brand- Changeable truck color and wheels- Up-gradablespeed, handling, braking- Free coins for a video- Realistic weatherconditions and day/night cycle- Acceleration options: auto andmanual- Steering options: tilt and touch
US Army Commando Survival 2017 1.0
Get ready to enter in the most adventurous and action packed 3Dgame of blood & war. The real life fps (first person shooting)game of 2017 is ready to amaze you with its story and amazingactions. Grab your gun and start shooting in this Army CommandoSurvival game. In this game a group of Black Shadow Elite Commandosare going for a mission in a huey helicopter and suddenlyhelicopter engine fails and torn into pieces in an ocean near smallisland. Only one elite commando survived in this devastatingaccident. Well this game is all about the survival of this blackshadow commando on a island filled with enemy forces. Mixture ofsurvival and enemy shooting is the main concept of this game.Thelast commando is highly trained and best sniper shooter. He has allthe qualities to become a one man army and eliminate the wholeterrorists base. This lone survivor is equiped with modern weaponsready to give you thrilling war action. This island is basically asecret base of terrorists and for his survival he has to managefood and water along with killing terrorists. This will be the bestcommando adventure of 2017 as it contains the frontline army battlewar missions specially designed to give you a real life scene ofbattle field.Some part of this island is jungle. You have to usejungle survival techniques to survive those levels. Complete themission for which you are here. Don't worry about the weapons andanimations as you have plenty of them. Just aim, shooting andkilling those terrorists who destroyed peace in the world. Thiscould be done by proper planning and tactical battle strategies.Plan your attack and use your sharp shooting skills. Front line2017 game is full action pack game it’s absolutely free for users.Assassinate the enemies with your favorite sniper 3d weapon becauseyou are a best commando from the army officer force. How toPlay:There are training levels in which you can master shootingskills. Each mission gives you precise objective. There are lots ofguns including beautiful sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotgunsand Pistols. Upgrade your weapons by collecting gems and coins.These gems and coins is collected by completing commando missions.This game doesn't require wifi connection. so play anywhere youwant and complete all the tasks.★★US Army Commando Survival 2017Features★★★ Use powerful skills to fight off enemies.★ Smooth gamecontrols and shooting easy★ Intuitive FPS and 3rd person controls.★Real looking 3D battlefield environment.★ Realistic ballistics andshooting effects.★ A real-time lock picking and door hacking gameplay.★ Realistic to life sound effects.
Clown Secret Stealth Mission 1.0
Welcome US army secret agent. You are ex army soldier and now youare a part of secret services. You are a top secret agent and verytrained and skilled killer. You are not entering in a game you aregoing to experience a real world secret agents missions. So getready to fight with street criminals, thug mafias and drug lords.Some missions are like prison escape games. So Plan & executeyour escape plan successfully in this thrilling survival actionfilled prison escape missions. Clown Secret Stealth Mission allowsyou to play as a super hero who has been captured by villainterrorist enemies. Escape from the villain’s prison & take downall the villains including street thugs, terrorists & mafiagangsters to save your city. This is the best killer clown gameever with a little twist of secret agent us army missions. Well youare thinking why the clown outfit. Well you heard the news of clownterror and clown criminal gangsters terrifying young kids andadults. They are not just terrifying people. They are the realcrime lords of the city. You are going to change your identity as aclown and join their group. In this way you can reach to the mainjoker clown which is the boss of clown gang. Kill all of them andstop all the criminal activities planned by these joker clown gang.You are a real super hero with stealth identity. Stealthy way isthe best way to capture these criminals. Clown Secret StealthMission is a stealth mission action packed thrilling game of2017.Your first job is to join the gang and develop trust of jokergang master. While you are in the gang don't forget your duty ofsaving civilians life and keeping peace in the city. Use yourstealth skills and stop all the evil plans prepared by thesevillains. In some missions you were on a secret mission in enemy’scountry, stealing the important information about the arm forces,the defense system, rebels and the underworld empire, when thingswent wrong and you got arrested. The enemy knows that you have allthe information you required, they can't sentence you to deathbefore investigation and evidences. Here you have a chance to makean escape's. The puppets of the government; police, secretagency and other law enforcement agencies are after you. Stay awayfrom the CCTV cameras and keep cover in the shadow for stealth.It's not only the matter of your survival but also the matter ofnational security.
Indian Train Construction 2017 1.1
Drive heavy construction vehicles & build railway tracks forIndian trains 2017!!Welcome to best construction game of 2017 inwhich almost all the heavy construction vehicles used for railwaytracks building are available. This train track constructionsimulator fulfills your train track construction dream. If you area true lover of train and train related games than this game is foryou. In this game you will drive excavator cranes and diggers toperform various construction tasks. All the constructioninstructions are given to you with the help of tutorials and texts.Along railroad construction you are also playing sim city roadconstruction as in some levels you have to build roads. Enjoy thisamazing construction simulator 2017 with the blend of heavymachinery like crane diggers and excavator driving. Simulate yourskills with next gen gaming zone. Drive, ride or park the heavy 3dtrucks, giant dumpers and the realistic train constructor. Enjoyparking mania in this train track construction simulator. Go intothe scenic world construct tracks in deserts hills and the simcities of the world. Drive dumpers for transportation of heavyindustrial construction materials in railroad games.As you movetowards the challenging levels of driving simulation games it willincrease with more fun and addiction.You have to construct arailway track with different objects to unlock next level.There aredifferent levels. The first level of turbo train simulator isunlocked for you. For the rest of the train simulator 2016 3dlevels you have to work on it. First assigned task of building gameis to drive the bulldozer and remove the stones. Transport theladders and train tracks to complete the work on site. Trainconductor 2017 game take you in the real life train vans. Fulfillthe driving mania with construction blend. Operate the powerfulcranes and dumpers and become a real builders. Use the giantvehicles forklift and all construction machinery in this realisticfuture game of train building. See crane missions in a city or workin the forests.★★★Indian Train Construction 2017 Features★★★★Challenging Mission of create train★ Enjoy train track constructionfun★ Realistic environment of construction simulator★ Train trackconstruction machine with concrete blocks and slider trolley.★Realistic roller, bulldozer and heavy truck driving.★ Amazing 3DGraphics
Incredible Monster Superhero Bulk City Battle 1.2
Do you love superhero adventure games? Also do you love playingsuperhero fighting games? if yes than this Incredible superheromonster adventure and fighting game is for you. Download now andplay this amazing monster superhero city battle game and enjoy thesimulation of incredible monster hero. Roam freely in superheroopen world and perform beautiful animated actions of incrediblebulk in this monster city battle. Make your superhero the best heroof the city by saving innocent citizens from evil robots and alsofrom gangsters and drug dealers. Be a monster hero in city battleto fight against evil and become a legend hero or city hero.Prepare for epic action fighting with your opponents. Act as therescuer of the people and become the most spirited and valianthero. Show off your astounding shooting super power skills in thismonster hero fight and clasp the criminals, gangsters and drugdealers. Big man hunk aka monster hero is ready to save in the citybattle in Monster Hero Battle. The city is attacked by alien robotsand all the gangsters and drug dealers made a deal to destroy thepeace of your city. In this city battle, town's people need asuperhero who will rescue them and kill all the viilains in thiscity battle. You can create your own superhero and play differentversion of city battle like spider superhero city battle orincredible monster hero battle or any strange hero battle in thecity. In the detachment of heroes replenishment. They were joinedby an incredible monster hero and avenger! He wants to defeat thevillains in the battle. Play for the incredible hero of themonster, become avenging, defeat the villains in the battle andbecome the best! All in your hand!Are you ready to win the battleby playing for an incredible hero monster? Control this hugeincredible monster character and jump sky high in the sky. Fightwith fist and power shots of monster hero. Having a super muscularbody and with strange mutant powers you are above the humanity. Goahead and rule the earth in these last day on earth survival.Incredible Superhero Battle is one of the best new generationtransformer and superhero robot games. Prepare for epicversus-fighting action with your favorite comic Super Heroes &Super Villains in the ultimate cosmic showdown! The gang beasts ofoffenders appeared in New York city and now they threaten entirepopulation. Protect your city from a sinister and exponentialevil.Would you be able to defeat these super villains?Become aincredible superhero monster warrior and hunk city hero bydefeating them. Features in Incredible Monster Superhero Bulk CityBattle:• Amazing story mode with fight action as monster hero.•Real feel of monster robot transformation• Ultimate final citybattle against super villains in incredible superhero fight game.•Awesome 3D city to explore as big man fighting.• Surprise attackand perfect killing of enemies• Amazing action game in which fightagainst the thugs and criminals.• Various combat missions withsuperhero battle.
