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Duty Commando Army shooting! 1.7
Aim and Shoot! Modern Commando Street waris#1first person shooter game that will blown you away!An over-the-top shooter in every sense, Modern Elite Snipertakesyouon a whirlwind tour of the criminal Enemies underworld.You areasniper shooter ready to play your part in dangerousattacksandsilent assassin missions.Commando Street war - Mitch isyourprimecharacter in this one of sniper shooting games.You are the new IGI Commando on the front line ofthebattlefieldagainst the most dangerous terrorist threats totheglobal worldorder!This is a modern war fought by an alonecommandoused to be asniper in the mountains once. Move throughtheenvironments injuicy first person missions and taketheall-important KillShots!Test your special skill; arm and marshal yourself withdeadlyaloneepic war assassin machine guns.Kill shooter is a First person action game, allows usertoexperienceone of the most thrilling experience of combatmissionsthroughoutthe streets of Brussels.Protect your city by Killing all the so calledsoldiersroamingaround the city. Last city is under attack you havetoprotect yourchina town by killing all the soldiers and become awarhero. Thisfps game has three different kinds of sniper Riflesyoucan usethem if you have specified points. You canpurchasecontractsnipers from sniper store which can be viewed fromMainmenu andfrom the pause menu of the Rolando game.The fury shooter is the premier first person aloneshooterexperiencefor mobile phones and tablets.Features:- Aiming from the left side of the screen.- Fire Button on bottom right.- Zoom button is above Fire Button.- Top left corner shows you score/points.- Top right corner displays Enemies Killed.- Unique art style- Free roaming stages- Thrilling sound effects- Bullet time!- Destroy-able environment- Full functional enemy base environment!
Mermaid salon princess world 1.2
You are as a mermaid and ready to enjoy wavesof underwater activities! Enjoy very cute environment and moveunder water with waves.she has come very far away from hercastle.Now you have to help her to find her way back to castle andsave the cute little mermaid.Play as a cute mermaid and enjoymarine life from the shoes of this enchanting mythical creature.The charming mermaid will take you to enchanting journey of seaadventure.There is much fun as you try to go through the lots of levels andcompleting different tasks.So you can explore the fantastic underwater world, full withaquatic creatures.So you have to help the mermaid to get back to her castle byavoiding those dreadful creatures.The ocean is not a safe Zone fora little and cute mermaid to be alone.How To Play:The user can control mermaid through joystick.Joystick Controls are very smooth and comfortable.Features:Amazing the real ocean views.You feel like wandering in Real ocean.Feel like a real mermaid in the ocean.Good GraphicsEasy to play
Sniper Swat:Death Shooter 1.2
Join the war for Europe in the exciting sequelto Sniper Swat Death Shooter. Close in on the Occupation with eachmission, make your way to the heart of Berlin, and lead the Armedforces to Borderline victory!History depends on you!Master challenging objectives in Sniper missions to clearwar-torn border area and rural villages of Axis invaders! Become aspecial operations solider to take down the deadliest, high-profileenemy officers and destroy valuable military targets usingsnipers,New and improved Sniper are at your disposal to help lead theAllied forces to victory.Fight with your whole arsenal and utilizeyour sniper rifles,With cutting-edge graphics and precise controls,you can see and feel the action.Sniper Swat Death Shooter is one of the best and unique sniperShooting 3D game in Playstore for 2015!As an elite commando sniper your mission is to protect your countryunder attack by destroying the enemy with limited ammunition andlifeline.Try the real life dare devil action on daring War Area with yourfavourite sniper commando.Aim and Shoot with Commando Sniper Swat !Sniper swat Death Shooter game is one of the best daredevil snipergame in play store that is stunning and mindblowing!Feature:1.High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!2.Realistic 3D graphics in subway circuit3.Simple to Use Controls4.Excellent sound effects a music5.No in app purchase6.Fast paced gameplay7.Controlled shotsNow hold your breath and pull the trigger!We will be grateful if you provide your feedback and suggestionsto standardgames620@gmail.comto improve the Sniper Swat Death Shooter
Edit Your Photos 1.2
“Edit your photos” is an photo editor forandroid phone, featured with amazing capabilities to apply endlesseffects to images and photos. Select images from camera or galleryof your device and give them amazing looks through features likerotation, flip, crop, clone, resize, color splash and fine-tuningetc.It’s amazing features include:· User friendly android photo editor· Ability to crop, rotate, flip, resize, clone, draw, and fine tunephotos and images· Selection of photos from gallery as well as camera· Live view of endless effects· Change background, customize themes and create wallpapers· Ability to Blur, sharpen, whiten smile and remove red eye· Multiple fonts text and add caption options· Numerous fun stickers and unique frames· Ability to share on social media (facebook, twitter, picase,whatsapp, flickr etc)· Conversion to pdf, png, gif, jpeg etc
Where's My Delivery Water 1.1
You are as a water tanker driver, your task isto deliver water from water station to different locations in acity. When you deliver water on one destination then assign younext destination. Map is available on the screen which is definethe destination. Destination show in map with red dot and watertanker show with green dot. Drive carefully and don't collide withhurdles and other traffic.If you collide with any hurdle,pole,treeor other traffic then water tanker damage and start water leakage.Your task is deliver water in limited time and maximum quantity ofwater.Download install and accept challenge, drive water tanker and enjoythis simulation game.How to play:- Accelerator is on the right bottom side of the screen- Brake button is available beside the accelerator button- Drive through staringFeature:- Water Tanker- Filling Station- Effective Environment- Good Graphics- Easy to play
Crazy Archery Deer Hunt 1.2
Crazy archery deer hunt is very interestinggame. Hunt deer in a very beautiful jungle environment. Deer arewalking in jungle and some are coming for drinking water on astream. You must hunt if three deer then you can clear first level.When you hunt one deer, get 100 score. you have limited arrows. Ifyour arrows finish and require score is not complete, so levelfailed and game is over. you should hunt efficiently andaccurately. If you are archery master then you must be enjoy thisdeer hunting game. Accept challenge and clear all levels. If youare keen of hunting, so you must download and play this crazyarchery deer hunting game.How to play- Set target on touch and hunt through hunt button- Hunt button is on the right bottom side of the screen- Hunt deer and gain maximum scoresFeatures- Deer- Archer with horse- Good graphics- Easy to play- Attractive environment
Sniper SWAT Action Blitz 1.2
Join the war for Europe in the exciting sequelto Sniper Swat Action blitz. Close in on the Occupation with eachmission, make your way to the heart of Berlin, and lead the Armedforces to Borderline victory!History depends on you!Master challenging objectives in Sniper missions to clearwar-torn border area and rural villages of Axis invaders! Become aspecial operations solider to take down the deadliest, high-profileenemy officers and destroy valuable military targets usingsnipers,New and improved Sniper are at your disposal to help lead theAllied forces to victory.Fight with your whole arsenal and utilizeyour sniper rifles,With cutting-edge graphics and precise controls,you can see and feel the action.Sniper Swat Action Blitz is one of the best and unique sniperShooting 3D game in Playstore for 2015!As an elite commando sniper your mission is to protect your countryunder attack by destroying the enemy with limited ammunition andlifeline.Try the real life dare devil action on daring War Area with yourfavourite sniper commando.Aim and Shoot with Commando Sniper Swat !Sniper swat Action blitz game is one of the best daredevil snipergame in play store that is stunning and mindblowing!Feature:1.High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!2.Realistic 3D graphics in subway circuit3.Simple to Use Controls4.Excellent sound effects a music5.No in app purchase6.Fast paced gameplay7.Controlled shotsNow hold your breath and pull the trigger!
Assassin Swords Fighting 3D 1.3
Sword Warriors Fighter 3DSamurai Fight Fatal fight is a classic Syndication but addictivearcade fighting game, Combine the features of Action Fighting,Stage Complete and Role Playing Game, together have this Excitingaction fighting game! You can experience the thrilling Sensationwith Deadly combos! Come and fight with thousands of swords ninjasand monsters right now!Your Android is your Sword! Samurai Sword Fight Takes the game offthe screen and the real world. Connect two mobile or tabletstouches over Wi-Fi and Sword fight face-to-face with a friend!Anticipate your opponent's Moves, block his or her attack ... andthen strike.A cool mobile fighting game in the style of Samurai Shodown andShadow Fight, but also suitable for anybody looking for a casualfighting gameThe fighting game is rich in different types of arts such as kungfu, ninja fight, karate and etc.High-quality graphics! Stunning special effects! Fatal FightPresent you the best gaming experience!Our game is free to download and playTurn your phone a virtual Sword! features:- 5 original locations- 50 levels with more to come!- 16 fighting skills with more to come!- Classic game-play mechanics- Great fighting action!- Thousands of Enemies with a various kung fu styles.- Free to play-Realistic Weapon sounds that are activated when you move yourphone-Three Themes to choose from: pirate, knight, and ninja-Each Theme contains its own soundtrack, set of weapons, andrelated sounds for a- Fully immersive experience- SINGLE PLAYER AND TWO PLAYER Sword FIGHTING GAME AND- Simulation!- NEW! NOW AND BLOCK FROM attack any ANGLE.
