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Cargo Animal Transporter Truck 1.0
An objective based transport Cargotruckgame where you have to handle your heavy 4x4 truck trailerYour ultimate truck driving challenge begins with CargoAnimalTransporter Truck driving on uphill, mountains, and steeppaths isnot an easy task. Show your good driving skills as theextreme protrucker to drive heavy duty transporter truck carryingcargo, boxes,barrels, woods, logs, hens, cows and othertransportation vehicles.Rugged terrains are not easy to drive onso bring out the real hillclimb driver inside you. Drive theultimate off-road hill climbertruck carrying cargo. Drive throughthe mountains and hills withhigh speed. Land sliding could blockyour path anytime. Ensure thesafety of the cargo while you driveinside the off road villagearea. Drive 4x4 cargo truck inside thehills and show your extremedriving skills. Drive high performanceheavy duty road trailer onyour mobile devices or android tablets.Enjoy realistic drive withartificial intelligence extreme haveytraffic on streets. Easy tocontrol and fun to play steer, sprintand drag huge vehicle in 3Dsimulator like never before.Get ready for the king of all truck transporter gamesAttach the truck trailer with your heavy truck and drivethroughhills. You will drive the heavy transport truck in extremehilldriving conditions to your destination. Off-road terrain,hills,forests, mountains, extreme twists and different weatherconditionswill test your driving skills! Drive your transport truckcarefullyand try not to damage cargo. Start your adventure on curvyroads.Load a heavy wood logs, drums, boxes, hens and cows totransferthem from one place to another with safely in busiest offroad.Driving on off road is the toughest job for you so you have todoit very attentively. Take turn with very smartly without losingordamaging things. Pick up your device to install this game andenjoythe 3d game play with off-road realistic environment.Playedparking, cargo delivery and fast speed driving on empty racetracksnow face the challenge to drive against real time traffic inhillzone. Download fast paced gameplay with superb sounds andvividgraphics for your android phone and tablet. Enter thefuriouscircuit and show champion skills feel the acceleration andsoundsof tires on off road surfaces with high performancetrucksFeatures of Cargo Animal Transporter Truck- Easy to learn and drive- Latest model offroad heavy truck.- Different locations and trucks to choose- Truck simulator game with high quality HD graphics- Steering, left right touch buttons, steering handle- Hours of fun
US Army Oil Tanker Transporter 1.0
Welcome to Army Oil tanker Transporter2017Simulator.A US army base ordered few thousand gallons of oil inmountainousand hilly area. This army oil tanker is going to deliveroil fromoil refinery to the army base. This US army oil tankercontainshighly flammable gasoline. This difficult and dangeroustask needsa passionate and adventurous driver which must be highlytraineddriver. Our US army battalion is under war and their oilsupply isvery limited. Our army soldiers are in battlefield withall oftheir heroic deeds and need your help. Don’t let your countrygetdishonored and humiliate. You as a truck driver must reachtodestination safely and on time.In this game you are the driver of oil tanker transporterforarmed forces and drive your offroad army truck and cargo trucktoarmy base in this army transport game. Driving throughhills,mountains, steep paths and dangerous locations in thisextreme armytruck simulator game can be challenging for any armytruck driver.You have handle the off road army truck drivingchallenge in thisArmy Oil Tanker Transporter game to provide fuelto army gasstations for on going army rescue missions againstterrorists inwestern areas of the country.This game provides you a chance to help our US army. Ifoilsupply is late then our army would be immobilize. It is yourdutyto drive this truck and help your soldiers. This army truck ishighpowered and sophisticated machine which will benefit youtocomplete your challenges in harsh environment. US army oiltankeris realistic driving game in which oil tanker is attached.Try toachieve all challenges provided in this game help outbravesoldiers. Driving oil tanker in rough terrain is verydifficult andchallenging but you can do this for your country andfor yoursoldiers.Features of Army Oil tanker Transporter 2017SimulatorGame:★ Real Cargo truck and oil transportation challenges★ Real Experience of Up Hill Army Tanker Driving★ Off Road Heavy Vehicle Driving Adventure★ Drive Army trucks to race, park and transport Oil.★ Unlock new trucks with realistic vehicle physics bycompletingchallenging jobs.★ Amazing 3d Hill environments and treacherous bumpy tracks
Liberty City Coach Bus 2017 3D 1.1