Death Well 4x4 Jeep Stunt Ride 1.1
Get Ready to experience the most dangerous Well of Death PradoStunt games of 2017!!Experience the near death experience ofdriving prado cars in well of death. Jeep simulator 2017 is aphysics based off-road racing game with realistic 3D graphics.After experiencing the 4x4 offroad jeep hill driving now enjoy the4x4 jeep stunt ride in well of death. You will be driving amazingSUVs, Range Rover, Trucks, Monster Trucks, and Jeeps in a wild,roadless death well. If you think you can handle this than takepart in this renegade riding challenge of 2017. Fasten yourseatbelt, rev up your engine and hit the gas of your luxury Pradoand offroad cruiser car as you will experiencing the extreme stuntsride in an epic well of death Prado car game. It’s time to be thecraziest, intense, competitive and quickest cruiser car stuntracer. One of best jeep driving game with steering wheel controls.Other controls are also available. A group of 4x4 vehicle ownersare gathering in a hilly and mountainous area of USA to challangeone another and show their extreme driving skills to the world inwell of death. Special Well of death is crafted in these mountainsto test the skills of well of death bike stunt drive and well ofdeath car stunt drive. Some crazy stunt lovers came on 4x4 jeeps sothey decided to take part in this death well challenge with their4x4 drives. If you think you are better than those hill climbingracers than join them and show them your driving skills by drivingyour luxury prado jeep in these death wells. There will bedifferent challenges in this game like you will be driving inextreme cold and on 90 degree wall of well and also you will beracing with other racers. Don't worry about the police cars aspolice and army soldiers are also taking part in this event withtheir army jeep and offroad police jeeps. Become the furious deathwell car bike stunt rider and win this game. Time is limited forinsane Prado car stunts and daredevil aerobatics so make good useof time to survive in the well of loss otherwise you will be a deadman of death racing. Be the realistic intense, competitive andquickest rider to prove yourself as a xtreme 3d stunt master ofdeath well. Stunt riding is not a easy task you need to performrealistic rotation around the well with Prado car stunts. Don't hitother cars and monster jeeps in the stunt arena.★★Death Well 4x4Jeep Stunt Ride Features★★★ Thrilling and Adventures Level for forextreme stunts★ Amazing Selection Of High Quality 4x4 Vehicles★Unique camera angles to view simulation of luxury prados★ Easy andSmooth Realistic Death Car Controls that makes you a championrider★ Realistic front, neutral and back gears to move all aroundthe mountain.★ Engine, Brake and Boost Updates
River Road Bridge Constructor: Road Builders Pro 1.1
Drive Crane Digger & Excavator in this River Road ConstructionRoadworks Builder 2017Welcome to the best river road bridgeconstruction game of 2017. Drive, Ride & Park heavyconstruction vehicles and perform roadworks in this river roadconstruction. Excavator games are really fun and enjoyable becausejust thinking of controlling such heavy construction machines makesyou happy. But if these heavy machines drivers don't take extracare than these metal giants can damage lot of peoples andproperties. So you should also be careful while handling heavymachines as these should be handle with care. Every child dreamsabout controlling heavy excavators and crane diggers. There isspecial attraction in these machines. If you are also lover ofthese mini excavator and crane diggers then come and feel thedriving experience of different excavators and cranes in this gameand fulfill your dream. Be careful as these machines are heavy andcontrolling them is very difficult. Once you get behind thesteering wheel of the sand excavator vehicles all your focus shouldbe only on how to complete the river road bridge constructionsimulator task effectively and efficiently. There is a constructioncompany who has given a contract of joining two cities separated bya river near a town. The connection between these cities are veryimportant as trade and transportation will become very easy by thisbridge. Now people have to pass a whole mountain to pass thatriver. These mountains are very dangerous and people have to travelon road less hills. With the help of this river road bridge betweenthese cities everyone can easily travel from one city to another.Construct the best river bridge for the town's people. In this gameyou are a construction engineer and this company assign thisdifficult job to you as you are the best construction engineer inthe town. Now its time to build a bridge for the ease of people.Get your work done as construction instructions are given to you.In this game you are driving heavy constructions machines likeexcavator, crane digger, backhoe, dumpers construction truck,painter & road roller etc. Driving these machines are not aneasy task in these mountainous and hilly areas but you can do thisand you are the only one who can handle these heavymachines.Building a bridge is very tricky and technical task as itrequires proper engineering. You will need all the requiredmachines and tools to build a bridge. This construction simulator2017 provides you necessary machines and tools to build a beautifulbridge. If you can handle all kinds of construction machines anddrive heavy machines with care than this game is for you. Drive andenjoy the most sophisticated machines of 2017. Take care of Safetywhile completing your missions in time. Dare yourself to becomepart of this heavy machinery mayhem. Once again we bring the fun& thrilling smooth 3D action simulation adventure to you.Timeto put that hat on and act as a heavy excavator operator to in thisloader simulator game. Think about lifting debris in a constructioncity with your backhoe.★★★Features of River Road BridgeConstructor: Road Builders 3D★★★★ Kids friendly with realisticsounds and easy controls★ Construction Vehicles Simulator withRiver Road Building task★ Perfect Construction Simulator Game ★Challenging Missions with Time Frame★ River Road BridgeConstruction with concrete blocks and slider trolley★ Six ExcitingMissions of bridge construction
Counter Sniper Shoot: SWAT Team Fps Operation 1.0
Counter Sniper Shoot is a free 3D military army action game full ofgun shooting and explosive missions. Enter full of action andthrilling shooting action FPS game of 2017. Get ready to feel themodern action fps shooting adventure of 2017 by completing all thechallenging missions specially designed for modern action. Completeall army training tasks and achieve the highest rank of gorillacommando skills in this guerilla warfare game. Soldier!! Your armytraining will be over in first mission and you will become a partof US Army commando squad. Now this is real battle you are going toexperience some real war. Get your guns out and ready to fight foryour country. Shoot, throw grenades & perform your duty like abest army military hero in this thrilling action packed game.Inthis game you are an army military soldier commando who lovesshooting & is known as the finest army sniper shooter. You area trained Special Forces agent, your job is to eliminate thesuspects by a counter terrorist strike right now. This is counterterrorist open war with best special operations forces which areready to step in the modern arena battle. This country does notneed any super hero with amazing super powers because this countryhas army soldiers like you. Eliminate all the terrorists andgangsters from the country and enjoy the best FPS shooting game.There are many deadly criminals in this commando shoot strike, soyou have to be careful and fully use the army check posts, troopsbarracks and health bonuses. Dangerous killing spree are also insome missions beware of them and kill them by planing beststrategy. Your task is to fight against terrorists in differentenvironments like desert, town & city with modern weapons ofall quality. They wanton looting, sabotage, kidnapping ordinarypeople is happening every other day. Town People's lives are indanger. SWAT accept the mission to rescue the hostages, this is themoment of your bravery. Join the counter sniper team in this armygunner shoot war 3d and kill global terrorists in modern combatarena. You must use all of your specialized skills to survive theonslaught of the enemy forces and avenge your fallen soldiers. Itis time to load out your firearms. Let the bullets fly now!From theM16 to AK47 and sniper guns, as you have access To a variety oflight and heavy weapons, as well as powerful grenade too! So killall the peace destroyers.★★Counter Sniper Shoot: SWAT Team FpsOperation Features★★★ Action packed challenging missions★ Realisticaction packed battle field with swimming, jumping, stealth, rollingand more ★ Escape Gun Shot & Dodge Enemy Air Strike★ Thrill ofPlaying the Role of a War Survivor★ Battle against world’s bestmilitary forces
Indian Train Racing Simulator 2017 1.1
Welcome to the fast train racing game containing all the pro trainracing features but totally free on the app store just for trainlovers. So it's time to enjoy the most beautiful features withrealistic train driving in a train cabin. Almost all the trainracing and train simulator 2017 is same but this Indian trainracing simulator 2017 is totally different and original speciallydesigned for old and classic train lovers. People who loves tocollect train models and play with these little trains, get readyto experience the best pocket train sim pro. Drive these classictrains and play super train racing simulator 2017 anytime andanywhere from your mobile or tablet. Join the endless train racingfun from one Indian train railway station to another on Indiantrain tracks. Join the crazy train mania in this train sim tycoonand enjoy the best train driver simulator. This realistic trainracing simulator is passenger pick and drop simulator. Your job isto transport passenger from one railway station to another. Somemissions also contains cargo delivery and you are going to drivecargo train in city stations and transport cargo materials likeoil, wood, nails etc. So Kill your leisure time by transportingcargo materials by driving Indian oil transporting trains. Yourresponsibility is to maintain train's fuel and drive it from onestation to other. You will be driving different types of engineslike steam engine, diesel engine or electric engine. We give youyour personal collection of trains in your pocket. Now put yourhands on the transport train steering and be the road master of thecity. Challenge yourself to become an expert driver of this heavyfuel transporter train.Driving a massive engine of train is everychild's dream. If you have the same dream than get on board andstart driving your own train. This is best train racing game forboys, girls,child or adult. Fan of Train racing on straight tracksor hill climb train racing this train simulator 2017 is completepackage for every train lover. Control your favorite historical ormodern trains perfectly recreated in 3D. Drive the trains, sit inpassenger cars do whatever you want with your train as thisprofessionally made Train Simulator has something for every Trainfan.★★Train Racing Simulator Pro Features★★★ Detailed UK railwaysignalling for controlling train traffic. ★ Endless Fun for BothAdults & Kids★ .Different camera angles like Indoor, Overhead,God's Eye, Signal Camera Angle.★ Stunning rail sound effects andtrain horn sound.★ Challenging train transport levels★ Swipe leftand right to take turns
Super Spider Hero vs Captain USA Superhero Revenge 1.0
This game is specially designed and developed for superheros flyingspider homecoming fans and American captain superhero fans. Getready to play the most addictive and fantastic superhero simulator.Join the top leaders of avengers to fight against othersuperheroes. American Captain turned against iron legend of starindustry. Both world protectors superheroes are good and trying toprotect the city from bad peoples but their way of thinking madethem each other enemy. Captain USA is very sincere about hiscountry but iron legend is trying to protect the whole world fromaliens and robots. So they got in furious fight of superheroes.Iron legend send his close allies flying spider to fight capitanUSA. If you think Captain USA is right then join his team and fightagainst flying spider. But if you think iron legend is right thenjoin the flying spider superhero and fight with captain USA. Thewhole situation is terribly wrong as both superheroes are the trueprotector of city from evil robots and alliens. In this bestsuperhero game you can select the superhero of your own choice andkill other one. You can play as long as you want as this superherogame has much more to offer. Use special powers of flying spiderweb and be a shadow hero. “Flying Spider vs Captain USA:AvengersFight” is a fast-paced 3d action game that is extremely addictiveand gives you an immersive experience of future fight. Come on!Enjoy the endless combos, deadly fighting and hand to hand combatin this superhero rpg fighting game. Deal with all the avengers’melee attacks. A super hero is not born, but made.Every time afteryou succeed in deadly combats, defeating and slaying the gangsters,you can use the money you get to buy devastating weaponry and equipthe devastating weaponry, or strengthen your attacking power anddefense power. The weapons can also be sold for money. You can useevery tactical strategy to realize your incredible fighting. Thecity is also under attack. Don't forget that both of you are saviorof the city people. People of the city have been brutally woundedand sent to death by the instigators of riot. They are in greatneed a defender who can entrust their lives as a savior. Darkforces are using martial arts and karate like untamed animals onrealistic and innocent people. So if you see any other riot in cityyou should take serious actions against gangsters and villeins.Prove yourself the savior of the city by bringing ease and comfortto the ordinary people. Features of Super Spider Hero vs CaptainUSA Superhero Revenge:• Amazing story mode with fight action asflying spider hero and super captain USA.• The hero can walk, flyand dive at the same time.• Ultimate final city battle againstsuper villains in incredible superhero fight game.• Awesome 3D cityto explore as flying spider hero and captain fighting.• Surpriseattack and perfect killing of enemies• Amazing action game in whichfight against other superheros.• Various combat missions withsuperhero battle.
Killer Clown Attack Crime City Creepy Pranks Sim 1.2
A new creepy clown revolution in mobile games. Scare people bykilling dummy human with hammer and different scary weapons. Jointhe clown supremacy & become the scariest clown of your town.Chase people to the end of the road & record your videos tosell on different channels. Horror-inducing clown sightings aresweeping the nation, and your city! Now you can get in on thespooky action from the safety and comfort of your own home. Scarepeople in the basements and in the lifts. Choose your favoritecreepy killer clown and make innocent city people scream upon sightof you. In this one-of-a- kind game, it’s your job to wreak havocas an creepy killer clown. Strike terror into town residents’hearts in different terrifying places. Every country's lawenforcement is trying to clean their city from the creepy killerclowns. As some criminals clowns are doing murders and breaking themajor law of the country. In this game you are not doing some crimeas crimes can put you in jail. Just scare people by doing damage torag-doll or dummy and look the terrifying feeling of young boys andgirls. If you ever wanted to become a scary clown other than onHalloween party than this is your chance. Become a scariest clownby doing extreme actions. Smash and attack vehicles, buildings,playgrounds, and houses for ultimate destruction to earn points andlevel up. Be careful not to get spotted by police or tracked by thenational guardsmen. This strange clown was also suspected in othercity for different crimes, in city gangster clown attack he againhighlighted. After city attack the city police tried hard to arresthim and clown gang but they always manage to escape from police.Chase your enemies and use highly destructive attacks for maximumthrill. Fight cops, civilians, terrified children, and othercreatures of the night to become the scariest clown on theblock.Killer Clown Attack Crime City Creepy Pranks Sim Features:•Multiple action packed scary prank missions.• Easy and interestingGame Play• Realistic clown animations of hitting • Smooth andintuitive controls • Multiple clown costumes and textures to choosefrom.• Realistic sounds & visual effects.