Helicopter Gunship Strike War 1.1
Helicopter gunship strike war is the challengegame for you. You are on helicopter, helicopter move on the top ofthe enemies ship. Shoot targeted enemies, clear the ship fromdangerous terrorists and complete missions. In each level you havedifferent task, first level is easy rather than other levels.In next levels the enemies are efficient and more power full. Innext levels some enemies attack on them with bombs. Bombs can bedamage your helicopter. Your health much decrease when any bomberattack on you. You are include in gunship battle , don't waste yourtime and set your target accurately and shoot the enemies.How to play:- Set aim on touch and shoot the enemies- Fire button is available on the right bottom side of thescreen- Shoot the target enemies and complete missionsFeature:- Helicopter- Ship- Fps- Attractive environment- Good graphics- Easy to play
Bank Robbery:Police 3D 1.1
Bank Robbery:Police 3D is a game in whichrobber rob the bank and try to run and reach on save place. Thebank manager inform to police about robbery. Police reach urgentlyand try to chase the thief. You are as a police solider and try toexpose this grand bank robbery. In first level robber is only one,that's easy for you. You can chase easily. In next levels number ofrobbers increase, so that's very difficult to chase all robbers inlimited time duration. you have limited time, if the time end thengame is over because robber successfully reach on save place andnow he is out of your range.Chase the robber in limited time duration in a city is verychallenging job. The best police chase game is here.For the timelimit robbers can disable have an arrow that is for your guide.How to play:- Use joystick- Run button appear when robber is in your range- Green arrow is for your helpFeatures:Multiple levelsAttractive environmentEasy to playAmazing HD graphics
Firestorm Death Race 1.1
Have you craze the race in Fire Storm? Whereenemy military jeep and their jet is continuously firing missileson you. Your enemy thinks that their target locking system is 100%accurate which they are using to kill you, so prove them wrong andgive them the message that their target locking system is stillbeatable. Collect maximum gems of the road and survive as long asyou can. There is always an option of using Shield during game playwhich will provide you an extra life. Cover maximum distance andenjoy this survive raceHow to Play:- Tilt you device to avoid from missiles and rockets.- Collect Gems to increase your points- Shield button is on the right bottom corner of the screen- If you have 200 coins, you can purchase shieldFeatures:- Cool 3D graphics and visual effects- Different Camera Views- Free Protection Shield- Good quality sound effects.- No time Limit, Unlimited Play and Fun
Football Real Match 2015 1.2
REALISTIC, IMMERSIVE, ADDICTIVE.Football RealMatch 2015 is here, and it’s better than ever! Crammed full ofamazing features, modes, stunning graphics and fluid gameplay, thisyear’s edition is not to be missed. Football Real IS YOURGAME!Football Real Match 2015 is most extreme Football game. This soccer3D game will give your real experience of professional Game tasteespecially develop for those who love to play football Worldcup.Football real Game is ready for you. We're bringing you a real,free fantasy simulation and a comprehensive manager game.You have to score as many goals as you can kick the football bykick and Goal button.Football Real Match 2015 – Be a Soccer Manager!Have you ever wondered what it would be like to manage afootball club?Challenge yourself in a brand new Football Real 2015! The mostpopular online football management game now brings you a whole newexperience in the biggest update ever!Game features:1.Well control buttons for player ease2.Cool graphic and setting feature.3.Real Football Game for Android phones4.Smoother and more realistic and optimized graphics for bothplayers and perfect football stadiums.5.Compete with your friends with the integrated world rankingleaderboardGame Controls:1.Pass button" for pass and tackle.2.Kick button" for shoot the football.
Village Sniper shooting 1.0
Soldier,We have hazard in a jun valley besides the mountain vi. Anomaly ww2d-day activities are seen there. Tire yourself shooting and killingthe creatures there. Showdown pro and stop gore, clear the fieldsas matador and end up draft av. Beware, these creatures may seeminnocent but these are dangerous as terrorism. Their death willshield the mountain vi, not anything else. Complete final missionand become a hero.How to play:There are 4 levels in which 64 creatures attack your sniperhittman. Don’t let them smite your shooter.
Crow Hunter In City 1.1
Shoot the crows before they can fly. it'schallenging, its a good adventurous experience of you. It’s a goodshooting game challenging your speed and accuracy . A fun game thatrequires skill and patience in which you will have to take aim andshoot with absolute accuracy to hunt down the birds that willotherwise fly away. You may not become an expert hunter in the veryfirst attempt but do not give up because you will improve withpractice.How to Play:- Tap the fire button on the screen to shoot- Use the zoom button for a better viewFeatures:- Addicting and tense-driven game of skill a- Incredibly detailed bird animations and actions- City hunting environments- Good graphics
Helicopter Simulation Strike 1.1
The most awaited Helicopter Simulation Strikegame is on play store NOW. Fasten your kit and rule on the sky. InHelicopter Simulation Strike you are on a combat mission asFighting Helicopter Pilot to clear the area which has been occupiedby some bloody terrorists. You are supposed to successfully getclear occupied area from enemies by exercising your excellent HeliFlying & shooting skills to ensure world a safer and betterplace for peace loving humans. It’s time to play your decisiverole, your land needs your selfless services. Come on, Play yourreal role, roar the region with the hover of your hawkishhelicopters.Helicopter Simulation Strike provides you an opportunity to selectyour favorite aircraft to complete your mission successfully.Helicopter Simulation Strike is a Heli based action game, providesfabulous 3D graphics with real-time flying controllingsimulation.MAIN FEATURES:1. Multiple challenging missions.2. Opportunity to choose your favorite Helicopter with distinctivefeatures.3. Select variety of Arms and weapons for your chopper.4. Aircraft flying experience in real 3D environment.5. Successful completion of a mission will lead you to the nextmission i.e. more challenging and addictive.If you like Action, Simulation and Shooting Games then you areabsolutely at right place, simply download and dive to playHelicopter Simulation Strike.
Zombies Park kill 1.1
In this game you have to protect people fromthe un dead zombies. people are enjoying time in amusement park butsudden attack of zombies make them worry.park has two game and zombies cannot enter the park except thesegates. you have stop them entering to the park but if they do tryto kill them as early as possible before killing any of the citizenin the has 10 exodus levels each level completion unlock the nextlevel. and number of zombies increases accordingly.Features:- Different levels to unlock- 3D artwork- Indestructible experienceWill you be the one in city to stop collapses. and accomplishall missions.
Fast Highway Racer 1.1
Fast Highway Racer is one of thebestthrilling highway traffic racer arcade game fordrivinglovers. This is a gift for highway traffic racers to enhancetheirdriving skills while driving car on traffic jam highway. Drivethecar along highway with your drifting skills and collect goldcoinsto become a high scorer. Are you fond of thrilling anddriftingcar? then Fast highway racer game is designed for theplayerslike you to test your driving abilities.Check your driving skills while playing one of the besthighwaytraffic racing game. Drive your car through highway traffic,earncoins, and upgrade your car with high scores.Key Features of Fast Highway Racer Game:★ From the creators of Bird Climb & Spider Square.★Fast Highway Racer is free racing game on android.★ Just one touch to drive the car left or right line.★ It is well developed racing car game with Realistic and Smoothcarhandling.★ The highway environment is beautifully designed withrealityscrivener.★ Game exhibit Cool 3d racing Graphics with RealisticCarPhysics.★ The sound effects reflects the environment of typical highwaywithhorns and break sounds.How to Play Fast Highway Racer.Tap left or right to change the lines on highway.Get coins to unlock new cars for racing.Select different environments for racing.Be careful of blocks and don’t hit them, you will lostthegame.Get high scores to unlock new rounds and cars.TIPS- The faster you drive the more high scores you get.- Get all coins to unlock new features.- Change the line accurately to move forward from the cars.An extraordinary racing environment is waiting for you justdownloadthe game and get thrilled with the best racing game.
Car Classic Simulation 3D 1.3
Fast Car Traffic racing Pro Car Simulator 2016is the best car simulator of 2016, thanks to its advanced realphysics engine. Now you can drive, drift and feel a racing sportscar for free!Be a furious racer on a whole city for you.Fast Car Traffic racingNo need to brake because of traffic or racing other rival vehicles,so you can perform illegal stunt actions and run full speed withoutthe police chasing you!Fast Car Traffic racing Drifting fast and doing burnouts had neverbeen so fun! Burn the asphalt of this open world city!HIGH SPEED DRIVINGRace at high speeds, drive against traffic and overtake cars Buseson road!HIGH QUALITY GRAPHICSEnjoy the cutting edge 3D graphics with realistically createdenvironments and amazingly detailed cars.EXPLORE DIFFERENT THEMESTake a ride in Desert, City,Seaport,Beach, or have a snowy one inWinter.Each environment are realistically created and highlydetailed.GAME MODES FOR EVERY MOODFeel the Fever in One Way and Two Way, rush a quick game in TimeAttack or drive calmly in Free Ride.DRIVE IT YOUR WAYControl your car as you like.MULTIPLE CAMERA ANGLESEach camera angle offers a unique driving experience.THE CAR OF YOUR DREAMSUpgrade your carMake it better, faster, stronger and prettier.SLOW MOTION MODEDon't push your luck in sticky situations, slow time for easierman-oeuvres.It does not last forever but quickly refills.LANGUAGE SUPPORTAvailable in all countries languages sported.KEY FEATURES-Full real HUD including revs, gear and speed.-ABS, TC,CCS and ESP simulation. You can also turn them off!-Explore a detailed open world environment.-Realistic car damage. Crash your car!-Accurate physics.-Control your car with a steering wheel, accelerator orarrows-Several different cameras.- Smooth and realistic driving- 4 detailed environments: Seaport, Desert, City, Beach- 4 game modes: One Way, Two Way, Time Attack, Free Ride- 6 different cars (new cars on the way!)Please rate us and give your feedback for further improvement ofthe game.
Assassin Sniper Mission Killer 1.0
AIM and SHOOT! Get yourself a gun and KILLTHEMALL, suicide attacker &terrorists.Forget those dumb, repetitive shooting games.. But can you solvetheadvanture, save the victims and kill only the right targethidden inthe crowd?The best first person shooter action game! Be the bestprofessionalsniper in every environment!But be careful at every shot: every bullet must blow thetarget'shead. And don't forget soldier: this is dangerous and youarealone! Fulfill your contract and you are rich. Fail, andyoudie.Assassin Sniper Mission Killer: great game play, awesome visualsandentertaining missions. And best of all? It's a free game topass thetime!* Tons of metal GUNS and mortal WEAPONS* ADDICTING game play (FPS)* EASY and INTUITIVE controls* Ultra REALISTIC 3D graphics and cool animation* Not decided yet if you're UP to the CHALLENGE?* Realistic visual effects and the world's best battle music.* Multiple waves and challenging missions.* Different Levels with new Mission and new H D environments.* DisclaimerSniper 3D Assassin is a free game but it contains maturecontent.You may want to keep away it from your kids and youngerBoys. playit both on your phone and table.