Start your city driver job fortransportingpassengers and tourists.Now you can learn to drive coach bus without any fee. LibertybusDriving school is now in your home, just a single tap away fromyou.Bus Coach driving is available in the market now. Become areal busdriver who travels from one big city to some far awayareas. Thiswonderful simulation game will start from a city andtravel throughwide streets and beautiful bus stop. As a busdriver, manypassengers will be waiting for you at bus stations andyou have tocarry them to their destinations. Now a days, there isrush in cityof tourists who are willing to visit different partsof the country.You will be their guide and driver in thiswonderful sim. This willbring adventure in your life. Driving bigbus on long route is notan easy task to do. You will feel yourselflike a real paidtransporter. Environment of this game will beamazingly attractivefor you as a player. This game is free forsmart phone users.Get ready for a speedy jumbo adventure.The gameplay revolves inside the city and beautifulnaturescenes. Be careful with your driving. Drive bus and takepeoplefrom one place to another may be one beautiful resorts, showthemamazing places and landscapes. Make sure that your passengersfeelsafe in your coach while you drive your passengers totheirdestination. Driving with real-time physics is an adventure inthiscoach bus simulator game. Driving a coach bus is never aneasytask. Tourists are waiting for their pick and drop service.Movingtraffic will be a big hurdle while driving on the roadscrowdedwith traffic. Enjoy your duty as the bus driver andkeeptransporting passengers and tourist. In this driving simulatoryouwill get to drive the big bus on the city roads. Anadventurousdrive but yet a difficult vehicle to handle on the cityroads. Thisdriving simulator will take you to the thrill of coachbus driving.Your gameplay will show you different sceneries varyingfrom bigcities with sky scrapers and extreme city tracks andnatureresorts. Realistic bus controls and physics and detailed citywillkeep you engrossed as a bus duty driver in the bussimulator2017.Liberty City Coach Bus 2017 - Game Features🚏Real life Coach parking situations🚏Easy to Control, Drive & Enjoy bus driving simulator🚏Multiple camera views🚏Simulation & Driving Adventure🚏Great dynamic Game play
New Tractor Farming Simulator 1.0
Jame Smith is living in countryside ofNewHolland with his family. He is living with his two childrennamedMarie and John and also his father. The whole smith family iswellreputed farmers from generations to generations. Now, hisfathergives his heritage to Jame and all his farms, his animals andallhis machinery like trucks, harvester, crop choppers,trolley,sprayer to him. He is very interested in farming from hisearlychildhood age.Like wise, his young boy is also eager to workwithhis father but he is too young for farming. They are farmerswhoproduced pure natural food and contributed in the economy ofhiscountry. This realistic 3D graphics game is based on Jame'slife.It is a great chance for you to step into Jame's shoes andenjoyreal farming exhilarating experience.Jame' father had huge area for farming. They usually growwheatand corn crops. They also had a small market after crossingtheriver. Grow new crops and sell them to a market for money.Butbefore this you will have to go through the complete processofgrowing the crops. Ploughing the field, then sprayingthepesticides , watering the fields and all the rest of theworkrequired for the farming. You are also required to transporttheanimals to the city market to sell them and earn profit. Driveyourmachinery carefully as countryside roads are very bumpy.Now its time to become a virtual farmer. Get ready for themostamazing and traditional experience of your life. Earn enoughmoneyto give your children a better life. Farming Simulatoradventure isa new concept where you will feel like a real virtualfarmer. Usemodern machinery to experience the life of a farmer. Thewheat cropis ready to harvest with the help of harvester machine.Then choosethe fertile land plough it and make path for seed withthe help ofdrill machine attach with your tractor, transfer theanimals fromvillage to city for sale. After selling the animalscome back togive water to your crops, spray your fields to killinsects whichcan damage your crop, wait for sometime when wheatfully growagain. Harvest them and transport them to warehouse onyourtransport tractor. Take crops to the city to sell them forhandsomeamount of moneyFarming Simulator Tractor sim 2016 Features-- New highly detailed 3D graphics and a slickuserinterface.- Plant wheat, canola or corn and sell it in a city market.- Take good care of your animals and sell them to market toearnprofit.- Enjoy all stages of having a farm- Get out in the field and harvest your crops- Realistic tractor farming simulator- Manage everything at your own farm- Drive tractors and a combine
Crane Excavator Builder Road 1.0
Welcome to Crane Excavator Builder Road !!Excavator games are really fun and enjoyable becausejustthinking of controlling such machines makes you happy.Fromchildhood to adulthood, I am obsessed with excavator andcranes. Itis my dream to control such a huge machinery and do heavywork likedigging and moving things from one place to another. Tocontrolcrane and move cars which are stuck in some place. Thinkingofhelping people with the help of these machines gives mepleasure.When I grow up I saw the drivers of heavy machines workinginscorching sun and doing hard labor. They gained respect inmyheart. It is clear that this profession is very tough andrequiresreal hard work.Every child dreams about controlling heavy excavators andcranes.There is special attraction in these machines. If you arealso loverof these machines come and feel the driving experienceof differentexcavators and cranes in this game and fulfill yourdream. Becareful as these machines are heavy and controlling themis verydifficult. Once you get behind the steering