Crane Excavator Bridge Builder:Uphill Construction 1.0
Get ready to enjoy the best bridge builder game of 2017. This timewith new construction site you are going to build a bridge inuphill area to facilitate mountain village people. Reach at theconstruction site and prepare your workers to operate the heavymachinery used for building a bridge on mountains and hills. Thepaths are blocked and narrow down due to land sliding, fewconstruction bridges needs to get repaired which required sanddumper and other construction material. Get the hill cutter craneexcavator to destination and clear up the dangerous zone. Usemodern construction machines to build the best bridge in hillyareas. This is your first project of building a bridge in such adifficult area. So take extra safety measures to ensure the safetyof workers and construction machinery as they are very expensive.This hill road bridge decides your fate. If you complete this roadbridge completely and according to international standards than youwill get more road bridge construction contracts. If you are civilengineer or wanted to become a civil engineer than this uphill roadconstruction game is best chance to practice the construction work.Get your work done as construction instructions are given to you.In this game you are driving heavy constructions machines likeexcavator, crane digger, backhoe, dumpers construction truck,painter & road roller etc. Driving these machines are not aneasy task. Drive & control heavy machines like sand excavator,mighty crane and dump truck. Roll up your sleeves for a hard laborwith real good money. This is your chance to become a part of therealistic excavator simulator with some crane and loader missions.Remember to keep safety on the working construction site. Time toput that hat on and act as a heavy excavator operator to in thisloader simulator game. Think about lifting debris in a constructioncity with your backhoe.Driving an excavator machine is now a greatfun experience for everyone in this game.Take care of Safety whilecompleting your missions in time. Dare yourself to become part ofthis heavy machinery mayhem. Once again we bring the fun &thrilling smooth 3D action simulation adventure to you.CraneExcavator Bridge Builder: Uphill Construction Features:• Play asmighty excavator operator and dump truck driver• Real uphillconstruction site detailed environment.• Real physics in heavyequipment machine movement.• Heavy throttle digging &construction sounds.• Smooth & challenging HD game play.•Detailed & highly competitive game levels.• Real life Terrainexperience• Easy to control with your fingers and touch
Offroad Monster Truck 4x4 Driving Simulator 3d 1.0
Do you love to play Offroad Truck Games? if yes, than you are onright place. Stain for games are the pioneer of offroadingsimulator games. Our biggest hits include offroad monster truck 3d.This time one of the best offroad monster truck simulator for truemonster truck lovers. Play monster truck simulator with differentexciting missions and join the monster wars in monster truck city.Get ready for monster truck games that are free and full of realthrill rally driving. In this new off road monster truck drivingSim 3D simulation game of 2017 you can drive real 4x4 luxuryvehicles. Become a legend among the monster truck legends and startdriving on offroads in the hilly desert areas. Drive as a 4x4 truckrally driver in game. It is not the police car driving, hill climbtransporter cargo and army heavy truck trailer to maintain law andorder; rather it is a private simulation vehicle to drive just as aheavy transporter.Drive the variety of offroad monster vehicles inthis extreme hill climbing madness. Now experience the thrill ofdriving Monster Trucks over amazing jump filled tracks with lots oframps. Become the top notch 4x4 roaders in this offroad extrememonster truck stunt game of 2017. Buckle up in the hot seat and gethold of a big monster truck, be in time and don't underestimate thepower of 4x4 truck. Drive it and complete all missions in MonsterTruck Offroad Rally 3D. Free Mode gives you the realistic feelingof offroad monster truck freestyle game and you can enjoy 4 wheelfree style game. So now it is time to show your driving stunts bydriving 4x4 and 6x6 luxury 4wd vehicles. The striking and thoughtprovoking package of this game takes the user in to the depths ofhis notions of monster truck stunt games 2017 where he considershimself in some utopia or fiery land of impossible games. Physicsof the vehicle is extremely wonderful in the off road simulationgame Monster Truck Driving. Drive in a free mode in the hill area.Being a responsible rally driver, stop your heavy monster truck 4x4vehicle on the check points while driving through dangerous hillareas. Do it in time, monster truck is very fast. Try the power ofa big truck with offroad driving. Be fast, rally is hard. Use anavigation map to find the route. Find new offroad ways to driveyour monster truck in the rally. Realistic graphics of the raceradd fun simulation off Road luxury 4x4 car games. Experience a newmonster truck driving on mountain and climb hill on side steep 3dpaths. Enjoy the real off Road Mountain driving simulator game withsmooth steering controls of Monster Trucks. Avail this brilliantchance and mark your entry as a very mature player of monster truckstunts and prove your super aptitudes to be the real legend ofimpossible tracks.★★Offroad Monster Truck Driving Features★★★Endless monster truck racing that will challenge you with multipleenvironments★ Exciting Extreme Stunt Driving courses to master! ★Customisable control methods (tilt, buttons,Steering wheel) ★Upgrade and customize your monster truck! ★ Enjoy the mad mayhemoffline on your smartphone★ Amazing blaze monster truck stormywheels adventure
Dinosaur Hunter 3D: Offroad Safari Survival Hunt 1.1
For the first time Dinosaur Hunter 3D in Offroad Safari 4x4 Jeepsto give you the most dangerous and realistic hunting experiencewith modern weapons. A unique dinosaur hunting simulator in whichyou hunt prehistoric dinosaurs on modern jeeps with futuristicweapons. Its your decision you can be a great dino hunter withdeadly hunting record or become a tasty food of these carnivorous.Roam freely in free mood and shoot dinosaurs in Jurassic desert.Become a ultimate heroic dinosaur hunter, strike the dinosaurs,catch your prey. It's not a zoo park safari hunting its dinosaursafari hunting in which wild dinos are wanted to eat you alive. Becareful, because in this dinosaur safari journey with a mix ofaction and danger not only you are hunting in the forest, but alsoyou are being hunted. You are a hero survivor walking in aincredible and huge Jurassic rain-forest full of dangerousdinosaurs, where your mission is to stay alive. After dinoextinction from dinosaur apocalypse, dinosaurs were recreated fromDNA which are found by dinosaur diggers, and further dinosaurevolution is now taking place in a remote desert. These reptilesare as real as other wild animals like lion, lioness, or angrygorilla. Hunt and look at the photo-realistic dinosaurs, from smallto giant, from herbivores to carnivores, in this fabuloussimulation full of action. Show your brutal attacking skills tohunt down wild beast in the jungle and save yourself from theircounter attacks in this survival island. Game includes deadlyattacks, extreme wilderness, survival escape missions and you needto be a Survivor Hero!! Hey Commando have you got all skills, ArmyCommando training test, power, assault shooting and wilderness toevolve as brave hunting warrior in this thrilling adventures gamefor a life escape mission. You will be hunting differentcarnivorous dinosaurs including dinosaur king Tyrannosaurus (T.Rex), Velociraptor (Raptor), Allosaurus, Carnotaurus, Spinosaurus.Herbivorous: Triceratops, Apatosaurus (Brontosaurus), Ankylosaurus,Stegosaurus and Parasaurolophus! You can do a speed run fromdinosaurs or attack them in this dinosaur war. Do not stand still,fire and reload your weapon. Safari Hunting 3D simulator is anunforgettable adventure for real guys on the African continent,where you will meet face to face the four-footed owners of theseplaces and hunt them. Utilize your action, fighting and shootingskill to escape. It’s a mission on deadly shores to survive. Planthe Mission to escape from the dangerous Island to survive andreturn back home. If you are a hunter - get your gear and gohunting right now in the luxury offroader. In your garage, a 4x4offroad is waiting for you. Grab your hunting rifle, jump into theoff-road car and get on your way to Safari to hunt variousdinosaurs and animals.Realistic 3D graphics and amazing immersivegameplay are providing a dramatic live experience and are helpingyou to travel into the astonishing dinosaur world of your dream,right on the screen of your mobile device, including your phone andtablet!Dinosaur Hunter 3D: Offroad Safari Survival Hunt features:-Hunting animals. Best hunting simulator SAFARI 3D.- Driving offroad on luxurious 4x4s.- Beautiful graphics and realistic scenery.-Realistic animated animals to be hunted.- Sounds of deadlydinosaurs, enhancing the reality effect.- Realistic Shooting withGuns effects, animations and sounds.
Offroad Bus Simulator 2017:Tourist Coach Bus Drive 1.2
Drive the best bus simulator 2017 on impossible mountain roads andhill stations. Wanted to become a bus driver? Join the best bussimulator in real off road environment with beautiful scenery.Drive the passenger bus in mountains and hilly area from one busstop to another and perform passenger pick and drop in hilly areas.In this simulation game you will be professional bus driver whodrives heavy bus on dangerous and roadless environment and performdifferent tourist related tasks. You will be hired by a well knowncompany Stain For Games which is operated in many countries likePakistan, India, Indonesia. That's why this company has manydifferent kinds of buses like twofold decker, one fold decker andcountry specific buses like Indian bus, Asian bus, Anadolu bus, PKbus or china bus etc. You act as contract base bus driver anddifferent task is given to you in the form of missions. Drivebeautiful tour bus on almost impossible tracks. Enjoy the beautifulscenes and best engine physics of luxury buses. Driving long busesfull of passenger is very difficult and in offroad environment, itis almost impossible bus driving. If you think you can drive in adifficult situation then download this best offroad bus simulator2017. Enjoy bus driving with real gear shifting and steering wheel.City Bus driving with traffic or manual bus driving with steeringwheel on mountain road is very difficult to control on mobiledevices but this bus simulator hill climbing 3D is #1 beacuse ofits bus engine physics. If you love challenging missions thendownload this impossible coach driver simulator and become the besttourist bus driver. Uphill offroad bus driving and Bus parking is agame for all those who are crazy for bus driving simulation games.Take on the life-threatening hill driving adventure in this extremeoff-road bus driving game and show your precise driving and parkingskills by transporting tourists to their destination by passingthrough beautiful mountains, rocks and water. Try to avoidaccidents as there are lots of traffic in this summer season anddon't hit with any modern van, offroad taxi, city car while drivingotherwise your new bus may fall from a huge height in deadlymountains. There are no pet driving rules, so drive as fast as youcan but be cautious about the safety and security of the tourists.Encounter extraordinary Thrill of Hill climbing. Most reasonable"Offroad Bus Simulator 3d 2017" amusement with traveler transport.This time it's the straightforward transport, as well as a visitortransport at slopes and go dirt road romping. It's not recently thecity mentor driving since it's a great opportunity to go overmountains and enormous rocks. Offroad Bus Simulator 2017:TouristCoach Bus Drive Features: - 10 Modern Bus models (twofold decker,school bus etc...) - Open/Close Doors catch - Custom climateconditions in Free Ride mode - Locations of any sort: city,farmland, mountain, snow & desert- Steering Wheel, Buttons orTilting controls - Detailed Interiors and bus cockpit view-Necessary pressure brakes for off road slippery mountain drive-High engine power buses in natural green environment
Farmer's Tractor Farming Simulator 2018 1.2
Get ready to play the most advanced farming simulation of 2018.Build your farm like a farmer and enjoy the countryside life.Jeorge was a son of a farmer and all he has seen throughout hislife was farming. He grew up in a small village near the LA. Hisfather was a renowned farmer of his time's and he also had a dreamof becoming a master farmer in the future. After completing hisearly education, he joined hands with his father to learn the artof farming. He was very intelligent and his suggestions often leadto better outcomes. He not only worked in the fields with hisfather but also started learning new technologies and advancementswhich were made in the recent years. He started replacing the oldmachinery with the most recent one and improved the ways ofploughing as well as harvesting crops. George became a masterfarmer of his town in few years due to his effective strategies andthe knowledge of modern machinery. Use Farming Tractor, Harvester& Cultivator On Fields Like a Real Farming Master.Farmer'stractor farming simulator 2018 is based on George's life. Enjoy thereal life farming experience by playing modern machinery includingharvester & tractor Farming Simulation Game . Fulfill yourharvesting dreams by just entering into this free world career modefarming game: farmer's tractor farming simulator 2018. This reallife 3D farming game provides you the opportunity to select avariety of farms with different crops. Select an area of yourinterest and build a form by utilizing the cash available in youraccount. Cultivate corns, rice, wheat, maze, and many other typesof crops. Decorate your farm with variety of crops and water thecultivated crops. This is open world game where your crops reapfrom sun in time. You can plant fruits and vegetables in your ownfarming field. Become the master of the farming business by usingupdated machinery. Sell your goods at the nearby community marketacross the river and collect handsome amount of cash. Expand youfarming business by ploughing more crops and buying new machines.Farmer's tractor farming simulator 2018 comprises of actual reallife 3D locations and challenging missions to prove your harvestingskills. You can drive heavy tractors with different modern farmingmachines in farming fields. You can experience all the componentsof Farming from developing farms to sowing, ploughing, wateringcrops to employ fertilizers, advance machinery for harvesting tobest selling techniques. This real farmer tractor simulator 2018gives you the opportunity to enjoy the life of a real farmer.Farmer's tractor farming simulator 2018 Features:- Amazing reallife 3D farming and natural game-play- Advance machineries forcultivating and harvesting corps- Develop lush farms and variety ofcrops - Be a real life Tractor Driver and harvester in farmer'stractor farming simulator 2018- Excellent 3D graphics and naturalfarming environment- Pure advance physics engine with smoothcontrols - Different levels to challenge your farming skills -Challenge your friends by sharing online your statistics andachievements- Enjoy multi-player options and see who is the masterfarmer - Various tractors and harvesters to improve the yieldBe aprofessional farmer and enjoy real life farming game-play.
