StarGazers Apps

Tilt Switch 1.1
Switch colors of your rolling sphere to clearblocks of the same color-FEATURES-*Intense, additive gameplay*Test your reflexes*3D graphics with physics*Challenge your own high scores*Unlockable HARD mode*Music selectionChallenge yourself to a game of Tilt Switch!
Cosmic Dash! VR (Cardboard) 1.6
Experience immersive virtual reality flight through a colorfulgalactic landscape while flying through a variety of obstaclecourses. FEATURING: * VR FIRST * This space flyer is designedexclusively for Cardboard VR to offer the most immersive virtualreality experience. * SENSE THE SPEED * Build up your speed throughintense gameplay; feel like you are zipping through space in highspeed. * IT'S ALL FREE * All Levels and modes can be unlocked byfast level times or viewing ads. * NO CONTROLLER REQUIRED * Allin-game interaction are based on your gaze input; no magnet switchrequired. * UNIQUE, ACTION PACKED * You won't find another gamelike Cosmic Dash! VR on the marketplace. A powerful modern phonewill give you the best results, not only with smooth framerate butalso headtracking latency. Additionally, shutting down otherbackground tasks may help with performance.
Guiding Star VR Meditation (Cardboard) 1.4
A one of a kind meditation experience built for VR from thegroundup. FEATURING: * VR FIRST * This meditation app isdesignedexclusively for Cardboard VR to offer the most immersivevirtualreality experience. * SERENITY IN SPACE * Enjoy calmingmusic,shooting stars and a beautiful environment. * IT'S ALL FREE *Allcontent is immediately accessible. * NO CONTROLLER REQUIRED *Allin-game interaction are based on your gaze input; no magnetswitchrequired. * UNIQUE MEDITATION METHOD * Utilizes ainteractivemethod to bring you a state of calmness. Leave behindall theconcerns, stress, human stuff in pursuit of calmness. Apowerfulmodern phone will give you the best results, not only withsmoothframerate but also headtracking latency. Additionally,shuttingdown other background tasks may help with performance.