Modern Speed Boat Shooting 1.1
Speedboat Shooting game.The best action packed game on play store Boats Driving CrimeGangChase 3D,Bad guys, this boats simulator game will charge yourinnerpursuit in this latest boat crime and gang chase simulationgame.driving a luxury yacht and especially a police yacht iseveryone'sdream.Go boat racing with the best Speed Boats Racing 3D game inplaystore to do daredevil and adventurous stunts in turbulentseawaves.Get ready to show expert assault sniping skills in open wide seainModern Speed Boat Shooting .Modern Speed Boat Shooting Is the Ultimate Gun shooting Game.Shoot the ENEMIES,CRIMINALS,BAD GUYS GANGSTER, as they areattackingyour speedboat cross defender and shoot out.Defend your Boat against on onslaught of bad guys with Uzi'sAK47'SShotguns shooting Rocket Launchers and unlimited guns.shoot to kill, Counter the bad guys with your gun bloodshootingskills. This shooting game will have you addictedReach enemy boats and take down with machine gun but avoid .This speedboats simulator is for all ages, just download it nowandhave everlasting fun and adventure .Game Features:★Realistic speedboats physics.★Use Protective shield to protect you speedboat from firesfromother opponents.★Kill or catch criminals.★Awesome ocean and sea harbor environment.★Stunning 3D graphics and smooth & realisticboatshandling.★Amazing sounds with realistic shooting and blasts.★Smooth and amazing ship control system!★ Extra fast turbo speed of 3D speed powerboats and lake Ohitterrifying day Azi.
Mega Creatures Hunter 1.3
Alarm, alarm! City in hazard!A false scientific assumption results mini creatures turntomonsters. Scientists were making research on 3 dungeon monsterand1 min to convert them tame and gain selva hm. Now thesevitaldragon monsters have raid city and smite people with theirbladeteeth. You, as a legend sniper shooter and hunter are calledtorescue the city. Shield country by hunting, smite each monsterandprotect monster strike and become a hero. Brag bonus and giftsbyplaying this rpg. jeopardyGameplay:There are 5 fantasy creatures: 3 land and 2 air. Bee, Frog,Spider,Rat and Bird. Select your target first. Each monster has 4levels.Select and kill.
Train War Sniper 3D 1.0
Let's play the most exhilarating action trainfurious game. The brutal enemies have occupied your military trainout there hilly outskirts.They have created a hurdle against your military to supply theweapon. These culprits have done huge the crime and and you are thebest marksman to end the rivalry they hostage your military offurious train.Let not your energy level down during the counter strike againstthe invasion. set your aim with a sniper scope view, press thetrigger and shoot the ruthless enemies as a better marksman.Surprise the invader to show your shooter skills and save themilitary of train. In this game you are the incredible decisive andaggressive sniper shooter.Enjoy the full of thrilling 3d and intense shooting, adventuretrain game. There are three scenes of train war sniper 3d. Thisgame have 15 levels. Enjoy playing sniper shooter.***How To Play***- Drag The Screen & Rotate The Gunner- Press Fire Button- Move Around The Bullet Train*** Key Features***- Realistic 3D Graphics- 3 scenes and 15 levels- Different Environments- Amazing Sound Effects- Sniper Scope View- Efficient Control & FPS Game- Challenging Shooter AdventureYou will love first person shooter legendary game play with realmarksman sniper shooter experience.
Cargo Truck Hero Driver 3D 1.0
Get ready to drive a cargo super truckvehicle. In this game you are a monster truck hero and you have toshow your driving skills. Your task is to deliver goods and reachthe destination as fast as you can.Drive your truck fast, but be careful. Protect your cargo truckfrom hurdles and drive carefully on this dangerous hills andmountain. Show your driving skills on zig zag path on dangerouspath. Drive your cargo truck fast, and reach the destination ontime. In this game there are more than 15 levels. In each levelthere are different realistic environment. You can choose differentcargo truck for delivering supplies within a given time period.***How To Play***- Play And Choose The Truck- Tap On Left, Right , Up And Down to control the truck- Press accelerator For Speed- Press Hand Brake For Stop Truck*** Key Features ***- Different Truck- More Then 15 Levels- Different Realistic Environments- Good Steering Wheel Control- Interactive 3D graphics- Well Planned Each Level
Modern World Battleship Strike 1.0
Are you ready to take on your enemies sinkinthe ocean on the high sea. This thrilling battleship strikegameavailable on play store.The game is a modern military battleship strike providingtheengaged with complete military scenario. You can used varietyofweapons and machine gun in this game.The game has 5 levels. After Each level opponents ship shouldbeincreased. Target the opponent's ship through machine gunandcomplete the levels.With the help of ballistic missile you have to kill theopponentsships through machine gun. It's very screwed and intensesituationso dive and elevate.Improve your war skills and target to invader. Do not feelhesitateconsider himself that you are the best invader killer inthe world.Naval Warship Combat is full of action gameFollow the enemies ships circling and crafted for invadewithmachine gun attack when time is right. In the first time onnavalbattleship it has vivid scene for you.The naval warship action game has many features to keepyouentertained, including a straightforward and clear gameinterface,as well as easy to shooting game controls.***How To Play***1- Touch & Drag the Screen rotate your machine gunleft, right, up or down.2- Select Aim & Press fire button.3- Try to shoot & kill the opponent ships.4- protect yourself from opponents missile.*** Game Features***1- Enjoy optimized control with 3D sailing.2- Challenging Missions.3- 3D graphics with high quality.4- Addictive game play5- Beautiful EnvironmentA great naval battleship revolutionary game is waiting foryou.Please participate in the latest battleship strike game.Downloadand enjoy it.For any query or suggestion please make contact with usviastandardgames620@gmail.comThanks For Supporting Us!
Commando Professional Shooter 1.0
This game is based on some commando actionthat brave soldier. This is a kind of war simulation. You are thatbrave soldier and you have to perform selective commandooperations.You have to enter into army camp by landing from militarygunship apache helicopter. Security of camp is very fool proof.Once you enter into the camp, start killing and shooting enemysoldiers. You are equipped with many weapons like sniper shootinggun and AK 47 assault rifle. Use your suitable weapon according tothe situation. There is no chance of re-enforcement and there is nosupply line. You have cross the international border. Now you areon enemy land without any supply line. So keep you ammunition savefor a long battle. You have to kill all the soldier of enemy forthe safety of your homeland. Break the power of enemy by attackingon them on their land before they attack on your country bychallenging safety and defense of your country. Defend your countryby offend on enemy. You this commando action will de-moral yourenemy.In the last operation you have to fight in city area. Enemy hasoccupied whole city. You have to re-conquest the city from enemy.They made the civilian hostages. Fight in city area is a littlemore difficult and tricky. Enemy sniper shooter may be anywhere.Thy can attack on you from windows and roofs of the buildings.First you kill sniper shooters. Keep your head down during fightand always keep yourself in the cover of walls and buildings. Yourenemy is greater in power and resources. They have active supplyline and availability of tons of arms and ammunition. This is notonly a physical war this is also a war of mind. Think well beforeany move. You have to win this war with your courage andwisdom.Enemy can call for air support. Aircraft enemy army fighter jetplans can come anytime for heavy bombing. Enemy also have tanks andartillery support. You alone have to fight with artillery, infantryand air forces of your enemy.You are the last invasion and you are last hope. Fight to win. Door die….. Best of Luck soldier !Feature:1. 3D realistic forest and desert shooting environment2. 10 levels for commando shooting in forest war zone3. 10 levels for commando professional shooting in desert warzone4. Latest sniper guns for shooting enemy5. addictive game play
Bowling 3D Realistic Alley 🎳 1.0
Bowling 3D Realistic Alley is the most excitedand easy game for all sports and bowling game lovers. We areproviding the modern 3D bowling game of 2016 with realisticadventure. You can improve your bowling skills with this fullyincredible game. The environment of this game is very beautiful andfull of joy. You can used different beautiful 3D bowls for strikein this fantastic game. You should become a best player of 3dbowling through this game. You can drag the ball to left or rightposition for strike on pins. So now see, how you can score withconsecutive strike. You can also play 3D bowling game with friends.FeaturesDifferent beautiful 3D bowlsRealistic and incredible game environment18 different game levelsEvery level has two frames
Bubble Shooter Fun Candy 1.0
*** Exciting Bubble Shooter Game ***Play the world famous cannon bubble shooter game. It’s aclassicgame of bubble matching colors shoot. You will never gettired toplay this arcade game. If you love classic and puzzle gamesthenthis game is for you . Download and play this game like abubbledeluxe shooter game. We are glad to bring you a stylish 2Dshooterarcade game. This game is most super fun and a great way tospendyour free time.*** Aim & Skills ***In this addictive bubble ball shooter game every level isveryinterested and challenging. Your aim is eliminate all thematchbubbles and fall it down into basket and get highest scores.Inevery level you have limited moves to complete the level. Youhaveto show your extra ordinary skills by removing all balls fromtopto down. It’s very simple but challenging game where you wanttoshoot bubble from cannon and make clever combinations to finishthelevel.*** Levels ***There are more than ninety levels with the difficultyincreaseand different balls replacement. This game have colorfulgraphicsand real effective sound . You must have to clear all theboardfrom all the matching balls and move to the nextlevelsimultaneously.*** How to Play ***- Tap to screen and hit the target balls- Achieve the target and pass the level*** Key Features ***- Limited moves in each level- Many fun and different levels- Buy Coins and in app purchase- Increase live every fifteen minutes- 2D graphics and realistic environments
Borderline - The Game of Life 1.0
Borderline- The Game of Life is one oftheunique games on Google play store. We developed this game tocheckyou how fast you react on obstacles. This game is very simpleandhave easy controls. There are just two of the buttons onyourmobile screen which are used in this game to control and guidetheline from obstacles with quick reaction.This game is full of enjoyment and addiction. The higheryouconcentrate it will be higher your level will go up andproceed.You just need to observe obstacle and turn it right orleftrespectively to clear the challenges . Borderline is a joyfulgamefor every age. Anyone can play this and who ever become usethisgame will be addicted to it. You will find so many games withlikethis on Google play store but this game is unique full oflevelsand upgraded. If you have any curry about this game oranything youwould like share with us just email us we are alwayshere to helpyou out.Thank you for your support :)Features* Multiple levels and challenges.* Limitless playing line.* Free downloading.* Attractive game.* Cool sound.* Awesome picture quality.