Killer Clown Attack Crime City Destruction Pranks 1.1
Prepare for genuine monster creepy clown city destructionchallenge. Its time for you to take out your childhood hidden clownmonster and start a real life hunting & doing clown pranksexperience. This killer clown city destruction simulator is aphenomenal game based on city violence and demolishing the citystructures by hiding your true identity and fooling the Police andpublic. In this game, you have to appear as a spooky & creepyclown who is responsible for creating violence and causes a greatdeal of fear especially in children. Choose your favorite creepykiller clown and make innocent city people scream upon sight ofyou. In this one-of-a- kind game, it’s your job to wreak havoc asan creepy killer clown. Strike terror into town residents’ heartsin different terrifying places. Destroy as many cars, bikes andcity buildings as you want with heavy machines. In this KillerClown Attack Crime City Destruction, you have the supernaturalpowers of shape-shifting and apart from clown attack underworldmafia wars, you are fearing the local community particularly thechildren. If you ever wanted to become a scary clown other than onHalloween party than this is your chance. Become a scariest clownby doing extreme actions. Smash and attack vehicles, buildings,playgrounds, and houses for ultimate destruction to earn points andlevel up. This is the evil part of a person who was outcasted bysociety and now terrifying the city as a revenge seeker. Everyoneis afraid of horrifying and strange encounters with the demonkiller clown. This creepy killer clown action game comprises ofreal life city demolition, creepy clown attacks, clown bankrobberies and police crazy clown clashes. Clown City Destructionconsists of various wrongdoing related missions includingextortion, robberies, super clown juggling and extreme crime escapescenes with the help of extraordinary driving skills. Policechasing hazardous crook clown is a fun to outrage the lawenforcement in your city. In this killer clown action game you aredriving heavy vehicles like crane excavators, bulldozers &other construction machines. Your main job is to destroy innocentpeople's vehicles and scare them with extreme driving skills. Roughterrain vehicles, dark smoky roadside crime scenes, crazy clownattack stories is all this Clown City Destruction is about. Collectas much coins as you can and rule the underworld mafia of limitlesswar crimes. Begin your extreme real life crime story with a bangand register your extraordinary clown gangster skills bydemolishing everything around you and meanwhile fool the police.Buy new clown masks and accessories to upgrade your monster looks.Show your outrageous creepy clown attack skills to become thekiller clown of you city. Killer Clown Attack Crime CityDestruction Pranks Features:• Multiple action packed scary prankmissions.• Easy and interesting Game Play• Realistic clownanimations of hitting • Smooth and intuitive controls • Multipleclown costumes and textures to choose from.• Realistic sounds &visual effects.
Oil Tanker Truck Driving: Offroad Fuel Transporter 1.0
One Of The Best Oil Tanker Truck Driving Game & Offroad FuelHill Transporter!Get yourself ready to Transport Fuel to GasStation and get a licence for heavy truck transporter in this OilTanker Truck Driving Transport Simulator pro 2017. One of the mostdifficult thing on earth is to get the license of a heavy duty Oiltanker in hill transport permition and this is the main objectiveof Oil Tanker Truck Transport Simulator pro 2017. Follow theinstructions and guidelines to complete all the tasks given in theform of fuel transportation missions in hilly and mountain area andto become the best oil tanker driver.This oil truck offroad drivingchallenges your hill oil tanker driving skills and testifieswhether you are capable of completing oil transportation tasksthrough various deadly hill tracks and sharp roads, or not. Variousmissions include providing fuel to the uphill station in off-roadoil tanker transporter, or completing bumpy tracks with a limitedoil capacity of your Transporter truck. Off road hill side oiltanker transporter truck cargo game is based on virtual modelproviding the immense pleasure of driving oil tanker at variouslocations. Highway authorities will never go easy on you, so tryyour extreme best driving skills and safe driving on camera guidedtracks because every sharp turn, brakes application, andacceleration mode is being observed. Oil Tanker TransportSimulation game makes it more difficult for you to win the licensebecause you are not alone in this race of oil transportation. Youare accompanied by various expert drivers who are also intended tobecome the best oil tanker driver of the town. Little carelessnesscan burn the whole oil tanker containing billions of dollars fuel.So drive carefully and transport the fuel to oil stations on time.Timely missions are very hard to complete and with every failedattempt, you will lose important points and your dream of becomingextreme oil tanker transporter driver will fade away. Enjoy theexotic tracks on various natural locations and drive smoothly tocomplete transportation tasks in time. Oil Tanker Truck Driving:Offroad Fuel Transporter Features:- Realistic 3D graphics.- DrivingExperience of Heavy Transporter Oil Tanker- Main Objective to winthe License of Oil Tanker Driving- Various timely missions tocomplete with different advanced Oil Tankers- Different camera viewmodes- Exciting off-road environment- Great dynamic game play withadvanced physics engine- 3D Map of the oil transport track
Off-Road Hill Climb 4x4 Jeep: Mountain Adventure 1.0
Brace yourself with the fun of driving extreme Off-Road Hill Climb4x4 Jeep: Mountain Adventure and explore the most dazzling trackswith your super driving skills. Have you ever imagined living in ahilly area with no proper roads? This offroad jeep simulatorprovides you the same experience of living on a hillside andgetting familiar with the steep deadly tracks and sharp turns. Onesingle mistake and you will find yourself in a deep sump. Enjoy thejeep driving in forest and mountains and also off road jeep hilladventure in water and mud with best jeep engine physics. Explorethe offroad muddy tracks and spin your tires in mud and water inthis UAZ SUV 4x4 Jeep Simulator.Experience 4x4 Jeep Mountain Climbon Curvy Roads & Dangerous Hill Side and become the ultimatejeep driver of the town. Living off the grid with difficultsituations is all you see in this Offroad hill climbing 4x4. Youcan have the fun of racing on mountain tracks with otherexperienced jeep drivers. Beat them and take the heat out with thisnew extreme uphill winter truck jeep driving simulator. Use powerboost to climb up the sloppy roads and accelerate through the woodsto save yourself from jungle animals. Collect as many coins as youcan by completing various driving missions and upgrade yourmountain jeep with new accessories. Do not forget to check yourengine fuel because the diesel station is so far away in thismountain valley game. Cover as much distance as you can by usingintelligent extreme jeep driving skills and be the expert driver ofcrazy jeep simulator.Off-Road Hill Climb 4x4 Jeep comprises ofvarious jeeps like Epic 4x4s, SUV, Hilux Jeeps & Enjoy HillClimbing Madness. Off-Road Jeep Hill Climbing Adventure providesyou the chance to conquer all the epic terrains and clearcheckpoints to become a first-class jeep parking driver of 2018.Tighten your seat-belt and start your raptor jeep drive on uphilltracks. Earn money to unlock more jeep colors. Controlling your SUVJeeps and UAZ over the hills, slopes & rocks and choose yourway across deep ditches, swamps, rapid ascents, sloppy downhillsand other complicated tracks needs legend jeep driving skills.Specially designed levels just for off-road lovers in thisSimulator Jeep Driving game. Enjoy Nonstop fun because every levelrequires very challenging skills!Off-Road Hill Climb 4x4 Jeep:Mountain Adventure Features:- Exciting Hilux offroad jeeps like 4x4jeep, SUV Pickups with sharp colors - Offroad jeep driving hillclimbing futuristic gameplay- Different rocky and bumpy roadenvironments- Engine, Brake and power Boost Updates- Best physicsEngine, hydraulics Brake, and luxurious seats- Motion Based Innersmooth Steering Controls- 3D designed sharp muddy offroadtracksTime to go crazy with Off-Road Hill Climb 4x4 Jeep: MountainAdventure on deadly tracks!
Killer Clown Prison Escape: Jailbreak Simulator 1.0
Welcome to the Killer Clown Prison Escape, One of the BestJailbreak SimulatorPrison escape stories are something which alwayskeeps the interest of people even from the childhood. This KillerClown Prison Escape 2017 is a real-life story of a deadly clown whosuffered from various phases in his life and now caught up in adirty prison cell. This monster clown can escape the prisonembankment with your strategic planning and mindfulness. Start yourprison escape mission in this Killer Clown Prison Escape and be themaster of the prison breaks all over the world. Clown Prison Escapeis a new yet modern and creepy clown revolution in mobilegames.This Prison Escape Game is based on a clown story whichstarted back in the 80's. New York city was abandoned by the fearof heavenly clowns who used to scare people around the corners andthe hallway paths. People mostly children were feared by thedestructive attacks of the different scariest clowns who arecausing extreme ultimate destruction in the city. Those creepykiller clowns started killing the innocent citizens. Those innocentcity people scream by the Strike terror of criminals clowns whowere famous for their clown spooky actions. Horror-inducing clownsightings were spotted by police and clean up mission was conductedto sweep all the deadly clowns and clown mafia. One of those creepyclowns, Mark was caught by police after extreme actions fight anddifferent scary weapons were recovered from him. In this clown jailescape, you are the replacement of Mark and now you have to plan aprison-cell break to get yourself out of that dirty prison cell.Mark was famous as Dancing Clown due to his hero circus clownmadness skills and funny circus clown cannonball blast story. ThisKiller Clown Prison Escape 2017 is sum up of various deadlymissions, in which you have to fool the police and wardens toescape the remote prison. You can use gangster clown attack skillsto beat the police and prison wardens and scare people in theprison. There are different terrifying places in the rageprison-cell, you have to show excellent dodging skills and crazycircus clowns - dress up tactics to beat the prison strength. Yourmission is to break the prison and be the part of clown gang to getinvolved in different crimes. Modern clown supremacy is a part ofthis brand new Killer Clown Attack Prison Escape 2017 game. Be thefavorite creepy killer clown, sweep the nation and chase people bydoing strange clown acts. Killer clown attack prison break crimecity game is waiting for you, get started. Killer Clown PrisonEscape: Jailbreak Simulator Features:- Secret Agent Clown Escapevarious missions.- 3D Prison Environment with prisoner braces &amazing corridors- Highly equipped security guards and prisonpersonnel- Thrilling and challenging escape Missions- Assault Rifleshooting and hand fighting skills gameplay- Run, Shoot, hide,Criminal escape, master stealth killing mode- Smooth and intuitivecontrols of a Scary clown- High-Quality 3D UI & modernGraphicsKiller Clown Prison Escape 2017 is the clown escape pioneergame, so let's do it!
