Starodymov Apps

Stickman killer 1.9.4
Game for fans of the charactersStickman.You have to find ways to kill all Stickman in threelocations.Each stikmena your destination.You have three locations: a house with rooms, street with housesand beach the ship.Beautiful graphics and funny animations waiting for you!For fans think and reflect.
Masha rescues grandma PRO 1.1
Once there was Masha in the hut, whichwaslocated in the woods. One day Masha received a letter fromhergrandmother, where my grandmother invited herfavoritegranddaughter to visit for the cakes.You will play Masha, your job is to go on an adventure throughthewoods to grandmother.On the way you will meet a variety of fabulous creatures such asthewater in the swamp, forest, goblin, dwarf underground, bad wolfandother fantastic characters.The game will not be a bear and the bear, but it will be badwolf,who will try to stop you successfully reach yourfavoritegrandmother.Good game! The game is translated in 14 languages.Masha will be traveling in a red cap. Masha color is beautifulredriding hood.In the game you need to perform tasks fairy-tale characters.Pick up items and combine them with each other.You are waiting for various beautiful locations. You willwanderthrough the cottages, beautiful fields and forests, and alsoyouwill visit in the swamps and caves.You will be able to escape or fight the evil wolf.You can play a variety of mini-games, where your finger will needtomove various objects. Enjoy beautiful sound, beautifulgraphics,interesting plot and animation.Playing like children and adults.This is one of the best games of Dmitry Starodymova for all timetothe end of 2016!On the development of the game took 3 months. In the game,Dmitryput his soul. The game you enjoy.You have to be careful and to enable maximum performance ofyourbrain. Your intelligence and logic will be developed withthisgame.If you love quests, interesting puzzles, detective stories andtolook for items, then you just have to download thiswonderfulgame.Super game!The game is free. No Ads!