Heli Gunship Strike Battle 1.0
COMBAT HELICOPTER GUNSHIP:,Enjoy the world most power full combat helicopter gunship gameonyour fingers tips. This game offer you the most comprehensiveairstrike battle from your gunship gunner which is heavilyequippedwith heavy guns for attacking enemies in the ground. It isveryeasy to use on your fingertips just like a real one. This is afastapache simulation shooting on which you improve yourself tosaveyour city on rival’s danger war. If you like a shooting andactiongames so this is a best FPS shooting packed for you.Enjoy the unique combination of gunship helicopter warfare innewenvironment and new missions. This is the amazing actionandthrilling gunship gunner game on play store. Let s try tobeginningthe fight between two sided power full helicopter warshipsthat cansave his barrack camp.Create the victory on the shooting game and become a greatarmynavy officer on this simulator game. Complete missions onyourstyle inspired by real-life conflicts. Challenge yourself withthenext mission or replay a custom mission.COBRA HELI GUNNER SHOOTINGThe rival assault hands were use the grenade riffle and highpowerof gunner and helicopter. so the best rotors engine basedcobraHeli, gunship gunner and other anti-air jets are waiting foryou tohelping on the strike battle.According to the intelligence report, enemies have been settinguptheir military bases camp on the outskirts of the border areaandpreparing for a distasteful strike against your camp.You need to strategically use the powerful machine gunsanddestructive consequences missiles to eliminate the one oftheworld’s dangers enemy.Frontier rival targets your helicopter; gliders, Heli andsuperboss tankers are assaulting your land. You need to take chargetoprotect your base and rescue the civilian lands camp.MISSIONS AND TARGETYou are combat helicopter commando. You need to start uphelicopterchopper first from the home base and fly towards theenemy strikearea base space land. When your helicopter enters thedeath zone ofyour strike area first mission is to aim then plan tostrike thetargeted point and protect yourself from their fire androcketlauncher. Your mission is to destroy the enemy area. On yourheavygunship is full of ammo and equipment. So strike it, anddestroytheir camps tank heli and other equipment.HOW TO PLAY :,Start helicopter from the land and fly to spaceControl with tilt and left right button to control thechopperPress the shoot button to attack on the enemy base campsSave your helicopter from the rivals firing and attacksDestroy the targeted area and complete the levelsFEATURES OF GUNSHIP:,Multiple environmentsAmazing 3d graphicsPower gunners and Modern combat helicopterThrilling and action adventurePerfect firing sounds and effectsExciting levels and full of funDifferent missions and real time physicssoft controls
Abs Fitness,Gym Health Teacher 1.1
Abs Fitness,Gym Health Teacher - Abs Workoutis the most advanced ., flexible and creative Abs Fitness,GymHealth Teacher Simulations games . try to transform your body andGet the body of your dreams with no weights or expensivemachines!Whether you’re using weights at the gym routine or doing full bodyworkouts , the gym Home ab Workout games will help you to abexercises belly workout leg workout arm workout air craft healthfitness full body workout coached by expert personal trainers. Thisexercise-plan has been designed to be followed at the comfort ofyour home fitness gym and without the need of any expensivemachines.the abs Workouts games is perfect for people who wants to getfitness home without using any equipment's. you can Follow simpleinstructions and fitness guide and you can workout specific partsor muscles of your body in privacy in your home or office atwork.This is your chance To get all these awesome features to help youlose weight, tone up, and stay fit !• photos that explain each move in details• many bodyweight programs for different fitness goals.• Detailed exercise descriptions• Strength• Cardio• Flexibility• Balance• Athleticism• Core• fitness workouts• workout fitness• fitness workout• body weight fat loss workout• workout and fitness exercises• workout & fitness exercises• body workout• workout planthis workout app is one of the workout apps in the google playstore !the Home Workouts app is here for you to achieve your desiredfitness level:- a lot of Ready to go workouts.- Full body workouts- Ab workouts- Arm workouts- Butt workouts- Leg workouts- Different workout levels.- Guided workout with personal trainer.- Ab exercises- Arm exercises- Leg exercises- Butt exercises- plus many More !you're looking for :* exercise* ejercicio* rutina de ejercicio* workout* workout routines* workout fitness* gym routine* best exercise to lose weight* workout plans* weight lossalso this is on of the best exercise to lose weight and weightlossto your success.Total Fitness is a fitness guide for this sport´s fans. TotalFitness has many exercises and workouts for training at your gym orat home
Speed Bike Snow Racing 2017 1.0
Are you ready for playing this newestandfantastic Snow Bike Racing game? This is winter time and itisreally in there. This area is covered with snow. Race alongtheroad to become the ultimate Snow bike Rider.A great music and sharp sound effects add to the fun. It’stimeto unleash your off-road snow bike skills on some of themostextreme winter mountain roads available. Avoid falling rocksandtreacherous cliff. Your motorbike cross sport bikes as you cangoand win the race.Race for supremacy with our fabulous simulator in one of thehighaddictive extreme snow biking raced game. This game is allaboutplus racing and the gameplay is very simple! Our aim is toonly moveour motorbike skill fully and reach to the finish pointas soonas.It's easy, exciting, and high addictive fatbike racing game!Sogo ahead and race your tremendous simulator to finish lineandbecome a great champion. Two control in this snow bike racingmaniaTilt and button for turn.The basic aim in this game is to race against the othersnowmotorbikes and obtain the 1st position. Start your engine andgearup to race down the track. Race pedal for drive your motorbikesshow in. An amazing racing mania features with exciting racetracksto compete with your bike racing skills.Be an extreme Moto racer and drive the world class snow bikes.Youhave to complete some levels in the given specific time limit.Ifyou do not reach in specific time your game will be over andplayagain.Win the race to Unlock next levels & upgrade new bikestochallenge your opponents. Amazing environment and graphics likeassnow falling, Mountain of snow, houses & animated peoplewhosee your bike race.Change camera in different angles. When you turn in left orrightside brake paddle show in screen for slow and break yourmotor bike.Do not crash/hit other any bikes! If you hit other anybike you failyour level and try again. Amazing and charming soundin bike racemania. I hope when you complete all racing levels youfeelpleasure.Hurry up! Download this interesting snow bike racing gameandenjoy.FREE ON GOOGLE PLAY :)***** HOW TO PLAY *****Press start for play gamePress race button for drive your bikePress break button for slow/ break and reversTilt and button control for bike turn***** GAME FEATURES *****Falling Rocks and treacherousTwo controls (Tilt and button)Change different camera anglesMultiple levelsAmazing graphics and environmentSpecific time limitGreat sound effectsFree on Google play
Airborne Real Car Racing - Free Games 2020 2.0.01
***Accelerate the super car*** Airborne Car Race is an amazingsimulation and the development of superb quality racing stand-alonegame. This is very impassive racing game, where you can drift inthe city. Hold the steering wheel, accelerate the vehicle and rideagainst professional racing rivals. Get ready for the great journeyof the world. Get into your best car and prepare for a fast nfurious drift across the road. You can use nitro to boost up yourcar. Collect more and more nitro boosters to leave your rivalbehind and speed up your car. Drive your car fast on the trickyhighway and asphalt, drag and drift with no fear. Upgrade the carsto increase speed, power and durability of car. Play this game tobecome the pro racer and stunt man of the world. ***Burn up theroads with driving*** Race across some of the most popularlocations on earth with your new and latest Airborne’s cars. Takeyour best vehicles and build your dream ride with an unbelievablerange of cars. Win more and more races, up your power then moveinto more races. Your ride is waiting you. Burn up the roads,street and towns with your driving. Avoid to clash with othervehicle, drive safe and cross more check points to prove yourself.This Racing game is addictive for the lovers of simulation games.You can increase your driving abilities through this game. Feel theracing craze and try to be one of the fastest drivers in the globalvillage. ***Themes and graphics*** Ride your car through streetswith real life traffic and avoid to destructive obstacles anddeadly path. Stunning graphics, five shiny environment and amazingracing roads made this game very incredible. Sound of game and fastcars are mind blowing. Tilt or push the buttons to control the car.Drift your car with break buttons. The control is very easy andrealistic of this game. ***How to play*** - Download free this gamefrom Google play - Choose the best car and start the race - Controlthe car through tilt and buttons - Push the break buttons for driftthe car - Get more nitro to boast up your car - Cross the checkpoints in limited time and increase your time duration - Avoidtraffics and hurdles. ***Features*** 3D stunning graphics 15+latest and sports cars 5 fabulous environments Smooth and realisticcontrol Upgrade speed, acceleration and other vehicle parts In apppurchase to remove adds and buy cars Beautiful 3D graphics Autospeed ups Challenging levels
Traffic Moto GP Rider 1.0
Traffic Moto GP Rider is a fastpacedmotorcycle racing game with high-speed adrenaline-fueleddrivingyou've never experienced before!The best traffic rider game!The better your bike, the better you score!Speed, adrenaline, fast bikes, great scenery, What else do arealbiker wants more?Traffic Moto GP Rider will give you all of these by letting yourideyour superbike in an endless highway through Rider is easy to play but hard to master. You need to tiltyourdevice to control your bike and dodge traffic.Get your Super Highway Traffic Racing Rider and ride onthisChallenging Racing game!!! Can you survive this Great RaceAroundthe City at Top Speed?Race on a huge selection of easily customizable motorcyclesrangingfrom badass choppers to fast motocross bikes. All preppedup,loaded with nitro and ready to unleash their full fury ontheasphalt below.The great highway awaits for those brave enough to competewiththe best racing competitors in the world of undergroundbikecommunity.You have to be hardcore to keep up with the criminal kings oftheroad.It's your time to shine with a tons of sports bike to winthemoto bike race at highest speed in a city traffic.Let's download our new free Highway Speed Riding game inyourandroid device and ride the thrill of adventure with a rushofcrazy speed motor bikesIn this Reckless Riding, being daring and passing close tocarsand trucks in your motorcycle increases your speed and yourscore.Be careful with your maneuvering though, crashing intocarshurts!The best traffic racing game on the store! Speed junkies, slaponyour helmet and experience some high-octane racing! Zoom downtheopen highways and try to pass closely without crashing. Bestupidlyirresponsible by breaking all your bones.Death Racing Traffic Rider takes the endless racing genre toawhole new level by adding a full career mode, first personviewperspective, better graphics and real life recordedbikesounds.The essence of smooth arcade racing is still there but in theshellof the next generation. Ride your bike in the endless highwayroadsovertaking the traffic,upgrade and buy new bikes to beatthemissions in career mode.? STUNNING VISUALS ?- Incredible 3D graphics even on low-end devices.- Weather simulation.- 3 different environments to ride in every time you play- Heart-thumping music and outstanding audio experience.? HOW TO PLAY ?- Overtake traffic vehicles- Tilt or touch to steer- Perform wheelies for maximum reward- Tap brake to slow down? HINTS ?- The faster you drive the more rewards you get- Overtaking cars closely increases your combo and givesextrascores- Driving in opposite direction in two-way mode givesextrascores- The amount of cash earned depends on score, highest comboandoverall wheelie time- You get 3 trophies when you win in multiplayer game but only 1ifyou losebest of luck!enjoy the most thrilling Traffic Moto GPRidergame... thanks.