Car Tuning & Highway Racing: Overhaul Garage 3D 1.3
Welcome to the brand new Car Tuning & Highway Racing: OverhaulGarage 3D! Driving at high speed while customizing your highwayracer and tuning cars is all this game play can offer. Car racinghas been a very common interest in youngsters for years, but nohighway car racing game offered significant car tuning andcustomizing options. Car Tuning overhaul garage is the new idea ofdriving fast cars on highway tracks and enjoy the best ever carracing competition game. Drive fast in this highway car racerbecause its the only way you lead. Get familiar with the new ideaof car tuning on highway racing tracks.Highway Car Racing Games arebest known for the fast cars and variable tracks which not onlychallenge your racing skills but also the driving sense atdifficult positions. In this 3D Car Highway racing, you can run onstreets with your tuned car. Apply step-wise tuning to your fastcar with tuning modules and instructions to best customize your carfor the mega event. Similar to BRASIL Tuning 3D racing game, youcan apply real tuning to your car.Drive heavy sports car withinsane driving skills on the city tracks and rushy roads withmaximum care to avoid car accidents and police crackdown. Caraccidents not only cost you the priced fast car but also adegradation in racing mania. So try to become the best highwayracer of the city of New York but also the safest highway cardriver of the town. Use your intelligent car driving skills onsharp turns and sudden depressions on various rushy tracks. Thisultimate highway car racing game gives you the ultimate andthrilling experience of deadly car racing on city highwaytracks.Car tuning offers your hundreds of replaceable parts such asfront bumper, car rear bumper, car roof, car hood, car doors and soon. Create your own car with this new Car Tuning & HighwayRacing game to rule the highway car racing mania. Buy front bumper,car rear bumper, car roof, car hood, car doors after wining highwayracing missions. Inject nitrogen for shifting gears and shock therandom competitors with your fast driving skills. Modify variousluxury speed cars and enjoy 3D Highway Car Tuning Game.Car Tuning& Highway Racing: Overhaul Garage 3D Features:- CustomizedTuning Car Racing with various variations- Realistic drivingexperience with modified vehicle simulation- Multiple HighwayTracks to accelerate tuned cars - Mechanical garage system Bumpysteering wheel- Car racing with high quality 3D stunning graphics-Basic customization through car paints- Heavy Duty Sports carracing with realistic sound effects- Knockout racing missions withbest drift physics
Impossible Car Stunts Racing Tracks Free 1.0
Welcome to Aventador Car Impossible Stunts Racing TracksFree!Racing with a sports car is considered a common trendnowadays, but there are very limited options when you haveopportunity to drive fast track racing stunts on expensive cars.This brand new Impossible car stunt racing game provides you theultimate chance to experience the stunt car racing adventure forfree. Deadly stunts can never be practiced on slow speed so youalso have to show excellent racing skills on city tracks and rushyhallways to perform racing stunts. There are various trainingracing tracks available in this stunt drive to first get your handsset on the expensive sports car like Aventador & Veyron, thefastest cars alive on planet. Play impossible track game in thisStunt car Racing Simulator and drive amazing cars on high tracks toget the unique racing experience. Roll your super car with veryfast speed on the robust track edges. You can also drive your 4wheel stunt car on 2 wheels by using ultimate stunt mode. Performcrazy stunts on smooth ramps with your sports muscle car. Thisstunt adventure game provides you various racing car models toperform stunts, but the most amazing and classic car available isLamborghini Aventador. This super fast car is a monster in its ownway and you feel like driving a rocket with unbelievable speed.While performing stuns be careful and avoid impossible fall. Getthe feeling of a real stunt rider in this dangerous track cardriving on zigzag tracks of ramps in sky road. Drive multiple supergrand GT luxury cars with super suspension and realistic hydraulicbreaks. While performing dangerous stunts, fasten your seat-beltand try to avoid police patrol cars to save yourself from gettingfined. Become a fearless driver to drive extreme cars on impossibleroads. Get special training by practicing nonracing stunts intraining mode. Another difficulty in this stunt simulator is thatyou are not alone in this racing game, you are accompanied bymaster stunt racer drivers which will not leave you at any stageduring the game. You can also play knockout racing in this racingstunt mania. Play various thrilling and challenging levels in thisexciting expensive car stunt game. Reach the finish line as earlyas possible after completing required racing stunts and alsotouching all the checkpoints. Be the champions of exhilarating 3Dstunts action on impossible paths. Be part of this stunt maniaimpossible car crash stunts and racing game of 2017.Aventador CarImpossible Stunts Racing Tracks Free Features:- High driving tracksand Mid-air stunts- Acceleration impossible car with Heavy nitroengine- Realistic car driving simulation with thrilling new hightracks- Extreme car stunts in-car driving game- Sharp turns ondangerous tracks- Smooth drive with intelligent control- Powerfulengine for accelerating impossible cars- Collect new cars bycompleting stunt missions- New tricks you are not well aware of-Exotic background and 3D graphics environmentComplete yourchallenge in order to be the hero of Real Impossible Car StuntsSimulator 2017!
Car Crash Simulator & Beam Crash Stunt Racing SG 1.1
☆ Optimized for low-end phones. ☆Welcome to Car Crash Simulator& Beam Crash Stunt Racing SG!High-speed car driving is nevercomplete if car crashes do not occur. Fast speed stunt racing gameis experienced by everyone but there are very few fast car drivinggames in which realistic car crashes & car damage are shown.This car crash stunt racing game is equipped with master gameplayphysics and high quality stunt racing accidents. Show virtualdriving skills with the different level car crashing and enjoyrealistic car damage of luxury cars. You will be surprised to see avarying level of car destruction when you hit something at highspeed. At a speed of 100 KPH, you will accomplish 99% demolition.Experience the ultra realistic crashes and car damages with offroadspeed bump stunt racing game. The chances of being hit with theopponent car are more as you cross the side lane or go offraodracing. You can prevent car destruction by keeping your speed carin the same lane. Cross speed bumps with high speed to crash withfull speed. Not only high speed is the factor involved in a perfectcrash, the angle with which your strike hard into the rival car isalso important. Maintain high speed on city tracks to dazzle withobstacles. Tilt car with rapid steering on sloppy roads to enjoydangerous car crash ride. Play various gameplay modes in this stuntdriving game such as offroad track racing, artificial obstaclestunt mode and extreme fast city ride etc. You can find yourself ina deadly crash on roadside or New York domestic tracks when youexceed speed limits.Modern fast track endless car crash gameprovides you the ultimate chance to take the beast out andexperience living as a real-life destruction driver. Each track iscomposed of almost 20 bumps, 10 signals and plenty of vehicle typesto crash with such as high roof cars, transport trucks, tractortrolleys and much more. Car crashing missions require different no.of holy crashes to complete the mission. Fall down the sideways tocrash into old trees, telephone antennas metal base, or into thegreen belt to damage your euro car. This brand new idea of 4 wheeldrive crashing is basically to add fun to the racing games.High-speed racing with monster crashes is something you neverplayed before but this idea is flourishing very speedily. Drivevarious luxury cars and sports models to enjoy extremely highspeeds being displayed on the car speedometers. You can review yourhigh speed crashes lately after the completion of crashing mission.Boost display is also displayed along with the car speedometer. Youcan also use the right key left key or a circular steering forcruising speed cars. So what are you waiting for? Get started withthe brand new road car crashing simulation game!Car Crash Simulator& Beam Crash Stunt Racing SG Features:- Realistic Game playwith destructible vehicles- 3D vehicle crashes with 3 camera views-Compelling Background music- Drive with variety ofluxury vehicles-Examine crashes in replay mode- Destructible cars with hydraulichand brake- Experience a Real Accident Simulator - Enjoy the mainengine damage and the car crash- Nitro booster for high speed-Dynamic sound of the deadly crashes
Off-road Jeep Hill Racing 4x4: Xtreme Rally Racing 1.0
Welcome to Off-road Jeep Hill Racing 4x4: Xtreme Rally Racing!!Thisoffroad rally jeep racing game gives you complete freedom to makeyour own rules and drive like a swift driver on dusty tracks andcurvy roads. Take your mountain jeep to unsurfaced tracks in thisaddictive and exciting offroad 4x4 jeep rally racing. Experienceextreme driving conditions while racing on offroad hill tracks withother 4x4 heavy jeeps. Cruising heavy duty mountain jeeps onoffroad tracks with other expert jeep racers is something verychallenging. Race in most amazing offroad monster vehicles on dirttracks and hilly roads to become the expert racer of all times.Drive multiple Offroad vehicles and army jeeps on uphill anddownhill tracks to become the expert offroad driver. Traffic rulesare to meant to be followed on roads, but what if there is no road?Complete all the drifting challenges in crazy jeep rally racing.Offroad Hammer uphill drive allows you to cross bumpy hurdles ondangerous offroad tracks and complete all racing levels. Driftacross the dirt tracks with other jeep racers in this extreme rallyracing game. Offroad driving requires fine driving skills tofulfill all the racing dreams. You may lose your life and monsterjeep due to land sliding or deadly jeep crashes, so be veryattentive while racing in this offroad thriller. Experience plentyof weather conditions depending on your mood. Enjoy a variety ofSUV models in this rally racing game such as range rover, 4x4 SUVjeep, mountain jeeps, hunter jeep, and hammer jeeps. Show yourCrazy Driving Skills in Hillux Monster Drive Offroad racing.Foolthe rival drivers with suspension brakes and soft steering wheel ofthe SUV vehicle. Be the best offroad jeep driver and champion ofrally racing in this Hill Climb: Mountain Rally Drive. Use advance4x4 SUV jeep and offroad monster jeeps to run and drift madly.Enjoy extreme uphill and downhill off-road tracks in these hillyareas with other 4x4 jeeps. Luxury rover jeep in a road-lessenvironment is quite fascinating but very challenging. You can'tslip a step into a deep valley and destroy your expensiveJeep.Complete as many racing missions as you can to become theexpert driver. Show excellent offroad driving stunts with extremerally racing and passing hurdles on the rugged terrain. Customizebackground environments into snowy or dry desert. Drive yourmonster jeep in a customized environment and upgrade your 4x4vehicles to 6x6 jeep after winning racing challenges. Be thebest!Off-road Jeep Hill Racing 4x4: Xtreme Rally Racing Features:-Stunning racing environments- Extremely rocky tracks with naturalbeauty- Challenge rival drivers in Jeep Racing- High mountains jeepclimb missions - Exciting offroad tracks and hillux jeeps-Realistic HD graphics- Advance jeep engine physics- Terrainvehicles with different driving modes- 4x4 jeep up-gradation byusing coins
Offroad Car Transporter Trailer Truck Games 2018 1.0