wheel of thesandexcavator vehicles all your focus should be only on how tocompletethe construction simulator task effectively andefficiently.Drive & control heavy machines like sand excavator, mightycraneand dump truck. Roll up your sleeves for a hard labor withreal goodmoney. This is your chance to become a part of therealisticexcavator simulator with some crane and loader missions.Remember tokeep safety on the working construction site.Time to put that hat on and act as a heavy excavator operator tointhis loader simulator game. Think about lifting debris inaconstruction city with your backhoe.Driving an excavator machine is now a great fun experienceforeveryone in this game.Take care of Safety while completingyourmissions in time. Dare yourself to become part of thisheavymachinery mayhem. Once again we bring the fun &thrillingsmooth 3D action simulation adventure to you.★★★ Features ★★★• Play as mighty excavator operator and dump truck driver• Real construction site detailed environment.• Real physics in heavy equipment machine movement.• Heavy throttle digging & construction sounds.• Smooth & challenging HD game play.• Amazing 3D animation totally FREE to play.• Detailed & highly competitive game levels.• Real life Terrain experience• Easy to control with your fingers and touch
Superhero Clown Escape 2017 1.2
Criminal Clown are very rare as clowns areusually funny and entertaining. Criminal Clown concept is veryterrifying because people does not expect any criminal activityfrom these clowns. This game gives you thrilling experience ofterrifying the whole town with this clown. Criminal clown hasextremely unique and creative yet evil ideas to frightening thewhole city. This clown is mafia criminal clown gangster and he hasits own clown robbery gangster squad. This grand robbery legend isnow haunting in the bank, supermarket parking areas, malls andsupermarkets with his evil plans.Last month several people sees this creepy clown with long knife inhis hand. People reported to police and police is searching thiscriminal clown in all the city. City's gangsters are trying tocontact this criminal clown and the call him a killer clown. Whilein city he is famous as street crime clown. First this clown isfamous for robbery and involve in many robbery. These robbery areuniquely done by this criminal clown and thus known as clownrobbery like supermarket clown robbery, clown bank robberyetc.After several robberies, police caught him and lock him behind thebars. But he carefully planed clown escape mission and make alliesinside the police station. These allies make criminal clown escapepossible. During his jail escape clown is chased by the police andhe killed several police man and escaped by showing his clown truckdriving skills. This is one of the spectacular scene of policechase vs clown escape which ended in the result of clownescape.Several gangsters are now using different clown outfits to frightenthe city and a terrifying era of clown fighting begins which wecall clown attack mafia crime war. Due to police killing, thiscriminal clown is now the city clown gangster who is ready to tearthe peace of city. If you ever think of frightening the city andcarry out you evil plan than this game is for you. Step into shoesof this city gangster clown and enjoy the thrilling experience ofyour life.★★★ Features ★★★◆ Creepy criminal clown as players◆ Amazing real 3D environment.◆ Fist fighting, assault rifle and batons.◆ Criminal missions with each unique tasks.◆ Smooth and intuitive controls.◆ High Quality 3D UI & Graphics◆ Hardcore stunt simulation games.◆ Running, Shooting and walking mode
Super Hero Stickman Clown Game 1.1
Be amazed to enjoy the unique conceptofstickman game. If you are a fan of stickman games and clowngamesthen you are on right place. Super hero stickman clownoffersultimate stickman fight with all the super hero qualitiesofstickman. This stickman character will be your next superhero.Thisis the best crazy action game with stickman main hero flyingandkilling city gangsters. Now enjoy flying stickman superhero.You will be fighting against city gangsters and flying like asuperhero. You must have no mercy against them. To win, you have tokillthem all. Watch out ... you'll face numerous warriors. Theirbigboss will not hesitate to mangle you so kill them all beforetheywill kill you. Dodge them with all the abilities you are givenandfight those bad people. You are a leader of superhero rescuefrontline who is going to rescue whole city from all the clowngangsterswho are spreading fear in the city.In this game your will be creating your own superhero andstickman.If you did good work you will be next superhero of city.The cityis full of crazy criminals. Eliminate them all and help thepolicedepartment to ensure peace in the city. Stickman warriorcontrol isin your hand. Play like a true hero and make superheroesalliance.This is one of the best stickman flying game and specially madeforyou to experience the real stickman character in action.Downloadnow and enjoy the challenging and fun filled actiongame!!Super Hero Stickman clown Features:* Crazy action game with stickman main hero.* Epic battles with a lot a surprises* Pure madness while in air. Smash and run over your enemies.* Build your defense into an unbeatable fortress* High-tech graphics and realistic physics.* Fast paced arcade military shooter* Endless path of a flying hero.