Swat Shootout Crime City 1.0
***TAKE OUT THE CRIMMINALS***The city is on the edge of the criminal and gangster’sterminalpoint. You are a trained police officer like expert swatteam tostrike on the criminals and move out them. You have latestweaponsand also purchase new weapons, ammunition through in apppurchaseto chase the gangsters group. Gangsters group have also newweaponsto attack on the police. You are a city sniper police andhaveskills of art of war. Be a swat police force leader Takeanavenger, put your sniper killer gun, arrest and kill therebelcriminals to safe your city. This is a sniper simulator gameorthrones.***Chase the mafia group***To counter the gangster plan make your extreme strategy.Criminalshold the city. Mafia group kidnapped the innocent peoplesandsmuggle the illegal things in the sin city. Be an honestpoliceleader, navigate the criminal’s position. Chase and strike onthegagster mafia groups. You are a best cop ridding car. Be carefull,when you strike on the criminals. Mafia group try to escapefromthe police. You have latest assault sniper rifle to chase andkillthe mafia group and smugglers.***Mission to counter terrorist***The most thrilling and third person sniper mission is foryou.Impossible mission is to chase the criminals and take out themfromcity. Story is about the special swat mission against mafiacrimegroup. All the gangsters hold and your city become crime andsincity. Don’t let criminals to smuggled illegal things andkidnappedthe peoples. Your police, rangers and swat team have fullart ofwar skill. Attack on the criminals to kill and arrest them.Showsas city here cop police officer to chase andarrestgangsters.***Stunning environments and weapon***This is the 3rd person sniper shooting game for the lovers ofactiongames. Four challenging missions and Stunning 3Denvironments is foryou. Be a powerful elite sniper police officertake out thecriminals with powerful pack off guns available in appstore like AK47, MP 4 and MI 16. You can purchase latest bombardguns through inapp purchase. You can increase your art of shootingthrough deadlyweapons & complete the missions.***Control and sounds***Sound is like a war action and thrilling game for yourexcitement.Realistic sound effect gives you great pleasure and funduringcomplete the mission. Easy and ultimate control of the gameandweapons is to take out the criminals or mafia groups.Play the most thrilling Crime City Real Police Mission game andfeelthe real battle fight.***how to play***Navigate the criminal’s positionSpy and look out the gangsters placesChase and strike out the mafia groupsUse Weapons and sniper rifle to kill the enemies***characteristics***Easy and realistic control of game playIn app purchase for buy the latest weapons and gunsIncredible 3d graphicsFour thrilling environmentsMultiple Ultimate fighting missionsFree to download
Bunny Baby Mania Game 1.0
Through This game you help hungry bunnytocollect carrots. Bunny love to eat fresh carrot.Hungry Bunny mania is 2D game through this arcade game youwillimprove your gaming skills and test your game enjoy while playing this adventure bunny game. Touch thebunnyto jump and avoids obstacles. Main Aim of this game is toavoidobstacles and collect fresh carrot as you can.There are a cute little bunny. He need to your help to makehimselfto running fast.This game has more then 20 levels. in each level obstacles hasbeenincrease. however you can collect maximum carrots and increaseyourscore.After complete each level your skills, timing and logic willbeimprove with help of this amazing game. You have to feel a lotoffun and enjoy automatically.***How To Play***- Click the play button & select the level- Press the button for jump- When hit with obstacles then game over- Collect maximum carrots as possible*** Key Feature***- 2D & realistic Environment- HD Graphics- Better User Interface- Easy Controls- Excitement to playPlay Hungry Bunny & Run. It's Free game Download andEnjoyit.For any query or suggestion please make contact with usviastandardgames620@gmail.comThanks For Supporting Us!
Terrorist Hunter Killer Strike 1.0
Terrorist Hunter Killer Strike ismostExpensive First person aiming and shooting Game of 2017. Thisismost thrilling and action game of fury counter sniper game.Holdyour breath and be ready to pull trigger in the mostaddictiveplayable incredible thrilling game with commando sniperassassinand moment to moment changing the terrorist and brutalenemy FPSwith guns shooting latest technology armor in their handwith morethan multiple real life missions to eradicate assault war.A veryhuge ultimate counter hunter gun shooting with advancemultipleflavors of deadly weapons and different battle zones is nowon thisgame as the combat frontier attack on the enemy.You have been given hold and you are the one in charge nowdon’thave anyone to instruct you, you are the one who need tofulfillthe emission of this terror squad ready to encounter you.Weaponsfans will be happy to see a large arsenal of different newriffleexplosives to use in mission. A totally completely gunshootingpacked for fans shooting games. This is modern front linebestfirst person shooter (FPS) game of gun shoot war ofterroristcounter strike.Shoot your enemies with new destructive weapons on the gamehavemany Modern stylish and classic guns available. On whichhavepistol, shotguns, MP-5, M-4, Ak-47, M16, AWP, kalashankofassault,pistols, grenade and many powerful guns bullets to use inthemission to helping you. On this rivals sniper strike gamehavemultiple interesting environment and adventure snow, desertandgrand city shooting war, A very huge shooting game of armyagentlike a sniper and commando. The game mission is to targettheterrorist and strike your area to save from the rivalshands.The enemies are hiding behind the containers and barrackcamps.Shoot them at site! You are a deadly frontline shooter fromthearmy force. Your base is attacked by some terrorist forces.Nowit’s your life mission to get it back from terrorists. Aim toshootthe head shots of your rival enemies, strive hard so thatnoterrorist can any away. With every targeted gun shots you wouldgetin practice with your targets. Focus on gun scope and targettheenemies to shoot.On the headshot you have collect get golden coins and lotsofmoney to upgrade your weapons and collect different guns fromtheweapons gallery to helping you in battle. Get ready for themorethan 20 passionate and different challenging missions. striketheenemy on the snow fall frozen adventure destroy it and enter onthedesert sniper area and then begin the city adventure shootingenjoythis game and complete the all levels and become a greatsniperhero.HOW TO PLAY THIS GAME….Equipped your favorite gun from the gun galleryBuy guns and riffle from the weapons categorySelect level from the map and press play to start the levelFocus on Gun Scope and eliminate the enemiesRealistic joystick controlShoot to destroy the and shoot on the head for HeadshotPress Reload for Reloading guns bulletsZoom scope is for closing and targeting enemyCollecting Gold’s coins to buy the gunsSwitch Weapon as you want to changeCrouch for set and Down to shoot the enemySprint is for Running around the areaPress to jump for jumpingSHOOTING FEATURES…Modern Assassin WeaponsDifferent Types of challenging LevelsCollecting Gold’s coins to buy the gunsDifferent Weapons collectionRealistic Vehicles real shooting and stealth animationFantastic Arms at your disposal in battleHigh quality 3D graphics and real life haunted locationsTune your armor and stand tough against enemies
VR Crazy Traffic Moto GP Ride 1
VR real highway Bike Racing is extremebikeracing game on android market. One of the most addictiveandentertaining physics based game with stunning Graphics,thrillingenvironment and high quality Motor sound effects withinsane speed.Super Highway VR Racing Rider and ride on thisChallenging Racinggame! Highway VR bike Rider is one of the mostexciting free rideoriented game you for our users. Extreme VR bikeracing is the bestchoice of bike riding lovers and that is one ofthe excellent VRgame to other different bike riding game. VR gameis new in theplay store and you will experience a best ride of yourlife by justplaying in virtual reality.Now your dream is going to come true! Because manysuper-fastbikes are waiting for you! Which VR bike do you likebest? Get init immediately and start up your fast bike! You havethreedifferent modes in this VR game. You can ride your fast bikeindifferent three modes; first one is endless mode in this modeyoucan ride your bike till to crash, if you crash with anyvehiclesyou will fail and need to restart. In this mode you need torideyour bike carefully and collect coin as much as you can. Insecondmode you have limited time for unlimited fun, ride your heavybikeand collect coins in specific time. You can extend your timelimitwith collecting time from the road. The third mode is fuel, inthismode you will ride till your fuel is end. This mode has notimelimits and no crashes, collect fuel tank from the road andenjoyendless ride of sports bike. This crazy bike is full of packedwithchallenging levels. In this Reckless Riding, being daringandpassing close to cars and trucks in your motorcycle increasesyourspeed and your score. Be the crazy rider and Enjoy thespeedbecause the much your bike speed the better you scoreearn.It is non-stop fun motorbike VR racing game. Game hasdifferentenvironment for ride your heavy bike; you can ride yourbike insnowy, desert and city environment. These multipleenvironmentgives you enjoyable thrill riding experience. VR gamewill provideyou the best thrilling challenge of others gaming. Youcan viewyour favorite bike in different camera angles in VR bikeridinggame. Download this VR game also available on Google playstore,it's absolutely free!Stunning Features of game;- Multiple camera angles- Stunning and Beautiful 3D- Real fast driving feeling- First person riding view- Incredible 3D graphics- Beautiful city highways- Realistic life recorded bike Sounds- Perfect and easy game play and control- 3different environment to ride with VRHow to play;Play the demo on your smartphonePut your device in Google cardboard glassesAlign your phone in centerCheck blurriness, rotate lens for proper focusTilt your head in the direction that you want to move yourheavybikeCross all vehicles closelyWear your VR glasses and enjoy the VR traffic rider
Buggy Crazy 3D Racers 1.0
Hi fans of buggy car racing games,yourfavorite latest mania buggy race is now live on play store.So,drive your hot-rod buggy into world of surprise-filled beachdeserttrack buggy racing mayhem. Jump on your kart for wildestandcraziest ride of your life, drive on wild crazy speed and testyourbuggy driving skills through the dirt beach tracks by doinginsanejumps and tricks. Ride and race against rival drivers, eachrivalhave unique characters and special abilities. Build yourpowers upsand upgrade your buggies to beat competitor drivers.Experience thethrill and explore the sand dune, stealthy caves,ruined templesand exploding volcanoes in this fast paced andaction-packedjourney mayhem.This is time for steer your buggy. Choose favorite buggy anddrivein a realistic 3D environment, avoid to moving obstacles andkeepdrive without any damage. It time killer game has manybuggies,challenges and environment for race. You have snowy,desert,mountain and off-road locations for wild race choose yourpreferredlocation and buggy to go for wildest race.Your main goal is in this individual race to drive your buggyandblitz your way, use tricks and power ups to defeat all opponentsinrace. You will do insane stunt, aerial jumps and driftingduringrace. Race fast and hit your rival drivers to use powerups.Customize and upgrade your muscle cars to save your ride fromotheropponents. Try to avoid all obstacles, because collision iscauseof your losing. Show your skills in different 4 modes and beatthemall rivals of this ultimate buggy race. Complete itsaddictivechallenges and unlock new cars, levels and characters.Upgradebuggies and buy power ups to advance your performance andboosting.Become racing champion and perform thrilling stunts ondirt tracksin racing adventures to win dash buggy race.Jump now on buggy or monster cars no license needed, hit gaspedaland go for amazing wild ride. It is time to get experienceofdetailed off-road physics with fully exhibited,dynamicsuspensions. Enjoy your ride with high octane graphics andsuperbsound effects. Download now and get ready to explorebuggysimulator from monster cars to sports buggy.