Deliver sports cars and urban limo cars on car haulers truck inthis brand new Offroad Car Transporter Trailer Truck Games 2018!Carracing is pretty common in youngsters and while cruising on cityhighways, you often came across large cargo trucks loaded withbrand new luxury cars including sports cars & limo cars. Thisnew car transporter game is based on the concept of cargo Truck cartransport. Realistic yet very challenging game play gives you anadventurous experience of driving huge metal body cargo trucksloaded with heavy vehicles on deserted tracks and mountainoustrails. Get your hands on this ultra huge 32 wheeler truck withadvanced features of hydraulic brakes and suspension gears. Driveas an expert cars transport truck driver with various missions tocomplete within due time to move one step forward in career mode.Off-road curvy tracks and hill side roads gives you challengingmissions in this transport tycoon. Multi storey trailer truckloaded with expensive cars is not a very easy job to handle. Youhave to go through very tricky roads and convoluted tracks to getto your destination. Start you cargo journey by loading variety ofcars like heavy duty jeeps, luxury urban limo cars, sports cars andhigh roof solo cars. As you upload the various cars on your trailertruck, gear up slowly to pick up rhythm and avoid crossingspeed-breakers with high speed. Show professional driving skills tohandle heavy truck on offroad tracks and city highways. Drivecarefully on downhill tracks because your tires might get slip dueto very heavy luggage carried on it. Drive this giant truck withhigh speed as you see a flat road. Deliver all the loaded cars tothe desired location with expert cargo driver skills.Cartransporting looks very boring but this never-ending cargo parkinggame will definitely help you think about your desires. Big jumbotruck car transporter 3D is specially designed for off-roaddrivings. Drive car haulers, urban limo as the offroad limo driverin this car transport trailer truck transport. You just not onlyhave to drive USA truck for multi transport but get your hands onthe offroad limo, car haulers, new truck trailers and car cargo.Once the cars are driven inside the car transport truck then youhave to drive a heavy duty transporter truck through a big city.The Truck Simulator game consists of real-life city traffic whichrequires professional cargo USA truck driver skills. Think of it asa 3d car parking game but you have to park a variety of 4 wheelscars on a haulers truck and then displace that cargo simulator todesired locations. Learn to park brand cars properly over the heavytransporter truck. You can set camera angle at any position whilethe heavy truck is running. Successfully complete all the missionsand be the protransport car cargo truck driver. Offroad CarTransporter Trailer Truck Games 2018 Features:- Lovely truck cargogame with lot of transporter truck models- Direction arrows to showthe right direction- Day and night modes of city with long carstransporter truck- Realistic concept of car transportation viacargo simulator- Stunning 3D sim environment and high qualitygraphics- Multiple gameplay driving missions- Collect money bycompleting levels - Cargo trucks with heavy duty diesel engine-Smooth controls and easy handling
Offroad Real Classic American Muscle Car Sim 2018 1.0
Welcome to Offroad Real Classic American Muscle Car Driving Sim2018!Driving offroad super fast muscle cars on endless trackswithout any driving limits is all you experience in this drivingsimulator. Driving speed cars on city tracks and concrete roads isrelatively easy, but what if there is no certain road track tofollow and you have to drive without following any traffic rules?Driving super American cars in an offroad environment is extremelychallenging but adventurous. You cant take our eyes off the trackfor even a second, do not let rival drivers speed pass you. Alwaystry to be ahead of all the rival drivers to remain in the safezone. This car driving simulator is based on knockout rounds, soyou have to cruise your muscle car from the beginning. Want todrive a real muscle car and feel the energy of real car drift, youare one step away from the coolest car racing game, Americanclassic driving sim. This driving simulator is based on real liferacing heroes. You can relive the all time famous racing expert byshowing extreme drifting skills and driving passions to be the bestcar driver. This Car Driving Sim is composed of various muscle carmodels and a variety of racing tracks. You can drive a number ofnext generation cars to show car drifting on offroad tracks.Experience the best american classic driving simulator by takingcharge of this offroad muscle car. Enjoy offroad environment in allcar models and complete racing missions to load new super cars anddeadly tracks. Do not care for the traffic rules, just speed passall the opponents to enter in the safe zone. This driving simulatoris quite different from common concrete roads and city tracks cardriving games. Enjoy knockout rounds and crushing in a 3d musclecar to fulfill offroad adventure. Perform drifting stunts andillegal acts on your speed car. Start your racing career with aboost by winning all the racing missions to be the top seep racerof the competition. By becoming the top seed racer will give youthe benefit of extra tool kits for upgrading your american musclecar models. Collect the sports license by winning the racingcompetition. While showing your extreme drifting skills, avoidburnouts and police chasing as it may cause you a violence fine.Complete stunt challenges to get attention from the racing heroesand show excellent car driving skills. Do not get caught as it maylead you to lose sports license. All the next generation cars areprovided with nos blower and hydraulic brakes. Now blower will helpyou win on narrow margins. Avoid car damage and do not cut throughthe city highway pedestrians while drifting in your customized car.Offroad Real Classic American Muscle Car Driving Sim 2018Features:- American Muscle Car driving on offroad tracks- Variouscustomized car models - Advance features like nos blower andhydraulic brakes- Racing competitions with illegal acts anddrifting stunts- Car damage is extremely realistic- Detailed muscledrift cars- Virtual racing environment and 3D Graphics- Smoothdrive and intuitive controls- Tool kits to upgrade car models
City Train Simulator 2018: Free Train Games 1.0
Welcome to Train Driving City Tracks: Adventure Drive 2018!TrainDriving on City tracks is back with the most diversified trainfeatures and city tracks to challenge your city train drivingskills. Driving high speed cars and offroad jeeps is very commonand most of you have enjoyed driving in a variety of speed cars butwhat about high speed fast track train on city tracks with a lot ofcity traffic? Undoubtedly you have to show your excellent traindriving skills to complete the train missions in time. Be a BulletTrain Master Machinist & Drive Trains in this Train DrivingSimulator. Becoming a master machinist means you have to completeall the train tracks at the desired time. This super fast trainsimulator is not like other usual train drives. Based ontechnological revolutions, this driving simulator is composed offast track city trains to unleash the different sites of beautifulcity San Francisco. The drooling sceneries of city background willkeep your adventure drive interesting. Los Angeles is known for itsextreme traffic and busy roads, this city train sim will help toreduce the traffic load and simultaneously increase trainpassengers.City Local Authorities are facing serious traffic loadissues on city highways and canal bridges, so this very new idea offast city train is introduced by the city local authorities. Inthis bullet train city simulator, you have to step in the drivercabin and tighten up the seat belt before starting the train ride.Go on to various city stations and trains subway stations to pickthe passengers. Make sure to reach the subway stations in time andpick all the passengers waiting at city stations. Close the maindoor with automatic buttons and start your train ride. You may losecontrol of your euro train due to high speed. Cross the cityhighways and canal bridges very carefully to avoid train crash.Train crash is very dangerous as it leads you to intangible loss,losing expensive train with passenger casualties. Drive veryintelligently on challenging tracks, curvy tracks and sharp turnsto avoid passenger casualties. You can risk you expensive train andface intangible loss due to high speed. Handling euro train on busycity tracks is not an easy job, but make use of hydraulic brakes tocontrol over speeding. Over speeding can cause you cash penaltiesdue to traffic rules violation. Traffic rules are not only forspeed cars, you have to follow the road signals to avoid cashpenalties. The main objective of this parking Train sim is totransport passengers to inter-city and intra-city destinations.Transport passengers to inter-city and intra-city train stations tocomplete train missions. Unlock new driving missions in this citydriving campaign to become the master machinist and master driverof San Francisco. Master driver can play any driving mission at anytime. Get addicted to this train driving game on challengingtracks, curvy tracks, and sharp turns. Train Driving City Tracks:Adventure Drive 2018 Features:- Amazing adventure ride on citytracks- Enjoy technological revolutions in driving simulator-Various driving modes and transporting missions- Excellent controlswith emergency disc hydraulic brakes- Transport passengers tovariety of train stations- Realistic Environment- Passengerssimulator - High quality train engine and driving physics
Heavy Duty Farm Tractor Pull Drive: Towing Games 1.0
Welcome to Heavy Duty Farm Tractor Pull Drive: Towing Games!WhileFast track car driving, not everyone reaches safely. Car crashesand road accidents are also a part of modern city Traffic System.What happens after car crashes or road accidents occur? How totransport damaged cars and wrecked vehicles? We have a solution totransport busted cars to recovery service area. Now you cantransport your busted cars with the help of chained pull towtractors and Towing Farm Tractor. Drive gigantic towing tractor onmountain roads and city highways to chain busted cars and damagedvehicles not only to clear the city highways but also for recoveryservice and car hauling. Car hauling can save a lot of money butall this can be possible with this towing simulator and modernpulling tractor trolley. Show professional offroad tow chaineddriving with smooth controls and manual driving with this pullingtractor. Provide emergency services to car drivers and the affectedvehicles is all you have to do with this towing simulator andtractor trolley transport. Want to perform parking missions andgigantic damaged vehicle transport? The wait is over as you havethe opportunity to perform traffic car towing with heavy dutytractor using pulling hook. Transport vehicle to the right place inthis offroad truck towing and manual driving pulling simulator.Carry lose end cargo with the help of pulling hook from the wrongspot to car garages and service areas. Service areas are providedwith parking slots for tow vehicles. Pursue this offroad emergencyrescue job using excellent towing skills and driving puller truckson highways. Complete parking missions and help car drivers tocargo affected vehicles from the wrong spot. Experience pushingchained trucks using a farming tractor and enjoy professionaloffroad tow chained driving. As you are providing emergencyservices in this puller tractor towing game, excellent driving isrequired to be a successful chain truck driver. The farming tractoris a very heavy duty vehicle which can pull off tons of weight.Help in the car hauling of a fast track car and help trafficsystem. Wrecked vehicles can not come back to city highways withoutpull tow tractors and pulling simulator. Get behind the heavy towtractor steering and hook lose end cargo with the help of cargotractor and transporter tractor. Show ultimate tractor drivingskills to drive accidental cars with hook trucks to repairingshops. You can also deliver accident cars to old car showroomswhere damaged cars are treated. Pull damaged cars from mountainroads to the right place using professional offroad tow chaineddrive. Be the best tow chained tractor trolley driver by perfectlycontrolling heavy duty cargo tractor and transporter tractorsteering!Heavy Duty Farm Tractor Pull Drive: Towing GamesFeatures:- Pulling and tractor towing jobs - Help cargotransporting wrecked vehicles and damaged cars- Drive on cityhighways and offroad tracks- Experience offroad tow chaineddriving- Use pulling hook to chain the package to repairing shops-Excellent pulling simulator with smooth controls- High qualitygraphics- Perfect tractor towing simulation engine
Truck Driver Future Cargo Simulator: Offroad Drive 1.2
Welcome to Truck Driver Future Cargo Simulator: Offroad Drive!Getyourself ready for one of the most thrilling offroad truck drivingwith Cargo Truck Simulator. Offroad driving on luxury cars and 4x4jeeps is quite normal, everyone knows how to drive a 4x4 truck orluxury cars on hill tracks, but what if you have to ride a cargotruck on deadly up hill tracks with no life saving opportunity.Cruise your cargo truck simulator on deadly tracks with a lot ofvaluable cargo to offroad destinations. Highway Cargo transporthelps to deliver cargo in time to various hill tracks and keep thecity cargo services running. Use Smooth steering control andhydraulic brakes on down hill tracks to become the best truck diverof this future cargo simulator.Cargo Truck Driving includesbasically various heavy duty Cargo Trucker. You have to drive yourheavy duty truck on hilly tracks and carry various cargo materialincluding wood logs. Drive this transporter truck through sharpturns and sloppy tracks to take charge of your trucker transportmissions. Deliver Woods logs to city wood storage houses and othercargo stuff. Cargo Truck driving is not an easy job when it isloaded. Show your extreme truck driving skills by delivering cargofrom one point to another in limited duration. Hill tracks aredifficult to drive on but control your truck with perfect drivingskills. Drive safely on deadly paths, maintain the speed of yourheavy duty vehicle on sharp turns and sloppy tracks. Be the expertCargo Trucker or truck driver of the town by completing truckertransport missions. Enjoy the best driving simulator of 2018 whichis quite different from other cargo simulators. Up hill drive withhundreds of tons of cargo loaded at the back of the offroad truckgives you an ultimate experience of mountain cargo deliverymissions.Enjoy cargo delivery missions composed of woods logs andindustrial machinery which is the backbone of the local economy.Drive very carefully as you enter hill tracks and down hill tracksas it gives you the real experience of deadly driving and truckparking safely in limited duration. Your job is simply to transportcargo via semi truck through curvy paths and save time. Cargo TruckDriving: Hill Simulator is a modern version of hill climb driving,only the addition of heavy duty load is there.Cargo SimulatorLoader Driving game is extremely different from other transportinggames due to the realistic environment. Show everyone that you arefond of driving loader trucks. Enjoy transporting Heavy stones andbuilding construction Cement Blocks. In this wood hill transport2018, be the virtual offroad driver and perform truck parking.Cargo transport is different from the adventure of offroad jeephill drive on hill tracks. Experience the best wood cargo simulatorin high quality graphics. Truck Driver Future Cargo Simulator:Offroad Drive Features:- Multiple challenging missions of wood logsdelivery- Extreme truck driving skills on hill climb missions- Highquality graphics- Smooth steering control and hydraulic brakes-Transport Heavy stones and building construction Cement Blocks-Intuitive game play- Awesome background music- Awesome collectionof mountain tracks