Train Mechanic Workshop Garage 1.1
Get ready for the new kind of trainmechanic simulator in 2017 in which you are going to modify yourtrainsA very specialized train mechanic opened his garage at trainstations to modify your trains. He is the expert of train enginesand repair all kinds of train engines including bullet trainengines and will love to overhaul train as per your wishes like carmechanic workshop and Bike Mechanic workshop garage games. So,bring your trains to Stephen's workshop and see how he makes themawesome rides for you. Repair the heavy engine of train in thisworkshop just other bus mechanic, truck or bike mechanic workshopin other games of workshop garage and services stationNow dare to dream your train fully upgraded to the finest level.Give Stephen a chance to repair, build and customize your bulletand euro trains in this train mechanic workshop. Along with bulletand euro trains, he is certified to perform various repair jobslike painting and customizing to the highest levels. All therepairing of trains is done at train station workshop which isfully in control of Stephen. He also builds a train track fortesting the repaired and modified trains.Play real train mechanic workshop 3D simulator game and enjoyunique gameplay as working in the biggest garage ofvehiclesRun auto train repair shop in USA and fix trains encounter in traincrashes. You will have to repair the engine, body, train whistleand fill up the oil and charge or change the battery and do customtrain modifications as well. So pick up your screw and wrench andstart working on real train mechanic workshop simulator 2017.Take out your mechanic tool box to do the basic repairing likejoint and fix up broken parts, tight the loose nuts & bolts,fill the oil, change the battery, reconnect the lights and doexciting paint job like super mechanic. Take out dents from clunkertrain body around fender and do welding. The best entertainment fortrain lovers is here now. Enjoy the best train mechanic simulator17 and get ready to repair and modify your trains.Game Features- Basic train Repairs of all Kinds- Build, Repair, Detail and Customize- 3D Train Mechanic Simulator- Massive garage with all mechanical instruments and advancedmachines- Super amazing animations with incredible 3D graphics
Offroad Jeep Driving Sim 2017 1.1
Get Ready to experience the mostdangerousoffroading games of 2017!!Off-Road Jeep simulator 2017 is a physics based off-road racinggamewith realistic 3D graphics. Fan of offroad jeep driving inforestand mountain than download this extreme jeep drivingsimulator andexperience the 4x4 offroad jeep hill driving. Youwill be drivingamazing SUVs, Range Rover, Trucks, Monster Trucks,and Jeeps in awild, roadless environment. If you think you canhandle this thantake part in this renegade riding challenge of2017. Show your hillclimb jeep driving skills and hill racingstunts to get a freeoffroad driving license. One of best jeepdriving game with steeringwheel controls. Other controls are alsoavailable.A group of 4x4 vehicle owners are gathering in a hillyandmountainous area of USA to challange one another and showtheirextreme driving skills to the world. If you think you arebetterthan those hill climbing racers than join them and show themyourdriving skills by driving your luxury prado jeep in thoseroad-lessenvironment. There will be different challenges in thisgame likeyou will be driving in extreme uphill and downhill offroad or youwill be racing in these environment with other racers.Don't worryabout the police car chase as police and army soldiersare alsotaking part in this offroading event with their army jeepandoffroad police jeeps.Choose your favorite vehicle from variety of vehicles and driveitthrough a rugged terrain in hilly island, enjoy jeep drivinginwater and bumping into mountains.Enjoy extreme 4x4 Jeep drivinginoffroad map just like driving car in mountain hills. Climb ahighmountain with 4x4 offroad jeep hill driving, race along thedeathdefying narrow rocky ridge and avoid getting stuck in anarrowtrench. Your driving will be surely tested in this reallifedriving test simulator.★★Offroad Jeep Driving Sim 2017 Features★★★ Hill climb levels through high mountains anddifferentobstacles★ Amazing Selection Of High Quality 4x4 Vehicles★ Different rocky environments to feel real offroaddrivingexperience★ Best physics Engine, hydraulics Brake and Boost Updates★ Realistic front, neutral and back gears to move all aroundthemountain.★ Engine, Brake and Boost Updates"
Bullet Train Racing Simulator 1.0