Duty Extreme Commando Training 1.0
Welcome to the world best army trainingacademygame; this is the unique and latest 3D simulation on Googleplaystore. Ready to become an army Professional commando, try thisnewfree action game. In this simulator you can test yourphysicalfitness and mental corrective level by playing thisdifficulty basefun. This army combat training school game isspecially designedfor fans of warrior games lover. In this ArmyCombat Training 3Dsimulate, learn how to save your country personlife and in frontof the terrorist. Start your training in stunningHD Graphics,dazzling environment and realistic affective sound.Army soldiertraining academy practice will make you a realbattlefieldcommando.The Army training institute is responsibility to trained cadetandprepared for fights of terrorists and enemies against. InthisExtreme Duty Commando Training game you will start the aim ofyourlife and that will change your lifestyle completely.In thisArmyBase Camp Training simulation you have multiple challengesanddangerous mission to complete them, with different locationslikedesert, snowy world, city areas and many different task. Getreadyfor the take hard step, your training is in difficult areas;whereyou can jump from 10 feet wall and hold your breath underwater,commando running every day at least 5 hours in the darkforest andinclined mountains, clearly training by passing thecommando testin this action packed simulator. You can complete yourtrainingstage by stage correctly and reveal to the nextamazinglevels.Remember! In this game different exercises to perform with afighterlike climb on the boxes, huge jumps, pass through thehurdles, climbon the rope, climb on the net, passing through firerings, grillclimbing, crawling from pipe, jumping from the cars,beautifulbuildings and wonderful mountains, driving SUV etc.Differentobstacles are placed in the each level you have to crossthrough theproblems to complete the task. Time is fixed on allmissions youhave to clear the mode and reach on the target withinspecifictime.This is not an easy job to jump in army training and become arealcommando.When soldier complete their training and qualify for fighter asanation guard, then they protect your country with bravery andvalorand fights against enemy. Join the military institute to readywiththe battles against terrorists and enemies; you can learn inthisgame how can you fight against the enemy and save your countryandinnocent citizens. Download this awesome game available onplaystore. Now! It’s absolutely free.HOW TO PLAYPress start button for start the gameChoose your level from the game menu mapEnter on the army training AreaJoystick control to move and change the angle of commandoPress Boot button for jump on the vehiclesPress Crunch for SetPress Sprint for the runFeature:Free to playRealistic Military training levelsMultiple types of ObstaclesMultiple Challenging MissionsSmooth and Easy ControlsWonderful 3D EnvironmentRealistic and Effective soundsMultiple animations : swimming, running, climbing.
Archery Target Shooting Sim 1.0
Would you like to archery and become arealarchery shooting master? Enter the oriental realm try bow andarrowtarget shooting with popular Olympic sport of archer. If youlikeshooting, target and bow gun games; you could be a betterarcheryshooter with this amazing game. Start Archery TargetShooting Simequipped with bow and arrow, train yourself well andtest yourskills in archery club. Drag your bow and pull the arrowto aim attarget board. Overcome the trembling of heart and blow ofthe wind;aim on target like eagle eyes and release the arrow togive a bestshot in one of the most competitiveSuper Archery 3D BowMastergames.Focus on goal and master all location to be the best withmostmodern sport game is Olympics. The time killer archery gamehasdifferent three addictive modes; like easy, medium and hard.Everymode has brought over 35 breathtaking levels withdifferentenvironments, moveable target boards, wind effects andmultiplearrows in each level. Hard mode levels as well asincrementaldifficulties so brush up your skills in easy mode toeasilycomplete medium and hard mode levels.Your main role is in Archery Bow Arrow Master game to shootarrowsat the signboard and be the good archer man to hit the centerpointof target and get extra scores. With your bow man skillscompleteintense challenges with equal efficiency and earn rewardedcoinpoints to upgrade your bow for the edge over others. So beanarchery master, pick your bow and arrows, hold your breath,keepyour nerve, aim your target and shoot the arrow and hit thebulleye.Play this upper-class archery game and enjoy its fantasticendlessfun missions. Start now, Aim and Shoot to test precisionremarkableskills to moving arrows and exploding the target boardsor archery king game realistic shooting screen, multiplearcherylocation, intuitive control, inescapable addiction, varietyof mapsand targets, moving targets and amazing cutting edgegraphics,animations will make this one of the best unique archerygame onthe mobile. It is so realistic; you will inspire of thisclassicgame and feels yourself actually in the sports games.Download now free and test your remarkable skills to movingarrowsand exploding the targets boards.Features:Popular Olympic sport of archery shootingEveryone can play. Just aim and shoot.World Best bow and Arrow Archery Simulation gameMultiple archery shooting locations: Forest, Archery Field,Cityetc.Polished animation and realistic 3D Enhance graphics andBeautifulEnvironmentVarity of archery equipment to make you to be archery masterGreat sound, visual and haptic touch effects to complement therealarchery feelTime Attack mode for a quick fun gameLots of addictive & competitive levelsThe inescapable addiction!! The realistic shooting screen!!Thesimple controls!!Special and Super Archery Crossbow game Free
Wild Dinosaur Shoot Hunter 1.0
Enjoy the biggest new shooting andhuntingDinosaur Hunt 3D game 2017. Become a deadly sharp shooter;enter tothe dark forest to hunt or kill the huge dinosaurs withtest yourbest sniper skills and show your real assassinationexperience. Inthis modern sniper competition you are walking alonein the forest,equipping with unique killing rifles, aiming at thepowerfuldinosaur is around the green fresh jungle areas. Thedeadlydinosaur killer simulation is full gunfire base addictinggame andit’s absolutely free. This Wild Dinosaur Shoot Hunterwonderfulsimulator is here for your great enjoyment time with Lotsofastounding and action levels with stylized stunning graphicsandrealistic thrilling environments; you can also feelmarvelousaffective sound of weapon shooting and dinosaur violent inthisJungle Dino Sniper War addictive simulation.Some amazing hazardous animals are spread around therainforest,destroy the freshly place and killing the other wildanimals.Dinosaurs have many powerful and too long, so the missionof thesoldier is just about to being. You are required to hit thefocuson your target indicate by arrow and do not let them loss fromthescene. Take your sniper rifle and kill them all. Dinosaurhasstrike on forest so be alert, hold your breath, aim & firewithunique weapons and ammunition! Front line shooterhasresponsibilities to save the jungle life and war with dinosaur.Asa professional commando, you are called to lose or executethedinosaur, they are walking on the jungle, find your goal whichmayavailable into hidden the forestry.Eliminate them one by one quietly. You need to complete the taskinthe given specific limited time. Kill dinosaur and collect cashtoeasily unlock the more missions and powerful sniper weapons.ThisJungle 3D Dino Hunting game is free to play, but you can selecttofee real money for some extra things, which will charge yourGoogleaccount. You can disable in-app buying by correcting yourmobilesettings.Aim, Shoot and Kill, be the perfect sharpshooter Jurassic Forest3DHuntergame, use your modern deadly sniper rifles and firearmtotake the exciting shot, this wonderful sniper weaponriesareespecially designed for delivered to best handgun with aspeciallycontrolling zoom, unlimited ammo with powerful piercebullets. Youare equipped with many weapons like sniper gunfire. Usesuitablehandgun according to the situation. Prove That, You havethe bestassassin and show sniper abilities to shoot down thedinosaur. Thisgame is also accessible on Google play store! You candownload itand enjoy execute the greater dinosaurs in multipledifficultlevels.HOW TO PLAY;Press start button for start the gameChoose your level from the game menu mapEnter on the jungle AreaJoystick control to move and change the angle of hunterRight side buttons are for shoot, zoom, swap and runIn map you can find dinosaur and chase them to hunt.Left side button are for movement and whole screen isforaimingFEATURES:With real Jurassic park stunning environment.Best sniper hunting experience in safari park..Realistic first person shooting game.Easy to play.Unlimited bullet.Stunning graphic.3D game play and amazing sound effectsHunting different dinosaurs.With modern sniper shooting gun.Unique missions to play
Commando Battle Desert War 1
Welcome to one of the best and uniqueeliteDesert Strike Frontline War addictive 3D game.Do you loveFPS(first person shooting) games? If yes, then test yourshootingskill and shoot down the enemies are capture cover the townareas.This simulator is here for your great enjoyment time withLots ofastounding and action levels. The deadly sniper killersimulationis full real shooting base addicting simulator and it’sabsolutelyfree. In this frontline army real adventure simulationcompetitionyou are equipping with the latest new sniper shootingguns aimingat the terrorists are hidden at the city. Enemy warriorshaveassigned a mission to kill you and are wandering there to findyou.Completely enemy killing and gun shooting based for fans ofhotshooting with HD stunning graphics and realisticdazzlingenvironments.Enemy is spread all around your town with many kinds of deadlyandpower full weapons, grenade, and drone and cobra helicopter.Theyare come toward the town areas and disturb the civilianpersons.Then anti-terrorisms squad and modern army arsenal call thetrainedsoldier. Commando survives fight until the last drop ofblood inour body and helped country. Terrorist attacked all sidesoflocation but commando faced them, so the mission of the commandoisjust about to being. As an army commando against the waronterrorists in the middle of battle clash with heavyexplosiveweapons, protect your city by killing all the enemiestravelingaround the city.City is under deadly attack and you have to protect your cityareaby killing all the enemy soldiers and become a city war hero.Youare required to hit the focus on enemies indicate by arrowanddon't let them loss from the scene. In this soldier missioncounterbattle simulation you can face dangerous thrill desertenvironmentin city. Fight on your country enemies with amazing andexcitinganimations. Take your favorite sniper rifle and kill themall.Enemy has strike on city so be alert, hold your breath, aim&fire with unique weapons and ammunition! You are the last hopeofthe specific state sniper. In this Elite desert secretMissionsimulator kill all terrorists in exciting 12 amazingmissions andclear your town with many problems.Front line urban sniper has responsibilities to save theresident'slife and war with enemies in sniper death fury targetgame.Eliminate them one by one silently. You need to completethemission in the given specific limited time. Destroy enemiesandcollect cash and points to easy unlock the more missions, youcanalso earn money to customization your powerful sniper weaponslikemp5, AK-47, SLG etc. to upgrade. Killing criminal is a FPSCommandoBattle Desert War game, allows user to experience one ofthe mostthrilling experience of combat missions throughout thedesertlocations. The fury commando is the premier first personaloneshooter experience for mobile phones and tablets. Now!Downloadthis simulation, available on Google play store and it'stotallyfree for smart phone users.Game feature:- 3D stunning Graphic- Thrilling adventure environment- Different war missions: kill enemies or survive- Top quality weapons used, Short & long shooter rifles- Exciting Map with Realistic Fighting Field Environment- Automatic re-loaded gun with excellent mage sounds- Fabulous Commando shooter 3d game- Addictive gameplay mission with smooth control- Shooting all the terrorists will lead you to the next level- 3D armed global conflict with excitement sound play