Oil Tanker Truck Drive Free: Hill Climb Driving 1.0
Welcome to Oil Tanker Truck Drive Free: Hill Climb Driving!DrivingOil Tankers on city tracks and straight roads is not as difficultas driving oil tanker on offroad deadly tracks. What if there is nodriving track and you have to find your own way through fairymeadows and sluggish jungles? Crazy enough, Well its time to take adeep breath and start driving oil tankers on offroad hilly roadswithout any safety precautions. Don't forget, you have hundreds ofgallons of explosive oil in your tanker truck, which can explode atany time. You might lose control of your offroad truck on a sloppyridge, or while taking a sharp turn. This offroad oil tankerdriving simulator is very dangerous and extremely challenging. Youneed to show oblique driving skills to get a safe ride to yourdesired destination. Drive through fairy meadows and sloppy ride tocomplete various oil transportation missions. Transportation Dutyneeds extreme truck driver skills.Accelerate your large oil truckand start driving with slow speed. Do not move fast, as there arenot straight roads ahead of you, drive swiftly and carry liquidfuel on your way to the oil stations. Fuel transportation to oilstations is very necessary as the domestic transport is totallydependent on liquid fuel. While taking a sharp turn,apply hydraulicbrakes and follow side mirrors to confirm a safe passage for takinga large cut. Do not take your foot off the hydraulic brake, becauseyou can need it anytime during your offroad drive. Enjoy Hill Climboil truck Driving With Huge Tanker trolley on deadly tracks. Loadyour oil tanker trolley from oil depot and deliver flammablegasoline to off track gas stations. Oil depot is the place of hugeoil storage facility. Gasoline fuel might get explosion due to alot of bumps, so drive steadily to reach the gas stations safely.Your like, Oil Truck, and explosive oil all are at stakes, so showexcellent truck driving skills. While taking a sharp turn, mustfollow the side mirrors. Fuel Transport Offroad Driving Sim is thebest oil delivery off track truck driving game with excellentbackground sceneries and Hd graphics. Become the largest oiltransport dealer in the town by successfully completing oiltransport missions. Challenge rival drivers to deliver liquid fuelfirs while using short cut routes on your truck drive. Short cutRoutes help you take a lead while driving on offroad tracks. HeavyTruck is composed of advanced control features to have a smoothdrive. Be the extreme truck driver to fulfill your transportationduty. Your duty is a to drive transporter truck to its destinationwith precision and accuracy. Be the best among the rival driversand truckers in this tanker race simulation game.Oil Tanker TruckDrive Free: Hill Climb Driving Features:- Challenging Oil transportMissions- High quality Hd graphics and excellent background-Advanced Driving controls to enjoy smooth drive- Variety of OilTankers- Difficult Driving Tracks - Intuitive gameplay- Realistictruck sound effects- Route Maps
Car Crash Accident Simulator: Beam Crash Engine 1.0
Car Crash Accident Simulator: Beam Crash Engine is here!High speedfast track driving is accompanied by car crashes. Most of thepeople try to avoid car crashes by careful driving and followingthe traffic rules. Accident simulator car crash is based on thechildhood concept of hit n run car driving. Every child is fond ofdisaster driving hitting with other city cars roaming around. Sothis Beam Crash highway speed racer is composed of mini tasks inwhich you have to complete successful car crashing. Drive swiftlyand with extreme fast speed to achieve a greater impact on your carbody crash. Surely a beam crash will destroy you speed car but thisis all what car crashing accident simulator is offering. Destroyyour fast track speed with a minimum number of car crashes and buyanother luxury car to destroy.Highway Car crashing is verydangerous as it may lead to life loss and body daunting ofexpensive cars. In this accident driving simulator, you have todrive fast to hit hard the roaming around city cars. You can hitfrom behind and get a crash bonus or you can just drive in theopposite direction or opposite lane to get the maximum crashhitting. With every crash hitting from opposite direction, you canhave more crash bonus. Drive in opposite lane to spread terror andhorrify people with you dangerous accidents. With every crashhitting, traffic police start chasing you. Avoid traffic police byhitting police cars and speed driving. You will get a double crashbonus by hitting police cars. Enjoy this thrilling and exciting carcrashing simulator with dangerous accidents. Experience realisticcrashes and car damages with highway speed bump racing game.Increase the hitting chances with the opponent car by bypassing carlanes and sudden over turn in the side lane. Try to get more cardestruction by keeping your speed car in the side lane and suddenover turn. Speed bumps racing will allow you to increase hittingchances with realistic crashes. Enjoy car destruction in thisaccident driving game and scare the opponent car drivers. Highspeed is the key factor for a perfect crash, the hitting angle alsoplays an important role. Get a perfect crash with an alternatehitting angle to strike hard while bypassing car lanes. City tracksare loaded with blocking obstacles. Hit the blocking obstacles toenjoy the dangerous car body crash ride. Enjoy gameplay modes inthis stunt driving with rapid steering, artificial obstacles andextreme fast city car crash ride. Exceed your speed limits to finda deadly crash with realistic accident sound on different citytracks and hit as many artificial obstacles as you can to enjoyextreme car crashing. You can find yourself in a deadly crash onroadside or New York domestic tracks when you exceed speedlimits.Car Crash Accident Simulator: Beam Crash Engine Features:-Deadly crash car driving with different driving strategies. -Accident executing features like rapid steering and split usercontrols- Exceed car driving speed limits to enjoy traffic policecar chasing- Hit opponent cars and police cars to earn crash bonus- Increase hitting chances with fast track driving- Realisticaccident sound- Enjoy dangerous car crash ride- Beam crash inopposite lane - Spread terror in high quality graphics game
Heavy Excavator Crane Simulator: Snow Removal Ops 1.1
Welcome to Heavy Excavator Crane Simulator: Snow Removal Ops!Getready to ride in the most advanced and dynamic heavy duty excavatorat high altitude dangerous roads. You might have experienceddriving cars on snowy tracks and racing on snow, but what about arescue mission for giving relief to people who are stuck in deadlycold weather with winter all around? Be the ultimate Machine worldoperator in this heavy duty excavator and save people by clearingsnowy tracks. Start practicing rescue missions in this excavatorsimulator. Drive your plow truck from highways and city tracks.Begin your rescue task with loader truck in this winter season.Showcrazy excavator driving skills because while loading snow in yourplow truck, you may experience difficulty due to slippage. Maintainyour excavator speed on bulk snow to avoid getting stuck. Startyour snow excavator career with heavy duty metal excavator onsloppy tracks and remove snow with sharp blade edges. Bring yourRescue Excavator Crane into work and use intelligent techniques tosideline. Winter season is everywhere, the mountain highways andthe city roads are all covered in a huge pile of snow. So igniteyour snow blower trucks engine and ride it like a pro as somerescue tasks await your sheer attention. Snow Rescue Crane 3D isall about polishing your sow driving skills as the snow plow truckdriver and letting you show off your snow plowing skills.Learn theplowing tips and tricks of manhandling heavy duty excavators, andadd your immature extinct snow plowing touch. Snow Rescue simulator3D is equipped with the latest models of snow excavators, snow plowtrucks and even heavy loader trucks, feel like a boss of thiswinter snow rescue mission drive. The plow rescue truck and theloader truck will make you the real hero of dangerous snow rescueadventure. You have to work until the last day of winter as snowfalls as long as the winter continues. Experience slippery roadsand rescue missions in an epic heavy duty plow truck.Snow ExcavatorCrane Simulator Game allows you to play as heavy duty excavatordriver or eminent plow expert along with vigilant rescue excavatorsin the various action packed city rescue missions or highlydangerous snow rescue missions, where you have to rescue innocentpeople using excavator simulators. This excavator simulator gameprovides you with every heavy equipment which you need to completethe snow rescue operations. Go clear the heavy snow with Excavators& Plow trucks. Make it efficient and quick!Heavy ExcavatorCrane Simulator: Snow Removal Ops Features:- Classic excavatorsimulator graphics- Snow plow rescue missions- Large variety ofRescue Excavator Cranes- Amazing gameplay with challengingenvironment- Beautifully designed rescue missions- HD Graphics& live animations- High quality sounds- Smooth controls ofexcavators- Customized heavy duty excavator games
Offroad Car Crash Accident Simulator: Beam Engine 1.0
Welcome to Offroad Car Crash Accident Simulator: BeamEngine!!Cruising fast track sports cars and expensive luxury carson offroad tracks is not a big deal. Want to add some adventure toyour routine car racing? Try this new offroad hill climbingrealistic car crashes & car damage driving simulator. Enjoythis offroad car drive with deadly tracks and bumpy roads where youhave to execute crashing stunts and deadly crashes. Believe me,driving on steepy paths with 4 wheel drive is a difficult job butyou will be surprised to see a varying level of car destructionwhen you hit something at high speed on steepy paths. Play offroadhill climbing crashing stunts missions to experience car driving ondeadly terrains and deep valleys. Show excellent car crashing andcar destruction skills on bumpy offroad tracks. Follow thenavigator map and complete the climbing missions with multiple carcrashes and beam crashes. Become an offroad mountain car crashdriver by performing offroad car damage in this 4X4 Car HillClimbing.Extreme Car Crash engine while coming across a deadlytrack is all this accident simulator is composed of. Enjoy beamcrash destruction in this realistic car crash driving offroad driftsimulator 2018. You will be witnessing offroad drift driving withbeam crashes in this offroad accident simulator. The modern offroadtrack endless car crash game provides you the best chance to takethe car crash beast out and experience living as a real-life cardestruction driver. Each mountain climbing car crash track iscomposed of almost 20 bumps, 10 signals, blocky obstacles andplenty of luxury cars types to body crash. Different crashingvehicles available to hitting are high roof cars, transport trucks,tractor trolleys and much more. Car crashing missions requirespecific deadly crashes to complete the crashing stunts missions.Fall down the sideways to crash into old trees, telephone antennas,long metal base, or into the green belt to body crash your eurocar.This brand new idea of 4 wheel drive car crashing is basicallyto add fun to the offroad racing games. High-speed deadly terraincar drive with monster crashes is something you never playedbefore. Drive various luxury cars and sports models to enjoyextremely high speed crashing stunts. You can review your highspeed crashes lately after the completion of hill climbing crashingmissions. Boost speed is also displayed along with the carspeedometer. You can also use the right key left key or a circularsteering for cruising speed cars before hitting high roof cars,transport trucks, tractor trolleys, blocky obstacles and much more.So what are you waiting for? Get started with the brand new offroadcar crashing simulation game!Offroad Car Crash Accident Simulator:Beam Engine Features:- Enjoy beam crashes on a variety of sportscars and expensive luxury cars- Adventure new concept of offroadaccident simulator in this crashing stunts game- Car body crasheswith 3 camera views- Realistic Game play with crashing vehicles-Dynamic sound of the deadly crashes- 20 bumps, 10 signals, blockyobstacles and plenty of luxury cars type to body crash- Examinecrashes in replay mode- Deadly mountain climbing car crash track-Experience a Real Accident Simulator