Do you ever think of train racing in reallife?Well, Its not possible. But this game gives you a chance todrivetrains at high speed and compete other train drivers. Trainracingis not like road racing like car racing, bike racing ortruck racingetc. Train racing is all about reaching at selectedtrain stationsin less time than other train drivers and care forpassengers thatare sitting in your train. In this train racingsimulator you willhandling long train from a cockpit view and racewith other traindrivers. This Bullet train racing simulator is thebestdemonstration of train simulator with realistic 3D environmentfortrain games lover. If you are a pro train lover than get onthetracks, take control in the train cockpit view, avoidderailmentand enjoy the modern ride along the track.Once there was boy who lives near the railway track in India.Thisboy fell in love with train which passes on this railwaytrack.First he watched the train and wave hands to the driver thenaftersome days he saw person waving red flags to the driver. Thisboymade a red flag and start waving to the driver. The drivernoticesthe little boy waving his red flag to him he blow whistle totheyoung boy. Now every day the boy wave the red flag to thedriverand driver blow whistles to the boy. Now this boy israilwayminister of India. This game creation is inspired by thisyoung boywho truly love the train. If you are also in love withtrains thandownload this train racing game and express yourlove.What's Inside the Game:Bullet train racing simulator is the best train game of 2017withlots of trains like bullet trains, euro trains and all theIndiantrains with perfect engine physics. Enjoy driving thesetrainshaving different speed and control specifications. There arealsomultiple locations and weather conditions which allow youtocustomize location and environment to play train racer inyourdesired condition.With Train Simulator 2016 it’s time to fulfill your dreams asyoubecome the pro train operator and engine driver.Yourresponsibility is to maintain train's fuel and drive it fromonestation to other. You will be driving different types ofengineslike steam engine, diesel engine or electric engine. YourJob is totake the passenger from one station to another safely ontime. Nowput your hands on the transport train steering and be theroadmaster of the city. Challenge yourself to become an expertdriverof this heavy fuel transporter train.FEATURES➫ Drive Bullet Train Simulator 3D Features:➫ Perfect 3D graphics and well-detailed environment➫ Four different environments and weathers➫ Great dynamic game play➫ Swipe left and right to take turns➫ real experience of driving big speed train games.➫Endless Fun for Both Adults & Kids➫Enjoy six different types of trains"""
Extreme Truck Racer Simulator 1.0
Are You Ready to Experience TripleDigitRide?!!The best cargo truck simulation is on the road and ready tobeexplored by extremely experienced truck drivers. Set behindthewheels and buckle up your seat belt to experience the besttruckcargo delivery simulator. Enjoy offroad Storming races indieseltrucks and become the pro trucker in open world environment.Startyour training as an inexperienced bus driver for whom itisimpossible to complete the missions and levels. SuperAmericantrucks are ready in garage. You will race for the unlockedones.Drive at extreme speeds without taking damage. Master yourdrivingskills while driving on US off roads truck simulator of2017.Show all the drivers on the road that you are the fastesttruckdriver. Don't smash rivals, just overtake to bate them. Ifyouthink you are a truck driver then you can check your drivingskillsby this amazing American truck simulator 2017. You will beenjoyingcargo truck extreme hill drive, cargo truck parking andtruckrepair in this truck simulator. Become the fastest truck racerwithyour high performance American trucks!Maintain your speed above 100 km in order to get score andenjoyfast trucking experience in addition to coins. With thecoinsearned, you can unlock new American and euro trucks and alsonewracing tracks. Besides, you can customize your trucks byupgradingbraking, acceleration and handling skills of your Americantrucksto race in extreme. Demolition will not bring coins butdistanceand close overtakes are to get a high score. When youovertake thevehicles in opposite direction, you get morescore!There are various racing modes in the game so you can enjoyyourfavorite racing mood with your favorite American 18 wheelertrucks.The racing modes of the game: endless one way, endless twoway,time trial, free ride and daily rewards. Endless one islesschallenging than endless two way and in two way mood you cangainmore coins by close overtaking. Time trial is very challengingasyou have to complete the task in a given time. Free ride isfortrue truck simulator fans. There are multiple environmentsandweather conditions to customize your gameplay environment.USA Truck Racer Simulator PRO Features:- Inteligent AI traffic system- Detailed interiors for each truck brand- Changeable truck color and wheels- Up-gradable speed, handling, braking- Free coins for a video- Realistic weather conditions and day/night cycle- Acceleration options: auto and manual- Steering options: tilt and touch