Dino Fast Bike Racing 1.0
Enjoy a unique realistic jungle waterbeachbike stunt race with exciting and astounding fast motor bikeracingphysics control. In which, you being daring and passingcompeteother bikes closely, and making stunts with your heavy-bikebyincreasing speed for getting scores. Ride bike is the mostamazingreal 3d simulation racing. This is one of the best fastspeedoffroad hill tourist bike racing games, before you have notplayedsuch a type of bike race riding game. This good time you cantestyour driving experience with super-fast bike ride onexcitingoff-road experience. This is the best riding challenge onforestoff-road, beautiful water lakes, dangerous deep digs andriverswith superb Graphics, charming environment and stunningeffectivesounds. Bike riding is not a board game; let's takecontrol of thesporty and wonderful bike and is free to play thebike game onracing track.Be an extreme racer; prove that you are the most fast, intenseandcompetitive off road rider. Ready to drive high-class bikeonbeautiful and dangerous roads, bike racing Free is anexciting,action packed dinosaur bike racing adventure 3D simulator.Drivebike and avoid other vehicles while increasing speed to thelimits.You can drive on a two or single way road. While dodgingdinosauron a high speeds, cross all check points and you gainpoints andyou can purchase other better and faster racing bikes.Dinosaursare walking on the jungle. Ride through lovely roads andgorgeousland with huge and hazardous dinosaur. Drive your sportsbikethrough curvy paths on amazing tracks around the jungle.highwayfast motorcycle Ride is a very simple addictive game.As a rider you can choose your favorite powerful bike and begintherace. Start race follow arrows mark and ride too fast bikeandsuccess the race. Avoiding the obstacle and other competemotorbikes. Complete your mission and collect point to easilyunlock thenext marvelous levels. In this game you can also completeyourmission in the given specific time, do not crash anyobstacles,vehicles and road barrier. If you hit any obstacles orfall down inWater Lake, deep dig then, your mission is failed andyou can startyour mission again. Frontier bike extreme racing andstunt injungle dinosaur world adventure 3d Bike Stunt in Jungle 3D2017.New Bike Racing Rider simulator fast speed ultimate fun.Bikestuntand race in the Jurassic dino world jungle offroad mountainhilladventure.On this tricky bike extreme racers simulate has lots of stuntandfun absolutely pass your enjoyable time. Do you love thissuperbreal bike racing game? Everybody loves this racing sincechildhood.In bike race simulator you become a legend of theoff-road trackand prepare for the classic bike racing missions.Become a bestbike racer and playing such a type of new generationbike riding asyet. In this power bike cycle riding game you havecombined withthe bike persons and start this race properly withtallestdinosaur, ride the bike fast will you win this race?Download now!Bike riding is also available on Google play store,easily click todownload. It’s totally free on your tablets andmobile. This gamecontrol is very smooth. So, enjoy the race andcross finish linefirst to win this race!
Special Elite Modern OPS 1.0
Elite shooter is the most immersiveandrealistic 3D game. It’s free for androidEnjoy the one of the best thrilling best dead attackshootingsimulation; the deadly killer is full shooting baseaddicting gameand it’s totally free on android market. Do you likethe lethalshooting action additive game? If yes; Take a breathdeeply andpull the trigger to make bullets fly, arm yourself withuse all ofyour specialized shooting skills to become best eliteshooter inthe world. In this modern deadly shooter war you areequipping withthe latest new shooting weapons aiming at theterrorists is captureon the city. Prove That You have the best armytrained soldier andtake shooting abilities to shoot down theenemies and terroristrunning on the street roads.If you want to become best sniper shooter in the world,shoothigh-profile targets, terrorist in head perform lethal strikewithsniper then this Soldier Brave Arms Killer game is one ofbest.Aiming, Shooting and Killing, be the perfect sharpshooterdeadlySniper, Terrorist attack in most cities and military bases inthecountry terminate these terrorist eliminate danger andmakepeaceful country.Eradicate the entire evil rivals that stand in the way ofyourcountry with using large arsenal of different lethal gunsandexplosives across your peaceful country to complete covertcombat.The Player has taken the role of the elite officer withsecretmissions across the country and eliminate terrorist tocompletethese missions objectives as you stop the Syndicate acrossthecountry. Use suitable weapon according to the situation.Complete20 terrific missions of this game and earn virtual money asareward to upgrade your guns and maximize firepower of all guns.Youneed to complete the missions in the given specific time.Start your job now because time for diplomacy is gone. The timeforextreme war action and bullet flying is now. You can also earntobuy and upgrade your especial powerful weapons like mp4, mp5andAK-47 etc. and Amazing adventurous levels with cash. Someweaponsare locked you will purchase this rifles in play store. Inthisaction-packed and thrilling game you are the only one commandoinwar; who is survive against terrorist attacks and become realworldsoldier shooter. Do you love prizes? Start by spinning thewheel.Spin the wheel on the slot machine to get double gold andcash andmove up in the rankings! You can spin in one day in onetime. Youcan also enjoy the hunting terrorist in two city beautylocation1st port and 2nd bar and cafeteria.You are the frontier best commando, you will navigateassassinchallenges across the globe to perform lethal strikes andlurk thegroups. Do you love FPS (first person shooting) games? Ifyes, thentest your shooting skill and shoot down the enemies arecapturecover the town areas. The ultimate frontline shooter gamewillallows you large arsenal of deadly guns to kill shots inmissions.It offers you to get every headshot of enemy rivals withcapturingevery amazing headshot effects.Features:Free to playConsole quality ultra-realistic HD 3d GraphicsRealistic and effective soundsMultiple deadliest guns or weaponsEasy, intuitive and smooth controlsBeautiful 3d city environment, seaport environment andbarenvironmentEntertaining, thrilling and challenging missions
Star Bowling Game 3D 1.0
This is the biggest and newest excitingbowlingsimulation in which you can test your bowling skills withthis fullyaddictive game. Do you like to go bowling? If yes, thenbowling 3Dis unique affective game on android market. This is thegreatopportunity to bowling player, this awesome and easy game forallsports and bowling game lover. Play the best bowl rolling gameinstunning stylized Graphics, thrilling environment andimpressivesound effects.Real bowling is a full action packed game for an adventuresportslover. This ultimate bowl rolling game has exhilarating modesandyou can become bowling hero by enjoying this awesome game-playandoutstanding physics. Ready to roll your favorite bowling ball,thegoal of this game is very easy. Strike hard and roll thebolltrying to knock down all the pins of your first ball, if younotdown all pin in first strike you can try second strike and gethighscore to winning this gorgeous level.Finish your task and collect point to unlock next lavishlevels.Most addictive sport app with extreme challenge tostimulating balltrack and spins ball. There are many interestingrolling ballsproviding in this simulate, choose your ball as youlike it andstart the interesting mission. The rolling ball gesture,turningand adjusting is remarkable.Bowling game that fully holds the unbelievable physics effectswithset in attractive HD environment, you will either have thechanceto train yourself to become a bowling controlling orchallenge yourfriends to reach the highest score. This freemagnificent RealBowling 3D Master game offers leaderboards so youcan easily trackyour evolution. Download this brilliant bowlinggame available onGoogle play store! So why are you waiting pick upyour device ortablet and install it. Now!Game Features• Stunning 3D graphics• Physics engine for real pin action• Five extreme bowling locations• Multiple bowling balls in each scene• Detail stats tracking• Amazing sound effects• Multiple levels
Cops Crime Chaser 1.0
Extreme police chase thief 3D is fullyactionand thrill pursuit simulation game. Cop vs thief carsimulator iscar race game where you have to chase down thecriminals and forcethem to stop through your police powerful car.Fulfill your dream,act as police officers, get the real feel of apolice man and catchthe bad guys. Be the real cop officer and getto know how difficultis to be a law enforcement officer and chasingthe gangsters inextreme duty police vs crazy driver thief. In thisnewest crazypolice car chase insane thief simulator is totallyexciting and toomuch fun car driving sim. This simulator game willtest yourdriving skills to its extreme level. Chase down thedangerous mostwanted offenders, criminals, outlaws on the asphaltroads with yourfast high speed police car.police duty cop vs thief 3d crazy driving has the lot of fastpacedgame play time, drive your car fast to chase the bad guys inthehuge city. Clear all the streets from thieve and from hispartnersin 3d crazy police vs thief car driver sim game. Having toomanylevels and challenging various types of tasks will never makeyoubore in this crazy car driving thief sim game. Show yourgreatdriving skills to the max and chase the thief quickly withintimelimit. Large city means that the asphalt roads are fullwithtraffic, this makes the chasing a much difficult task. Drive ontheasphalt streets of big city but watch out the crazy drivers ofthegreat huge massive city while chasing the thief. Clearinglevelswill award you some cash use the cash to unlock moreexcitingmissions and to buy more powerful speedy cop duty cars.Every carhas its own pros and cons, driving these super speedheavyrealistic police cars give you the real feel of a policechase.Cars are greatly configured and have nice sense of weightandspeed. Make drifts while chasing in this cop car ultimatedrifting3d simulation game. Choose the best cars from the garageand becomethe shine of the asphalt roads.Are you up for the challenge? Can you drive fast in thechallengingmissions? Can you clear the asphalt roads from thecrime? If yes,then play this awesome police chase thief car drivingsimulation 3dgame. be fully prepared sharp your driving expertisefor extremetraffic thrill chase action, drive as fast as you canyou have totake down the criminals, thief, law breakers, offenders,robbersand felons those are the bad guys on the streets. Do not letthethief outrun or slip through your mighty powerful speedy copfastcars in cops crime chaser Get access to the all differentawesomepolice cars in police car fast speed race. this is not asimplepolice chasing robber game you have to act and drive fast andgetthe real thrill of extreme fast racing sim experience, as youplaythis speed driving racing cop vs robbers 3d simulationgame.How To Play:By tapping on the acceleration button increases the speed ofyourcarBy tapping on the left or right buttons you can move your carleftor right.Features:Free to playCool thief catching animations