Construction Machines Transporter Cargo Truck Game 1.0
Construction Machines Transporter Cargo Truck Game is on and outnow!Tighten up your seat belt because it's time to have some funwith the gigantic construction machines and heavy trucks. Drivingspeed cars on multiple city tracks with perfect driving physics isnot a difficult job. So let's do some tricky heavy machinerydriving and transportation tasks in this construction simulator. Inthis Heavy construction machinery transport game, initially, youhave to drive some monster construction trucks and excavator trainsto a transport truck platform. You can load upto 5 differentconstruction machines on the transport trawler. Show extra carewhile loading gigantic construction vehicles on the transporttrawler. Take extreme care of the transport edges while loadingheavy duty machines. Drive the mega transport truck to theconstruction site where civil engineering works have been carriedout with multiple construction machines on your back such as dumpertruck, construction excavator cranes, concrete mixer, road roller,water tanker, loader trucker and monster trucks. Carefully drivethe transport truck through city roads and concrete highway tracks.Do not accelerate much as you are carrying extremely heavy weightmachinery which can cause highway accidents. So drive slowly inthis challenging drive and enjoy the fun of transportingconstruction machines and heavy trucks to the construction site.Transport Bull dozer and Haul Trucks through highway city tracks.Help civil engineering construction missions by transporting heavydelivery machines in time.Your drop off mission is not completeyet, you have to unload heavy construction vehicles to the groundby driving carefully. Fulfill your dream of driving monster trucks,construction truckers 3d and handling huge trucks. Thisconstruction machines transport will give you the dual benefit ofboth driving heavy duty machines as well as transporting them viatransport trawler. Take extra care on sharp turns and sudden twistswith these loaded vehicle. Make use of fork lifter during unloadingloaded vehicle. Enjoy the fun filled challenging of transportingmachines like dumper truck, construction excavator cranes, concretemixer, road roller, water tanker, loader trucker and monster trucksto the designated site. Prevent machines from falling on sharpturns and sudden twists. Construction Machines Transporter CargoTruck Game Features:- Transport different construction machines-Construction vehicles drop off mission- Enjoy driving monstertrucks, construction truckers 3d- 3D Construction siteenvironments- Multiple city tracks to designated site- 3D forklifter for loaded vehicle- Classic weather conditions- Bull dozerand Haul Trucks transportation
City Builder Construction Sim 2018: Heavy Machines 1.0
Welcome to City Builder Construction Sim 2018: HeavyMachines!Construction workers have to work a lot to build huge citystructures, but this city construction job can be quite easy withthe help of mega cranes and building machinery. Get yourself gearedup as your city builder career is at stakes. Gather heavy machineryincluding dumper trucks, long heavy weight const. cranes, massiveexcavator, and roller trucks. Start your building works early inthe morning, reach the construction site with all the civilengineering tools and construction workers. This city buildingchallenge is not an easy job. You have to make a building strategy.Then follow that building strategy in view of available time.Complete different building tasks in time and move quickly to thenext work assigned. Do everything that it takes to build a modernvirtual city in this construction simulator. Remove the big rocks,marble stones with the help of massive excavator and drive the cityexcavators efficiently. Civil engineering tools are very importantto build huge city structures and make a successful city buildercareer. Work assigned is in the form of building tasks, so workhard in this construction simulator and be the best city excavatordriver in the town. Roll over in drilling machines, hold up sandgravel to keep the cement fillings, perform bridge const. tacks andsimilar. Get in the metal bulldozer to stimulate city roads andpedestrian pavements. You have to complete various constructionlevels with different building tasks to complete. You have to builda parking plaza for commercial car parking, shopping marts forhousehold items, private firm offices, fuel stations. In short, youare building a mini city in this virtual city constructionsimulator. Driving huge construction crane which is capable oflifting tons of ready concrete and marble stones is very tiresome.You have to drive with extreme care as the size of mega cityconstruction crane is very huge. Drive your construction crewconstituting civil engineers and heavy machinery to the cityconstruction site and start constructing building blocks. Startyour construction career in this mega city futuristic constructingsimulator and build a mega empire of your own imagination. CityBuilder Construction Sim 2018: Heavy Machines Features:- Build amega city with the help of construction machines- Start withbuilding blocks and build a mega empire- Perform city buildingtasks with extreme care- Construction crew constitutes civilengineers, mega cranes, and building machinery- Perform as anexcavator driver - Multiple challenging levels and attractivegraphics
Impossible Mega Ramp Stunt Racing Game: Stunt Jump 1.0
Welcome to Impossible Mega Ramp Stunt Racing Game: Stunt Jump!Wantto try a sensational driving simulator game with extremely fastdriving on fast track luxury cars and sports models? Have you hadthe live experience of an extremely steep Ramp where it is almostimpossible to control speed and just cruise fast? Do you want todrive your super car with full meter speed? You are just one stepaway from the most explicit ramp game of the time, city mega rampsimulator. Enjoy the live experience of extremely fast track sportscar on city mega ramp. This city ramp starts at a high altitude andthat is why your super car is unstoppable at the end of a steepramp. Enjoy various driving themes and impossible tracks to be theexpert ramp rider of the century. Experience the deadly car crashengine sim in this impossible mega ramp stunt racing game. Stuntjump at the end of the mega ramp as a high as possible and testyour car power by experience the realistic car crash and cardamage.Perform epic stunts in this sensational driving game andenjoy risky stunts on the explicit ramp. Be ready to experience topspeed of your 4 wheel drive a full meter and adventure crazydriving world with destruction simulation gameplay on heavyvehicles. Be the master of epic stunts and risky stunts on a highaltitude city ramp with a variety of heavy vehicles. Destroy ownvehicle by speed racing on this heighted ramp and hitting carsahead of you. Enjoy crazy driving world with different luxury carsand leave everyone behind. Enjoy driving on a heighted ramp in thiscity mega ramp speed simulator. Win rewards by hitting cars on yoursteep ramp and unlock new levels of high speed simulator. Enjoydriving in your 4 wheel drive on city mega ramps wit citybackground. Perform extreme deadly stunts to become the ramp masterof this futuristic driving game. This unique simulation game willunleash all your top speed driving fears and enable you withvarious driving themes and extreme impossible tracks. Otherfeatures include hydraulic brakes, various camera angles, andrealistic sounds. Accept this tricky driving challenge to cruisefast on an extremely steep track starting from a high altitude. Bethe expert tramp rider in this tricky driving challenge. Controlyour speed to avoid ramp crashes while riding in sports models andsuper cars. Impossible Mega Ramp Stunt Racing Game: Stunt JumpFeatures:- Enjoy unique simulation game with city background-Cruise fast with your heavy vehicle - Adventure various impossibletracks- Make use of various car models - Avoid car ramp crasheswhile driving in your speed racer- Unlock new levels to keepmoving- Control speed while hitting cars - Be the expert ramp riderof the town- Enjoy various mega ramps drives- HD graphics &themes- Various camera angles- Hydraulic brakes- Realistic Sounds-Destruction simulation gameplay
American Muscle Car Driving Simulator Game 2018 1.0
Welcome to American Muscle Car Driving Simulator Game 2018!!!Feelthe heat of a bombastic muscular car on the roads of San Franciscowith extreme drifting stunts to dismantle the traffic rules andregulations. Driving luxury cars on city highway roads withoutoverturning rows is very common, so it's the right time to bringsome thrill to arcade car driving games. Get behind the wheels of aclassic muscle car and perform car dodge challenges with bulletspeed. Get everyone thrilled with your crazy drifting stunts and bethe muscular wheelie driver of the big city drifting arena. Go fora test drive to Be the master of beta world robot transformationgame. Explore the new city of San Francisco pm your asphalt musclecar and cruise diligently through the busy city highway roads. Bethe muscular merger of twin city racing world. Tune you flyingpolice muscle car with sharp sudden mechanical brakes and providethe boost for nitrogen speed nos blower. Start your robottransformation game with a high note and complete car free roamingon deadly speed tracks on midnight winter themes. Lead muscular carracing challenge to become the arcade car driver of the new eradrifting world. Play with interactive input buttons and useinteresting map environs. You are not alone in this free driftingmuscle car racing challenge, so go forth for earning surprise bonusgifts with every drifting job. Beware of traffic police as you arenot caring for traffic rules and city metropolitan traditions. Aimfor flying flight pilot drive in brand new american muscle cargames and get famous for car dodge challenger with flying policemuscle car. Buy multiple modern muscle cars to upgrade your testdrive in this big city drifting arena. Enjoy classic backgroundenvironment powered by shocking colorful textures and brisk racingengine sounds. Bring some thrill to arcade car driving as youcruise diligently on busy city highway roads. American Muscle CarDriving Simulator Game 2018 Features:- Free drifting muscle carracing challenge- Adventure asphalt muscle car driving on deadlyspeed tracks- Be the master of beta world bombastic muscular car -Wait for the boost of nitrogen speed nos blower- Get ahead oftraffic police with extreme drifting stunts- Upgrade multiplemodern muscle cars with surprise bonus gifts- Enjoy classicbackground environment - Brisk racing engine sounds- Midnightwinter themes with shocking colorful textures- Improvise as a cardodge challenger and muscular wheelie driver- Avoid overturningrows- 3d muscle car exotic graphics
Impossible Mega Ramp Superheros Stunt Racing Sim 1.0
Impossible Mega Ramp Superheros Stunt Racing Sim is here!Let's rollon with the new futuristic version of mega stunt ramp with highspeed vehicles. You might have an experience of cruising multiplevehicles in city ramp stunt racing mania. Fasten your seatbelt togroove crazy in modern ramp derby with monster vehicles. This megaramp racing simulator allows you to enjoy various crazy superheroeswith dangerous ramp tracks with no particular safety measures.Clinch demolition derby stunt racing mania with a variety of crazyvehicles like mountain cars, muscle cars, 2 wheel euro quad bike,heavy duty trucks and many more. You are allowed to choose a crazysuperhero of your choice to start your mega ramp career on a highnote. Get your favorite vehicle out on this steep high altitudestunt ramp and perform dangerous stunts to get to the top of stuntracing mania. Enjoy crushing with your favorite super heroes likethe super boy, mega monster, flying hero and spider saver, tocruise in the royal ramp stunt simulator. Take a real test ofextreme fast speed ramp racing in a real battle field. Showexcellent racing skills to come on the top of superhero stuntracing. Jump off from real ramp to a parking platform with bulletspeed monster vehicles. Burn ramp with flashing vehicles in thisrevolutionary game idea, throwing away the sophisticated car racingand city stunt championships. Be careful while drifting with yourfuturistic version crazy superheroes like super boy, mega monster,flying hero and spider saver.Drive ATV super hero quad bikes andcustomized cop cars in this impossible mega ramp driving game.Practice flashing vehicles drive on a real battle field by passingthrough ramp obstacles in this stunt racing sim. Enjoy cool backflips, blowing balls, amazing high jumps without any particularsafety. Learn to perform super hero drifting and stunt racing tobuild your mega ramp career. Impossible Mega Ramp Superheros StuntRacing Sim Features:- Perform super hero stunt racing in thisrevolutionary game idea- Groove crazy on dangerous ramp tracks-Become master of royal ramp in this bullet speed hero drifting-Enjoy cool back flips, blowing balls, amazing high jumps- Difficultas compared to sophisticated car racing and city stuntchampionships- Crazy vehicles like mountain cars, muscle cars, 2wheel euro quad bike, heavy duty trucks- Super cool sound effects-Nitro engine for fast speed ramp racing- Precise Driving Simulator-Choose your Super Hero quad bikes and customized cop cars to driveon