Deer & Enemy Hunters 1.0
Let’s take the experience to the DeerHuntingin Mountain Snow. Perfect enemy killer with deer hunter shotismost attractive and forest action base game with full ofadventurein most fantastic jungle environment with realisticmountain,river, trees and grass etc. Are you ready for the forestenemy andvery unique deer hunting challenge! But remember its veryduskyforest with dangerous and very unique animals sounds. Frontlinehunter mission is totally free to play, weapon shooting actiongamefor lovers of Animals hunting and killing opponent enemies.Huntacross the worldwide in the world's master huntingexperience.Become a bravo elite sharp shooter; enter to the darkforest tohunt or kill the deer and the enemies with trial your bestsnipershooting skills and display your real assassin experience.Thiswild animals shooting competition simulator is here for yourgreatfun time with Lots of action with realistic stunning graphicsandreal thrilling environments; on this game you have a bravecombathunter so ready for battle against enemies and animalshunting thisis new fresh idea game of ever history of gaming.because this isdouble action packed game tiger deer and rivalsshooting gameIn this modern enemy killing and deer hunting competition thereisonly you walking in the dark forest, equipping with veryuniquehunting rifles, aiming at the tiger and other animals isaround thegreenly jungle and snowy areas. Some amazing dangerousanimals arespread around the forest; you have shot to the mid-pointof yourtarget specify by arrow and do not let them loss from youtarget.Take your gun and kill them all. Hind are so alert so becareful,hold your breath, aim your target & fire with uniqueweapons.Kill them one by one quietly. Find the enemy in jungle andshootthem you have to kill in limited time to complete your task.If youkill the enemy with just one bullet, you can earn cash and 4starsfor better-completing. Aim to head-shot, for preserve yourweaponand earn the double reward. You can use your reward moneytoupgrade your weapon and unlock other latest design sniperguns.This army commando assassin combat shooting action game isfree toplay, but you have to pay money for some extra object. Youcanin-app buying by your mobile.This loin shooting adventure is very thrilling and experiencebasegame. This sniper wolf killing game is just for you, you canplaythis game to enjoy yourself in your free time duration andtoimprove your gun shooting killer skills. You also have a chancetokill the hind by near the water and your enemies by in thejungleand snow location. There are multiple environments withamazingbackground voice. Prove That, You have the best assassinguts andshow sniper power to shoot down the fox. This game isalsoavailable on Google play store! You can download it andenjoyexecute big tiger in multiple difficult levels. You candownloadthis tiger killer adventure game and start killing theenemies.Features views and video tips for free! You can find it onGoogleplay. Enjoy news on game updates. Get it downloaded right nowandenjoy your leisure time to the max.How to play:Press start button for start the gameChoose your level from the game menu mapEnter on the jungle, snow AreaJoystick control to move and change the angle of sniper gunGame FEATURE:Winter Filed Environment
Tourist Prado Driving 1.0
Drive the Luxury Prado On thus extremeTouristprado driving adventure gameTourist Prado drive simulator is new latest fast highspeedexpensive 4X4 jeep Toyota car driving game. Are you ready forthenew curvy mountain monster truck driving challenge. You havetodrive on city highway traffic roads and offroad hill tracks.onthis game you have learn driving skill on road rules and provethatyou can drive like real Prado car. Offroad Prado extreme drivegiveyou a chance to explore mountain with your skilled Offloaddrive.Let's fly up with xtreme dirt and show your crazy drive.Offroadjeep drifting rider desert offers you to modes od driving.In thisgame your mission is only have to drive Prado 4x4 car tosimulatingyour drivethe best traffic Prado driving sport on store. It’s agreatadventure game for the lovers of euro land cruiser PradoStunterand driver. Stunning 3D graphics with Smooth and realisticPradohandling. Experience the thrill of driving amazing SUV s.Thislatest and adventurous 4x4 Prado speed driving and smartdrivingand parking simulation is an addictive game for speedcruiserlovers. You have to drive within urban areas with yourprominentdriving skills and park the vehicles safely in the parkingstationor garage.the game Prado is so handsome and charming latest and modernPradoand jeep variety with city traffic rush. different fastparkingdriving and racing levels on which you have prove of yourPrado cardriving. Prado car driving is not a easy drivingexperience foryou. because this is very different other parking andracing games.This legend prado car parking game consists ofdifferent beautifuland attractive environments like hills,mountains, water andcities.This simulation game will prove itself to be the best City 4x4PradoLuxury Driving game. The parking skills are also an importantskillbesides driving and racing skills. Instead of monstervehicle, thisCity 4x4 Prado Luxury Driving is a 4x4 vehicle. Thearea is fullysecured and free of thieves. The city traffic policehas maintaineda fool-proof security in the area, so feel securedwhile moving hereand there in the city. so drive the monster pradoon the curvy roadand turns and achieve all the goalsIn this game your goal is to drive a Prado car carefully andreachto the end point and drop the passenger on his station placeandfinish the level. In this game you have to achieve differentaimsand show your ultimate driving skills with Prado parking maniaanddriving fun.Enjoy the best Prado jeep driving services game of high speed simof2017. Use your best driving skills and Achieve the mostmindsblowing and jeep game legends. in this is presented a varietyofmonster jeeps and land cruiser Prado of the highclassmanufacturers. if you have to love driving expensive valleyjeep& pr-ado cars and large Toyota making some parking anddrivingthan its right time to play this thrilling simulationdrivefruntrunner game. embrace high speed.
Well 3D Commando Forest War 1.0
Well 3d commando forest war is the bestandvery unique shooting on which have lots thrills and suspensetoentertain you very well. try to shoot the enemy and save yourareafrom enemies hand. complete all the levels and become abestshooter.
Gangster Driving: City Car Simulator Games 2020 1.0.04
Welcome to the city of crime mafia and gangsters. Gear upcarsimulator for the dangerous fun and intriguing gang theft gameinGangster Driving: City Car Simulator Game. Steal race carsandfight with rival gangs to conquer mafia city in city gangstercrimemafia game. Crime streets in real gangster games are so fullofmafia men in real gangster crime shootout operations &crazycrime simulator games have lots of crime driving missions butmafiacity driving 2020 is one of its kind in the category of bestmafiagames. In a grand gangster crime city with gangster crimesimulator3D, you take on the corrupt men of the city to bringjustice tothem and save people from fire and explosion, so react asmafiakiller in all new mafia games of mafia city gangster.Destroyablecity car sim, driving a van, and bike models withupdated gamephysics for kidnap a more realistic view of mafiagangster Vegascrime city. Experience the gangster crimelife&crime games ascrime lords with exciting gameplay and loadsof fighting challengesin gangster crime simulator 3d of new crimesimulator games withmafia city car drive simulator. In GangsterDriving: City CarSimulator Game become the real gangster, enjoyshooting all yourenemies, and visit your boss in city car simulatorgame to takeover the city. Rule the mafia city as a real crimemaster in realgangster crime 3D mafia games to be the gangster ofall times ofgangster crime simulator 3D. Now quit playing othergangster cardriving games with missions of mafia revenge & citygangsterdriving come and join the super gangster crime simulatorgame withmafia shooting not seen in any other crime driving games.Mad citycrime gangster life is a really fun experience for thelovers ofreal gangster games & the mafia car driver like agangster incrime racing games is to make you forget about crimelords mafiacity games. If you want to become a real big-timegangster ofaction games you need to get the power on the streets ofcrime inGangster Driving: City Car Simulator Game. Enjoy gangstershootingin mafia city war of underworld while roaming around thecrime townin gangster crime street fight attacking games. Drivesecurity van,car in gangster city, kidnapping girl, fire, andexplosion are themissions of the game to complete. GangsterDriving: City CarSimulator Game you can steal cars, shoot people,and completechallenging levels to become the crime master. Takeover thegangster mafia city to unleash the mad gangster of gangstercrimecity battle. Play the gangster game 2020 to fight the mafiaandenjoy driving, shooting & destruction occur like somecrimecity games of gangster mafia game. Join crime lord3d mafiacity andtake charge of the criminal world, which you cannotexperience inother city gangster crime mafia games of mad citycrime gangsterlife. Real Gangster City Car Driving with realisticphysics ofcriminal cars and blasting sounds of shooting willenergize you forreal gangster crime mafia games more. This futurecrime simulator3d will take you in the town of brutal mafia whereyou can indulgein crime car driving & be the best city crime,driver. Rushthrough the mafia streets to have fun with the carshooting at thegangster crime real to a fun play of crime citysimulator. Featuresof Gangster Driving: City Car Simulator Game: Rich HD graphics The stunning 3D city environment  Easy andintuitive gameplay Realistic physics-based control  Intenseshooting animations Multiple camera views  Challenging andthrilling missions Variety of weapons and vehicles  A realexperience of mafia citygangster lives  Cool sound effects We arealso looking for yourfeedback, suggestion, or recommendation. Feelfree to rate andreview the game, share with others so we cancontinue to bring youthe best experiences and updates.